The iridescent yellow sun hung in the perky blue sky and the sound of petite birds was heard chirping in the wind. It was summer and it had never been better weather to wear a pretty sundress and sandals and perhaps hit the breathtaking beaches of Central City. If she was feeling a little more adventurous then she would even entertain the thought of touring down to Coast City for the day, but alas she didn't have the time, nor the leisure to be occupying such thoughts.

But the bustling and young achiever inside of Sophia knew that wasn't going to happen for a while. Her heels clacked on the sidewalk as she ran towards CC Jitters, clutching her classical leather brown briefcase in one hand, and her cardigan in the other. It had been a little chilly in the morning and so she had thrown a thin grey cashmere cardigan over her slim black dress that she only wore to her important meetings. But it had warmed up quite quickly and she wanted nothing more than to just enjoy the day and skip the rest of her meetings but she knew that would be irresponsible of her.

With a quick glance at the elegant rose gold watch on her wrist she noted that she was only twenty minutes late. She pushed the door of the coffee shop open, the bell jingling as she entered, and she spotted her partner sitting on a table, with a black cup of coffee in front of him, his arms crossed and an impatient look on his face that was directed at her as she walked up towards him. It was a look he had perfected over the years just for her, and though he was a worry wort she still loved him regardless.

"I am so sorry," Sophia began to apologise, placing her bag down beside the table as she sat down in front of him. Before she could continue he held up his hand up in front of her as though to stop her.

"It's fine. I knew you were going to be late," Shiro replied, "You always are, Soph."

"I didn't think it'd be this crazy merging my company with Ramon Industries, but evidently I was wrong," Sophia apologised, rubbing her temples. She waved over a waitress, ordering herself a large strong black with two sugars, and a two slices of their cake of the day. Not even a minute later it had been delivered to their table, and she added it to her tab.

"Cake already? It's only 11am," Shiro tutted. "What was it you said to me the other night about you trying to watch your weight?"

"Hey, don't call me out. I had a stressful morning, besides I put it on my tab, you should be so lucky to eat such delectable food for free," She told him, scooping up a large piece of her cake and eating it, practically moaning from the taste of light vanilla and fresh crème paired with fresh berries.

"I do, like all the time at your place," Shiro pointed out.

"Look, if you don't want yours I'll be happy to eat it," She stated seriously, receiving a roll of the eyes from her partner. But when he picked up a fork and stabbed the delectable dessert she grinned.

"I'm eating it," Shiro said. "Now why don't you pull out those seating arrangements sweetheart and let's get our wedding planned?"

"Let's do this," Sophia beamed, her eyes darting down to the beautiful diamond engagement ring that sat delicately on her left hand, her heart warming at the thought of finally being married.

Barry knew that running back and changing the past would ultimately change the future, but he was in no way prepared for how it would feel, and the shape it would take so it was a big surprise for him when he woke up in his childhood home on a much bigger bed but in the same room he had grown up in.

Getting out of bed, he was dressed in pyjamas and his nose caught the fresh scent of homemade pancakes cooking downstairs. He changed into the clothes that were hanging on the back of his door, rushing down the stairs to see something his heart had ached for his entire life. His mother and father were sitting at the table enjoying a late breakfast. He had opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.

He was in shock.

The reality of his actions only hit him in that moment as he stared at his mother in awe. He took everything about her in, from the way her red hair lay just past her shoulders in waves, to the cute little glasses that were perched on the bridge of her nose as she read the morning paper, to the warm smile that appeared on her face when she saw him. He had dreamed of this moment for so long and now that it had come to pass he wasn't sure what to do with himself.

"Good Morning, Barry," Nora greeted with a sweet voice. "Your father and I saved some pancakes for you, it's your favourite," She said, motioning to the mountain of fruits, eggs, pancakes and toast on the table.

"Morning slugger," Henry said, looking up from where he was reading something on his tablet to smile at his son. "Sleep well?"

"Barry?" Nora asked with concern when he didn't reply, still frozen in place.

"Yeah, I slept great," Barry replied when he finally caught up with reality. He walked over to his mother, placing a kiss on her cheek, holding her tight before doing the same with his dad. He did his best to keep his tears at bay knowing it would be confusing for them, but he never felt lighter in his life than he did in that moment as he sat there at the table with both of his parents.

"Eat up, before it goes cold," Nora advised, passing the plate over to Barry.

"Well, I better get going," Henry announced, standing up from the table and walking over to the door where he shrugged on his jacket, picking up his briefcase and stethoscope from the table.

"Are you sure you have to go into work today?" Nora asked her husband as he walked back over to the table, finishing the last sip of his coffee.

"Yes, someone called in sick, and they're low on doctors at the hospital. But I'll be home early for dinner."

"And by early you mean at least 8pm?" Nora asked with a raised brow causing Henry to grin.

"You know me too well," He laughed. "I'll try to get out by 6. No promises."

