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A bang startles Alexander out of the homework he's attempting to complete. Normally he would shrug it off, these fights happened way more often than not, but alarm bells ring in his head.

"SHUT UP!" He hears his mother's screech through the floorboards. Alexander got up from his desk. A blunt reply follows the yell. He starts walking towards the door when he hears more loud noises.

"Your name is LUKAS!" Alexander slips out of his room and heads for the stairs, his brother's voice becoming more audible.

"I am Norway," Alexander's feet made little sound as he tiptoed down the steps. More of his mother's yelling drifts up the hall, this time intangible.

"Mum?" His voice is barely heard as he quickens his pace. By the time he is halfway down the steps, he can see what is happening. Lukas has pushed himself against the counter and has one of the large knives. His mother is a few meters away but is slowly getting closer. Alexander's heart speeds up. "Mum!"

Lukas looks up to him for a minute, uncertain. Then he nods before looking back to the knife and turning it on himself. "I'll just have to prove it."

"Nor-"Alexander is cut off when he hears Lukas' breath hitch. Blood drips down the young boy's hands, coming from a stab wound that he had just inflicted upon himself.

Their mother starts screaming then, but Alexander is frozen on the spot. Crimson is now staining the pristine white tiles and running down Lukas' chin as the boy coughs up more and more blood. He falls forward, having now lost too much blood to stay firm on his feet.

Alexander moves on autopilot, taking the steps two at a time. He runs to the kitchen to catch Lukas in his arms, skidding to the ground. Screaming is still echoing in the house so Alexander turns to his mother. She is standing there, eyes wide and hair a mess.

"Shut up!" He spits in frustration. She complies. Alexander's eyes catch the landline sitting on the bench. "Call 911!" He commands and she rushes over to the phone, still in a daze.

Alexander takes it upon himself to try and stop the bleeding. Luckily the knife has stayed in, so Lukas' blood wasn't spurting everywhere. He chooses not to remove it, leaving it to the professionals that he hoped would get there soon. He turns Lukas around so that the boy is lying against his chest. Alexander brushes his hair from his eyes and combs it with his fingers. He faintly hears his mother on the phone. Her voice is shaking and she's swaying on her feet, face sheet white.

He's actually surprised how well he's taking this himself since he never imagined he'd be the calm one in these situations. But he knows that it will wear off and he will be sitting up in bed at one am, trembling like a flame in the wind.

By the time the ambulance gets to their house, his mother had gone through three glasses of wine. She'd started drinking as soon as she'd gotten off the phone, her way of coping he supposed. Paramedics came to the door and knocked. Alexander went about sending his mother to let them in. He was still on his knees. The hard floor made the position incredibly uncomfortable, but he didn't want to move Lukas.

His mother comes back, followed by three people in uniforms. One moved forward towards him and Alexander clung tighter to his brother. The paramedic moved so she was kneeling in front of him and asked him to let go, the other two coming up behind him. He reluctantly let go and the first woman and one of the pair laid him down on the tiles. One checked his injury and pulse while the other brought out a stretcher. But the last one pulled him back.

"Sir, could you please explain to me what happened, your mother?" He looked at Alexander for confirmation. Alexander nodded. "Yes, your mother seems to be a bit out of it right now, but that will pass."

Alexander nodded again and looked sadly at Lukas as they picked up the stretcher and carried him out.

"I-What is going to happen to him?" Alexander's voice wobbled.

"We need to stop the bleeding, it's a good thing you left the knife in," The man smiled slightly and helped Alexander up. The pair then made their way over to Alexander's mother who was currently laying on the couch in the lounge which was adjacent to the kitchen.

"Ma'am, your son will have to come with me to explain what happened. You'll need someone to drive you to the hospital, you can't drive in your intoxicated state," She nodded, gulping down another glass, further proving his point.

Alexander followed the man outside and secretly thanked the fact that he had only just gotten home from a friend's house before starting his homework and was still wearing shoes. He heard his mother walk out and lock the door, blindly following. She hadn't been as lucky, having to rush to her room to grab a pair of flip-flops to wear.

When they got in the car, it was a police car, the man was an officer. Of course. He started feeling sick. How was he keeping his cool? He got in the front, his mother laying herself out on the backseat. The officer started the car.

As they were following the ambulance, Alexander looked down at his hands that sat in his lap. He gulped as the officer cleared his throat.

"So..." He left the rest of the sentence unsaid.

"Yeah," Alexander said quietly. He quickly explained what had happened, voice shaking. The officer didn't say anything else.

When they'd finally gotten to the hospital, Alexander was shaking. He helped his mother out of the car and let her lean on him.

She'd fallen into hysterics, something he was surprised hadn't happened to himself. Her nose was runny and her tears soaked the sleeve of his hoodie. The officer from before walked up to them, obviously finished talking to the medics. He wasn't smiling.

"What-what is it?" He almost didn't notice the stutter in his mother's voice; it was drowned out by the hiccups following every word.

"Your son is in a stable condition," The officer stated and Alexander sighed in relief. But the look in the man's eyes stopped him short.

"But," There was always a 'but'. Nothing was ever perfect, was it? "But, the doctors have been talking. From what has been explained to me, Lukas has been having outbursts like this for a while. They think that something else might happen. Something worse."

Alexander's heart dropped. He knew what was going to be said before it was said.

"They are going to take him to a mental health facility so that he can get better."

Alexander is not, I repeat, IS NOT an OC. He is a canon character and it will be revealed who he is later.