An illusion called truth

Author's Note: Uh, so. This just might be my favorite of my CLAMP drabbles (in case you haven't read any the Disclaimer, yeah, it's a series; I've written many drabbles of several different CLAMP works, and now I've been working on posting them). So, if I'm just this tiny bit… poetic with it, happens.

But, yeah, so, warnings… Hm, Character Death. It's a pre-canonical xxxHOLiC story. As in, it's canonical, but happens before anything of Holic ever starts. As I wrote in the Summary: "OR: How Yuuko came to be stuck in the Shop and everything came to be in Holic, according to Clow". So, spoilers?

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. . .

There was an illusion, a fakeness that was spread by word of mouth. A rumor in the air, a lie everyone believed in. Something that should be true.

An illusion called truth. Well. Wasn't that fitting?

It was said that time couldn't be stopped, even if you wished for it. Even if someone wanted it to, time was unchangeable.

Except for Clow Reed, oh great mage, apparently.

All it took was for me to wish to have her for one moment more. For one remote moment, one extended second. I just wished to be able to touch you, to see your smile, the shine in your eyes. I wished to feel your warmth, enjoy the smoothness of your skin, the silkiness of your hair. I wanted only to observe you, eternally, a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, a blossoming flower, a setting sun. I just wanted to have you for me, by my side, to be able to love you for one second only, because your beauty was the most awing beauty in the world.

And I needed your voice more than I needed air. I wanted your body in my arms more than I had ever wished to create anything. I wanted to see your smile, hear your little nothingness more than I wished to discover any mystery in the universe. I longed for that peace, the peace I'd ever only found with you, in you, for eternity.

And I found it.

I found it, in the silence of death, in the heated eyes of a dying woman. I found my peace when I held you in my arms, little more than a shadow, a smile that disappeared in your face. I found peace when I held your face in my hands and wished, more than anything.

Time does not stop, for anyone.

But I could make it wait, until I the time when I were ready to lose you.