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Chapter 5:

"Until We Meet Again"
"The Flowery Childhood Ends"

(A few months later,)

(Hattori Residence)

Today was a happy yet, a sad day for most of the Hattoris.


Well, the reason behind that is because the day after this was the day that Goku would start his adventure out to the big and wide world. A day in which they all have to let Goku go and do what he wanted to do, searching for the Dragon Balls. Most of the family members were sad especially Asuka who was really attached to the monkey-tailed boy. The days of their childhood had come to a close as Goku sets out to the world to complete his goal.

However, such sober and sad atmosphere was not shared with the person in question.

Goku, as if nothing unusual was going to happen, just went on and does his usual routines while poor Asuka was mentally preparing herself for his departure.

Currently, Goku was preparing himself for his training. His daily morning schedule which was normal. He used his index finger to lift his whole body up and does this like simple push-ups. This continued on as he shockingly finish counting with actual proper numbers. He counted until 1,000 before stopping and continued his warm-up with a different exercise. After finishing his warm ups which even the most strongest Human could not finish, he started his usual training consist of punching and kicking until it feels heavy which is when he started counting.

Somehow, while he was training, he felt something was different with today.

"Hm?" He blinks, noticing something was not the way it was supposed to and looks around while punching the air in a martial art stance. "Where's Asuka-chan? She usually watches or trains here in the mornin'..." Now that he realized it, there was no one other than him on the training grounds. It was uncomfortably silent and he felt a bit lonely. "Hmm..." He hummed before he shrugged, "They're probably busy."

However, being who he is, he paid no mind to it and merely continued his training, excusing this as the occasion where the Hattoris are busy with their lives.

While he was training, currently, Asuka was in her and Goku's bedroom, knees on the ground with her hands clasped together as she bows respectfully towards the Four-Star Dragon Ball before her, eyes closed. She opened her eyes, it get watery the longer she stared at the Dragon Ball. Her eyes darted over to the small gaps in the wooden window where she could see a clear view of Goku punching and kicking the air with incredible speed and precision.

She smiled sadly at the sight but was still happy Goku was being himself despite having to go outside the world tomorrow; "Please, protect Goku-kun and make sure he comes home in a good health..."

(An hour later)

"Today, the most powerful private military on the whole world, the Blood-Band Organization, had made an announcement that the international terrorist, the Antiaris Cults had been destroyed. Moreover, the Antiaris Cults' base operation was..."

The TV echoed through the unusually silent hallways of the Hattori Residence, awfully so. Goku was still training in the usual place but Asuka and Akane was busy doing something else rather than what they usually do in their time.

In her parent's bedroom inside the Hattori Residence, they were sewing up an outfit of some kind and by the looks of it, it is almost finish. Just a few touches will do.

"Asuka, did you stitched the hand-bands properly?" Akane asked seriously, a bead of sweat made its way to her cheek as she earned a nod from equally-serious Asuka.

"Yes." Asuka said back to her mother but didn't bother to turn face Akane as she just kept her eyes and focus on what she is doing right now.

It is clear that they were working on something incredibly important evident with their faces having a determined look plastered. They are really, really, really focusing on task in hand. Sweats rolled from their foreheads, heart beating like crazy and eyes never left their goal. A few minutes passed and both placed down the tools as well as what they were making at the same time with smiles as they let out a relieved, but tired sigh. They looked towards each other with, their tired faces morphs into fulfilled smiles as they had finally finished what they were doing. Making this took a really long time but it was be worth it.

This will fit him really well.

"It took weeks and I thought we would be too late but we made it, thank goodness" Akane sighed in relieve and faced back to their product. "I'd say it's perfect."

Asuka smiled, "Hope Goku-kun likes it..."

Akane looked at Asuka with warming eyes, "Don't worry, he'll love it."

They both stared at the new set of dogi they've sewed together thanks to Akane's incredibly sewing skills and Asuka as her apprentice. The dogi was for Goku and it consists of orange shirt and pants, blue wristbands, blue sash, black-blue boots and to top it off, the kanji of "Time" and "Power" were written with the latter on the back and the former being on the right chest. They were satisfied with it and liked the color theme. It fits Goku more than his old dogi and imagining how he would look in it made them smile.

