"Ben is late, and everyone is waiting for you." The boy ignored Mal entirely and snuggle closer to her on their bed hoping that she would let the subject go.

After Mal came back to Auradon from her years abroad, Ben tried to spent as much time as possible with her, he was so adept to this that he even went as far as to cancel trips outside the kingdom if she wasn't able to go with him. However, the second Mal find out about this she asked Ben to stop it. "I missed being able to see you too Ben but what you are doing now is wrong. Remember years ago when you told me that you have responsibilities as a King to your people."

Ben looked at her and knew that she was right, but he wasn't ready to listen to her, trying to distract her he started kissing her and telling her how much he loved her. The couple shared a few steamy kisses before the girl gently pushed Ben telling him that he needed to listen to her because she wasn't going to dropped the subject. "I don't want to be the reason why the King neglects the people of Auradon. You were born to be King, you make my life better because of that, and I want you to make everyone's life as great as I know you can."

Mal was once again the voice of his conscious and with each day that passed Ben knew that he made the right decision when he asked her to be his queen even though they were still young. After their conversation, he went on to have several long meetings with his advisors to arrange the trips he neede to take, and then went back to talk to Mal and told her that he was going to be gone for over a month if he wanted to make up for lost time. The girl put on a brave face and told him that she was going to miss him but that she was glad to see that he was going to pay more attention to his duties.

Long trips started to be normal for the couple and even though it took some time for them to adjust to that both of them knew that it was necessary for Ben's job to do his best to be in contact with the people. Mal used the majority of time to get ready for the wedding and also to set up a program for kids of the Island that were interested in art and other hobbies. Belle helped with some of the bureaucratic aspects of creating programs at schools while Mal was the one with the big ideas.

A year and a half after getting engaged the couple finally got married in a big ceremony in front of not only their friends and family but Royals from all over that came to pay their respect to the new Queen. The memories of that day stayed with Mal for the rest of her life; she remembered waking up and feeling sick about the entire situation. Did they need to get married in front of all those people? Did they need to get married at all? They knew they love each other and their life was okay the way it was.

Soon Evie came to helped her get ready, and Mal told the girl about all of her doubts. "How about we go for a walk so you can clear your mind?"

Both of them made their way towards the woods when they noticed Ben talking to Azis sitting in one of the rocks that were near the entrance of the woods. Evie was ready to say hi to the boys when Mal pulled her to the side making her hide from the boys telling her that it was bad luck for Ben to see her before the wedding. Still, they made their way as close to the boys as possible without them noticing that they were there, sure Ben couldn't see her but that didn't mean Mal didn't want to know what they were talking about.

When she heard how excited Ben was about their wedding she pulled Evie towards the castle and made her friend helped her get ready. When the rest of their friends came to get ready for the ceremony Mal was already dressed and looking forward to meeting Ben at the altar. The fairy started to get anxious about the entire thing, so she decided to do something about it. Sending a text to Ben the girl asked him if he could do her one little favor, the answer came a second later saying yes to whatever she wanted.

Soon everyone in Auradon was informed that the wedding was taking place an hour before schedule. Royals were making their way as fast as they could to the castle; they were all informed that the King had made the decision of changing the time and that he would understand if some of them wouldn't make it in time but they were still invited to the party afterward.

Belle, Adam, and FMG tried to tell him that was he was doing was wrong, but Ben said to them that he didn't care if nobody was there. "The only person I need to be there is Mal and the both of us want to get married as soon as possible. I think we preferred if nobody aside from our families and friends were there, but sadly that is not an option for us."

The wedding was beautiful and everyone that made it in time, the doors closed after Mal arrived, was happy to witness the couple promised to be there for each other for the rest of their lives. If someone ever needed a picture that defined love they could use the one Carlos took of Ben and Mal looking at each other after saying I do. However, the second the party started every single guest, yes even their friends, began to ask the couple when they were planning to start having kids?

At first they would blush and answer that they would welcome kids if they come but for now, they just wanted to celebrate each other. However, by the end of the night, they were tired of the question and the way how everyone seemed to have an opinion about when they should have kids.

Ben promised Mal a beautiful honeymoon, and he delivered. They travel to a secluded house in the middle of the mountains with the most breathtaking view one could imagine. The girl fell in love with the place not only for the fantastic view that she managed to draw while they stayed there but for the privacy that the area allowed them.

Each morning she woke up to Ben kissing her and professing her love for her, and each night they would spent hours making love. Most of the daytime was spent walking around the place, sharing more stories of their lives and talking about their plans for the future. When they spoke of having a family of their own both of them said that they wanted to wait at least for a year before making a decision.

