In The Arms Of a Killer


He let go of her and went and laid on the bed with his hands behind his head. Bulma got the idea and came and sat on top of him.

"We're gunna be here for a while aren't we?"



Vegeta wiped the sweat off his face in the harsh sunlight as he dragged the body to a suitable spot. He left it out in the open and went back to get Jack. With him, he left him in the middle of the road. Little did he know, was that there was someone watching. This person called the police, and told them where he was.

"Yeah. The Reaper is near Bulma's house. I think he's heading back there now. He dumped someone out in a field and another in the middle of the road." He spoke into the mobile phone.

"No. I can't check if he's alive. Everything is too open. He'd see me. Okay. Get out here as fast as you can.

Bye." The man hung up and chuckled to himself.

"No one's going to have Bulma if I can't." He ran a finger down the scar on his cheek. "Stupid bitch. She shouldn't have dumped me. Even so, she'll get herself killed hanging around that arsehole."

Vegeta made it back to Bulma's house without any problems, yet he felt something was wrong. He had cleaned up and slipped back under Bulma's covers completely naked. He was gently caressing her thigh and placing light kisses on her neck, making her giggle, when he heard the first sirens.

"Oh shit……How did they know I was here?" Vegeta bolted around the room searching for some new clothes. Bulma was sitting up in bed with the covers around her naked form.

"What? What's going on? Why are you leaving?"

"Are you deaf?! Can you not hear that?! It's the police!"

"It might be an ambulance."

"No. Trust me. It's the cops. I spent the last few years in prison……I think I know what a police siren sounds like. That's no ambulance."

"Okay okay! Don't get snitchy."

Vegeta pulled on his boots. He slipped the gun into the leather straps inside his jumpsuit, and jumped out the window. Bulma held the sheets around her and went over to where he disappeared. She leaned out the window and placed her lips on his.

"Don't get caught okay? I need you……" A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"It's okay onna. I'll come back." Vegeta wiped the trail of moisture off her face and kissed her on the forehead, and brushing some of her hair over behind her ear. He nuzzled her neck before taking off toward the forest. Unfortunately, all was not meant to be, and some officers with very good eyesight saw him running full speed across the fields parallel to the road.

They veered off the track and started following him, not being able to go full speed because of the bumpy terrain. Vegeta got into the forest, and they stopped their cars, getting out, and starting to chase him on foot. Other officers jumped out of the back of vans with large German Sheperd dogs, to help track the escaped killer down.

Vegeta was not stupid, he knew he was outnumbered. 56 to 1 to be exact. They used a lot of men because they knew of the dangers associated with this seemingly inferior weapon. It did, afterall, help him to elude the law for so long.

Vegeta could feel his heart beating so hard that he thought it would burst straight through his chest. It was about all he could hear. The pounding of it rang in his skull. His heavy breathing came in short gasps as he leapt over fallen trees and nearly tripped over raised tree roots.

Flashes of his orange-clad figure could be seen darting in and out of the dark forest. He could faintly hear the barking of the dogs behind him, and he risked a glance behind him. The nearest one was about 300 meters away. Trails of sweat and dust slid down his face and he wiped them out of his eyes. He had to get away; not for himself, but for Bulma.

It wasn't long before his breathing turned into laboured gasps of air and wheezing – he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. The police showed no signs they were giving up.

He coughed and tried to suck in more air as he swerved around a large oak tree. His lips were dry and his throat was parched, and his tounge felt like it had swollen and suddenly grown a thick coat of fur. He realized he was starting to slow down when he took another look and found the men were much closer.

'I……Can't give up now……I must……Escape……For her……It's always been for her……Bulma……'

Vegeta felt the searing pain in his side before he heard the gun go off. He stumbled a bit before falling to his knees. Everything seemed to go in slow motion for him as the leaf covered ground rushed up to meet him. He lay there wheezing from his running and from the bullet. He knew it had grazed his lung because he was coughing up a bit of blood.

He couldn't really make sense of what was going on around him. Everything was in a haze, and there were fuzzy voices above him that sounded like they were mumbling nonsense. He felt the wet nose of one of the dogs sniffing at his face, and then the growling of its handler came when it tried to lick the blood off him.

