All was quiet in the castle of volterra. The home of the worlds most powerful vampires. Until this very night, where poor Demetri's world was turned upside down.

" Please i must speak to Demetri , i know he's here, he always is. It's absolutely crucial" the human girl begged the receptionist, who was packing to go home. Sighing with a huff the receptionist paged Demetri, whom arrived almost at once. " this lady says its crucial to speak with you about something she cannot trust me to pass on sir" Gianna rushed out bowing her head in respect. " Well in that case Gianna have no worry i shall deal with this you continue heading home" Demetri ordered not taking his eyes from the woman in front of him. Gianna didn't need to be asked twice , in the blink of an eye she was gone. " hmm now what was so crucial that you had to interrupt?" Demetri questioned with a raised brow. " There is no easy way to say this but the night we spent together three years ago resulted in me being pregnant. It was an absurd time , i went through the usual nine months of pregnancy in just one , the baby came and almost killed me when we were both released the baby was only three days old yet she looked three months. Her growth didn't slow when she cried any living thing around her screeched in pain, she moved things. There were times her eyes were pure black like a demon. I couldn't take it anymore so i left her wrapped in a blanket on a doorstep in forks. I left our baby girl Artemis without a second thought. I know what you are and i have one thing to ask of you and that is to kill me please, i can't bear the pain and guilt of what I've done" the woman had finished. Demetri froze surely vampires cant reproduce. There was one immortal who could distinguish the truth from the lies. Aro.

" follow me ?"Demetri spoke leading the way to the throne room."master? There is something you must see?" Demetri spoke on one knee with his head bowed and his hand stretched out for Aro to read. Aro took Demetri's hand only to let go moments later to grasp the humans hand who more than willingly complied ." Demetri, i must say everything she has told you is the truth, so my dear friend a congratulations are in order. I've never seen anything like it , you've a remarkable daughter Demetri, mark my words we will find you daughter, my princess will be where she rightfully belongs, now first things first have Carlisle Cullen on the phone as he was the doctor to deliver and my sweet Jane , go through adoption reports and news reports from this day three years ago for a baby left on a doorstep in the Forks area have Heidi assist you. Report back immediately now go" with that Felix, Jane and Heidi left the room at the speed of light." now what do with you? you wish to die in circumstances like these i would be more than generous but for leaving an innocent child the way you did, did you not think to bring her here whilst she was young, so she could be with her father and with me? for your selfish actions you'll ive the remainder of your life in the dungeons until I say otherwise am I clear? good so glad" Aro replied with a smile, alec took the woman by the elbow and took her to the dungeons. Felix returned with the leader of the Cullen's on the phone .Aro took the device from him and left the throne room to head for his chambers, he'd do anything to have Demetri's daughter back, so beautiful and talented as a baby to imagine her in her adult form, made Aros frozen body actual feel something.

After speaking to Carlisle, who apparently didn't really know much of the situation, had said that the chief of police in Forks had a baby on his door step 3 years ago and he's raised her since. She looks twenty one the last few times Carlisle had done a health check. Shockingly Charlie the chief of police didn't question anything , he was just grateful for the second chance to be a parent. Aro decided to wait and see what Jane and Heidi found out before reacting. Moments later ,they came through the door Jane clutching a few papers . she handed the papers to aro and the copies to Demetri. There on the one article was the chief of police holding a baby with the greenest eyes and the darkest black hair either immortal had seen. Standing with the chief and his 'new' daughter was himself. devising a plan Aro sent the best guard to observe and find his princess. The Elite guard consisted mainly of four guards Demetri , Felix ,Jane and Alec. They were who was sent as they never failed their job.