"That's why you married me," Nora laughed as Henry leaned down to give her a sweet parting kiss. The sight of his parents so happy and in love made Barry's heart feel at peace for the first time in a long time. This is the life they deserved, the one they all deserved.

"Have a good day," Henry said, ruffling Barry's hair before walking out the door.

"Bye Dad."

This was all still so surreal, but Barry did his best to act normal. He grabbed a plate and piled on the food, eating to his heart's content. He still had his speed in this alternate universe and he needed the energy.

"Slow down there, it's not going to run away," His mother laughed, her eyes crinkling with mirth.

"Sorry," Barry said, taking a large gulp of the OJ in his glass to swallow his food. Every now and then his eyes would glance over at his mother, like he was afraid she would suddenly disappear from sight if he took his eyes off her for too long.

"Any plans for the day?" His mother asked, taking off her glasses and settling them down on the folded newspaper that sat on the corner of the table.

"I was thinking of heading out to Jitters for a bit, grab a coffee and get some work done," Barry said, his thoughts jumping to his friends. It was a good enough excuse to get him out of the house to find out what happened to everyone else. He needed to make sure that they were all safe, and his first thoughts went to Sophia. He needed to make sure she was ok. "I have a lot of paperwork I need to finish for a case."

Barry realised that possibly in this universe he might not have been a CSI but he hoped to God that his career hadn't changed, because if he had it would have made things a lot more complicated. When his mother gave him a nod, not questioning it he thanked the Speed Force for this little blessing.

"Sounds like a good idea," Nora said, taking a sip of her tea. "Will you be home for dinner?"

"Yeah, definitely." There was no way Barry was missing out on his first family dinner in years.

"Well, sorry to leave you honey, but I have an appointment to get to," Nora said as she glanced at the clock. "I'll be home around 3."

"Okay, I'll see you then, Mom," Barry said, a smile gracing his lips as the word Mom left his mouth. He jumped up from his seat and gave her a tight hug, holding onto her longer than was probably seen as normal.

"Not that I don't love all this love and affection but is something wrong, Barry?" His mother asked, her hand rubbing his cheek affectionately. Her eyes sparkled just the way he remembered, but seeing it with his own to eyes and not just in his dreams was something that almost moved him to tears.

"No, no, everything's perfect." She smiled at him, his eyes twinkled with happiness. "I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, my beautiful boy." She pressed a kiss to his cheek and then left, leaving Barry alone in the house with his thoughts.

"Time to come up with a plan," He whispered to himself, his first thoughts trickling to his girlfriend and how he would find her.

A half hour later, Barry found himself walking the streets of Central City, heading in the direction of Jitters. He knew no matter what Earth or Alternate Universe he was on, he would always find a familiar face in Jitters.

That and when he had gone to the hospital, searching it top to bottom he hadn't found Sophia, and her apartment was empty, evidently leaving him with the last option to look at Jitters. He had tried to call her, noticing that her number was still in his phone, but she hadn't answered.

When he walked into Jitters with his nerves high, his green eyes spotted her in an instant. She was sitting at a table in the centre of the café, her luscious dark hair up in a bun with a pencil holding it up, and her chin was resting in the palm of her hand, as she studied the papers in front of her. But what caught his eyes was the shiny diamond ring that was on her finger, and the tall man sitting next to her, pouring over what looked like wedding plans.

His heart sank in his chest in that moment and he felt like he couldn't breathe. It was like when he woke up from his 9 month coma, feeling worse than when he had seen Iris kissing Eddie in the middle of Jitters. He felt like he was going to be sick. There she was, sitting all snug next to what looked like her fiancé and here he stood a few metres away like a total idiot as he gaped at them.

He was about to turn tail and leave, not sure he could handle it, but then she looked up, and her iridescent brown eyes met his from across the room, sparkling brighter than the stars in the midnight sky. He felt his heart leap inside his chest when a smile burst out on her face. It was a grin like he had never seen before. She waved him over and dread filled him. He did his best to give her a smile, but he was sure that he looked emotionally constipated in that moment. He wasn't sure what to expect but he knew that he had to go over there now that she had seen him.

"Barry!" She leapt up from her seat as he walked towards the table, her arms flying around his neck when he got there. He hadn't expected her to be so enthusiastic to see him, but he welcomed it anyway. His arms wrapped around the small of her back, holding her close. He closed his eyes and committed this moment to memory. She smelled the same like she always did, of her fresh lavender soap and copious amounts of coffee, and it made him feel at home. No matter what was to happen, he was glad that she was safe. When he changed the timeline there was a chance things wouldn't go so well and he was content with her being healthy and safe.

Sophia leaned back away from the hug, but kept her arms wrapped around his neck. She caught him off guard when she attached her lips to his sending his mind reeling in both confusion and pleasure. Barry's eyes fluttered closed and he pushed that feeling back as he responded to her searing kiss, moving his lips against hers as though it had been years since they had last seen each other. It was over too soon for his liking, but she pulled away with a brilliant smile, her eyes glinting with mischief as she revelled in the breathless mess before her.

