Of Demons and Dreams

By Shi-koi

Author's Note: Contains Yaoi. In other words, men in a loving relationship and, or male x male sex. Go away if you don't like that kind of thing.

Content: This is an AU. Kaiba never went to the same school as Yugi and his friends. Pegasus doesn't come into it yet, if ever. I'm still making my mind up about that. Yami and the Millennium Puzzle are related, but the yami's in this story are not bound to them. In other words, there's a lot more leeway as to what they can do. The Duel Monsters are real, but no-one remembers how to summon their magic. Except the yamis. They are in the forgotten Shadow Realm. A summoner can absorb a monster's power and abilities, if they are strong enough. The ability to do this and control magic is called Shadow Skill. Commonly reffered to simply as 'The Skill'.

Warning: Some light character owies. Nothing heavy. Contains some Lemony bits.

Pairings: Yami/Yugi, Kaiba/Yugi, Kaiba/Yami/Yugi.

Rating: R


It was that dream again. No. More of a nightmare. Yugi knew he was dreaming, knew that he was asleep, but he couldn't wake himself up. He'd tried to before, pinching himself. All that had done was give him a sore arm for an entire day. He looked around. He was surrounded by darkness. It wasn't completely black, there were swirls of coloured light interspersed within it, like a child's painting. Yugi knew from experience that the quicker he got this over and done with, the quicker he'd wake up.

Even after two years of doing this he still hated this part.

Yugi wrapped his arms around his small frame and started walking. It didn't matter which direction he went in, they all led to the same place. As he walked the darkness began to thicken, the small streams and bands of coloured light beginning to fade. It felt claustrophobic. Yugi pushed himself on. When the blackness around him made it impossible for him go any further he stopped.

"Hello? I'm here again. Where are you?" The twelve year old boy felt his heart racing. He really wanted to wake up. Yugi felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun around with a gasp. Heart and head pounding. He looked up at the slightly taller figure shrouded in black, from his boots to the hooded robe which covered him from his head to his feet.

"Hello Yugi." The stranger in black greeted. Yugi nodded at him.


The one called Yami pushed back his hood to show a face which could have been an almost exact duplicate of the smaller boy's. But where Yugi's eyes were bright violet, the taller boy's were blazing crimson. His face was older than Yugi's showing a maturity Yugi had yet to reach and Yugi knew that Yami' s body beneath the robe was more adult than his.

"Are you ready?" Yami asked, His deeper voice as rich as mead.

Yugi looked at him feet. "Hai."

The taller boy sighed. "Very well. Let's begin." He held out his hands out to Yugi who took them gingerly. This bit always hurt, and he would wake up with an aching body and throbbing head after each session.

Yami took Yugi's smaller hands in his hand gently. He knew how much the smaller boy disliked doing this but he needed to learn. Whether he knew it yet or not. They faced each other, their hands tightly clasped within the other's. Yami shut his eyes and concentrated. When the Sennen Eye in Yami's forehead began to glow Yugi braced himself and screwed his eyes shut.

"Try to relax." Yami instructed. "You know it doesn't hurt as much then."

Yugi took a deep breath and did as Yami instructed. Almost immediately he felt the warm glow which accompanied the transfer of power. He knew that if he opened his eyes he would see Yami and himself surrounded by an incandescent light. He kept his eyes firmly closed. Seeing that unnerved him.

When Yugi reached his limit he felt Yami push another ten percent at him. Trying to raise his capacity for the magic. It started to burn. Yami gripped his hands tightly, giving him support. The burn became agonizing, it felt like it was trying to consume him. His body started to convulse, they both fell to their knees.

/Oh by the Gods. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts.../ Yugi chanted, trying to block the excruciating pain.

//Yugi. Be strong. You're doing very well. Please, just hang on.//

/...I...can't, it...hurts../ Yugi drew in a shuddering breath.

//I'm going to stop now. Rein it in.// Yami knew this was the hardest part. Yugi would suffer a backlash if he lost control of the power. He slowed the transfer, pulling in the excess that was reaching for the sobbing boy.

/I..have it./ Yugi sent.

The glow surrounding the two figures died down. Leaving the pair in a darkness which seemed all the more suffocating for the lack of light.

Yami waited while the smaller boy recovered. Now that the transfer had stopped, the pain would dissipate rapidly. At least until Yugi woke up. Yami frowned. He had yet to teach Yugi anything more than the basics of controlling his power. When the boy was ready he'd teach him how to heal himself and others first. Yugi would probably appreciate that more than learning how to decimate his enemies.

He rubbed a tired hand through his tri-coloured hair, the red, black and gold locks identical to Yugi's. Yami put his arms around the exhausted youth, feeling him lean into his chest. He waited for Yugi's body to stop shaking, whispering words of encouragement and praise to him. When the smaller boy had recovered enough to stand, Yami helped pull him to his feet, holding the swaying youth gently. He rubbed Yugi's back, helping to remove any pains he knew from experience tended to linger there.

/Thank you Yami./ Yugi sent tiredly.

//You're doing very well little one.//

/Why does it have to hurt so much Yami?/ Yugi asked.

He felt rather than heard Yami sigh. //It hurts because of the magnitude of the power you possess. Other than myself I haven't felt that sort of ability in a millennia.// He thought for a moment, finding the best words to explain it. //If left unchecked, your power could destroy you....and your friends.//

/My friends? But how? They don't even know about these dreams./

//Think of yourself as a very large psychic bomb. If you couldn't control your power then one day, maybe not soon, but eventually it would leak out, or your body and mind simply wouldn't have been able to cope. If that had happened the energy you would have unleashed would have caused a wave of power so intense that only the strongest minds could have survived. With your power you could effectively wipe out half the planet.// Yami frowned and sent an accompanying mental picture.

Yugi gasped in horror. /Oh by the Gods. I had no idea./

//This is why I have pushed you so hard little one. I couldn't take the risk that you would hurt yourself or others. Even unintentionally.// He hugged Yugi tightly.

/What do I do now?/ Yugi asked him. His mental voice strong and determined.

//Now little one. You sleep.// Yami sent in amusement.

/Sleep?? But control?? Bomb??/ Yugi panicked.

//Even if that were to occur, and you have far too much training now for it to happen. It would not be for many, many years.// Yami ran a hand through Yugi's spiky locks. They were as soft and silky as his own. He buried his face in then, feeling Yugi sigh in contentment.

//Sleep// He told the exhausted boy, still holding him tightly. //Sleep.//

"Goodnight Yami."

"Goodnight Hikari." Yami whispered before he could stop himself. Yugi didn't seem to notice as he snuggled into Yami's arms and fell asleep.