"I can't wait to see Goku-kun wears this." Asuka said, happy but was sad at the same time.

Akane sadly smiled and placed her hand on her daughter's head, rubbing gently in order to cheer her up a bit. "Me too, Asuka. Me too..."

After placing down the newly and professionally-sewed dogi down, Asuka went to the back of the house, where the training grounds were, and sat on the platform watching Goku dedicating himself to train in admiration and adoration. Goku just noticed her and immediately stopped momentarily to wave at her with the usual goofy grin of his. Seeing that, she can't help but felt her heart about to burst by just seeing it and waved back with a big smile on her face.

Goku quickly went back to his training after that, Asuka watches him with a warm smile.

If he had to go, then he has to go.

She can only hope for the best.

(A while later)

While training, Goku's mind went off to when she met Homura. The hard-headed girl with a tough yet gentle personality hidden by all that bravado. He was still thinking how odd it was when he handed her the white ribbon. That ribbon...

Where could've he found it?

If he remembered it correctly, he could've swore that he found it on...


"Asuka-chan's futon!" Goku yelled as he finally realized his wrongdoing, "I was plannin' on giving her 'cause she forgot it!"

It was a brand new ribbon she got from her mother who had bought it but had forgotten to use it since she was really used to tie her hair with the old and worn-out red ribbon of hers. He had found and it wanted to give her as the remainder of the day but ended up wandering around cities in boredom since he couldn't find her anywhere at the time he was done with his training (or didn't have any mood to continue because of what happened during his meditation).

He immediately dreaded at the thought of an angry pouting/cheeks-puffed Asuka scolding him and not making him that amazing futomaki rolls of hers during the whole day. Even though she never had really been angry or mad at him, he was still afraid of such horrifying thing happening to him. Instantly, with a determination, he emitted his aura and blasted through the skies in a hurry in order to avoid what he was afraid of becoming true.

A nightmare came to reality, the thought made him shudder.

"Goku-kun!" Asuka called as she slid open the door to the training grounds only to see he wasn't there. "Eh...?"

She was actually preparing futomaki rolls while Goku was panicking about her ribbon and now he's gone.

Arriving in the city, Goku looks around in search for any shop that sells a perfect white ribbon that was as clean and spotless as the one he gave to Homura. He was running around at an inhuman speed, leaving the citizens to feel the strong breeze of the wind but no sight of what had caused it which made them think it was just the wind. When he was running around in streets, he arrived in the alleyways when his senses jolted up, feeling something threatening coming his way and he immediately jumped away from an incoming whip.

The whip impacted the ground and produces electricity.

Goku blinked in confusion and faces ahead, seeing two girls wearing strange outfit. "Hm?"

"Hikari! What are you doing!? It was just a child!" One of the girls says to the other one.

"Err, sorry. I thought it was some Sekirei hunting us down, Hibiki..." The other, Hikari, replied, feeling bad and guilty.

"What are you talking about!? We're already far away from Shinto Teito!" Hibiki said before facing towards the child and smiled kindly, "We're really sorry about that, boy."

Goku just tilted his head, "Okay?" That's when his eyes widened, "No time!"

Ki burst around him and he flew towards the sky, leaving the twins blinking in shock and confusion.



"What is that child?"

"I...don't know..."

Goku flew as he looks down on the ground, searching for any shops that sells ribbons. Somehow, luck in him has faded and all the shops with ribbons were closed! He could've swore it all closes perfectly at the time he arrives. But Goku being Goku, he merely shrugged and looked for any other shops.

Just when he was feeling hopeless, a shop with ribbons on display came into his view. His face beamed in happiness as he quickly drop down in an alleyway so no one would see him. He didn't mind landing on a place with many people but Asuka and Akane warned him about it. When he came out of the alleyway, he was greeted with a weird shop where his eyes sees the ribbon.

There weren't any people around and this part of the city doesn't seemed populated much. Perhaps because it was in the slums which were always filled with shady people. He walks up to the shop and stared at the ribbons displayed. He kept searching for the white ribbon but strangely once again, he couldn't find any!

He let out a sigh, defeated.