"I know you don't like PDA, but I feel like I haven't seen you in forever," Sophia apologised, biting down on her lip and blinking her adorable brown doe eyes at him. He was a goner the moment he stepped in the store.

"I don't mind," Barry insisted, a smile now forming on his lips. It was then that he realised that if she had been kissing him, then the man sitting next to her wasn't her fiancé. That meant, that he, Barry Allen was engaged to Sophia Lang. It made him pause in his step and though there was a hint of nausea rushing through him, it was mostly from the shock of it all, not the idea of spending the rest of his life with someone he was in love with.

"Hello, Barry," Shiro greeted with a small wave.

"Hey, Shiro," Barry remembered the face from Earth-2, and was surprised to see him here. He had only briefly met his doppelganger and wasn't so sure why he was in this version of reality that Barry had created. "What are you guys up to?"

"We're just planning table seating arrangements, it's been a nightmare," Sophia said, taking a seat, as Barry pulled up a chair across from them. "I have to ask, is it alright if we have my sister on the bridal table as well?" Sophia asked her fiancé, moving to hold his hand from across the table.


"Yeah, Rei, my seventeen year old sister who has a penchant for being mischievous," Sophia clarified. "I know it'll make the table a little uneven, but you know how she gets, and my mother is insisting on it and I don't want to fight with her," Sophia explained as she put her glasses back on her face, the soft brown frames making her eyes pop.

When Barry blanked and looked like he was pale from this new information, Shiro chuckled and shook his head.

"Not getting cold feet now are you, Barry? The wedding is still a few months away," Shiro said with a light laugh. Barry's eyes had then glanced over to one of the save the date cards that had June 3rd scribed in an elegant script.

"No, no, of course not. Um, sure, that should be fine. I don't mind if Rei joins the bridal table. It's meant to be for the family of the bride, right?" Barry rambled, still hanging onto the fact that 1. Sophia had a sister? And 2. That her mother was alive. Not to mention the fact that he was getting married. Clearly when he had changed the timeline he had accidentally altered a lot, and it was now starting to freak him out.

"You honestly don't know how much that helps," Sophia sighed, grabbing her pen and marking it down on the draft papers they had in front of them, being careful not to knock her half empty- and now cold-coffee onto the page. "I could honestly kiss you." And with the bedroom eyes that she was giving him, he was sure that she would make certain on her promise if they hadn't been in public.

"Uh, save that for the bedroom," Shiro commented with the roll of his eyes. "Or you know what, maybe even your honeymoon to be safe."

"Whatever, Shiro. You're just jealous because Rosa never called you back." Sophia quipped, turning her eyes back to Barry, ignoring Shiro muttering under his breath about how Rosa did call him back.

"Ooh and one last thing," Sophia said to Barry. "I was thinking we could place Lana, Clark, Lois, Anna and Kara all on the same table? It's the metropolis gang, they all know each other and I think it's better than splitting them up with people they don't know."

"That sounds like a great idea," Barry agreed, still not believing that he was getting married, but the longer he thought about it, the more he wanted it. He couldn't imagine anything else. His whole soul hummed in excitement.

"Well, it looks like a majority of our work is done here," Sophia said and Shiro hummed in agreement and said he would take care of the rest, after all he was planning and managing her entire wedding. He was already late to a meeting with the event manager at the hotel they were renting out for the wedding reception. He was then quick to bid them goodbye insisting that he had a meeting he was running late to.

"Got any plans for the day?"

"No, I had my meeting this morning and it went well, so I'm free for the rest of the afternoon, but tonight is that charity dinner at the Louvre hotel downtown so I have to be there by 7 if I want to get home before midnight."

"That's settled then, we're spending the day together."

"I'd love that."

"Where to next?" She asked as they exited Jitters.

"I know just the place," Barry said, pressing a kiss to her lips this time, surprising her with his behaviour.

Barry had escorted her down to the docks by the water of Central City. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the sunshine and the cool air that the water brought with it as it rushed against the wooden boards of the dock. They sat there with their legs dangling off the edge, their feet skimming the cold salt water as it rushed up with each movement of the water.

"Want the last slice?" Barry asked, holding out a slice of cheese pizza towards her.

"Just a bite," She said with a grin she opened her mouth and he directed it towards her. The cheese was hot, the perfect temperature and the light crust of the bread make a crunching noise as she chewed it. She didn't know when or how Barry had discovered this small pizzeria hiding on the outskirts of the city but she absolutely loved it.

"You sure you don't want the rest?" He asked.

"It's okay, you have it, I'm still stuffed from this morning," She said.

"This is nice," She mused, shuffling closer to him so they were sitting side by side, their thighs touching. "I haven't felt this relaxed in weeks," She murmured, leaning her head against Barry's shoulder.

"Why don't you take a few days off work?" Barry suggested. "We could go away for the weekend."

