Special birthdays require a special something. So, I came up with a little something for Diane. I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: This is unbeta'd, un-preread, and written partially during a UNC-Duke ACC Semi-final game. Go Heels!

Daycare Dilemma


"Oh. My. Gawd. He was so hot."

Bella shook her head as she finished preparations in her classroom. Irena's gawking over half the male population that crossed the threshold of Tant Academy was no surprise, but it was an annoyance she could do without.

"I mean, really…"

Bella heard trill that usually accompanied the full body shudder Irena was wont to do.

Poor guy.

Hopefully, he had escaped the drop-off area unscathed. Irena's shirts had a nasty habit of popping buttons due her discount enhancements.

Boobs R Us.

Bella felt a shiver of her own coming on.

"Shame his kid's are eee tea…"

"Finish that word, and it will be your last while in our employ, Miss Denali."

Bella smiled to herself as she counted six pieces of green paper and laid them aside. Ms. Diane took no prisoners when it came to her students, loving each as if he or she were her own flesh and blood. The founder of Tant Academy made no bones about her belief that every child deserved to be treated with respect and nurtured to his or her fullest capabilities. Upon signing the employment paperwork, each employee received a list of terms not to be used when describing a person's abilities or limitations.

Irena was tap dancing all over that list this morning.