Shadow Revenge




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-One year later-

Kairi stared out at the foamy ocean waves.Her Angel wings blew in the Ocean breeze.

"Its been one year now..."She murmered to Riku, who leaned with his back against the tree, his own black wings folded against his back.

"I know."He said.

"Is he coming back?"Kairi asked.

"I really don't know Kairi."Riku replied.

Kairi sighed. It was one year today, one year ago that Sora had sacrificed himself to save everything and everyone. One year ago today that Sora was torn away from his friends by fate.

One year ago today, that lost his life.

Riku and Kairi had grown since then. Riku was now 16, her silvery hair was longer now, and had black streaks in it. Riku had finally abandoned his puffy blue pants, and now wore baggy dark blue jeans. His old shirt had been replaced with a lether muscle shirt, tight, showing his well built body.(Riku Fan Girls:Drool.......)

Kairi was 15 now. She had grown her hair out, and it now hung just below her shoulders. Her hair was now brown, and slowly turning black, showing her japanese heritage(KAIRI LOOKS JAPANESE I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!)Kairi now wore a jean mini skirt, and a Lavender, silky belly shirt.

Kairi sighed softly and jumped from the paupu tree down to the sandy ground."I'm going up to Essance Point..."She stated.

When Destiny Island was recreated once again, a new thing was added, a high cliff pinnsala that overlooked the ocean. This cliff was quite high, and it was here that a marble stone was placed. On it was engraved The Essance Symbol, and Sora's crown symbol. This was Sora's shrine, Kairi often visited it.

Riku sighed as well."Ok.."He said.

With that Kairi walked over the bridge from Paupu island to the main island, and into the Secret place. Insidet he secret place there were now two doors, the origanal one, and one with stairs leading up.

Kairi took the stairs.

The stairs went up onto the cliff. The pennisala was lined with various trees, flowers, and even a few paupu trees. Where the trees stopped there was an open spot that led to the point of the cliff. And it was here that the Essance stone sat.

Kairi walked up to the stone. She pulled Sora's Crown necklace from her neck and held it to her heart. She looked up at the sunset sky, with stars slowly appearing. Kairi hated those stars. Because they were happy. They were bright, and cheerful. How could anything be so happy now?

Kairi fell to her knees and cried."Sora? Why did you have to go....why couldn't we just be normal kids? Why?"

The sun finally set.

Kairi should have been heading home. But she didn't.

She looked up at the stars.

"You promised you'd come back Sora, so why havn't you come back yet?Where are you? Are you even coming? Are just going to leave me, and Riku, here?You can't do that. I need you..Come back Sora..."Kairi wispered to the stars.

As if answering her plea, a streak of silver rocketed across the sky.

'Make a wish..' A voice within Kairi wispered.

"I wish Sora was here...."Kairi wispered.

"Kairi...."A voice said.

Kairi gasped. She turned around.

There he stood.

"Sora..."Kairi wispered.

The boy stood there, the night breeze blowing his chestnut hair. His blue eyes shined, seeming lit with internal lights, making them seem to sparkle, like pixi wings. He was taller, and more built then the last time she's seen him.(wow, a not scrawny Sora...hard to beleive....)His clothes were still the same as when he became the Essance. His wings now were a pure white, shimmering, as if they had been coated in glitter. Sora was grinning, the famous cheesy grin that always seemed to light up everything.

"Hey Kairi..."He said.

Kairi rushed into the boys arms.

The two remained in this position for awhile.

Andt hen Riku showed up.He's been slowly walking up the stairs to get Kairi, when he saw the keyblade master.

"Sora!!"He cried.

Sora released Kairi and looked over at his best friend, who was rushing over to the two."Hey Riku!"Sora greeted.

"No way..your back.."

"I promised I would, didn't I?"Sora replied.

"But how. You should be dead."Kairi said.

"You didn't really think I was gone for good did you?"The keybearer said.

"Well...."Riku began.

Sora laughed."Ah well..Lets just say I have unfinished buisnuiss with a certin angel.."Sora with a wink.

Kairi blushed."You came back, just for me?"

"And Everyone else of course. But mostly you Kairi."

"Oh Sora..."Kairi hugged the boy again.

"Kairi, I love you."Sora stated.

Kairi smiled."I love you too.You tihnk, things can ever be the same?"

Sora looked over the his older companion, as if asking for permission.

Riku nodded, a smile of pride and happiness for the brunette on his face.

Sora smiled."No. Things can never be the same. They'll be evem better."

And then Sora and Kairi kissed.

The wind blew, and blew flower petals from the ground and around the two adosalants, like something out a movie.

"This story of woe began with hatred, it began with anger....and now, it ends with love...."A voice wispered in the wind.

And it was true.


Sora still lives on Destiny Island with Riku and Kairi.

Sora will never be the same. He's toutched the core of darkness, but he's ok with it.He has faced something no one else has, and survived. He has several physical scars from his experiance, but one thats probly the strangest is the one where Kairi shot him with the arrow, as the scar is shaped like a star. No one can touch evil and remain unchanged. He is changed on the inside also. He no longer takes things for granted, and knows just how precious his friends are. He has touched the true heart of the world, a willingness to sacrifice everything for someone else. He has touched love.

Things arn't like they used to be. But thats ok, because somet hings havn't changed.

Riku is still cocky and a bit arrogant. There is still a daily Sora vs. Riku fight, but it's all in good fun, and normal takes placei n the sky now a days, because they have wings.

Kairi is still sweet and innocent. She and Sora are Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and I'm pretty sure they'll be more then that come tonight, seeing as Sora was spotting buying a ring..*hint hint*

Leon and Yuffie got married. They now live on a house on Destiny Islands, and teach a martial arts class to the kids on the islands.

Donald and Goofy still live in Disney Castle, but they visit the islands alot, and whenver they do.......things are very......interesting....

Sora is probly the most scarred by what has happened. He still refuses to talk about what happened at Hallow Bastion. He probly never will. He's distant now, though that is no surprise.

At night he flys from his bed to Essance point and sits here all alone. And he cries. He cries when dreams of Hallow Bastion flood his mind, dreams of horror and pain that he wishes he can forget.

And then Kairi will always be there to comfert him.

Andt hey'll sit there, on Essance point, Light and Essance of Heart. Together.

Reality bending to their will.


THE END!!!!!!

Here ends Shadow Revenge.

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