"As much as I'd love that, it's impossible," She sighed. "I'm still finishing up the contract with Ramon Industries, and if I don't get the paperwork sorted soon I'm going to lose the funding. Besides, I don't want to be running a corporation or business when we're married. I want to work, but not have that sort of stress on my hands. That was the whole point of merging with Ramon remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," Barry said, feeling guilty that he really didn't. At this point in time, Barry had no idea what she was talking about. All he could gather was that she owned a business of some sort, probably involved with scientific research and was now collaborating with another company. The name Ramon tipped him off a little, and he was beyond bewildered that Cisco had his own company. It was insane, and he wondered what his best friend was like as a CEO and when he asked Sophia all he got was a scoff in response.

"He's a nice enough person, but man that guys' ego is bigger than mars."

They had then gotten to discussing a few more wedding details, throwing out ideas of where they would go on their honeymoon. Sophia was desperate to go somewhere she hadn't been before, and after throwing out the names of a few countries, they had both settled on Rome.

"I'll get organising," Sophia said as Barry dropped her off at her apartment building. It felt weird driving a car, but he knew that in this alternate universe, he wasn't The Flash, and he wasn't supposed to have super speed so he had to keep his powers a secret once more.

"You aren't going to get Shiro to organise it?" Barry asked teasingly with a raised brow. He had noticed that even though Shiro was her best friend as she had put it, and her partner in crime, he was also her PA, meaning a lot of the things she didn't have time to do went to him to organise.

"Are you kidding me? I want our honeymoon to be romantic, so leave the planning to me," Sophia said, leaning over the seat to press a kiss against his lips, her palm tracing down his chest, the other hand gently tugging at the hair behind his neck. She grinned as she pulled away, savouring the awestruck look on her fiancé's face before opening the car door to leave.

"God, I am so lucky," Barry breathed out as she walked away, his cheeks flushed from her kiss, and his eyes dreamy as he watched his fiancé leave. He still couldn't believe that he was getting married, and to her.

Jazz music filled the air, the sound carried gently through the large event hall for the evening. Warm candlelight paired with the soft music and the aroma of champagne and caviar filled her senses as she stepped into the great hall.

A glass of champagne was handed to her as soon as she entered, and with a grateful thanks she took it, walking towards her table that was at the front of the hall. Her new co-partner for her research Cisco Ramon was already there, a tall and beautiful blonde lounging by his side, and when he saw her, he greeted her with a smirk and raised his glass.

She returned the smile and took a generous sip of her drink, knowing that she would need it to maintain her cool for the rest of the night.

"Greetings, Ramon," Sophia said as she placed her gold clutch down on the table by her place setting.

"Evening, Lang," Cisco said. "Don't you look darling."

She cringed internally at the word, and she couldn't believe she was going into business with someone who was so not her cup of tea. She was wearing a dress her mother bought her a few years back, but it was a classic design that hadn't gone out of style. The soft cream and golden colours complimented her skin tone and made her glow.

Sophia's eyes ran over the tux that her business partner was wearing and though she knew that he didn't have a great personality, she couldn't say he had bad taste in clothes. "Why, thank you. You clean up quite nice as well."

"Are you ready to start of the night?"

"Yes, I should actually go up now. It seems like there's enough people here to begin the event, after all, it nearly is 8."

"Go ahead. I'll be interested to see how it turns out."

"Thanks." She downed the rest of her champagne in one hit, surprising the man before her and she just gave him a smirk in return. He had clearly not been expecting that from her. She pulled her speech out of her bag and then took to the podium that was towards the front of the room.

She didn't feel nervous at all as she glanced around at some very familiar and rich faces. Most of the people attending were either a part of the industry, or just wealthy figures looking for an investment, or willing to improve their social status quo by donating a large amount of money to the medical field, to show off themselves as philanthropists of sorts.

The MC for the night tapped the microphone and politely asked everyone to return to their seats as the night would begin. The woman introduced herself as an event manager from the lavish Louvre Hotel that they were currently enjoying the spoils of, and then presented Sophia to start off the night.

Sophia stood up to the microphone and gave them a dazzling smile before beginning.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's charity event," Sophia said, her eyes briefly flickering down to her paper to make sure she didn't miss a word, but she then realised she didn't want to say all of this corporate bullshit she had written and instead, folded the piece of paper and spoke from the heart, hoping it would be a richer speech. Barry's voice was in the back of her head telling her she could do it and it gave her the boost of confidence she needed to start.

"It is my pleasure and honour to be here tonight to represent not only Lang corporations, but Ramon Industries in promoting our new stem cell research project that will explore cures for cancer. All money raised this evening will be donated to our new merged department to fund this project. You have all been invited because of your generous donations in the past to either companies, and if our project is successful, this will not only be a great investment for our company or for your pockets, but it will also be an investment for the people of our country, the people of the world. We come to you at this time of need, to ask for your support to help create a better world. To create a world where children needn't see their parents sickly and ill with cancer, to see a world where parents needn't bury their newborn child that developed leukaemia only months after being on this Earth. So to you, our friends, our fellow scientists and entrepreneurs and most importantly, our fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, please, donate to our cause tonight that will ultimately benefit the future of our city."

