Well, would you look at that! I really am able to give sequels.

Amy: Yeah, who'd a thunk?

Erin: Well, technically, me and Miu.

Amy: Do crossovers really count? Cause, in my book, they don't count.

Erin: Yeah, just like you.

Miu: C-can we not fight over something like this?

Kuro: Nah fam, let them go at it. I haven't seen a decent fight since Zagan.

Erin: Damn, I'll give ya a good fight, curb-stomping the water bender over here is just an added-on prize.

Amy: Did you skip out on Pokemon tutorials? Cause, last I checked, water beats fire senseless.

Me:...This is why you guys can't have playdates.

Lilith: This is why those two don't have friends in general.

Amy: Hey! I'll have you know, I've got a great nerd friend. All

It was a cold night, with nothing but the wind whispering and the sound of running footsteps.

The figure breathed in the cold air, which didn't help as much as she thought it would, but, at the moment, that would have to do.

How long had she been running now? Half an hour, 45 minutes?

Who knew at this point.

Another cold chill ran down her spine, as she ran harder and faster, clutching to her red hoodie for warmth, the only sight coming from her right eye, the left being covered by an eye patch.

She felt as if this were familiar, running, hiding, being a coward.

But one thing was for sure.

Something very big was different.

Suddenly, she skidded to a stop, looking over the cliff she'd nearly flung herself off of.

Cursing, she pulled out a small knife, knowing that it wouldn't do much to help her at the moment, "W-who's there?"

"…My my, you don't sound to good."

The girl growled, "I know who you are; leave!"

A giggle sounded, as two eyes flashed from the darkness of the forest, wide with insanity, as her fingers enlarged into claws, "Oh, but big sister…"

She gnashed her needle like teeth before jumping, pushing her down. She gave one last toothy smile.

"The fun has just begun."

Lilith woke up with a cold sweat, jolting from her bed, gasping with her eyes wide. She covered her face, trying to calm down, only to fail.

She gasped, trying to breathe in as she fumbled for the sheets, pulling them over her shivering shoulders.

Even with the blanket over her, the cold shudders down her spine didn't stop.

She tried to stay in bed for a moment longer, looking to the clock to see that it was three in the morning, before shaking her head, getting out of bed. The longer she stayed put, the more the walls felt as if they were trying to lock her in, slowly squeezing her until there was nothing left to squeeze.

She had to get some fresh air.

She pulled on her hoodie and long jeans, before opening up the window. She slipped right out, as she had so many nights before, before closing the window behind her.

The mansion's roof had been built to be at a slight slope, so the moment she had her footing, she hiked her way up to the top, doing her best not to fall over. It probably would have been harder if she had decided to wear shoes, so even if her feet were freezing, it was still better than slipping off and having the other residents wake up to a red bloodstain that use to be a proxy.

Once she got to the top, she just sat there, watching. Her eyes were on everything and nothing at the same time, constantly darting about at the sight on any type of movement.

She yawned, rubbing her eyes as she kept a lookout. She wanted to tell herself that it was for nothing, that it was just to make sure that no one got too close, but she knew better.

It had been about a year since her little family reunion, but even then, the still fresh-feeling memories sent chills down her back. To think that she had any sort of connections to those two, a sister that was blood-crazy and a father who both provoked and nourish it; it didn't really give her the best of impressions.

She had a year to try to brush it off, a year to get over it and move on, but every waking second and sleeping moment, it troubled her. The nightmares of red eyes and shadows closing in have only gotten worse, to the point where she could swear her dreams were beginning to melt into reality.

She had to remind herself that she was safe here, but it didn't change that uneasy feeling in her chest. She didn't like to admit it, but there have been times where she's woken up screaming, her room left in a state of disarray. It was only after bugging Ben for a camera did she realize that the shadows in her room threw stuff around her room when the night terrors got back.

She hugged her knees to try to keep warm, resting her chin on her knees. Too much had changed, but not all of it had been for the worst, she guessed.

Things had just been...Different, that's all. After that night, nothing more was said, and nothing was really said since then. Lilith wanted to think it was odd, but that whole situation was just all odd on its own.