"What are you searching for, kozou?" An old man in the counter asked, Goku to lift his head up to see the old man wearing a business suit and sunglasses even though today isn't really sunny.

"Are there any white ribbons around?" Goku asked, not caring for the fact that the old man looks incredibly suspicious and outright weird.

"White ribbon, is it?" Goku nodded, the old man thought for a bit before his eyes widen in realization. "Then, we have one."

"Really!?" Goku's face brightened up.

"Hehehe, happy, aren't cya?" He pointed at the back of the shop, "There, it should be standing out since it is the brightest of the colors."

Goku quickly went at the further back of the shop, passing by some shady products that even has creepy dolls named "voodoo" or something and when he finally got to the back of the shop, the old man was right! There was a white ribbon!

However, this one seemed strange. Like he said, it stood out amongst the other color even its color itself. It was brighter than the one he gave to Homura and it has sparkling particles around it, showing how strange it was compare to the other white ribbons. Goku blinked but didn't mind it as he took the one that seemed to be special compare to others with him. He owed Asuka this much for giving what she owned to someone else which could also be interpreted as insensitive in which he is but he didn't know about that. All he knows is he would be screwed if he doesn't find any suitable replacement for Asuka's new ribbon.

When he came back with the strange white ribbon on hand, the old man seemed surprised. "Oya...it chooses you?"

Goku can only tilt his head at the old man's surprised expression, "What are you talkin' about?"

"Ah, nothing." The old man shook his head as Goku proceeded to take out a pouch where he puts his saved money and some allowance he got from Akane and Hanzo, but didn't get to actually pull out the correct amount of money as he was stopped by the old man who raises his hand and gave him a soft smile. "Relax, kozou. No need for money – you can have it for free."

Goku blinked and tilted his head, "Really?"

"Yes." The old man smiled, "Now, go. Give it to whoever you want." He gave a thumbs up, "And good luck."

"Thanks!" Goku said as he ran out from the shop.

The old man watches Goku leaving as he was left wondering, 'That ribbon was given to me by a woman who claimed to have got it from her first love. It can only be received and held by someone who is innocent and naive towards love.' The old man took out an old cigarette and lit it up proceeding to inhale it. 'If I remember it correctly, was the man she fell in love with had the name of food?' The old man hummed in interest, lifting his head up to face the ceiling above in deep thought and release out smokes from his mouth. 'Gohan...was it?'

(Hattori Residence)

"Hehehe!" Goku grinned widely to himself. "I'm glad I got a new ribbon for Asuka-chan!"

He walks around the Hattori Residence in search for Asuka but she was nowhere to see. However, that didn't stop the young boy to search for the young maiden as he kept on searching. He slid open the door to the guest room and found Hanzo sitting right by the windows, enjoying his nicely-brewed green tea. He was surprised by Goku's sudden appearance before handing down his tea to the table and merely smiled to the naïve Saiyan.

"Are you searching for Asuka, Kozou?" Hanzo asked to which he nodded excitingly, "Well, you're going in the wrong direction my boy!" Hanzo pointed at the direction of where Asuka is, "The last time I seen her, she's in her mother's room." His smile widened, "Go along now, you seemed you have something to say to her."

"Thanks, Jii-san!" Goku bowed down in respect and slid the door closed.

His footsteps resonated with the wooden floors and it seemed like he was really, really wanted to talk to Asuka for something. Guess he was on the spot. Hanzo let out a chuckle at the closeness of his granddaughter and Goku before his gaze wondered outside the windows as he resumed back to drinking his tea in delight.

Back to Goku, as the monkey-tailed boy walking around the Hattori Residence, he bumped into Asuka who was bringing a tray with something on it. "Asuka-chan!"

"Goku-kun!" She smiled brightly, showing how happy she was. On the tray were apparently a plate of futomaki rolls. "I've been looking for you. Where were you?"

"I was-" He quickly took out and presented the strange white ribbon to her, making her eyes to widen. "-lookin' for this!"

"A-Are you giving me a p-p-p-present!?" Her blush was up to the top as her eyes began to swirl around, she felt like she can faint anytime at the boldness of this boy. "Awawawawa!"

"Err...Asuka-chan." Goku called, snapping her from her love-struck state. "I'm sorry for...givin' your new ribbon to Homura-chan..." He looked really guilty and Asuka can't help but feel sad for him, not actually minding what he had just said...yet.