Sophia took in a deep breath after giving her speech and looked to the crowds. It was silent for a moment and she hoped she had said the right words and hadn't made a mistake by dismissing the original speech that had been written and proof-read by her colleagues.

But then one person began clapping and a loud applause erupted from the crowd, glasses of champagne and wine raised in the air, and most importantly, pleased smiles.

Sophia wished them a good night, and to enjoy the rest of the evening before clambering down from the podium and back to her table, her heart still racing from her speech. Just as she was about to take her seat, there was a loud crash out front and in came running a man in a yellow suit.

The wind rushed into the room as he ran in blowing around papers and napkins alike, even sending some glasses crashed onto the floor. People gasped and Sophia was sure that chaos would erupt soon.

"Where is Sophia Lang?" The man spoke, his voice gravelly, eyes glowing a terrifying red.

Her heart sank into her chest when she heard his question. Whoever this was, they were after her. She glanced at Ramon nervously who was standing by her side and he gave her a look to get out of there.

"Security is on their way."

"They won't be able to stop him, he's too fast," She whispered. "This is a job for The Flash."

"Well, he isn't here right now," Ramon told her. "Run."

She had tried to make a getaway in the chaos, hoping that her figure would be hidden amongst the crowd of people that were running to escape, but their eyes had met and she never felt more scared in her life. It felt like time itself froze before her. She tried to take another step, but he was already standing directly in front of her before she could make another.

"Now, now, Sophia. We're old friends, no need to be so rude to rush out on me."

"What do you want?" She asked, her jaw clenched with tension, heart beating wildly. She clutched onto the necklace against her chest that was given to her by her fiancé, holding onto it in this moment of uncertainty and fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you," The man said. "At least not yet. I need to send a message to The Flash, and you're the fastest way to do this."

That was the last thing she heard before a sharp pain bloomed on the side of her head and she collapsed, her body falling to the ground as she fell unconscious and unsure of the future.

Barry had been enjoying a wonderful dinner with his parents and he found himself laughing so hard that the muscles on his stomach had started to hurt. His mother had cooked an amazing roast dinner, claiming she hadn't done one in a while and it would be better than the regular pasta and Chinese take-out that they had been eating since she started on her PhD thesis.

Barry was so proud to see his mother achieving great things. This was what she deserved, this was the life that she missed out on, the life that they had both been missing out on, and it felt amazing to finally have it.

Henry was just about to bring out dessert, one that he had baked the following morning causing Barry to laugh in surprise when his phone rang. He had glanced down to see that it was Joe calling him.

Barry quickly uttered an apology before picking up the phone.

"Hey, Joe."

"Barry, are you near a TV?" Joe asked in an urgent tone.

"Yeah, why?"

"Just turn it on, it's all over CCPN and then get down to the precinct," Joe informed. "I'm sorry."

Barry was confused as to the apology and quickly hung up. With a worried expression he moved to turn on the TV in their lounge room that was nearby the dining table. He turned it onto CCPN, his heart dropping in his chest, and fear flooding him. No!

"Iris West reporting for CCPN here tonight, at the charity gala held by new business partners Lang Corporations and Ramon Industries. Only fifteen minutes ago, the acting CEO of Lang Corporations, Sophia Lang was kidnapped by a man in a yellow suit. Authorities have yet to comment on what happened here tonight, but eye witnesses say the man was a speedster and had knocked Miss Lang unconscious before kidnapping her. Security footage is still being processed, and statements are being taken. We will be live with more news shortly. Stay tuned on CCPN for the latest updates."

In the short day that Barry had been here, he had found out that The Flash in this universe was not him, and it had given him relief, knowing that he could leave that life behind, but now, seeing the Reverse-Flash there he knew that he had been very wrong.

This was Eobard Thawne from the night he had changed the past, and he was going after Sophia to leave him a message. Barry now understood why Joe had said he was sorry. His fiancé had just been kidnapped.

"Oh my god," Nora gasped, one hand on her chest, the other covering her mouth as she watched the news with wide eyes.

"I have to go," Barry said, turning to his mother.

Nora looked at him with soft eyes. "Go. Bring her back."

"I will."

He grabbed his car keys and ran out the front door, but as soon as the wood closed, his feet pounded on the pavement with a speed greater than he possessed. He was at the scene before Joe had even arrived, calling him to let him know that he was going straight to the gala.

When his eyes spotted Cisco who was sitting towards the back of the hall, he snuck past the cameras and security, going straight to the source of his information.

"Cisco," Barry called his name as he walked towards him, grabbing his attention.

"I'm sorry, string bean do I know you?" The man in question raised his brow, crossing his arms as he looked Barry up and down.

"My name's Barry, I'm a CSI with the CCPD," He introduced himself.