Someone rolled him over, and he could do no more than lay there and spit more blood out of his mouth. It was starting to clog his airway, and he could only hope he would live to see Bulma one last time. The pain was excruciating, but it seemed to dull down to numbness.

He tilted his head the slightest bit, and saw the huge patch of crimson in his jumpsuit. The last thing he saw before the darkness overcame him was the Witchblade being taken from him and smashed into pieces on a rock.

He whispered a single word before he passed out.



Bulma sat outside the operating theatre rocking back and forth on a chair as tears streamed down her face. She was sobbing hysterically as the two officers either side of her exchanged worried glances. One handed her a tissue and told her that it would probably be better if he died anyway. To this she screamed that it might stop the pain for him, but it would live on forever in her. And that she didn't want to lose him like that.

About 4 hours later, a surgeon came out of the theatre. He had splatters of blood on his gown, and didn't look too happy.

Bulma was asleep in the chair with handcuffs on her wrist, and a blanket over her small form. One of the men shook her awake and pointed to the doctor when she could see straight.

"Miss Briefs? Vegeta is doing okay, there is a large blood loss, but we've fixed that. He's going to have to go into the critical care unit until he stablises. Then he will be moved to the prison hospital. It might do him some good if you went in to visit him, and I hate to be the one to say this, but it wouldn't matter if he died now anyway. From what I've heard, he's not the type of guy who would like to be caught and given the death sentence. He would rather die outside of custody. Plus, there is the fact nobody but you would care if he died or not, in fact, I'd say they'd have a field day with it."

Bulma threw her used tissue at the surgeon and sniffed loudly. The man lead her to the ward they were keeping Vegeta in. The policemen were not far behind.

Vegeta lay on a hospital bed hooked up to all kinds of machines, with tube that went around his head and stuck into his nose to allow him to breathe easier. She placed her cuffed hands on his chest and leaned over to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Her tears fell down onto his face and ran down his cheek. Bulma raised both hands up again and caressed his widows peak.

"You told me you'd come back……" She whispered. Bulma buried her face into his chest and sobbed. She was surprised when she felt a hand touch her own. She looked up and found Vegeta was watching her through almost closed eyes. His breathing was laboured, and he wheezed a bit.

He grabbed her hand and interlaced his fingers with hers. "They'll never keep us apart……Even if I do die……So stop worrying……I've accepted my fate……I know what will happen……" Vegeta glared at the two officers, and they took it as their cue to leave.

"Onna……Bulma……Maybe……Maybe it's better this way. I was thinking about……giving up anyway……It seems like I've lost all passion for killing……Because of you……I would rather be around you……than kill……You were the reason……The reason I stayed around so long……If it wasn't for you……I would have given up……A long time ago……To tell you the truth……Long before I met you……I had this obsession……with you……And I hate to admit it……But I was one of those regular killers……I did stalk you for quite some time……And you didn't even know……I have a whole chest full of stuff that I've collected over the years……It was like you were some kind of goddess, and I was a follower……I was going to make you part of the collection……Something I had never aquired……But then all this happened……And I couldn't harm you no matter how hard I tried……If you are wondering why I'm telling you this……It's because I might not get another chance to……"

A little trickle of blood made its way out of the corner of his mouth. He slowly lifted a hand up and wiped it away. He held the finger up to the light, and smirked when Bulma grabbed it and put it in her mouth, sucking the liquid off.

He made gurgling sounds as more blood flooded his throat and he began choking. Bulma could see it staining his teeth red, and it only made her cry harder. He gripped her hand tightly and closed his eyes. Two doctors ran into the room and pulled Bulma away from his bedside, causing her to kick and scream, while they wheeled him back into the operating theatre.

Bulma was left in an empty room, sitting on her knees on the floor, rocking back and forth, humming the song Vegeta wrote for her so long ago while the tears kept flowing.


One week later, Vegeta was stable enough to be put into the prison hospital. Bulma visited him every day.

"You know, you won't be able to do this when I get put back into Scarlet Lake. They don't have a visiting centre. I don't think that they think we deserve one."

"Fuck 'em then. I'm gunna find some way to come see you." Bulma sniffed.