"Don't worry, Goku-kun." She said, smiling. "You made up for it by finding a ribbon for me."

At that, Goku brightened up. "M'kay!"

He gave her the strange white ribbon as she placed down the plate on a nearby table. She took it, smiling with her heart at its most happy meter. The happy level in her heart was over 9000. With how guilty and how dedicated he seemed when he was trying to find a replacement for her ribbon made her became more infatuated with the Saiyan. He grinned at her and went on to where she placed down the plate of futomaki rolls. She pulled the old, worn-out ribbon from her hair, letting her hair drop down. She was looking at the strange white ribbon Goku gave, she softly grips it with a smile as her blush remained. It took a good few seconds for her to stay this way before she put on the ribbon, properly tying her hair.

She flashes a grin, her fingers caressed the ribbon Goku gave. "I will hold on to this ribbon on forever. I will take good care of it." She promised to herself while watching Goku eating the futomaki rolls in joy. "No matter what, Goku-kun." Her hand grips softly as she places it on her chest, trying to contain such strong feelings. "I will hold it dearly."

But then, she finally realized something Goku had said. Her eyes widened a bit before she blinked in confusion. She tried to recall what he had said and it finally registered; Goku mentioned someone whom she didn't know and that made her heart ache a bit.

"I'm sorry for...givin' your new ribbon to Homura-chan..."

And that "-chan" suffix made it worse. It implies that whom Goku mention is a girl.

Asuka blinked in confusion as she stares at Goku eating the futomaki rolls in thought, 'Why do I feel...threatened?'

Suddenly, Goku felt strange. He blinked and looked back at Asuka with cheeks full and head tilted in confusion, "Hm?"


It was time.

It is finally the time.

He has to test this new devastating technique.

Goku stood tall before the ocean, the smell of salt waft through the air. The sea water washes ashore, creating that same yet calming sound that would put many people in ease. The sight of the blue ocean glittering as the sun was at its highest point, giving quite the scene. The pelicans let out cries, a usual occurrence that would happen near the sea or at any harbor. The sea breeze brushes softly through all the vegetation on the beach, the palm trees, small patches of grass, nearby oak trees and more. The nature serenaded the whole scene as if it was an orchestra putting on quite the show.

There was no one other than Goku in the beach, he was alone.

The reason behind that would be demonstrated shortly.

Goku looks at the sea with a determined gaze before he took a sharp inhale and proceeds to close his eyes. He focuses and channels his Ki, the Ki bursts softly around him. Immediately, it gave a strong disturbance to the nature, birds flaps their wings as they flew away, the pelicans cries no more and the wind took on in random directions which is very unusual. The vegetation went on to the random storm of the wind, bending here and there. The clouds itself seemed distorted at what was going to transpire. It was all a strange sight and yet, it was caused by a single person – a small boy.

Goku slid his right food to the back and crouch, preparing himself in a stance. Both hands formed claws that faced each other horizontally as he pulled it behind. His Ki around him was still softly bursting around him until he opens his eyes back. The Ki flared up causing what had become strange to be far stranger and far violent.

"Kaa..." He started to chant, his surroundings were spiraled with sands as if he was a tornado. "Mee..." A distinguish sound can be heard, it was akin to a lumpy and flashing sound of energy accumulating. "Haa..." A growing ball of energy in the color of light blue appeared in between Goku's palm, it seemed gentle and yet volatile. "Mee..." The ball shines brighter as it sends out beams of light passing through the small gaps of his fingers.

The sky had darkened and the ball of energy accumulating in between palms began to get larger in size as Goku cups it in order to keep it in control.

This is it.

This is the technique.

This will be his iconic technique.

The attack that will be so devastating it will bring any opponents down.

"HAAAA!" He shot his palms forward, the energy exploded and sent a beam of powerful energy wave forward.

The beam struck the sea and split it across. This continued until the beam turned into a sole ball of energy and bended upwards, escaping through the Earth atmosphere as it blew in a small light. It took more than 15 seconds for the sea to bring its wave inward to the large gap created by that enormous energy wave – it was that powerful. A strong wind pressures down, perhaps coming from the energy wave's explosion in the sky.