"Well, I've already given my statement to a detective who was on the scene about ten minutes ago," Cisco replied haughtily.

"I'm also Sophia's fiancé," Barry revealed, receiving a look of surprise and sympathy from the billionaire before him.

"I'm sorry. I hope they find her." He might have been an ass about some things, but this was his friend too.

"We will, but I need your help. I need to know what happened, everything."

Her brown eyes fluttered open painfully, and she found it hard to keep them open with the pain that was radiating from the side of her head. Without bringing her fingers up to her face, could feel the blood crusted on the side of her head and she hoped that the wound wasn't too big. She hated needles and was praying that whatever wound was on her head didn't need stitches.

Looking around was difficult with the sparse moonlight that seeped into the dirty and old room they were in. It looked like an old shed and when she listened, focusing her hearing she could hear the ocean nearby.

She pushed herself up into a sitting position, noticing that her hands were bound in chains to a wooden bar next to her. It was then that she could smell it. The salt water nearby was so strong it made her eyes sting and when she opened her mouth she could taste it in the air. She cringed and turned her head to the side, squeezing her eyes closed as she focused on something other than the smell of dead fish and salty water. At least she knew that she was still in Central City and down by the docks it seemed.

It had to have been a few hours at least, and she hoped that someone would find her soon. She tugged at the metal chains but they didn't budge at all and she collapsed back against the wooden floorboards with a heavy sigh.

"There, there, is my company that bad?" A voice spoke suddenly causing her to shoot up from her position, her heart beating wildly in her chest as she looked around for the culprit. It was too dark to see anything.

The man in the yellow suit took a step forward, eyes a blaring red that stood out amongst the darkness. She felt paralysed as he approached her.

"What do you want? Why did you take me?" She asked, hating that her voice quivered.

"Now there's no need to be scared."

"Really? You kidnapped me, and you don't have the most welcoming appearance or attitude so forgive me for being scared for my life," She quipped angrily, eyes blown wide when he pulled the hood of his suit off to reveal his face, but she didn't recognise him.

"You're just as fiery as I remember." His eyes were a startling blue and they trailed over her form, like an old friend would after years apart. But in this case, there was something deeper and darker hidden in that gaze, something that made her shiver in fear.

"We've never met before."

This was a very different version of the woman he had met and killed before going back in time to murder Barry's mother. But she was still the lover of Barry Allen, and he knew that The Flash, ever the hero he was, would come to her rescue.

"Not this version of you, no, we haven't, not formally anyhow. I'm the Reverse-Flash."

"Couldn't have been more original with that name could you?" She scoffed. "Why did you take me?"

"To send a message to The Flash. I had to do something to get his attention so I took what mattered most to him. You."

"I've never even met The Flash before. How could I mean something to him?" She asked with a strained voice, feeling the tears springing to her eyes. This was insane. It was absolutely and completely insane. She was going to die, because she didn't know The Flash and he wouldn't come after her.

"Barry will come for you. If there is one thing I know, it is that he will always come for those he loves." It hadn't taken Eobard very long to figure out what had happened and he was furious. Now that The Flash had changed the timeline by saving his mother, he had screwed up with time so majorly, soon they wouldn't exist. He had to make sure that he changed things back, but knowing it would be quite a feat, he decided to take something of his first, hoping it would speed up the process.

"Barry? What are you talking about?" She asked, sitting up straighter.

"He hasn't told you then." His statement was vague and she was confused momentarily until it clicked. She scoffed audibly at this and watched as his face tilted to the side, his brow raised as he waited for her to explain.

"Barry is my fiancé, he's not The Flash, if that's what you're implying," She hissed. This guy wasn't scaring her anymore, so much as annoying her. "You're wasting your time."

"I'm not. He'll come for you, he always does," He said taking a step forward, kicking a loose nail out of the floorboard, watching as it rolled to the side near her feet. "Besides, if he doesn't I can always kill you. It'll send enough of a message."

She didn't respond, only gulped as his eyes flashed red, and in a whoosh he was gone, leaving her alone in the shed, terrified and determined to make it out alive. Her eyes landed on the stray nail that was near her feet and a hopeful look played on her face as she dragged it over to her after kicking off her heels.

"I can do this," She whispered to herself, picking the nail up as she attempted to un-cuff herself, deciding to be her own hero.

There had been no signs let at the scene after Barry's extensive search and it left him feeling frustrated and hopeless. But before he could get much more done at the crime scene he had been bombarded with calls from Sophia's friends and family, so much so that at one point he had to switch off his phone, only after calling Arthur back to update him on the situation. He promised Arthur that he would get her back and that he would make sure that Joe kept him posted on the situation.

But at the moment the police were as astounded and shocked at this kidnapping, and with virtually no leads, they weren't sure where to look, waiting for more information to pop up.

