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Chapter Eight


Yugi climbed out of the bed. He moved slowly, trying to keep Yami asleep. It didn't work. The spirit opened his eyes, blinking to clear the remnants of sleep from his system.

"Y-yugi?" Yami's voice was raspy.

Yugi froze half in, half off the bed. "Hai.....?"

There was a tense pause. Yugi sat back down properly. He could feel it when Yami moved, the bed shifting slightly.

"Why did you run?"

Yugi blushed, glad he was facing away from his dark half. "I...I was...I didn't..." He sighed in defeat. "I was scared." Yugi admitted finally. He picked half-heartedly at the silken bedding beneath his fingertips, his nails leaving tiny furrows in the fabric.

"I tried to find you, when you ran I mean." Yami whispered. "I didn't want to lose you. I don't want to lose you. When...when you...kissed me...I wasn't thinking. My mind seemed to shut down. I never wanted to hurt you love, I....I just..." Yami shrugged helplessly, even though Yugi couldn't see him.

"Do you..?" Yugi started, his mouth closing suddenly.


He turned, violet eyes large and glittering with unshed tears. Yugi tilted his head back, trying to stop himself from crying. He gave a short bark of laughter. "Sorry," he said, "I guess I'm just feeling a little bit overwhelmed."

"Aa." It was full of understanding.

"How did the others react to you then?" Yugi asked, moving the topic onto safer grounds. He wiped his eyes with his pyjama sleeves, the silk crinkling slightly from the moisture.

"Um. Well..." Yami blinked. He showed Yugi the memory directly. Yugi laughed. The sound curled around Yami's heart and he felt his breath catch.

"Yami?" Yugi said when his laugh had slowed into a few breathy chuckles.


"I love you."

Yami lifted a hand to stroke Yugi's cheek. His eyes softened and he could feel something give inside him, the ever-present knot of worry and sorrow he'd come to live with since Yugi disappeared. "I know." the spirit whispered. "I love you back, my little light."

Yugi graced Yami with a soft smile before leaning forward to catch his lips with his own. Yami's hands tangled into Yugi's hair and he pulled the smaller boy flush against him, desperate for the contact he'd been longing for.

"May I?" Yami gestured with his hands at Yugi's buttons. Yugi blushed but nodded, his teeth nibbling on his lips in nervous anticipation.

"Um...what about the others?" Yugi asked, his face still a bright red.

Yami glanced at the door. He noticed the small turn-lock on the inside, not much more than for decoration, but it would at least give them a bit of warning. "One moment." Yami slid gracefully off the bed, locking the door with a click. "Better?"

Yugi nodded. "Hai."

With a small smile, the corner of his lips just turning up a hint at the edges, Yami climbed back on the bed, kneeling in front of the smaller youth waiting for him.

"Um..Yami?" Yugi blinked at the suddenly feral smirk aimed at him.

"Hai?" Yami pulled Yugi onto the bed properly, resting him back on his pillow.


"Shhhh..." Yami straddled Yugi's hips, leaning down to capture Yugi's lips in a gently, seductive kiss. He licked lightly at Yugi's lips, tasting the pale pink flesh offered to him.


Yami paused what he was doing, his fingers lingering over the last undone button. "Hmmn?"

"Don't...don't tease."

Yami grinned at the need expressed in Yugi's body, the panting breaths making his chest heave, the light sheen of sweat beading on Yugi's forehead and the fists Yugi had clenched into the sheets. There was something so precious about the sight that made Yami ache unbearably.

"Okay." Yami flicked the buckles of his black leather shirt off expertly, dropping the heavy material onto the floor. Yugi's black borrowed top followed and even the Sennen Puzzle found it's way onto the bedside table.

"Better?" The spirit asked.

Yugi nodded once, his hands coming up to trace across the tanned lean planes of Yami's chest. He held his breath as his fingers explored the other's body, something Yugi had fantasised about doing for almost three years. He stopped when he felt Yami's heart beating beneath his hand.

"You have a heart beat?"

Yami looked down at Yugi's hand, the back up at the puzzled look of amazement lighting Yugi's features. "I never really noticed."

Yugi laid his head against Yami's chest. "I like it. But I thought that if you were a spirit then you didn't have a pulse."

"Huh...I never actually stopped to consider it. I certainly never actually stopped to check."

Yugi giggled. He nuzzled against Yami, his hands coming up to stroke Yami's back, while the spirit rested his head against Yugi's, the spirit's hands copying his others'.

"You feel warm too. I never really noticed that either." A mischevious little smile made it's way onto Yugi's face, unfortunately for Yami, he couldn't see it. Bringing his arms up to slide over the spirits' shoulders from behind, Yugi held him in place without making it obvious, his tongue coming out to flick a small rosy nipple on Yami's chest.

"Yugi!" Yami jumped in surprise.

Yugi turned sparkling eyes up to Yami, a wicked smirk curling his lips. "Hmmmn?" He purred, keeping eye contact with Yami as he sucked and nibbled on the hardened nub. "Something wrong?"