Goku, from below with arms still stretched forward, looks at the light in the sky with a big grin. "I did it!" He hopped from his feet, grinning ear to ear. "I did the Kamehameha wave just like that old man!" He started to imitate the attack he did earlier, incredibly hyped to use that attack on a strong opponent. "Haa!"

Little did the young Goku know what he just did alarmed two rulers far from this realm.


Night came and Goku was currently inside of his room with Asuka. He was imitating the technique he did earlier as he tells his success to Asuka, who smiled warmly and sweetly at how the Saiyan enthusiastic behavior. To see him like this and not sad about departure, she kind of have mixed feelings about it. But on the other hand, he didn't seemed bother probably because he knows they would meet again in the future, which is the actual reason in Goku's innocent, naïve mind.

"I did it and it was so cool and it was really big!" Goku excitedly told as he demonstrated exaggeratingly with his arms going wide to show how "big" it was, which isn't an exaggeration or rather, a downplay of the actual thing. "You should've seen it, Asuka-chan!"

Asuka nodded, "Yes, I also wish I was there with you, Goku-kun." She gave him a warm gaze as he continued to explain.

She was thankful for this, she really does. Unlike the way she has seen in some movies, the two childhood friend was by no means all sad that one of them were going to leave to somewhere else. Instead, it was greeted with him being himself which is happy and go-lucky. She just hopes what happen to either him or her would not make them move on and find...someone else like at that one animated movie she had seen which she bawled her eyes out at the ending.

As Goku was telling his story, Asuka couldn't help but started to cry. Tears drips down as she watches Goku with a smile.

"Eh, Asuka-chan?" Goku blinked in confusion, seeing her in this sudden state it caught him off guard. "What's wrong? Why're you cryin'?"

Even though Goku was still himself, Asuka couldn't bear the thought of him leaving her alone once more. She knows it was really selfish of her when Goku set out in a journey to find the Dragon Balls so that no one would use it for bad intentions. But for a girl who had fallen so far in love with an innocent boy who is destined for greatness, how could she not cry?

It was such a sad fate that they have to be separate for who knows how long. It doesn't help that there's even a possibility of them being separated forever.

"N-Nothing, Goku-kun." She said as she wiped her tears away with her fingers but she kept crying, "I'm just...j-just...!"

Suddenly, without warning, Goku wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her in a warm embrace. She was caught off guard as she momentarily stopped crying due to being shocked. She blinked and then lifted her head up to see Goku's bright and wonderful grin, the one akin to when she first met him.

"Don't cry, Asuka-chan." He told her, "Be strong, just like Jii-san and Jii-chan!" Goku rubbed her back softly with his hands to ease her, "Be strong and I'll promise you I'll be strong as well! Once we both became strong, we'll meet again one day and fight!"

Asuka blinked for a good few seconds, registering what he had said before she let out a giggle. "Hehehe, that sure does came only from you Goku-kun." She retracted back as Goku let go of her, she raise a pinky towards him as he just stares at her in confusion. "Pinky promise me, Goku-kun. That you would return and have a spar with me one day."

"Pinky promise?" He blinked.

"Here." Asuka guide him and entangled their pinky together, "This is a pinky promise. Promise me you would return or you'll have no more futomaki rolls."

"Eh!?" Goku began to panic but immediately gave her a serious frown, "Yeah, I'll promise ya I'll return and fight you someday, Asuka-chan!"

She wiped her tears with her fingers, her pinky still latched onto Goku's. She nodded and gave Goku a determined face, "In return, I'll promise you I'll become strong and will be waiting for as long as it takes." Goku nodded and she giggled, "Pinky promise. Say it, Goku-kun."

"Pinky promise." Goku said in a serious tone.

She smiled and latches off her pinky, "Good." She then closed in their distance and kissed his cheek, surprising him a bit. "There, a good luck charm."

Goku blinked, hand on the spot where she had kissed him. "A good luck charm? Like the one you made?"

Asuka giggled at his innocence towards thing such as love but nevertheless, she was glad he didn't get it. She was still shy and embarrassed after all. "Yes, just like the one I made for you."