Barry took this as an opportunity to escape to his lab to get some more investigative work done. He remembered the software that Cisco had developed to track the Reverse-Flash and all he had to do was replicate it. It hadn't taken him more than a half hour to re-create it but the trick part was getting access to a satellite. He had then remembered that Sophia was the CEO to Lang Corporations and they had to have a satellite with the way their company ran internationally. It took him just under half an hour to hack into it and get everything up and running, but he had managed to do it on his own, and he now had a location on The Reverse-Flash.

With his suit on, he ran down to the docks, the force of his speed practically ripping the hinges off the shabby door that lead to the shed Eobard was in. Barry stormed in, eyes glancing around only to see Eobard standing there, arms crossed as he leaned casually against the wall.

"Eobard," Barry growled. "Where is she?!"

Eobard Thawne took a step forward, a sadistic grin on his lips.

"Nice to see you too, Barry." Sophia was in the room behind them and he saw now it was a smart idea that he had put a gag in her mouth so she couldn't speak.

"What do you want?"

"You messed with the timeline when you stopped me from killing your mother, and you created this alternate version of reality. You need to change it."

"Why would I do that?"

"If you want to see your fiancé in something other than a body bag, then you will do what I say."


"Change the timeline. If you don't, she's dead."

"I'll kill you first."

With a speed that surprised Eobard, Barry had his hands around his neck in a moment's notice. Eobard used Barry's momentum and speed to flip them over, the two crashing through the wall that lead to the back room where Sophia was.

She jumped in fright when the two speedsters came crashing through the wall, moving back on the floor where she sat to avoid being hit by them.

Barry's eyes glanced over to her and this distraction gave Eobard enough time to throw speed punches at him. Barry groaned and kicked his foot, hitting Eobard's knee, causing him to kneel on the ground. Barry then ran out of there, knowing that Eobard would follow him and he drew him out into the city, rushing in and out of traffic, up and down buildings as Eobard tried to catch him. Eventually taking him to an abandoned highway where he wanted an empty area for them to fight, he ran around Eobard who stood there, watching with calculating eyes. Barry's speed was great and Eobard was surprised that he was so fast.

With a final twirl of his arm Barry let out a battle cry as a bolt of lightning shot from his hand and towards Eobard. It hit the yellow speedster in the chest, sending him crashing into the ground, knocked out in pain.

Barry was left with his chest panting as he looked him over. Satisfied that he was taken care of, Barry picked him up and dropped him off by an empty shelling company, leaving his body there tied up. He knew that he would be out long enough for him to get Sophia out of there before he needed to come back and find a proper place to lock him up. Without the pipeline he would have to resort to building his own cell, but he knew it wouldn't be that difficult.

He rushed back to the shed where Sophia had been locked up to find her curled up in on herself her face buried in her hands.

"Hey," He said, using his speed to disguise his voice. He figured he didn't need to blur his face considering he was wearing the mask, that and he didn't want to scare her more than she already looked.

She jumped at the sound and looked up at him with fear in her soft eyes, making his heart ache. She wasn't Sapphire, she wasn't used to this life, and he felt terrible for dragging her into it.

"It's okay, I'm here to help. You don't have to worry about him, he's not coming back," The Flash reassured her. His eyes met hers and he could see the visible relief on her face, a few stray tears falling onto her cheeks as he phased his hands through the metal chain, breaking it off her hands. Her wrists looked sore and angry from where she had tugged them at the chains, the usual smooth skin now red and raw. He then moved to take the gag off, undoing the material from the back of her head where it was tied, pulling it off and throwing it onto the ground as he helped her up.

"Are you okay?"

"As well as I can be considering," She said, a shakiness entering her voice that he never wanted to hear again. "Thank you for saving me, I-I honestly thought that… I don't know. He said he was going to kill me."

"I'd never let that happen," He said it with such conviction that even she wanted to believe the handsome stranger in the red suit. "I took care of him, he's never going to hurt you ever again." His gloved hand touched her cheek so their eyes met and she felt like there was something so familiar about him. It was silent for a moment as they stared at each other, some sort of tension hanging in the air.

"I should get you back to the CCPD. Everyone is looking for you."

She nodded, glancing down at her engagement ring. All she wanted to do was go home to the arms of her fiancé, but she knew that she had to give her statement since she had been so publically kidnapped. "Yes. I need to get back."

"I'm going to run us back, just hold on tight."

"What?" She asked with confusion but a second later she was in his arms, her own resting around his neck as he ran them out of there. With a squeal of excitement she buried her face into the crook of his neck, feeling safe in his strong arms.

She then felt him stop and when she looked up she saw that they were in the middle of the CCPD, watching as officers rushed around the room, the phones ringing off the hook as the police station bustled with work even at this late hour.

"Sophia," Joe called out walking towards them.

Barry set her back down on her feet.

"Who are you?" Joe asked cautiously.

"A friend," Barry said. "She doesn't have any injuries, just make sure she gets medical treatment for her wrists and shock."

"Thank you, again, Flash." She said softly as he let his arms fall around her. He looked at her with surprise in his eyes but he gave her a smile before leaving in the blink of an eye.

