Chapter 1


It was an afternoon like any other at Beacon Academy. The students were all bustling about since classes for the day had concluded, giving students freedom for the remainder of the day.

While all the teams were running around, attending to their own business, Jaune was in his dorm room, sharpening Crocea Mors. Combat class had slightly worn out the blade, making it need some sharpening. Pyrrha had always told Jaune that a huntsman can only truly thrive if they take care and maintain their weapon, so he does his best to follow her teachings and care for the family heirloom.

As Jaune sharpened the blade, he was not paying much attention to his surroundings as the door to his room slowly creaked open. The door revealed the silver eyes of a mischievous-looking Ruby Rose.

Oh, this prank is gonna be fun, Ruby thought to herself as she slowly swung the door open, giving her enough room to rush in and surprise the blond knight.

With the door open wide enough, Ruby backed towards the dorm hallway, stopping when her hands touched the wall. "Jaune!" Ruby yelled as she activated her semblance and shot towards the now opened door.

Jaune heard the voice, he gripped his sword and stood up, only to be met by a red blur that shot directly towards him. He could only stand there as Ruby slammed into his chest, sending the two of them sprawling towards the wall near the window of the room.

Ruby slammed into the wall and hit her head, knocking her unconscious. Crocea Mors flew directly towards Ruby, however, Jaune with all his might caught the sword and was able to divert it before it made contact with the Grimm Reaper's throat, instead, merely grazing the flesh on her neck.

Jaune's body soon slammed into the wall, but he was able to stop himself before he crushed Ruby by putting his other arm against the wall, keeping from her smaller body.

Seeing the situation, Jaune froze, his mind was so busy trying to figure out what had happened, he didn't hear three pairs of footsteps enter the room behind him. Jaune opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, a black ribbon wrapped itself around his neck, launching him backward and into a fist that collided directly on his spine.

Jaune falls to the ground, coughing and sputtering, gasping for air. He looked up and saw that his attackers were none other than his friends, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao-Long.

"How dare you!" Yang yelled as she grabbed Jaune by the throat and threw him up in the air. Jaune looked into Yang's eyes and saw the darkest red he had ever seen in his life. He had never seen Yang this angry before.

Jaune slammed into the roof of the room, which made him fall back down towards Yang who was waiting with a devastating punch to his stomach, Jaune swore he heard his ribs break and felt his aura shatter.

As he hit the ground, he began to try to get up and escape, only for Blake and Weiss to stab Gambol Shroud and Myrtenaster into his legs immobilizing him. Jaune screamed in pain as he felt his Achilles' tendons break, sending massive amounts of pain throughout his body.

"How could you try to rape her?! You were supposed to be her friend! Our friend!" Yang yelled as she pushed Jaune off of his knees and onto his back.

"I knew we should have reported you to Professor Ozpin. Our keeping of your secret was a mistake," Weiss said with disgust dripping in her tone.

"A mistake, we will not make again," Blake said as she looked down at Jaune with a murderous glare.

Yang placed herself on top of Jaune and began to throw wave after wave of punches to his face and chest, while Weiss and Blake kicked him while he was down.

Jaune at this point was in too much pain to even respond to their attacks. His face was bloodied beyond belief, his nose broken, his left eye, pitch black and three teeth shattered.

Blake eventually grew tired of Yang punching the life out of Jaune, so she stepped forward to stop her. "Yang that's enough," Blake said as she put a hand on her shoulder, only for it to be shaken off. After that Yang continued to punch the blond with the intent to kill.

"You dare try to rape my sister! You'll pay for what you've done in blood!" Yang screamed as she was about to throw the finishing punch, before Blake threw herself on Yang, making her stop her punches.

"Yang, if you do this, you'll be expelled, he's not worth it!" Blake yelled as she finally grounded Yang. Yang grunted at this and shook Blake off and got up and off the beaten blond.

"Fine, but you know he deserves it!" Yang said, clenching her fists tighter than before, making her aura kick in to try to repair the damage she was doing.

"There is no argument that he deserves death, it's not our job to kill him, we should remove him from the school," Weiss said as she walked over to Jaune, looking down at his barely conscious form with disgust.

"Well then what do you suggest?" Yang asked, crossing her arms.

Weiss slightly smirked at that, "Get a locker ready, we're going to throw out this trash," Weiss said as she put her foot next to Jaune's head.

"Your filth will not harm anyone else at this academy," Weiss said as she pulled her foot back and kicked him savagely in the head, knocking him unconscious.


Pyrrha had just finished practicing in the combat arena, sparing against drones. The fight had been tiring for the champion, but having a semblance such as polarity made it easy to get out of unfavourable situations involving combatants made of metal.

Pyrrha had just finished putting her weapon away in her locker when she heard the door to the locker room kicked open. She heard voices and what sounded to be three people enter. Ignoring this she went back to putting her equipment until she saw that it was Blake and Weiss who had entered the locker room.

