Chapter 1: Exiled

Aerion 1

Aerion knew that he had made a terrible mistake, but then perhaps the King would find it in his heart to spare him, after all he had spared Aelor that cruel jape he had made some time ago. But then Aelor was not properly a dragon, that idiot was half falcon, something lesser, he needed to be shown that he was okay that there were things that needed to be handled and somethings that didn't need to be handled. Aerion on the other hand, he was a full dragon and there would likely be some lesson his grandfather would need him to understand. His grandsire was big on lessons.

The doors opened, he was shown in and he bowed before the throne. "Sire." He said, doing as best as he could to keep a straight face, though he wanted to laugh. His grandsire looked like some sort of fool with that crown atop his head, his belly not as big as his supposed sire's but big enough to make him seem like a fool and not a King.

The King spoke firmly. "You caused quite the commotion at Ashford, Aerion. You did not think with your brain, instead you acted as if you were nothing more than a brute. You did not behave as befit a Prince of the Blood. You behaved as if you were a common thug. That is something that I cannot accept."

"The girl was showing a show that had the dragon be slain. How could I stand for such nonsense?" Aerion demanded. Surely his grandsire understood the threats that were there, with the Blackfyres still alive and breathing. Surely he knew what would happen if they were shown to be weak in any way.

"She explained that the show was nothing more than an amusement. The dragon was supposed to represent a Blackfyre." The King answered in that manner that made Aerion wonder if he were speaking to him as if he were some sort of simpleton, it made his blood boil. "You harmed an innocent girl, and made a disgrace not only of the family, but of yourself. You caused a trial to happen."

"That wasn't me!" Aerion protested, that had been Egg and his idiocy, running off with a hedge knight, really!

The King held up a hand. "A trial happened because of your foolishness. And now our dearly beloved son Baelor is dead." Aerion grimaced, Father had been unwilling to speak to anyone for days after that, he'd not even spoken to Daella and Rhae, and usually he spoke to them all the time. "You are a Prince of the Blood and therefore you cannot be killed, or arrested, but you can be exiled. And therefore with the agreement of your father, our son Prince Maekar, we have decided that you shall be exiled."

Aerion wanted to laugh, exile? That was nothing to him, nothing whatsoever, indeed he preferred than to remain here at King's Landing or at Summerhall. He bowed. "Very well, Sire. Where shall I be exiled to?"

"Lys." The King responded.

Aerion laughed, then quickly sobered up. Lys was perfect, there were plenty of people just like him, not the idiots who fawned over him here. He would be amongst his own people. "When would you like me to leave?" He asked.

"Tomorrow. You shall leave at first light. Lonnel Snow shall be accompanying you." The King said. Aerion wanted to laugh again, Lonnel was one of his closest companions, the bastard brother of the Lord of Winterfell, who served as Master of Laws on his grandsire's small council.

"Very well, Sire." Aerion replied. He bowed when the King waved to dismiss, him turned and walked out of the room, and made his way back to his own rooms, there he burst out laughing. Oh, this would be a very fun exile, he had thought his father might demand him sent to the wall. His father had nearly killed him with his fists after Ashford, and Uncle Baelor's death. Even cousin Valarr had nearly hurt him. But Valarr was weak, had always been weak there was nothing to fear there. He summoned the servants and ordered them to start packing. He knew his grandsire; he would have to leave at first light. For now, though he intended to celebrate. He walked out of his rooms and prowled down the hallways, revelling in the people bowing their heads before him, recognising him as the Prince he was. Eventually he found Lonnel, the bastard of Winterfell was sat out in the courtyard, sharpening his sword.

He stood up when he saw Aerion. "Your Royal Highness."

"You're coming with me to Lys." Aerion said immediately.

"I know, Your Royal Highness, my brother, Lord Rodwell informed me of that, this morning. He did not say when we would be departing though." Lonnel replied.

"We leave tomorrow, early in the morning. Now come, let us enjoy the last of the wine that we shall be having." Aerion said. He knew that there were other things to expose yourself to in Lys, and that would only happen with a clear conscience. Lonnel smiled and followed him as they walked out of the Keep and down into the city properly. For the next few hours Aerion lost himself in the drinking and the whoring that he enjoyed. When he had been sated, he pushed the whore with red hair off his leg, and grabbed Lonnel who looked quite the bit worse for ware, and they made their way back to the keep, the sun was still up, which no doubt meant his father was still in council.

"What hour is it?" He asked the guards at the Red Keep.

"Dinner has been served, and the King and his council are now discussing the ordinances, Your Royal Highness." A Dornish guard replied.

Aerion nodded, the gate opened and they waked through and made their way back to the keep. Once they were in his rooms, Lonnel passed out on his bed. Aerion remained where he was, he summoned a servant who brought some food, he ate, and sobered up somewhat. Then he put the plates elsewhere and closed his eyes. He awoke as the sun filtered through the windows and hit him in the face. "What hour is it?" He asked one of the servants cleaning the mess from his room.

"The Hour of the Eagle, Your Royal Highness." They replied.

He shot up, he would need to get going. He bathed and threw on some clothes, red and gold. Lonnel was dressed in green and white. Their things had already been taken to the ship. His grandsire was there with the Master of Whispers, Brynden Rivers, as well as the Master of Laws Lord Rodwell, his father was not there. Aerion bowed. "Sire."

"Be safe." His grandsire said, then he stood back. Aerion boarded the ship Lonnel behind him. He turned waved, and then entered the ship properly. There was no point looking back now.