"Are you alright?" Joe asked Sophia who leaned against him as he led her to sit down.

"I'm okay, really, I just want to give my statement and get out of here."

"I can sort that out for you tomorrow, it's late, Barry's in his lab. I'll call him down and he can take you home. Henry can look at you if you want."

"That sounds like a good idea, Joe." She said, with an exhausted sigh, bringing her hand up to rest on her forehead. Joe had gotten a shock blanket and wrapped it around her as she sat there, waiting for Barry. She heard him before she saw him. The sound of his converse squeaking on the tiles as he ran down to her caught her attention.

She looked up and saw him glancing around the room til his eyes met hers and she stood up slowly, her body still tired as he ran over to her.

"Thank god," Barry rushed out, pulling her into a tight hug, holding onto her like she was his lifeline. She buried her head into the crook of his neck and held onto him tightly, her eyes watering as she took comfort in his embrace.

"I'm okay."

"I was so worried," He said, finding the truth in his words. He had rescued her, but he hadn't been able to hug her, to kiss her, to hold her like he wanted to.

Her eyes were tired and she tried to give him a smile but she found that she couldn't. She was still in shock after all that happened that night. "Can we go home?"

"Joe?" Barry asked.

"She needs to give a statement tomorrow morning, but for now take her home, get Henry to check her out though, her wrists look like they need to be bandaged."

"Thanks, Joe."

The rest of the night was a blur as Barry brought her back to his house, carrying her in from the car and inside the lounge room. Both his parents practically jumped up from the couch when he brought her in. It had been a long night and it was nearing four am when they had arrived home.

Both Henry and Nora had stayed up, unable to get any sleep with their future daughter in law having been taken so suddenly. Barry didn't want to wake up the sleeping beauty in his arms but he knew that he had to for Henry to quickly examine her before she went to bed. Barry settled her down gentle on the couch, whispering to Sophia to wake up.

She blinked her eyes open, taking a moment to realise they were at Barry's place.

"I'm so glad you're okay, sweetie," Nora said, giving her a quick hug. Nora also mentioned that she had called Sophia's parents as soon as Barry had found her at the CCPD and that they knew she was safe now. It was an added relief to Sophia knowing that her parents weren't worrying so after seeing the news.

"Thanks, Nora." Sophia smiled at her with sleepy eyes and then turned to Henry who too gave her a warm hug before grabbing his med kit from under the kitchen cabinet.

Nora set to making Sophia a steaming cup of herbal tea while Henry cleaned the wound on the side of her head, deeming it was a shallow cut meaning all they had to do was bandage it. She visibly sighed, her shoulders sagging in relief at the thought that she didn't have to get stitches causing Barry to give her a smile.

"Hey, you know I don't like needles," She defended.

"I know, I'm just glad you're okay."

Henry then cleaned and bandaged her wounds and after she had her tea, she had made a quick call to her parents to let them know that she was fine, and that she would fill them in on the details later, letting them know that she just wanted to get some rest. Barry had then helped her up the stairs and to his bedroom. She was far too tired to change but she knew that she had to clean up at least a little. After going to the bathroom and feeling a little bit more refreshed, Barry helped her into a warm pair of his pyjamas, the two of them settling down in his bed, her back pressed against his chest, and his hands wrapped around her waist, holding her close to him.

He moved her hair back, pressing a kiss to her bare neck before nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck.

"I'm so glad you're safe," Barry breathed out as she turned over to face him. "How did you get away?"

"I have a guardian angel," She smiled, blinking her eyes to keep them open. "A man in a red suit. He was quite handsome, I think you have some competition."

"I'd love to meet him, I'm forever in his debt," Barry said. "He saved the love of my life."

"Shhh. I'm fine," She insisted, but mostly because she felt like if she said anything else she would break down after the drama that had ensued. Barry could tell just by looking at her and the tears that were forming in her eyes not to go on further about it. He brushed his thumb against her cheek, his heart warming with the way she leaned into his gentle touch.

"I love you," Barry whispered, eyes trailing over the soft features of her face. "Til death do us part."

"Aren't you meant to save that for the wedding vows?" She asked, prying one eye open to look at him.

"I mean it. I love you, Sophia. I'll never stop loving you."

Her heart beat that little bit faster at this confession. She was sure there was no one left for her on this Earth to love but Barry Allen.

"That's nice to know."

"You're being cheeky now, and a bit of a tease."

"Frankly, I think I can get away with it after being kidnapped."

"I'll always let you get away with it," He whispered seriously. He was still tense after it all but he tried to rest easy knowing that Eobard was locked up now and that he wouldn't be able to touch her. Barry brushed a piece of Sophia's hair out of her face, his hand trailing down her neck and then her shoulder til it rested on her hip.

He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her lips as he bid her goodnight.

"I love you, Barry," She whispered as she fell asleep, her head resting against his chest, the sound of his heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

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