Chapter 1

The drive into Auradon prep was a familiar one. He had been a student there not so long ago. As he looked out the window he noted how young some of the students looked. Had they ever really been that young? Aziz was looking forward to this semester though. He hadn't seen is best friends sister in years and it would be good to see little Lonnie again.

As the car pulled to a stop in front of the dorms, Aziz saw Adam and Belle with a very grown up looking Ben standing with them. Yes, it had been way too long since he visited his old stomping grounds. Four years seemed like ages ago now, but he knew it had been a snap of his fingers that flew past.

Climbing out, he was greeted with a big motherly hug from Belle, a firm handshake from Adam and Ben, but a stern look from Fairy Godmother. Aziz was aware he caused her many problems when he was here.

"It is great to see you!" Ben patted him on the back. "Are you excited to be back?"

"Curious more like." Aziz replies looking up at the old castle. "What is really going on that you called me back for, Ben? You and I both know it's not to coach Swords."

Ben struggled with telling him. It was personal for Aziz and his family, but necessary to make it right. "You know the genie's lamp was at the museum."

Aziz frowned, he caught it immediately. "You say was… it's missing?"

"Yes, we think it was Jafar, but… Aziz we have to be careful about how we approach this." Ben explained softly.

"Ah yes, you and your villain kids, so Jay is still here?" Aziz found the whole idea of the villain kids changing their ways absurd. A tiger doesn't change its stripes.

"Yes, And is very close friends with me and…. Lonnie." Ben explained. "I'm sure you will get along with him without issues, Aziz. I need you on this."

Aziz only looked at Ben uncertain of his old friend's priorities. He was a king now and Ben had to been equal to all, Aziz however, did not. He was soon to become a leader in Agrabah, but his loyalty was to his people, not to those on the Isle. He would make his own decision about Jay and his intentions.

It was a big day. Sword and Shields were getting a new coach. Aziz, Son of Aladdin was joining the staff. Lonnie had known Aziz for years, he had been best friends with her brother, Sian, and been apart of her life as long as she could remember. Lonnie was excited. Not just because he was a friend of the family, but because he had been her first crush. She wanted to show him who she was now, but also she wanted to introduce him to Jay, the one she had now fallen for, but hadn't quite noticed her… yet.

Jay had noticed she could fight. He was her friend, but that was it. Jay flirted with every princess in the school, but didn't really pay her much mind. He talked to her, about school, swords and shields, but never did he flirt with her. He took her to the Cotillion, but it was only as friends. They danced had fun, but at the end of the night it was a pat on the back, have a good night. And that was a disappointment for her. She had wanted more, but he didn't see her that way. Now, she didn't know what to do.

Lonnie finished with the gym early and was heading back to her room to get cleaned up before classes. As she got to the stairs, she heard the other girls talking. The hot water heater wasn't working again. Lonnie frowned, the last thing she wanted was to go without a shower this morning. She slowed her steps up the stairs, debating what she could do. Seeing Carlos just walking out with Dude, she yelled out to him. "Carlos, hey.. Hey wait."

Carlos stopped and looked up as she ran down the stairs. "Hey, Lonnie what's up?"

"Can I use your shower? There no hot water in our wing again." Lonnie really didn't want a cold shower.

"Sure, here." Carlos handed her the key. "Jay already headed to the gym and I'm meeting Jane so, it's all yours, just lock up before you leave. I'll get the key back later."

Lonnie thanked him and made her way to the boys room. Grabbing what she needed from her bag, she dropped it on the floor and went into the bathroom. Quickly, she got into the shower not thinking that she would need to lock the door. As the hot water fell over her, she sighed. Her muscles all ached from the workout. It was good though, pushing the water from her eyes, she looked at the soap and shampoos in the shower. Smelling each one, she figured out which one was Jay's. Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes, thinking of him.