It was important for Mal to get used to being a Queen and see what new responsibilities she was going to have to take on, she also wanted to continue her program with the Island kids and maybe open it for other kids that wanted to join.

King and Queen started traveling together until they notice that Mal was needed at the castle and at the school. Without even noticing it she began to be the parental figure for the Islanders that arrived each semester, she would visit the different campus around the kingdoms giving talks to them about the many possibilities in their future.

The night of their third wedding anniversary Ben announced that he was needed to attend several meetings outside the kingdom, so he was going to be gone for three months and asked Mal to go with him. Three months was too much time for her to leave even though everything was going great with her program she felt a little apprehensive about delegating all the responsibility to another person.

Still, that wasn't the main reason why Mal told Ben that she wasn't going with him this time. Ben tried to argue that she could go and leave someone else in charge but the girl managed to convince him that she was still needed for the new group of islanders that were on probation after getting to Auradon a week ago.

After Ben left, Mal told the Belle the real reason why she stayed behind. "I've been feeling sick for the last couple of weeks, and I went to the doctor a couple of days ago. Belle, I'm pregnant "

The former Queen hugged Mal with force and then step away asking her if she was ok. "Mal this is wonderful,! Oh my god I'm so glad. Why didn't Ben say anything?"

Mal explained to Bel that she was going to tell him on their anniversary night, but when the boy mentioned the trip, she decided to wait. "Can you imagine if I told him? Ben didn't leave my side for almost three months after I moved back here because he missed me, If I told him that I was pregnant he would have canceled everything to stay with me."

Belle told the girl that Ben was not going to take well the fact that she knew about this and didn't tell him, but she also understood why Mal did it. Together they went to the doctor again to do her monthly checkup, and Belle learned that Mal was almost six weeks pregnant so by the time Ben came back she was going to be nearly 20 weeks pregnant.

The first two months and a half of the boy's trip flew by, now and then Ben would try to make Mal come to visit him or he offered to go back, but with the help of his parents the fairy managed to keep him away. However, two weeks before he was due to returned Mal decided to tell him about her pregnancy, she had been hinting that she had a surprise for him in the last couple of calls making the boy wonder what was going on back in Auradon.

Ben kept asking her to tell him; finally, she decided that it was time so she asked him to close his eyes and when he opened them again she had managed to put her phone in a position that showed her growing belly. The king was quiet for the longest time making Mal worry, was he mad that she didn't tell him? or that she was pregnant?.

The answer to her questions came soon when she noticed that the boy was starting to cry and then asking her a million questions. Mal decided to tell him that she found out about the pregnancy after he was gone because she was afraid that he was going to be mad at her. Ben started to go around the room collecting his things while telling Mal that he was going to go back to her that same night.

"Ben you only have a couple of days left on your trip, and then you get to come back home. If you come home early you are going to need to travel again soon; please think about it." He tried to argue that delegations could travel to Auradon to meet him, but in the end, he agreed to stay until the end of his trip but made Mal promised not to use logic with him when he was trying to be with her and his unborn child. The rest of the time Ben would ask her a million question every time they talk and he would call her at least three times a day.

After all the questions and calls Mal decided to come clean about when and how she found out about her pregnancy hoping that Ben would understand why she had lied but things didn't go well. Ben and Mal had a massive fight about it the night before he was supposed to go back home with the boy telling Mal that she had no right to decide to do something like that. The next day Ben learned that he was needed to stay longer due to some problems that were discovered in the constructions he was checking up.

That night he called Mal and informed her about the problem and told her that even though he was mad at her, he was going to call her every night because he wanted his child to listen to his voice. So for the rest of his trip, Ben would call Mal every night, and each time she would answer the call and put the headphones she connected to her phone around her belly without saying a word.

Nonetheless, the second his last meeting finished even though it was past midnight the boy was running to a plane eager to go back home. When he arrived back at Auradon, the boy run into the castle and straight to the master bedroom where Mal was sleeping. He went into the bathroom took a shower and change into his pajamas, after that he went to their bed and hugged Mal from behind making sure to cover her belly with his arms. The girl woke up a little startled not remembering that he was supposed to arrive that morning.

When Mal realized that he was there with his arms around her a couple of tears, escape her eyes, but she didn't make a move to acknowledge his presence. In seconds doubts invaded her, she wasn't sure if Ben wanted to talk to her or not, he was back for the baby not for her and Mal was sure of that.

With all the excitement of getting back home, the King didn't sleep at all on his trip, so he fell asleep giving the girl a chance to get away. Several hours later he woke up and found himself alone in bed, without giving it a second thought he went looking for Mal.