Pyrrha put down her stuff to go and greet her friends, she gasped as she saw Yang appear from behind a set of lockers, with a bloodied, beaten, unconscious Jaune in tow, being pulled by his hair.

"Yang?! What are you doing?!" Pyrrha screamed as she ran over to the group, only to be stopped by Blake and Weiss as they held her back, watching Yang drop Jaune before one of the lockers.

"Pyrrha, stay you of this," Blake said in an annoyed tone, trying to calm the crimson-haired girl. "No! Jaune! Jaune! Can you hear me?!" Pyrrha yelled as she thrashed against the girls holding her back more.

"Pyrrha, you don't realize it now, but we're doing you a favour," Weiss said, making Pyrrha stop her thrashing. This made the two girls stop restricting her.

"Why? What did Jaune do to you? He couldn't even hurt a fly," Pyrrha said as she looked at Weiss with a shocked look.

"He tried to rape Ruby," Yang said bluntly as she opened a locker and threw the blond into it. This roused the boy from his unconscious state.

Pyrrha's blood froze at that.

"He did what?" Pyrrha asked in a shaken voice.

"He tried to rape my sister!" Yang said as she turned around with her eyes flaring a violet crimson.

At that moment, Pyrrha's heart broke.

She shook before she began to walk over to the locker Jaune was in. Jaune watched with his blurry eyes as Pyrrha walked over to him with her head down.

As she reached his locker, she put a hand on the door. "Is it true Jaune? Did you try to rape her? Did you try to rape Ruby Rose?" Pyrrha asked, refusing to make eye contact with him through the small holes in the locker.

Jaune tried to speak but was unable to as he was too injured. He could barely move or think, let alone speak. When Weiss kicked Jaune, she dislocated his jaw, silencing him. Pyrrha took this as confirmation of his crime.

"I see…" Pyrrha said as she looked up at Jaune, tears falling from her eyes. "Goodbye, Jaune," Pyrrha said as she turned around and began to walk back towards Weiss and Blake. "Just do it, I won't tell anyone," Pyrrha said as she stood there.

Jaune's world shattered as he heard her utter that sentence.

Pyrrha? Pyrrha?! No! I didn't do anything, I swear! It's a misunderstanding, please! Believe me! Jaune screamed in his head as he tried to move, only to be met with enormous amounts of pain instead.

Weiss acknowledged Pyrrha's words, nodding to Yang to send him away.

With that, Yang walked over to the control panel and plugged in coordinates to a place as far from Beacon as she can think of.

"This is for my sister you son of a bitch," Yang said as she pressed the launch button and sent him off shooting through the roof.

As the four of them watch Jaune fly away, Pyrrha couldn't help but burst into tears and run back to where she was before all this started, to try to regain herself.

Yang, Weiss, and Blake simply stood there, watching as the locked flew further and further from Beacon. Yang felt that she had done the right thing, and was thusly calming down, while Weiss and Blake simply stared at the locker with a high level of anger.

Eventually, the locker was out of sight, so the three of them decided to reconvene.

"Blake, you go take care of Ruby, get her back to our dorm and let me know when she wakes up. Weiss, you go help Pyrrha back to her dorm room," Yang said as she began to walk away from the two girls.

"Where are you going?" Weiss asked, stopping Yang. "I'm going to go work out, I need to go burn off this anger. I don't need that bastard dragging me down, I'll see you guys later," Yang said as she walked towards the arena entrance.


Up in Ozpin's office, Ozpin and Glynda were having a discussion while Ozpin had his usual mug of coffee in his hand, however, the conversation was derailed when they heard a mighty crash and saw a rocket-propelled locker flew up into the air.

"What in the world?!" Glynda almost yelled, shocked at the unexpected launch of the locker.

"We don't have any teams in the field right now, do we, Glynda?" Ozpin asked as he put his mug down and stood closer to his window, watching the locker fly away at incredible speeds. "No, we most certainly do not," Glynda said as she was furiously typing away on her tablet.

"Where is it heading with its current trajectory?" Ozpin asked her as he watched Glynda type quickly. The results came to view and Glynda froze. "Glynda?" Ozpin asked with worry as he stepped forward. She could not say anything, so she simply surrendered the tablet to him, allowing him to see where the locker was headed.

"The Grimmlands…" Ozpin said softly in disbelief, looking back up at Glynda. Ozpin read more about the locker and who owns the operation codes to it. "The locker is owned by Yang Xiao Long, I will call her and ask what happened," Ozpin said as he pulled out his own scroll.

The scroll rang for a moment before he heard it pick up. "Hello?" Yang asked from the other side of the line. "Ah, Ms. Xiao Long, sorry to bother you, but your locker launched a short while ago, why is that?" Ozpin asked, hoping to get a straight answer out of her.