It wasn't like she could really ask for an explanation. At the moment, he was the one holding all the cards, he's always been the one in control here. But, on the bright side, being how she hasn't been kicked out yet, she guessed that it couldn't be all that bad.

...Or was that just wistful thinking?

God, this was giving her nothing but a headache.

Staring up at the night sky, Lilith sighed, eyes slowly beginning to droop. It wasn't like she had much a chance anyway, she tried to reason with herself. There was no reason to get your hopes up, she told herself. Yes, that was it just...Don't think too hard on it, cause the moment you do, you don't stop thinking about it, and before you know it, it begins to fill your thoughts and take your mind over, and then...And then...

She didn't realize it, when she had finally fallen asleep, and that's when he finally stepped out.

He had noticed it, as he always did, when she wondered about at night. Most times, he'd watch from afar, just to make sure that she'd come back alright. But others, when he found her asleep somewhere, whether it be a tree or the roof (one more often than the other), he'd be the one to take her back.

It wasn't much of a hassle for him, in all honesty. She wasn't exactly heavy, so picking her up really wasn't that hard.

Teleporting to her room wasn't much of a hassle either, nor was tucking her in. He had made sure to pull the drapes down, knowing how much she'd prefer the dark over some moonlight.

The Slenderman wasn't a fool. He knew what kept her up at night, and he knew what stole her mind during the day; but it wasn't his place to say something. Of course, he'd never know exactly what she was thinking without a quick mind reading, but right now...No, now wasn't the time nor the place.

He made sure that she was comfortable, before stepping out of the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

She'd be okay, he could make sure of that much at the very least.

There really was no view like Evergreen town at night.

It had just enough lights to make it look like people lived there, but they were so scattered and dim that it still looked like the forest that surrounded it.

But, to the north of the town, a low buzz went throughout the area, just over the sound of the crickets chirp. A part of the grass on the ground went from its natural green to a dark morbid shade of black, before bubbling up into a black soupy liquid, forming a perfect circle.

The lights of the sleeping town did little to nothing against the sudden feeling of fear and dread that radiated from the circle, before a hand reached out, crawling herself out of the hole.

The skin was white, with blue lines crackling all over, making her look almost see through. Dark black greasy hair covered her face, as the girl pulled herself out of the muck, a light cackle leaving her mouth.

Finally, she stepped out, the soft laughter quickly turning into a sort of insane howl, throwing her head back to laugh,before looking around, "Finally, it took long enough to find this place again! If I'm lucky, my friends have already done what they could."

Her dark blue eyes only helped to make her look insane, with black webs weaving their way through her pupil, as she threw her hands up into the air, "I'm so happy daddy let me out so soon!"

Skipping around, she kicked a dirt of dirt out of the way, as she did a sort of happy dance, "Of course, he really does want big sis back home, it's so dull without her..."

A bone chilling crack left her neck, as she allowed her nails to grow into talons, slicing into the tree, "She should be there to enjoy it with us."

"Whether she likes it or not."

Lilith: Ugh, I hate being portrayed as weak.

Me: Helps people see that you've still got a human side.

Lilith: I can understand that, but still, I hate it.

Me: Understandable, I guess.

Amy: I think she's just a bit jealous about how she's got to be in this "serious" story, while the rest of us are allowed to make jokes here and there.

Kuro: Well, with a name like "Lilith Shadows", what would you expect? A puppy?

Erin: Says the one with the Japanese-not-Japanese name. Probably because Lilim sounds too much like Lilith, huh?

Kuro: That...Is something I've never noticed till now.

Amy: Hah, get fucked.

Me: Yeah-wait, how the hell did you get in?

Amy: That fourth wall you got is flimsy as hell.

Me: Being how it cost a lot of money to replace and repair, it's your fault that you guys decide to go ahead and trample the fourth wall.

Amy: Still, would it hurt to use more than duct tape and zip ties?

Lilith: Okay, duct tape makes sense; but zip ties?

Me: If high school robotics has taught me anything, what cannot be repaired with duct tape can be put together with zip ties. If neither work, it's a problem that can't be solved.

Amy: Wow, that...That explains a lot.

Me: Alright, fuck off, I wanna finish this chapter.

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