Shadow revenge
Chapter one:When dreams become nightmeres
Ok, this story take place in an AU(Alternate Universe for those of you who don't understand Fanfic languge*Cough cough* Chelsea, Katie*Cough cough*) It's is after the KH game is over, and Sora,Riku, and Kairi are back on the destiny islands. Warning, this fic has soem bad words(Not that many people really mind, from what I've seen) and Sora gets REALLY(And I mean really) beat up. Course, he's still the(Kawaii) hero of this fic. Oh, and there's violence, so that's why this is PG-13, um...anyway, I can't say anything else w/out giving the plot away so...GET READIN!!!!!!!


Sora lay on the suger white beaches of Destiny island, sleeping peacefully. The salt-tinted wind blew his brown hair back. The sound of waves crashing against the sand drifted through the young teens mind, calming all doubts and fears. Palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze. Dreams drifted through the Fourteen-year olds mind.

Sora fell through darkness. He landed on destiny islands. His friends were in the water, Kairi laughing, playing. Riku stood there, just staring off into space. Sora called out to them, they both looked up and smiled.

"COME ON!!!!!!!!!!"Kairi called out. Riku seemed to look at Sora with a mixture of Sorrow and kindness, as if he was feeling guilty. A huge, black wave came over the two. Sora rushed out to them. Suddenly the two reached out to him, and they were lost in the waves.

Sora cried out for his friends, but suddenly, it was him who was trapped beneath the waves. He cought a glimpse of Kairi, screaming out his name. Riku stared in disbelif, and then Sora was swallowed by the ocean.

Suddenly, Sora was standing on a plane of glass. Heartless suddenly appeared. Sora summunded the keyblade into his hands, but Riku and Kairi were there, with the heartless. Suddenly, his two friends vansihed, with the keyblade. Sora cried out as darkness calimed him, pain slamming through him, tearing through his body. Blood poured from gashes made by beams of darkness. Shadows stod before him and laughed as black fire swallowed the keybearer.

Riku looked from his usul spot on the paupu tree at Sora. The boy had been sleeping peacefully just a few minutes ago. But now, the boy was shaking.Sweat beaded his forehead and the boy whimpered. Riku got up to help, but Kairi was already there.

"SORA!!Sora, wake up!!!"Kairi cried, shaking the boy and waking him from his nightmere.

Again...Riku thought, turning away so no one could see the look of guilt and pain that crossed his features.I can't help Sora. He's a great hero, he saved the entire universe..And why did he have to Save the universe??? A vioce within Riku asked. Because there was an evil force threating the universe, that you helped. It said. It's your Fault he's like this, he probly wouldn't have as many nightmeres if YOU wern't there to give him them, Riku......It's all your fault, he had to fight you, and kill himself to save you and Kairi,It's all your fault.... Riku looked far away. It's all your fault...Your evil Riku, evil. Only Kairi and Sora can even look at you without flinching, and you can see it in thair eyes, they too, are scared of you... And can they ever forgive you for the things you've done, no, why should they...your Evil, Riku....

Kairi looked at Sora qestioningly."Are you ok??" The girl asked the brunette.

Sora coughed slightly, and Kairi noticed he looked slightly pale."I'm fine, Kairi, really." He said, waving his gloved hand.

Kairi sighed."Are you sure your ok? You've been having these nightmere's for awhile now, and you havn't much sleep. Even Heroes need to rest, Sora-kun."

"Please don't call me that." Sora said, looking away. " Everyone calls me a hero, but what if I don't want to be? If I wern't some big hero, you, and Riku, probly wouldn't have gotten hurt..."

Kairi sighed."Sora, you couldn't have prevented that, everything is fine now."

"No it's not, Kairi!!!" Sora cried, getting up suddenly. "Riku is getting mroe distant everyday, he's hurt with whats happened, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, they were insane from teh start, but if I hadn't attracted the heartless, they wouldn't be like they are now...Tidus is afraid of his own shadow, and Selphie has this scar on her arm, even Wakka is shaken. And you try to hide it, but I can see that you, Kairi, you too, have been hurt by this. And why, because of me! I'm responsible for everyone's pain."

Kairi looked at Sora, her eye's a deep, gentle purple."Sora, it's not your fault."

Sora coughed again and weakly sat back down."Yes it is Kairi,....I know your just trying to help...but....."Sora stopped righ there, looking out at the butiful ocean."I don't want you guys hurt anymore......."Sora just said, hanging his head.

Kairi hugged Sora and said."It's ok Sora, it's over now, and everything will be ok..."

Sora sighed."I hope so...Kairi...I hope so.."

Kairi finally pulled away from Sora and smiled."C'mon, Lets get something to eat." She got up and walked off torwards a shack they had made awhile back where they stored fruit and such. Sora got up and stared out at the ocean.

"Hey!! C'mon already, no matter how many times you look at that ocean, it isn't gonna change." Kairi said, pulling Sora and playfully decking him on the head. Sora grinned and followed Kairi.

The two walked over to where Riku was sitting."Hey Riku!!" Kairi called.

Riku snapped out of his trance and looked up."Oh, hey guys.." He said looking directly at them, trying to ignore the slight fear he saw in there eyes."What up?"

"Well, it's time for lunch, c'mon, lets go eat."Sora said.

Riku nodded and jumped off the tree and followed his friends.

Tidus, Selphie and Wakka had been watching those three from up at the docks.

"Man, I swear, those two boys got mental issues man..." Wakka said, shaking his head after he saw Sora give himself a verbal beating for no reason and he could tell Riku ahd been spending his days mentally bashing himself.

"Yes, I know but why? Sora's a hero, and Riku should be fine.." Tidus said, flipping his long stick thing.

Seplhie gave out a long sigh."I don't tihnk they can ever be normal again, Sora's totched the very core of darkness, and he barely survived, and Riku is just...wel...scarey..."

All three nodded in agreement and went back to talking about random things.


As they were eating Riku pionted out something."Hey,y ou ever notice how Kairi never eats any meat?"

Sora nodded."Yeah, kairi, I never knew you were a vegatarien."

Kairi gigled."Don't be so silly boys.."

Sora shrugged and was abotu to take a bit of his fish when Kairi called out.

"DON'T EAT THAT, IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone, including Sora, laughed.

Malnificent and co stared into the crystal ball at the image of Sora laughing with his friends friends.

"Grrrrrrrrrr...HATE THAT KID!!!!!!!!"Hade's howled suddenly and lashed out at the Crystal ball.Malnificent quickly grabbed the prized orb that let her see her nemisis and turned to face the villins.

"And so do I..."The witch said, glowering at the image. "But we have a plan for I correct?'

"That kid is gonna pay..."Jafar growled.

"He's going down...."Oogie Boogie agreed.

Malnificent smirked and nodded."You may all decide how you are going to torture Sora, now then.." She bowed gently and walked into her private chambers(Private chambers,...that sounds just wrong Oo;) She glared at the image of Sora laughing and said in a low vioce."Soon you will pay, keybearer......and it's going to be hell to pay.."

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************To be coutinued..........

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