It took him half an hour to find her, but when he did, he noticed how sad she looked and guilt invaded him. Clearing his throat Ben tried to make his presence known to her, but Mal didn't move or acknowledge him at all. A couple of minutes later Belle came into the room saying hello to his son. "I'm so glad you are back Ben. How did everything go on your trip?"

Ben made conversation with his mom but made sure to look at Mal a couple of times to see if the girl was listening, but once again she gave him nothing. At one point Mrs. Potts appeared and asked everyone to please follow her, lunch was served, and King Adam was waiting for everyone to start eating.

Belle took Ben's arm while Mal stood and walked out of the room following Mrs. Potts. His parents talk the entire time they were having lunch mainly about things that happened while he was away and Adam even told some funny stories that at least made Mal smiled. Before dessert was served, the girl seemed to get a little pale and then practically run out of the room.

Adam was behind her in less than a second, when Ben was about to join them Belle took his hand and told him to sit. "There are some aromas that make her sick. I think Mrs. Potts put some raddish on your plate and Mal smelled it, and it made her sick. Don't worry your dad is helping her; they have their routine."

A couple of minutes later Adam came back announcing that Mal was feeling better, but she was now laying down to rest. Ben seemed defeated and decided to talk to his parents about his fight with Mal and listen to what they have to say about the matter. Hours past and Ben realized that he was right to be mad, but he also needed to move on from that, especially after the girl apologized to him.

His parents stayed until it was time for dinner, Belle went up to find Mal, but the girl was already sleeping. Mrs. Potts later told them that Mal had asked for something to eat a couple of hours ago, so they didn't need to worry about her. After saying goodbye to his parents, the boy went to get ready for bed. However, when he got to his room, Mal wasn't there.

Now he was mad; he was allowed not to like what she did, but the fact that Mal was now acting like he was the one that did something to her was making him angry. He was about to go out of the room to go looking for her when the door of the bathroom opened and a pale version of Mal appeared. The girl was feeling worst, and the only thing in her mind was going back to sleep.

"Mal are you ok?" Ben made a move to come near her.

"I feel sick, and I just want to sleep." She avoided him and went to lay down it didn't take her long to fall asleep.

Ben stood looking at her and wonder why every time things were going well there was always something that complicated it.

The next morning Ben woke up to an empty bed again, he sighed and decided that before going to sleep that night he was going to talk with Mal. After getting ready for the day he went down, his breakfast was served, but he noticed a sweet smell coming from the kitchen.

A big smile appeared on his face, he recognized that smell and made his way quickly to the kitchen where he found his wife standing next to the oven getting some trays of cookies out of it while chatting with Mrs. Potts. The older woman noticed Ben but didn't say anything to alert Mal and continue to talk to the girl about how things were going on in her life and Ben took that as an opportunity to know what was on her mind.

"Well I feel better now, but I think Ben is making me sick. I know that sounds awful, but there is something about him that is making me ill, last night went I went to lay in bed the smell from the sheets make me go to the bathroom and today when I woke up and turned towards him it happened again. Aside of that, he is still mad about me not telling him about the baby which I get, and if I didn't feel ill I would apologize again for it, but the thought of being close to him makes my stomach act up. You were right about the smell of cookies making me feel better; maybe I should just sleep here from now on." Ben felt horrible and turned going back to his room.

Making his way there he took all the sheets out of the bed and put them outside the room to take to the laundry room far away from Mal, and he was doing the same with his suitcase and clothes when Mal arrived with a plate of cookies. The first thing that crossed her mind was that Ben was leaving her, he didn't want anything to do with her anymore, and she started to cry her eyes out. Ben noticed her and ran towards her forgetting that his smelled made her sick and hugging her he asked Mal what was wrong?.

Between sobs, the girl told him why she was crying and Ben wanted to kick himself, of course, she would think that if she saw him taking his things out of the room without knowing he heard her conversation with Mrs. Potts. Ben explained everything to Mal, and the girl tried to apologize for saying those things, but he kissed her to quiet her down, soon they were focused on the kiss and feeling a lot better. Suddenly Mal pushed Ben and putting a hand to her mouth run towards the bathroom and Ben remembered why he was taking everything out of their room before the girl started crying. He noticed the plate of cookies on the floor and started eating some of them while taking more of his things from the room.

A paler version of Mal came out of the bathroom moments later, and Ben asked her from a distance if she was ok, she nodded but sat on the bed looking defeated. Ben wanted to lay next to her, but he didn't want to make her sick again, so he kept his distance. Then it came to him, taking her hand he made her stand and together they went into the bathroom, after taking each other's clothes they got in the shower and finally were able to be together without Mal feeling ill.


So these two are back, thoughts?