"Oh, that was a mistake, I accidentally activated the launch sequence after closing the locker, nothing to worry about," Yang said in a flat voice. This struck a nerve with Ozpin, but he let it slide for now. "Very well, Ms. Xiao Long, have a nice day," Ozpin said as he hung up.

Ozpin turned back towards Glynda. "I want you to review the security footage of the locker area, I want to know what really happened down there, I don't like this Glynda, we need to know what we're dealing with," Ozpin said as he returned to his chair.

Glynda simply nodded and walked towards the elevator and went down, leaving Ozpin to wonder.


In the Grimmlands, a Seer is levitating around, surveying the area as a reconnaissance probe along with observing the spawning of more Grimm from the pools in the ground. Salem, on the other side of the Seer, looks around through its connection to another Seer before her.

Good, the Grimm are manifesting as planned, the next wave will be out on schedule, Salem thought to herself. She was about to wave off the Seer, but before she did, she was something coming towards the Seer. What is that? Salem asked herself as she leaned in towards the Grimm to get a better look, only to watch as the object soared over the Seer, landing not too far from where it was.

Salem watched this, and closed her eyes, sending a Nuckelavee to see what was there as her Seer headed to the crash site as well.

After a few moments, the Seer reached the crash site along with the Nuckelavee and several other Grimm, but they did not move as Salem was watching.

What have we here, Salem thought to herself as she ordered the Seer closer and had it open the locker. When she opened it, she saw the form of a mangled and disfigured man. I see, more of Ozpin's garbage, Salem thought to herself flatly. As the Seer got closer it felt drawn to Jaune as he was still breathing, miraculously and was emitting so much hatred it made the Grimm hungry.

The Seer reached out and placed a tentacle on Jaune's face and when it did, Salem felt a massive power surge through her body, surprising her heavily. The feeling was euphoric, making her want more and more. I must bring this boy back, perhaps he can be a crucial part of my plans, Salem thought to herself with a smile on her face.

With that, she ordered the Nuckelavee to bring him to her immediately.

Let's see who you are and what secrets you contain, Salem thought to herself as she got up from her seat and made towards the exit. I must prepare my chambers, she thought to herself as she exited the meeting room.

It took about five minutes before the Nuckelavee returned with Jaune on its back. Hazel had met the Grimm and took Jaune from it and carried him gently towards Salem's chambers. When he arrived, the doors were closed and the black doors had red veins pulsing, it looked as though the door was alive.

Hazel doing his best to ignore this, went up and knocked on the door, no voice returned, but the door slowly opened to reveal Salem before her bed with white sheets, shielding the bed from anything being spilled onto the fabric.

"Where would you like him?" Hazel said walking into the room with Jaune, still unconscious.

"Place him on the bed gently, after that leave, this will take some time and I will tolerate no interruptions," Salem said firmly as Hazel put Jaune down softly, doing his best not to do any more damage to the boy.

Before Hazel retreated to the door, he turned back to his master, "If you don't mind me asking, my lady, but what do you intend to do with him, he is already on the verge of death, no modern medicine can save him," Hazel said as he crossed his arms with his face locked into a stoic expression.

"You will not speak to me as though I am a fool, I know he is long beyond saving with human methods, that is why I have other methods," Salem said as she walked over to Jaune, placing a hand on his bruised cheek.

"Then what will you do?" Hazel asked softly.

"Simple, I will replace his missing and damaged organs with Grimm ones, and since I can manipulate them as I wish, he will look the same. He will become the ultimate culmination of Grimm and Human biology, and most importantly, he will be my fiercest warrior," Salem said with a prideful tone.

"Why would he follow you? He's a huntsman, his sole purpose is to eradicate the Grimm," Hazel said, slightly confused by his master's words.

Salem softly chuckled at this, "Worry not, he's already broken and will be easy to turn. I can taste his hatred, his thirst for revenge. At my side he will be offered that and more, so he will accept, now leave us, there is much work to be done," Salem said shooing Hazel out and closing the door behind him.


Back in Ozpin's office, Ozpin was sitting at his desk, working on some documents on his computer, as Goodwitch was currently elsewhere. I see now why she hates this so much, so tedious, Ozpin thought to himself with a slight smirk on his face. His train of thought, however, was interrupted as the elevator to his office pinged and the doors slid open. Through the door, came Glynda Goodwitch.

"Ah, Glynda, I was thinking about, what brings you up here?" Ozpin asked as he deactivated the screen, providing Glynda his attention.

"You need to see this," Glynda said as she walked over to his desk. She placed her scroll down on the desk and began pressing a few buttons before a screen came up with a view of the locker room.

"After the events of this morning, I believed it would be a good idea to go over the security footage. Thinking that I went down to the security department and I am glad I did, look at this," Glynda said as she pressed the play button on her scroll and the recording began to play.