Yami growled playfully, lying forward until Yugi's back touched the bed. "No...." Yami's fingers darted across Yugi's sides, and Yugi was soon squirming under his dark half.

"Y-yami!" Yugi laughed.

"Hai?" Yami paused.

"Kiss me?" Yugi asked, his eyes soft.

"My pleasure." Yami drawled, leaning down.

Yugi's lips parted welcomingly, his hands coming up to entwine themselves in Yami's hair while the spirit explored Yugi's mouth, tasting him. There was a moan, and neither Yugi nor Yami could say whose it was.

When Yami pulled back, both youths were panting, their breaths coming in quick harsh gasps.

"Damn. Why didn't we do this sooner?" Yugi groaned, his pyjama bottoms suddenly too tight.

"Does it matter?" Yami grinned. "We're here now."

Yugi tilted his head to one side. "You do have a point." He pushed Yami off him until the spirit fell back to land on his side, Yugi taking the opportunity to strip, yanking off what was left of his borrowed clothes and dropping them onto the floor. Yami followed his example, his black leather trousers slightly more awkward to remove, but eventually they went the same way as the black pyjama pants.

"I've thought about this moment for years." Yugi admitted suddenly, offering a hand out to Yami. He pulled the spirit up to his side of the bed until they were both sitting facing each other. "Can I...can I touch you?"

Yami gave him a nod of assent. "I'd love you to."

"Um... could you lie back." Yugi asked a bit meekly, a sudden blush pinking his cheeks.

Yami complied, his eyes never leaving Yugi's. He could see the slight hesitation in Yugi's manner, and the spark of curiosity and desire behind the apparent shyness.

Yugi brought a tentative hand up and rested it against the warm flesh of Yami's chest, the stark contrast between Yami's sun-kissed golden skin and Yugi creamy white skin seemed to fascinate him. He pressed down, his fingers splayed out across the shaded muscles of Yami's stomach, before trailing down in a soft caress over Yami's sides.

Yugi stopped before his hand touched Yami's erect sex, and Yugi hesitated for a moment before blatant curiosity overrode any shred of modesty that remained, his hand reaching down to lightly stroke the spirit.

Yami drew in a hissed breath, and Yugi jumped back as if burned. "Did that hurt?"

"No. Just sudden." Yami said, his lips quirking. "It was....nice."

Yugi cocked his head, a bare hint of Yami's usual smirk echoed on Yugi's face. "Oh? Just nice?"

Yami shook his head as far as the pillow would allow. " was better than nice."

Yugi turned a warm smile on the spirit. "What do I do now?"

"I thought...." Yami trailed off, understanding striking at the sudden flush which crept across the bare flesh of Yugi's face, neck and chest. "Ah."

Yugi covered his mouth, a few snickers escaping from behind his hands. "I thought you knew."

"That you're still a virgin?" Yami shook his head. "I guess I didn't really stop to think about it."

Yugi shrugged. "I never wanted anyone else before I kissed you, so it was a bit of a moot point." He squirmed a bit on the bed beside Yami, averting his eyes with a blush.

"Do you want me to take the lead then?" Yami asked Yugi gently. "I mean, I don't really know much about modern sex..." he trailed off in embarrassment, "and it's been, technically and literally, five thousand and a bit years since I did anything close."

Yugi's eyes widened and his mouth formed a small 'O' or shock and understanding. "Wow! I didn't realise...I guess I've never really thought about it that way before." He cocked his head to one side and frowned in thought. "So what do you know, er, remember?"

"Kissing, obviously, but I'm a bit out of date with the rest."

"Oh..." Yugi snickered then. "What a predicament."

Yami shrugged, a slight grin on his face. "Well, we could always brush up on stuff later," he shot a look at Yugi before glancing away, "if you want."

Yugi caught the glance. "I wouldn't mind the kissing part." He said softly, leaning towards the other half of his soul.

"Kiss me?"

Yami smiled, leaning the rest of the way to capture his light's lips.


Ryou bit his lip, worrying the soft flesh nervously as he gazed around the room. The whiskey he'd accidently drunk after thinking it had been a juice burned his belly and altered his perceptions slightly. It didn't help that everywhere he looked someone looked angry.

"Who is Yami?"

Ryou blinked, looking up. The brunette mega-billionaire was glaring at his friends, mainly Honda and Jounouchi.

"How 'bout you answer our questions first, Kaiba." Jounouchi shot back, his caramel eyes frozen into amber. "'Specially seeing as you've had Yugi here by yerself."

Kaiba glared. "I see. So the simple fact that that person in there now with Yugi is someone that none of you had ever met before Yugi met with his unfortunate accident has nothing to do with you? You have no concerns whatsoever?"

Jounouchi scratched the back of his head, looking decidedly uncomfortable, Honda muttering a small "Yeesh!" under his breath.

"Well...Yugi seemed to like him. So surely he can't be that bad?" Anzu ventured, finally finding her voice.

"And just what makes you the expert?" Kaiba shot back.

"Oi! Leave her alone." Honda snapped menacingly.