Goku furrowed his eyebrows, "I don't know what that good luck charm is but okay!" He grinned and gave her a peace sign, "Thank you, Asuka-chan!"

"No, Goku-kun." She closed her eyes, "Thank you."

When they slept, Asuka wasn't sad anymore but is incredibly happy. So when they slept together, she cuddled Goku's petite yet built figure in joy...

(The next day)

"How is it, Go-kun?" Akane asks, smiling happily as she stared at Goku in his new dogi.

His new dogi really suits him well, both Asuka and Akane didn't know why. Somehow, the color orange and blue fitted him nicely. He wore nearly the same dogi he once had but with orange upper shirt, orange baggy pants, blue undershirt, blue sash around his waist tied neatly, two matching blue wristbands and black-blue combat boots (the attire worn is nearly the same as his Heroes' outfit with the exception of kanji). The kanji of "Time" and "Power", the latter on the back while the former on his right chest.

Goku inspected his new dogi in excitement, grinning at how it feels really comfortable. "It's feels good to wear it! Thanks, Kaa-chan!"

"Ah, I'm glad!" Akane smiled in delight, "Aren't you glad too, Asuka?"

Asuka merely nodded, "Yes, it really looks good on him."

Hanzo looks at Goku, smiling. "Well, kozou. This is where we'll part." Goku faced Hanzo and nodded, "Once you're done searching for those artifacts, don't forget to visit us okay?"

"Hm!" Goku nodded vigorously, "I'll promise I'll come back!"

"That good enough." Hanzo smiled at his determination.

"Now, before you go, Go-kun." Akane took out a camera, "Let's have you take a picture with all of us!"

"A picture? Sure!" Goku nodded.

"Dear, would you please?" Akane handed the camera to her husband, he merely smiled.

"Yes, of course."

They all grouped up, Akane's husband left the timer on as the camera stood on a stand. He clicked and quickly rushes to them and positioned himself as a few seconds later, it flashes them. It took a picture of them together, Goku was standing next to Asuka while the three adults; Akane, her husband and Hanzo stood behind them with the latter standing in the middle.

Akane and her husband looks at the picture in satisfaction, "What do you think?"

"It's good. Though, I wish I could've gotten better look." Her husband chuckled.

"Mou~! You're good enough as you are!" She smiled before someone grabbed the hem of her shirt, "Hm?"

Asuka stares seriously at Akane with cheeks reddened, "I want to take a picture of me and Goku-kun only!"

Akane smiled teasingly, "Eh~? Really~? So bold, my daughter!"

"Come on, Kaa-chan! No teasing!" Asuka replied as she continued to pull the hem of her shirt.

"Alright, alright!"

"Goku-kun, let's take another picture!" Asuka said to Goku, "Both you and me only!"

"Okay!" Goku grinned.

Asuka stood right next to Goku, cheeks flaring in redness while Goku gave a sheepish grin. "Ready? 1, 2, 3!"

And click! The camera flashes a bright light compare to earlier, taking the picture of the both of them. The brightness of the flash took Asuka off guard as she was momentarily blinded a bit, forcing to close her eyes perhaps because her mother wanted to take a clearer picture.

(Four years later)

A now grown up Asuka smiled, the picture of her and Goku was on her hands as her arms rested on the railings. "Goku-kun..." She muttered, remembering the times they spent together.

She was boarding a boat to Asakusa as a Shinobi-in-training. It had been four years after Goku departed, she still remembers what happened after they took the picture together.

"Well, gotta go!" Goku grinned after they finished taking the picture. "Minna (Everyone), we'll be seeing each other again!" He flared his Ki and levitated towards the sky, "Until we meet again! Good bye, now!"

They all waved at him as he soared through the skies, "Good bye, Goku-kun!" Asuka said as she waved happily despite him leaving. But after what happened at night, what she was feeling right now is inevitable. "I already missed him, hehe." Asuka giggled, staring at the disappearing figure of Goku.

Akane came and patted Asuka on her head, "Don't worry, he'll be back."

Asuka smiled and nodded, her cheeks was still red. "Until we meet again, my first love..."

"I did my best and be strong. Are you also out there getting stronger as well, Goku-kun?" She muttered to herself as the wind softly brushes by.