The recording showed Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna dragging a severely broken and beaten Jaune Arc. This made Ozpin's eyes widen and stand up, looking up at the recording, he could not say anything.

He watched as Pyrrha tried to step in to help, but did in the end, she did nothing and allowed Jaune to be forced into the locker and then shot off into the air.

The recording ended and Ozpin could only stare at the ground, devastated at what he had just seen.

"That is most… disturbing," Ozpin said as he sat back down in his chair.

"That is putting it lightly Professor. I recommend that we call those girls up here, seal their aura, expel them and send them home at once," Glynda said, fury burning in her eyes.

Ozpin looked up at her, then looking back down at his desk with a serious expression on his face. "While I agree in that course of action, I do not believe it to be the wisest one, we do not know the whole story. Those girls are too good to do this unprovoked. Call them back up here and we will talk this out, like civilized people," Ozpin said as he looked back up at Glynda.

Glynda sighed at this as she picked her scroll back up and messaged the three girls, asking for their presence in the office.


Over in the team RWBY dorm, Ruby was resting on Weiss' bed, her teammates surrounding her, with Yang had a hand on her right leg, trying to comfort the girl.

"She's been out for a while, maybe we should take her to the infirmary," Blake said with worry written all over her face.

"Don't worry, she's taken worse hits than this before, she'll be fine," Yang said as she turned to look at Blake, at that moment Ruby's leg began to move slightly, earning the stares of all three girls.

"Ruby?" Yang said as she moved closer to her sister.

"Ugh…" Ruby said as she sat up, "My head, what happened?" Ruby asked as she opened her eyes and looked around at her teammates.

"You got knocked out, but by the look of things, you're alright sis, as for what happened…" Yang said as she made a fist with her hand, averting her gaze from Ruby. "Guys?" Ruby asked in a worried tone, looking at them for support.

"You were almost raped," Weiss said bluntly, making the eyes of the red reaper grow to the size of saucers. "By who?!" Ruby asked wanting immediate answers. "Jaune," Yang said, as her eyes turned red and her hair began to glow. This made Ruby give them all a confused stare. "What?" the small red girl asked.

This made Yang look back up at her, tears almost falling from her eyes, "You heard me, Ruby, Jaune Arc almost raped you, I'm sorry I didn't get there earlier to stop it," Yang said as the tears in her eyes began to fall slowly. This only confused Ruby even more.

"Jaune didn't try to rape me, what are you talking about?" Ruby asked as she was now becoming more and more curious about the situation she was in. This made Yang, Blake and Weiss freeze.

"What?" Blake said as she backed away from Ruby's bed. "Then what happened?! Why were you unconscious?!" Blake asked in an alarmed tone.

"I saw Jaune in his room sharpening Crocea Mors, so I wanted to play a little prank on him. So, I used my semblance to pick him up, but I hit him oddly and I slammed into the wall and after that, I passed out," Ruby said as she got off of the bed and stood up, looking back at the girls.

"No way…" Weiss said as she fumbled back slowly, while Yang could only stare down at the bed sheets in shock.

"Guys… Where is Jaune?" Ruby asked, looking between Blake and Weiss who could not look her in the eyes. Ruby walked over to Yang and put her hands on her shoulders, directly facing her older sister. "Yang, where is Jaune?" Ruby asked with a worry-filled tone.

Yang looked her sister in her eyes, "I don't know," Yang said as she gave Ruby an empty stare.

Hearing this Ruby let go of her sister and in a flash was out the door, leaving the three in the room to realize what they had done.

"What did we do…" Weiss said, looking defeated. Before anyone could respond, an alert came to each of their scrolls from Goodwitch. They had been summoned to Ozpin's office.

Yang stands up at this slowly, and does her best to regain herself, "We stick to the story if they ask, come on," Yang said in a depressed tone as she began to walk towards the door, with Blake and Weiss following closely.


As Ruby ran through the several halls of Beacon, she made her way through the training areas.

She looked in each of the arenas and found nothing, however, when she looked into the third arena she found Pyrrha and quite a sight befell her.

Pyrrha was on her knees surrounded by a large number of drones that look like they were crushed from the outside at several different points simultaneously. Along with the drones, Miló and Akoúo̱ were sprawled across the floor along with Crocea Mors, the sword stabbed through the shield and into the ground directly below.

Ruby decided to step forward and as she did, she heard soft whimpers coming from Pyrrha, she was crying. Ruby stepped down to the arena softly, trying not to startle the weeping Spartan.

Before Ruby can say anything, Pyrrha sees her coming and speaks up first after quickly wiping away her tears, "Hello, Ruby, I heard what happened, are you alright?" Pyrrha asked, earning a concerned look from Ruby.