"Why? You got anything better to say?"

"Kaiba! You may be some sort of big hotshot, but that don't mean nothin' to us. Yug's a friend, and we know what's good fer him." Jounouchi leant forward, almost dislodging Ryou from the couch.

"And you know so much." Kaiba drawled disparagingly, quite unimpressed .

"Oh and you'd know so much more?!" Jounouchi shouted, fast loosing his hold on his temper.

Ryou looked from one angry face to another, unease filling his stomach with butterflies. "Um guys?" he tried. No-one paid any attention.

"...nothing more than a pathetic dog."


"...that back! You bastard!"

Ryou gritted his teeth, having finally had enough. Yugi was one of his best friends, and he'd had precious little of those in his life. Losing one now would be terrible. He really didn't have time for all the arguing and insults that were being bandied about, especially with his hold on Bakura getting weaker.

Surging to his feet, his polar-white hair suddenly spiking from a ghostly wind, Ryou/Bakura screamed. "STOP IT YOU BLOODY FOOLS!"

Deathly silence fell. The rooms shocked occupants suddenly freezing at the malicious tone.

The wind died just as swiftly as it started, and the spikes dropped into soft waves.

"Right." Ryou cleared his throat, a light blush staining his fair cheeks. His doe brown eyes were embarrassed but determined. "My apologies for my rude outburst," he said, "but I'm afraid that things were degenerating rather rapidly."

There was still silence.


"Whoa..!" Jounouchi breathed out.

"I didn't think you'd be the type, Ryou." Honda grinned.

Kaiba shook his head, Mokuba giving in to the giggles beside him.

"Wow Ryou!" Anzu was more than impressed.

Jounouchi nudged the pastel-haired youth as he sat back down. "Never knew ya had in in you. That was definitely impressive."

Ryou gave him a tiny smile. "Really?"

"Yeah. Next we know, you'll be strippin' down to ya boxers and joining the school's wrestling team." Jounouchi teased.

A sudden image of joining Jounouchi wrestling assailed Ryou, images of the other teen half-naked, glistening with sweat...

"Ryou? You okay?"

Ryou shook his head to dispel the pictures his brain so helpfully supplied. "Aa. I'm fine."

Mokuba watched the two youths curiously, before turning back to his brother. "Seto?"

Kaiba was frowning at the floor. He looked over at his brother, nodding once. "Yes?"

"You're really worried about Yugi, aren't you?"

Kaiba gave his brother a small smile, tilting his head so the room's other occupants couldn't see it. "Am I that transparent?"

Mokuba gave a small shrug. "Only to me."

"He is...remarkable." Kaiba said with yearning, a tone of appreciation colouring his voice. Mokuba thought.

"You okay?" Honda asked, leaning down to whisper in Anzu's ear.

She graced him with a warm, if slightly worn smile. "I guess. It's just...everything seems to have happened so fast. I mean, who is Kaiba?"

"Other than a richer-than-God teenager with an attitude problem?" Honda said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, besides that."

Honda sighed. "Look, Anzu, I don't really have any idea what's going on. I mean, a few days ago everything was normal...well, relatively normal. Now there's suddenly all these new people."

"You don't suppose Yami was telling the truth, do you? About knowing Yugi for so long?"

"Who knows?" Honda shrugged. "I guess we'll just have to wait until Yugi wakes up."

"I guess."

"Ya know," Jounouchi remarked, "You've got quite a tiger hidden away, don'cha, Ryou?"

Ryou looked mortified. "Jou...jounouchi!"

Jounouchi snickered, his eyes lighting with his mirth. "Awwww," he said teasingly, spotting the blush that lead down across his face to his neck, burning even the tips of his ears, "so kawaii!"

Ryou moaned, covering his face with his hands.


Yugi sighed from his position in Yami's arms. "I missed you. Even though I couldn't remember you, I knew something important was missing."

Yami hugged Yugi tighter. "What about Kaiba? I saw the way you were looking at him when I came into the room."

A warm smile lit up Yugi's face, his eyes sparkled. "Are you jealous?" He teased.

Yami shook his head. "No, but that's because I had the same reaction when I first saw him."

"He does have that aura around him.." Yugi started, trailing off to remember.


"And those eyes...."

"Those lips...." Yami continued.

"That hair...." Yugi gave a small laugh.

"And that walk!" They both finished together.

"Oh have we got it bad." Yugi commented in amusement.

"Huh. I can't believe it."

" least we're not fighting over him."

Yami snickered, rocking Yugi with his movement. "That would be strange."

"So...we're okay now, right?"

Yami faced his light, holding his face tenderly. He touched their foreheads together. "We're 'okay', aibou."

Yugi smiled, before letting it morph into a mischevious grin. "So does this mean we're going to be going after Seto?"

Yami growled, but it soon turned into chuckles. "Yes my Light. This means we'll be going after Seto."



Seto wasn't superstitious by nature, but at that moment he could have sworn the Fates were laughing at him. He shrugged the feeling off, returning to the question Mokuba had just asked him.

After all. He made his own destiny.