Vegeta chuckled at her antics. "Come here onna." Vegeta held out his arms, and Bulma snuggled into them. She was careful not to touch the place he had been injured.

Occasionally, Vegeta had trouble breathing, so Bulma wanted to stay with him until he was completely better. She had been in the hospital for a whole week, and she knew they both would hate hospital food, so she went out and bought them some decent stuff.

She lay her head on his shoulder and rubbed his chest, listening to his heart beat. Vegeta held her to him and ran his hand up and down her back. He knew there wasn't too much time before he'd have to do the court case and get his sentence, although he already knew what it would be.

He tilted his head and nuzzled his face into her hair, taking in the vanilla scent. The very first time he saw her in the newspaper he knew he would have an obsession with her. Bulma moved up a bit in the bed so he could reach her better. He kissed her shoulder and trailed his way up to her cheek. He brushed his lips across her closed eyelids and down to her mouth. He drew her bottom lip into his mouth and nibbled on it, before they parted and just held each other.


Soon enough time had passed for Vegeta to be let back into Scarlet Lake. Bulma was quite upset, and even though he didn't show it, Vegeta was too. He would have to stay in prison for one more month because the judge they needed wouldn't be available until then.

Bulma hadn't seen him for a week, and frankly, she was pissed off. She did have to go to jail for a bit, but she got off on bail. She had her own court case that was kept secret from the media, and she was fined $700,000. Now she decided to use her social position and money to her advantage.

A visitors section in the male and female sides was erected in her name from the money and orders she gave. Of course, the prisoners had heard of some construction work going on, but they didn't know what it was for. They were quite excited really.

Eventually, it was finished. An obese prison guard waddled into Vegeta's cramped cell, where he was drawing all kind of pictures of Bulma on the walls with coloured chalk. There was only one wall that he hadn't got around to doing yet.

"Come on. There's a surprise waiting for you. I don't think you deserve it you sadistic bastard."

Vegeta turned around, completely confused. There were dark bags under his eyes – he had not had a good night's sleep since he came back here. They never gave you "surprises" here. It was against the rules. Never-the-less, he got up off the floor and wiped the blue chalk dust off his hands and followed the man.

The guard led him to the construction site. "Get in there." With that, he left after securing the door.

Vegeta cautiously walked down the hallway and went through a door. What he saw did in fact surprise him. It was a room with a bunch of desks with thick glass seperating them from the other side – a visiting centre. He knew of only one person who could be behind this – Bulma.

He saw her sitting on the other side of one of the desks. She waved to him and he came over. They both picked up the phones.

"I told you I'd find a way to visit you." She smiled.

Vegeta returned her smile tiredly. His was more of a smirk though.

"Poor 'Geta. Not getting enough sleep?"

Vegeta nodded. "I guess I got too used to sleeping with you. It's all really cold here, not to mention how hard it is to sleep through the screams of some guy who got stuck in a cell with Billy Bones, or as we call him, Billy Boner." He chuckled.

Bulma smirked at him. "How's the food?"

Vegeta pretended to stick his finger down his throat like he was making himself vomit. She laughed at him.

"Don't worry, I brought you some stuff that I thought might be of help. I bet it'll make the others jealous." Vegeta's eyes brightened at that comment.

Bulma put her hand up to the glass. "I miss you……" She told him sadly.

Vegeta nodded in understanding. "……Me too……"

Bulma was silent a bit before an evil grin crept it's way onto her face. Vegeta looked at her curiously. She rolled up her sleeve to reveal the Iceblade. It had changed from a bracelet into an armguard, decorated with swirls of emerald green and sapphire blue. The metal was still a blue-silver. The big sapphire was in the middle of it, and it now had what looked like a little red flame dancing inside of it.

Vegeta's eyes widened until the point Bulma thought they would pop out. He was choking on his words.

"D-Do you know what that means?!" He hissed through clenched teeth.

She nodded proudly. "I went to see Kenneth. He was quite shocked. I get full power out of the blade now. I've tested it out. It's awesome. There was this powerful energy racing through my body. It made me more perceptive than ever before. It has incredible strength. It was like something was taking over my body. It was like I wielded all the power in the universe, like it was going to rip me apart. But it didn't. When I get angry, it seems like this other person comes out, like a spirit, and takes over, guiding me. It has this strange calmness about it, and a shadowed side, that I can make no sense of. I think it is a bladeweilder of the past, trying to tell me something." She whispered back.

