Disclaimer: Some bastards at SciFi own them. (can you tell I've seen the finale?) No money is being made. The song quoted is by Weddings Parties Anything and is called 'Rain in my Heart'.

Notes: This is very short, and spoils... Bringing Home the Beacon. It's a tiny little ficlet that wouldn't go away, 'cause... I have this music CD of Aussie music, and. Well. This song.... Ahem. Very John. The image wouldn't leave.

Dedication: This one's for Rossi. Thanks. :)

Blackness, Darkness... Only For a Limited Time
by Ana Lyssie Cotton

The CD had been a gift from someone on Earth. An Australian, who'd thought he was lonely, left out in space with no good music. No one else liked it. He could live with that. Probably.

'If you please, I'v got nothin' to say...' John Crichton had decided he rather liked the lyrics. They fit so well, after all. Of course, he normally never had much to do with bluesy-folksy-countryish sounding stuff. But this was different.

It was this rather oddly bouncy music playing when Chiana walked into his room. "I can't believe you're listening to that frelling CD again."

He turned from his contemplation of the wall and looked at her with dull eyes. "It's useful."

'I've got the sun in my eyes, I've got the wind in my face...'

Chiana snorted. "For what? Getting drunk too?"


"Well, that's certainly going to help us find Aeryn." She snapped. "Wallowing. Why didn't *I* think of that?"

John glared at her through bloodshot eyes. "What would you have me do? Do you know where Katratzi is? No! Not even frelling SCORPIUS knows where it is!"

With a shrug, she leaned against the wall. "You've asked him, yeah. But have you tortured him for the information?" She tilted her head. "Maybe--maybe he just needs some incentive, you know?"

He ignored her to bellow off-key along with the chorus, "I've got the sun in my eyes, I've got the wind in my face, I've got the rain in my heart, but I'm falling in line, not falling apart." He half-laughed. "Yeah. Not falling apart."

"Oh, yes, that is so helping."

"Shut up." He glowered, refusing to agree with her, even though he knew she was right..

"Fine. But if you want Aeryn back, you'd better think of a way to get the location of Katratzi out of Scorpy." Chiana stomped from the room, her boots clicking savagely on the tile of Moya's decking.

Settling back down with his bottle as the song wound down, John reflected that she really was irritated with him. He sang softly along with the last line, "Rain in my heart."

As the next song began, he considered what she'd said. After all, perhaps Scorpy really did know, and was just holding out. It was worth a try. Of course, he'd have to think of the correct incentive...