Thinking back now, she wanted to spend more time getting to know him and all but she guessed, the time they've spent together is enough. She looks at the clear skies, wondering when she'll meet him again one day now that she has become strong. She took out a futomaki roll and ate it, faintly seeing flashes of her past as her futomaki rolls were Goku's favorite. He would eat them with a big smile that melts her heart. She really missed seeing his bright smile and sheepish grin.

As she wonders, the sight of the Asakusa can be seen as the boat crosses below the bridge.

"There it is, Asakusa!" She smiled at the view of the tall skyscraper, "I'm finally back, again!"

"Again, huh?" Asuka blinked and turned around, seeing a girl the same age as her wearing an unfamiliar school uniform. Her dark-olive hair was tied in ponytail with a...white ribbon she could've swore she had seen somewhere before, two faintly-green eyes and tanned skin, showing how much she had bathed in sunlight. "Are you from around here?"

Asuka kept blinking, a familiar feeling started to resurface. She didn't know why or how but this feeling...why does she felt threatened?

And so, Goku departs from the Hattori Residence to outside of the world in order to find the Dragon Balls which story he had heard from his deceased grandfather, Gohan. With Asuka training to become a shinobi similar to her grandfather Hanzo, what would become of Goku who also trains as he searches for these amazing artifacts said to be able to grant any wishes?

See you again next time in Senran Kagura: The Legendary Warrior!

Until we meet again!

The End
(For this arc I mean)

End of the Chapter:

"Until We Meet Again"
"The Flowery Childhood Ends"

Yo, Dimiel. Did you just raise a war of love flag? lol

Anyway, that's that. Sorry for making a damn cliffhanger, can't help it. I thought it would be great to see the two of them interacting.

Now, I wanted to refute someone who said something and something I had said in the last few chapters. One reviewer said that there's a plot hole and that was how Goku has a Dragon Radar with him. I mean like, are you kidding lol? You could've said the same thing on how Goku was told the existence of the Dragon Balls and that Gohan was a warrior who protected the other realm. There's a reason for that and it will be revealed in the future. Don't know when but I can just wish for the best.

One more thing is that the reason why I didn't make Homura fall for Goku is mainly because I don't want to rush anything. I also don't like how Goku could receive someone's affection without doing much unlike from both Asuka and Murasaki. Now that I'm a grown author, I saw this fanfic more of a wish-fulfillment which is okay for anyone to make but certainly not okay for me. I needed to make it more meaningful and not just a copy-paste of some harem animes, mangas and light novels which should've became stale by now.

One of the things I don't like about Nisekoi (Fake Love) is how they drag it for longer whereas Go-Toubun no Hanayome (Quintessential Quintuplets) actually progressing things up. Even now, the manga had already finished and the heroine is revealed (and I find it both unexpected and expected on who the bride was). Not that I've read it, I just got a hint of who the actual heroine is in what chapters, 70-80 or something? Thanks to the WiFi being down, damn it...

Nevertheless, I think I prefer Go-Toubun no Hanayome over Nisekoi every day. Not that Nisekoi is bad or anything just...delaying and dragging things for long is pretty repetitive and stale, at least to me. Don't be angry by the way, to those who liked Nisekoi.

That aside, I think I'm satisfied with this chapter. A few of the old paragraphs were enhanced since I left this hanging during last year and now this year, I'm continuing it. You can see that my writing style changed the moment we entered the Kamehameha scene. Then again, it was all thanks to a certain fandom which I come to love.

Have I ever told you about my other fanfic in wattpad "Dragon Ball New World"? Did I? Yeah, if you're interested in isekai and love Dragon Ball, that fanfic is a combination of both in which Goku lived on a new world filled with magic and dragons. I just updated that, thankfully.

With that out of the way, thank you for reading this fanfic once again if you are one of the people who still has an interest in it despite being nothing more than a wish-fulfillment fanfic (^o^). I'm sincerely amazed at you guys' patience in waiting for this to update, it's really astonishing. I do hope you guys like this chapter as I just came back from a harsh training which made me cry (T-T). My writing skills may or may have not been improve in either this chapter or the next one, depends on how you guys see it.

That being said, I wish you all have a good day and see you on the next chapter.