Chad followed Jay into his room, still bugging him about making Lonnie captain. Jay wasn't changing his mind. She deserved the position. Lonnie won the position fair and square. Jay had found a way to make it work, but he was good with stepping down. Lonnie was tough on all of them, but Jay knew she pushed herself just as hard. He had been in the gym early and seen her working twice as hard as any of the guys. He stood by his decision and would do the same thing again.

"I just don't get why you would make her captain and not me?" Chad continued his rant into the room.

"Chad it's been weeks, let it go." Jay tossed his gym bag onto his bed. "You have to admit she's good."

Chad only shrugged. The last thing he wanted to do was admit that Lonnie was good, especially to Jay. Swords and Shields were for men, just like tourney. Next thing you know, Jay will be encouraging Lonnie to try out for that too.

Hearing the shower going, Jay smiled viciously. Carlos must have just let Dude out the door to run and grabbed his shower. It was the break he had been waiting for. He still owed Carlos for the blast of cold water Carlos had decided to prank him with before the Cotillion. Silencing Chad, he decided there was no time as any to bring Chad into the mix of their friendship.

Seizing the opportunity, he enlisted Chad to help with his plan. Chad chuckled to himself, giddy that he was being included in a prank of the boys on each other. He had heard them harassing each other over the last year and wanted to get in on it. Now, he was finally in the right place, at the right time.

"Let me do it? Please, Jay. Let me to do this, I can do this." Chad pleaded.

"Fine, but you have to be quiet, you flush and you run." Jay instructed him on how to pull the prank properly.

Chad crept quietly, still giggling across the floor and opened the bathroom door slowly. He looked down on the floor as he walked in and saw the pink lace panties on the floor. Frowning, Chad picked them up and examined them, then looked at the shower. Immediately, he realized it wasn't Carlos, but Lonnie that stood naked under the water. Chad's mouth fell open, he backed out, leaving the door wide open.

"That's not Carlos!" He whispered loudly.

"Who is it?" Jay asked. Who else would use their shower? Chad handed Jay the underwear, Jay raised his eyebrows at it and held it up. Whoever it belonged to, Jay was certain he wanted to find out.

"That's Lonnie!" Chad said over dramatically his eyes wide. Jay paused thinking what Chad just said. Realizing that Chad not only saw her, but he was holding something very private of hers in his hand.

"Out!" Jay hushed him and pushed him out the door. "Shut up, Chad! Get out!"

Locking it behind Chad, although Jay wasn't sure why, Chad only broke in and made more copies of their key. Quietly, Jay walked to the door, her underwear still in his hand. Reaching for the door, Jay was about to close it when he looked up. Seeing Lonnie standing under the water, he got a profile view of her and felt his body heat up. He hesitated only a second, before he closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, he heard the water shut off. Looking down, Jay looked at his hand and realized he was still holding her panties. Jay knew he needed to get rid of them fast. He saw Lonnie's gym bag on the floor and tucked the panties inside it. Then walked back over and softly knocked on the door.

"Hey, Lonnie?" Jay called out to her.

Lonnie paused as she was drying off. Carlos said Jay wasn't coming back anytime soon. She looked around, wrapping the towel around her, Lonnie opened the door, only to find Jay leaned against the door jam. Face to face with each other, Lonnie clung to the towel around her, hoping she was well covered.

"Hi, um Carlos said I could use your shower. Our wing doesn't have hot water again." Lonnie explained.

"Okay, no problem … I just wanted you to know, I was out here. You know, so you knew." Jay's eyes wandered down, watching the water droplets roll down her neck, to shoulder then below the towel. He couldn't help it, now that he knew what she was wearing underneath her clothes, his eyes just seemed to want to look.

"Thanks, I'll be done in a minute. Just let me get dressed." Lonnie said softly. Closing the door Lonnie took a breath. She hadn't planned for Jay to be there, but she would get out quickly. She didn't want to inconvenience him.