"I should be asking you that, are you okay, Pyrrha?" Ruby asked stepping up into the arena, making her way past the destroyed drones, and taking a knee beside Pyrrha.

"I'm fine…" Pyrrha said as she looked down towards the joint Crocea Mors, then quickly looking away. Ruby did not believe a word Pyrrha had said.

"Ruby… Please, tell me… Did Jaune do anything to you? Did he try to bring any harm to you?" Pyrrha asked with a desperate look in her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks once again, hoping for her worst fears to not be true.

Ruby had to hold back her own tears, she had never seen Pyrrha so distraught before and it pulled at her chest heavily. Ruby solidified herself and made sure to look Pyrrha in the eyes, "No, Jaune did nothing wrong, he did not try to rape me. Everything that happened was one huge misunderstanding," Ruby said with an authoritative tone.

Pyrrha's tears began to fall even faster, however, not in grief, but in relief that Jaune was innocent. As soon as that thought finished in her mind, she realized, Jaune was innocent, Jaune was innocent, Jaune was innocent! Pyrrha almost shot up from her knees as she realized what she had done, based on what someone had told her.

"Pyrrha? Please, I need to know. Where is Jaune?" Ruby asked, moving her head, closer to the level of Pyrrha's.

Pyrrha's face went from that of sadness, to that of anger, pure rage. Pyrrha Nikos had never been seen angry before, and this was the worst it could ever get.

Pyrrha quickly got up off of her knees and began walking angrily towards the door, "Follow me, and you'll find out exactly what happened to Jaune!" Pyrrha shouted down at Ruby from the top of the stairs as she swung the door open and marched off towards Ozpin's office.


Up in Ozpin's office, the WBY of RWBY had just arrived as the doors to the elevator slid open to reveal Ozpin sitting at his desk with a calculating facial expression. He did not look happy but was trying to keep a lid over his emotions.

"Ah, yes, girls, do come in and have a seat," Ozpin said as he gestured towards the chairs before his desk.

The girls walked in as casually as they could, before Blake looked to her left and saw Glynda standing in the corner, staring at the girls with a deadly glare. This slightly scared the girls, but they did not stop and eventually sat down in front of Ozpin.

"Now, do any of you know why I called you here?" Ozpin looked at them, all of them shaking their heads, looking oblivious. Ozpin sighed at this, "Very well, if that is how you want this to go," Ozpin said as he pressed a key on his desk.

Seconds later a hologram came up, showing the security footage from the locker rooms earlier that day. This made all the girls freeze as they realized how much trouble they were now in.

The feed played once, only to play again as Ozpin had placed it on a loop.

"Would any of you care to explain this horrific sight and why it took place?" Ozpin said as he looked up at Glynda who had begun to walk towards the girls from behind.

The girls all looked back and forth between each other before Yang began to become angrier, letting the rage rise and adrenaline pump.

"That bastard tried to rape my little sister in his dorm. We got there to find Ruby unconscious and him on top of her with his sword just off from cutting Ruby's throat, so we did what was necessary to get rid of him!" Yang said out of pure anger from her seat.

Ozpin sat there, leaning back into his chair, thinking before speaking. "I have not known Mr. Arc for an extended period of time, but he has never displayed any of the traits that would come with being a rapist. What evidence do you have that he is guilty of what you say he did?" Ozpin asked, giving them all a questioning gaze, looking for justification.

Weiss leaned towards him and spoke, "The situation that they were in was sufficient evidence. He is much larger than Ruby, she is much more naïve and is an easy target for predators. You said yourself that you have not known him that long. For all you know he has done this his entire degenerate life," Weiss said, crossing her arms and leaning back, earning a nod from Blake.

"Yes, every time this situation had come about, the male has been found guilty as it his fault for initiating the scenario. As future huntresses it is our jobs to defend people from threats inside and outside of our borders. Why are you so readily defending him? Why even consider it when he is clearly guilty of it?" Blake asked, anger present in her voice.

Ozpin took a deep breath at this and decided to stand up from his seat and walk towards the large window behind him. "For a long time, I have seen good men be framed or accused of this atrocity, only for them to be innocent, however, punished as though they had committed the crime. Mr. Arc has many flaws, but control and virtue are not things he has problems with. He has shown to be nothing more than a great man, and I refuse to believe that he committed this crime, even considering he did it is difficult for me. The three of you only saw this, but with no context, what of Miss Rose? Has she regained consciousness?" Ozpin asked as he sat back down.

Before any of them could answer, a familiar dinging came from behind them, notifying them that someone had just arrived. As the turned to look at who it was, Weiss and Blake's weapons were thrown to the side by an invisible force.

The door slid open to reveal a seething Pyrrha Nikos and a confused Ruby Rose standing behind her.

"Pyrrha?" Yang asked as she stood up, before she could continue, Pyrrha used her semblance to grab her gauntlets and thusly launch her against a pillar.

