040. Good riddance



A part of her knew it would never last — just not so violently in the end, strangled to death against Don Falcone's meaty, iron-strength of a grip.

Fish Mooney wouldn't admit it to even Butch, but she can't lie to herself. She felt something for the nobody called Liza, between a crackling, low arousal and a deepening, mutual friendship.

Liza couldn't do much, but she had potential for greatness. She knew how to fight for what she wanted, frenzied with her bare, ringed fists into the rain-slicked blacktop and into human flesh, her own dark blood cascading down her nose.

With her glittery blue eyeshadow and that smoky, pouty gaze lingering on her, it took very little effort to successfully seduce Fish Mooney on stage.

She was still a young woman, with inexperience, despite her tough exterior and apathy.

On the night of Liza's first kill, Fish Mooney patiently iced her bruised, swollen face at the bar, teaching Liza to kiss her partner with sweet, giggling innocence and admiration, basking in it.

Maybe she got a little caught up in her own act.

Maybe it was better for her that Liza died — before Fish Mooney died with her, choking for idolatry.



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