Jay nodded and stepped back, letting out a long breath. It could've been worse. Chad could have opened his mouth and let her know they saw her. He still could. Jay was going to have to shut him up before he did something stupid, like apologize to Lonnie for something she didn't know happened.

Lonnie began looking for her clothes, she could have sworn she brought everything in, but… she must have missed those. Pulling on her dress, she would have to go back to her room and grab a pair of underwear, before she ran to class. Coming out, she still had wet hair, but pulled it up quick and smiled softly at Jay.

"Thanks, I'll get out of your way. " Lonnie hopped as she pulled on her high heels and grabbed her bag and went to put her stuff inside and saw her underwear lying on top of everything else. Frowning she paused, but said nothing, tucking her things inside she went to the door.

"Hey, Lonnie," Jay wanted to say something, anything to get her to stay. "If you need it, anytime…"

Lonnie smiled, "Thanks." Quickly, she left and leaned back against the door. She better get up to her room before she forgot to put them on all together. Rushing down the hall, Lonnie needed to finish getting ready.

Jay blew out a long breath as he sank to his bed, still in thought of her. She was his friend. He never should have gone in there, he shouldn't have looked when he did, Jay rubbed his face, he couldn't get her image out of his head.

It didn't take long before Carlos walked in and saw him. Dude jumped up on Carlos' bed. "Hey, I thought you were at the gym?"

"I was." Jay wasn't completely listening, his mind was still thinking of what he saw of her in the shower.

"Did you see Lonnie?" Carlos asked as he rubbed Dude's ears.

"Yeah, I didn't mean to, but Chad grabbed her underwear and I was only going to put it back in the bathroom, but then I looked up and there she was and…" Jay looked up to Carlos and Dude mouths open staring at him.

"Not what I meant, but wow! You walked in on Lonnie in the shower?" Carlos was just clarifying.

"Don't tell her, Carlos. I mean it." Jay ran his hand through his hair. "She doesn't know I saw her. I didn't mean to, but…." Something was changing. Jay didn't understand it or what it was, but there was a change there, now he didn't know what to do. "Just don't tell her."

Ben slapped Aziz on the back as they walked into the dorms, "It's good to see you. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new position here. Lonnie has done a great job with Swords and Shields."

"I'm surprised you put a girl in as captain, Ben. That's a bold move." Aziz stated as they turned toward the boys wing.

"I didn't, Jay did." Ben stated as Lonnie literally ran right into him. "Hey Lonnie, we were just talking about you. What are you doing over here?"

"I was taking a shower with Jay… I mean, in Jay's room." Seeing the disapproving look on both their faces, Lonnie slowed herself down. "The girl's water heater isn't working again." Lonnie was flustered. She looked up at Aziz and smiled. "Hey, Aziz."

"Lonnie," Aziz's eyes went up and down her. "You grew up."

Ben looked back and forth between them. Aziz was showing her an obvious interest that went well beyond coach and student. Ben would have to talk to him about that. Lonnie on the other hand seemed very out of sorts, very not like her. Ben looked at her questioning silently what was going on. Lonnie just shook her head. She didn't want to talk about it.

"I have to get to class. I'll see you at practice later." Lonnie said as she moved passed them and ran for the stairs. She needed to finish getting ready and to class.

Aziz put his hand on Ben's shoulder, "I didn't know she grew up. Wow. So is Jay, her boyfriend?"

Ben shook his head, he honestly didn't know at the moment. "Not that I know of. Aziz, remember, You're here for a reason.. you're staff now, not a student."

"Correction, my dear king. I am a coach and temporary. Not the same as staff. And looking isn't against the rules. Right?" Aziz smiled at his old friend.

He was a friend of her family, an old friend that had a genuine interest in her. Now even more. Sian had asked him to keep an eye on her, that Jay was an interest of hers. He just neglected to mention that his sister would quickly become an interest to him. As much as his family has been willing to not hold grudges against the children of their enemies, Aziz wasn't quite so sure that the apple didn't fall far from tree.