Yang crashed into the pillar back first, making her shout in pain. "Pyrrha?!" Ruby yelled as she tried to get Pyrrha to stop, only for the girl to march towards the suspended blonde in a heightened state of anger.

Pyrrha reached for Miló in its rifle form and pointed it towards Yang's exposed mid-section, however, before she could fire Glynda used her semblance to restrict Pyrrha making her drop Yang along with Miló.

Blake and Weiss then rushed over to Yang, supporting her as she tried to regain herself as she was still shocked at what Pyrrha had just done.

"Let me go! She needs to pay!" Pyrrha screamed as she fought against Glynda, who simply held her back.

"Pyrrha, what are you talking about?" Yang asked as she walked towards her, but keeping her distance, hoping that what happened a moment ago would not happen again.

"You know what you did you bitch! What you did to Jaune! He deserved none of what the three of you did!" Pyrrha yelled, still seething with anger.

"Miss Nikos, please explain what you mean?" Ozpin asked, giving her a stern stare. When Pyrrha saw Ozpin looking right at her, she began to calm down and stopped resisting, letting Glynda let her go, giving her control of her body back.

"Headmaster, Jaune is completely innocent of what these three accused him of. They did what they did to Jaune with no justification, he did nothing wrong," Pyrrha said as she tried her best to remain calm, slowly breathing in and out to regulate her air flow.

Ozpin then turned his head to look at Ruby, who had not moved much from where she was earlier. "And you Miss Rose, in your own words what happened? I need the full truth," Ozpin asked, giving the girl a softer gaze.

Ruby swallowed quietly before stepping towards the group.

"Earlier, I saw Jaune in his dorm, just relaxing from what I saw, so I decided to play a prank on him… I used my semblance to launch myself at his back and surprise him, but when I hit him, it turned out he was sharpening Crocea Mors, we both went flying, I slammed into the wall and before I passed out I saw Crocea Mors heading right for my head. I don't remember anything after that," Ruby said as she fidgeted with her hands.

Ozpin was highly conflicted at this moment, he felt glad that Jaune was innocent as he had predicted, but now extremely worried about the boy as well as internally furious at the girls for what they had done. His train of thought was derailed when he heard Ruby try to speak up out of the silence.

"Um, sir, please tell me. Where is Jaune? What happened to him?" Ruby asked, looking up at Ozpin with desperate eyes. Ozpin sighed at this and walked over to his desk and sat down, a hand pressed against his forehead.

"He's fi-" Yang was about to say before she was interrupted by Glynda, "Silence!" she roared, clearly extremely angry.

"Miss Rose, please, come here and have a seat. There is something you need to see," Ozpin said as he gestured to the chair before him, to which Ruby slowly walked towards and sat in.

"Be aware Miss Rose, what you're about to see may be slightly unnerving," Ozpin said, looking at the girl with regretful eyes.

Ozpin sighed as he pressed a key on his desk and began to play. Ruby then watched the horrifying footage.

As she watched the footage, her heart broke, she witnessed her sister and new friends throw a beaten Jaune into a locker and send him off to God knows where. She had seen Pyrrha but was slightly confused as to why she didn't help Jaune, but realized Pyrrha wasn't at fault, especially after what she had done earlier.

After the footage concluded, tears began to fall down Ruby's cheeks as she began to whimper at what happened to Jaune. It took a minute before Ozpin could muster up the courage to say anything. "Miss Rose?" Ozpin asked in a soft voice.

Ruby looked up at him, her eyes still streaming tears and beet red, "The locker… Do you know where it is now?" Ruby asked, looking for something to cling to for support.

"After Mr. Arc was launched we were able to track where he went. Unfortunately, he landed in an area that has an overwhelmingly large number of Grimm and after moments we lost the locker's signal. I'm sorry Miss Rose, he's gone," Ozpin said looking Ruby in the eyes.

At that moment Ruby's eyes lost all light.

Tears began to pour from her eyes at an even higher pace, but she made no sound. She stood up and turned around and began to walk towards the exit.

Seeing this Yang walked over to intercept Ruby.

"Ruby, wait, you have to listen to-" Yang began before being harshly slapped across the face by Ruby.

Yang was so shocked by this she could barely move.

"I can't believe you Yang. He was the first real friend I had ever made. He didn't want to be my friend to get close to you. He didn't want to use me. He just wanted to be my friend. You robbed him from me. You flew in before understanding anything and destroyed the one person I could call a friend." Ruby said as she looked up at Yang with tears still falling from her eyes.

"Ruby-" Weiss said as she and Blake stepped forward, only to be interrupted, "NO!" Ruby yelled at her old friends.

"I believed in the three of you! I trusted you! I expected Yang to do this, but you two helping her only makes it worse!" Ruby yelled as she turned towards the two girls who were now frozen in place.

