Summary: With her treachery revealed, Cordelia wants to know how and why.

Disclaimer: The characters and setting aren't mine: they belong to their creators and/or owners.

Rating: PG-13, for themes.

Time Frame: Seconds after the last scene of "Players." (spoilers!)

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Comments: It's been a while since I tried a drabble, and this is just perfect for one.


Revealed in her treachery, Cordelia snarled at the grim Fang Gang: "How did you know? Did you find fragments of the soul bottle in my room? Did that pathetic little fool Connor tell you I ordered him to kill Angelus? Did Lorne's empathy detect my wicked plans for you do-gooders?" There was silence, and Cordelia screamed: "Damn you, I have to know!" How could you possibly have known it was me?"

Wesley shrugged and replied, "Every time you've been pregnant with demon spawn, you turned evil. Just playing the odds."

Cordelia shrieked in frustration, as the others descended upon her.
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