"I hate you…" Ruby said as she looked down at the ground and turned back towards Yang, making the blonde brawler open her eyes in awe.

"I will work with the three of you. I will stay with the three of you. We will still go on missions together. But we will never be friends again, and you, Yang…" Ruby said as she looked up at her older sister with an unbelievable level of hatred.

"I hate you with all of my heart. You're not my sister." Ruby said with a hate filled tone, breaking the three girl's hearts.

With that being said, Ruby stormed passed Yang, shoving her aside, making her fall onto her side, unable to move as she was in shock.

Pyrrha glared at each of the girls as she followed Ruby into the elevator and closed the door, giving the two of them privacy.

Pyrrha looked down at Ruby and gave her a hug, letting her weep into her chest. "I'm so sorry Ruby. I'm so, so sorry," Pyrrha said as she herself began to cry a bit herself.

The rest of the elevator ride was filled with heart broken tears.

Back in Ozpin's office, no one moved a muscle, Yang was down and heartbroken while Blake and Weiss were enveloped in their self-loathing. Glynda was so angry she could destroy the entire school and that would not be enough to soothe her anger, but still did her best to control it.

Ozpin, however, leaned forward into his desk and spoke up, "Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long. You three are to return to your dorm rooms immediately. You will be led there by Professor Port and will be kept in there until further notice. The full extent of your punishment will be decided in the near future, however, know that your parents will be notified of your actions and the Arc family will be notified as well. With that you are excused," Ozpin said as he gestured towards the door.

Glynda watched as the girls began walking towards the door in a defeated manner, shoulders slumped and legs heavy.

"You three had such promise to become great huntresses. You bring all of us at Beacon great sorrow," Ozpin said as the girls walked into the elevator and the door promptly closing behind them.

The three rode down in silence until Blake spoke up, "What now Yang?" the black-haired girl asked.

Yang just shook her head, "I don't know. There's nothing we can do now. We messed up, and I don't think we can fix this," Yang said before she fell silent along with the other two for the rest of the elevator ride.

As Yang looked down, she saw that she was standing in a puddle and immediately realized it was tears, and that finally broke the dam, and she began crying too.

Team RWBY was officially broken.


24 hours later in the Grimmlands, Salem has just finished repairing Jaune. He looked more or less the same, thanks to Salem's adaptive Grimm, but he had visible scars on him that would take time to heal.

"And with that, we are finished," Salem said as she looked down at Jaune's newly repaired form.

"Quite the handsome boy," Salem said as she put a hand to his face and slowly stroked it from his cheek down to his chin.

After all that, I need to rest, that was a highly strenuous process, Salem thought to herself as she walked over to the other side of the bed and laid down beside the slumbering blond.

He will wake up soon enough, so I should use that time to rest, we have many things to attend to, Salem thought to herself as she closed her eyes and fell asleep quite promptly as she felt at ease beside the blond.

About 4 hours later, Jaune's eyes shot open and he inhaled quickly, giving his whole body a jumpstart.

He looked around to his left and saw that he was in a bedroom of some sort, however, the door looked extremely odd. He began to sit up, slowly, however, expecting pain to shoot through him, but it never came.

Jaune did not feel much extraordinary amounts of pain. He looked over his body and saw that everything looked good as new, even better than before even.

As he was about to lean back and use his arms as support, his arm came into contact with something soft. He turned around in shock and saw a woman with white skin with red veins popping out from her cheeks and a black gem in the center of her forehead.

The sight of this woman shocked him so much, and along with what he had just done, he fell out of the bed and immediately began to run for the door. However, before he could even take a few steps his whole body froze.

What the- Why did I stop?! Jaune yelled in his head.

"Leaving so soon? Even after all the effort I put in to save your life?" Salem said from behind Jaune as she sat up and began to walk towards him, her eyes glowing red.

"Who are you?!" Jaune asked, panic evident in his voice, making Salem smirk slightly.

"I am Salem, Queen of the Grimm," that introduction made Jaune's blood freeze. He had never even considered the Grimm had a master, but with her, he realized there was and that only terrified him.

"Why am I here and why can't I move?" Jaune asked in quick succession.

"You ask many questions, I will fix that in the future, but for now I will answer you. You are here because I found you deep in the Grimmlands, injured and inches from death, you could say you owe your life to me. As for why you can't move, that is a bit more complex. Your body was so injured, you could not be saved with any surgery or medicine, so I manipulated Grimm biology and infused it with your own, repairing your body and enhancing it. It is because of that Grimm part of you that I am able to control you," Salem explained as she walked around Jaune's form, analyzing him to be sure she did a proper job of repairing him.

After Salem's explanation, Jaune then remembered everything that had happened with Yang and the others and he stopped trying to run, relaxing his body. Salem saw this and let him go, surrendering control back to him and allowing him to fall to his knees.

"What is your name?" Salem asked as she looked at Jaune with curiosity in her eyes.

"Jaune," Jaune replied bluntly.

"Well, Jaune, I have given you a second chance at life. One does not get a chance like this very often, so I ask you… what do you want out of this?" Salem asked, a smirk on her face.

Jaune stayed on his knees, remembering everything that happened. All the things Yang had said. All the things Blake said. All the things Weiss said. And how Pyrrha abandoned him. He thought of all this and he began to give off a massive amount of anger and hatred.

"Revenge. I want revenge." Jaune said as he stood up and looked Salem in the eyes.

Salem's eyes widened, never before had she seen someone like Jaune before, there were many like Cinder who were in pursuit of power, but Jaune was out for revenge and that excited Salem. She felt as though the two were more alike than she had originally thought they would be.

"If that is what you wish, I can provide you the means to accomplish that. Follow me," Salem said as she walked towards the door, to which is opened.

Salem and Jaune walked out the door and down the corridors for several minutes. Jaune surveyed his surroundings, he was shocked that such a place could exist, but he did not let those thoughts distract him from his goal.

Soon enough, Jaune and Salem reached a room that stored many relics as they were all displayed. Most of them were weapons, armour, even a few bodies were hung from the roof in that room, but those were not what Salem was after.

Salem led Jaune over to a large vase over on a pillar in the back of the room, under a spotlight.

"Jaune, why do you want revenge? Against who?" Salem asked as she walked around the pillar, keeping her eyes on Jaune. Jaune's face contorted at that into an angered expression.

"All of my life I had been seen as a lesser person. Someone who was seen as nothing, however, I was able to get into Beacon Academy and I made friends who supported me, but… I was thrust into a situation that I did not expect and before I could understand what was happening I was under attack. The friends I made, the people I almost considered my new family turned their backs on me and beat me into what you saw earlier and left me for dead. I want to make them pay for that. I will make them suffer as I have suffered. I will not stop until everyone and everything they love is dead at their feet! And only after I destroy them entirely will I kill them," Jaune roared in rage.

Salem smiled at this and lifted her hand, placing it on the top of the vase's lid. "This is blood of a Grimm Dragon, if you drink this and survive, you will be able to control the Grimm just like I can, command them at your will and unlock many more powers. With the help of this, you can get one step closer to your revenge," Salem said as she lifted the lid off the top of the vase.

The stench of the blood was ghastly, it almost made Jaune vomit on the spot, however, he fought the urge back and grabbed the vase and brought it up to his lips.

"Do it Jaune and gain the power you need. The power you deserve," Salem said, pushing Jaune to drink it. Jaune steeled himself and began drinking the blood.

The taste was horrid, but he did not allow that to stop him, he knew that he had nothing to lose, so he just kept drinking.

Soon enough he finished drinking the blood. He was panting, trying to regain his breath after having not inhaled for a while. He threw the vase against the wall, shattering it and sending glass shards all over the place.

Before Jaune could calm down, he felt an enormous burning pain in his chest. The pain began to spread from his core throughout his body. Jaune began to yell in pain as he fell to his knees, the burning becoming unbearable, almost consuming him.

"Fight it Jaune, make it submit to you!" Salem said, looking down at him, internally hoping this does not kill him.

Jaune's breath became much more ragged as he began to mumble under his breath. "You… you… belong…" Jaune said, growing in volume as he rose off of his knees back onto his feet. His body convulsing, growing.

His muscles filled out as red veins began to pop and his eyes fell black with red iris'. The red beginning to glow insanely brightly as he finally reaches his feet and stand up straight, Salem seeing that he grew taller.

"You belong to me!" Jaune yelled as a shockwave of energy erupted from Jaune, crashing into the walls, cracking them and threatening to fall.

Salem was only able to stare in awe at Jaune's new form, surprised to see that his eyes were now the same as hers, his hair jet black in colour and now at an impressive height of 6'5".

"Yes… Yes. Yes! You are no longer Jaune Arc, for now, you are my Lucifer. I am the Queen of the Grimm, while you will stand beside me as my King, and together, we shall crush all those who oppose us!" Salem said as Jaune looked down at her with a strong gaze, only for him to kneel before her and speak, "Yes, my Master," earning a slight blush from Salem.

"No, I am not your Master, I am your wife," Salem said as she pulled his chin up to face her before aggressively kissing him, before Jaune quickly reciprocated the kiss. The heated kiss continued, lips crashing together, tongues dancing and wet noises resonating throughout the room. The kiss only stopped when both of them needed breath.

"Come my love, we will have time to show our love for each other, but for now, there are things we must attend to," Salem said as she began to walk towards the door.

"Of course, my love," Jaune replied as he followed Salem out the door.


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