"What does this spirit look like? Did you see?"

"Yes. It was a woman, not much younger than me. She had shoulder length black hair, and these piercing blue eyes. Her voice was soft and caring, like a mothers. She was small, but very strong. She had on armour like I did, yet it was different in some way, like it didn't have as much metal. She was very beautiful, and had a certain grace about her. I could tell she was intelligent."

"I……C-can't believe it……You……You of all people……You must be a decendant as well……Only people of a strong bladewielders blood can have the full power of it. Like I did. There is only one person who has been able to wield the Iceblade at full power……And that was a witch by the name of Gara Aelfric. She was much like Joan of Arc in her ways. She tried to save the people, but was captured and killed because of witchcraft accusations, which were actually true, yet they thought she was evil. That is the only person I can think of that you decribe."

"Wow. So you mean I might be a witch?" Bulma whispered, taking a quick glance over to the guard in the corner reading a magazine.

"It's possible, I mean, Gara had the power to heal, and to change people. As far as I can tell, you've been doing that to me."

Bulma smiled. "How do you know so much about her?"

"Remember how I told you I was a lot older than I looked?"

"Oh." Bulma got the point. "So you met her?"

"Yes. And you were right. She is very intelligent and caring, yet you don't want to get her mad. The strength that one woman had in the palm of her hand had the power to change the world, and she would have had she not been executed."

"But what am I supposed to do? She is trying to contact me, but I can't seem to understand her. She is speaking in a language I don't know."

"Go back to Kenneth, tell him of your visions and say some of the words Gara said to you. He will be able to identify it. He is a master at dead languages."

"Okay. I'll tell you what this Gara is trying to tell me when I find out. The visiting time is nearly over, so I'll go give the stuff I got you to that old guy over there with the swimsuit magazine then." Bulma got up and gave the bag of stuff to the old man, who's name was Roshi, and went back over to Vegeta.

"He's gunna let me in there for a sec, I persuaded him to let me give you a kiss goodbye." She spoke into the phone with a happy tone.

Vegeta got up and went over to the locked door. Roshi opened it and told him to step back while he let Bulma in. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Vegeta did the same. They put their lips together and deepened the kiss straight away. Vegeta held her face to his, and she held him to her. The kiss had to end sometime, and when it did, Vegeta held her to him and whispered into her ear.

"You're an angel you know that? You've changed me so much. And for once I don't even care. If anyone else tried the things you did, they wouldn't have lived to see the light of day. I don't understand all of these feelings, but as long as they stay there, then I'll be happy. I'm only going to say this once, but thankyou……for everything……My little angel……" Vegeta kissed her once more and let her go, taking the bag from Roshi, he gave her a little wave before heading back to his cell.

Bulma was wondering if this was all a dream as she walked out of the prison compound with tears of joy and sadness in her eyes.


"After hearing this evidence, jury, have you come to a decision?" Judge Jenny Wilkinson asked gravely.

"Yes your Honour, we have."

"Bailiff? Will you bring me the jurours decision?" The bulky man took the slip of paper from the woman, and passed it over to the judge.

"And the final verdict in this courtroom is……Vegeta Williams, aka the Reaper, we find you guilty of all the crimes. Your sentence? Capital punishment……Now I don't normally do this, but the public will decide on the method of killing." Vegeta sat in silence in the prisoners dock, as his head drooped, staring at his handcuffed hands.

"No! You can't do that!" Bulma yelled, standing up. Tears were flowing from her eyes, making it hard to see.

"Miss Briefs! Sit down! Just because you are the heiress to the world's biggest fortune doesn't mean you can speak anytime you want!"

"I don't care! You c-can't kill him! I……I love him! You just can't! There is no way that my baby is growing up without a father! Even if he is a serial killer!"

Everyone gasped, and the room went silent. Vegeta looked up at her with an expression of hopelessness on his face. "No……Bulma. Just……Just leave it. You can still raise him by yourself. It……It's better off this way. I won't be able to kill anymore. Just leave me to my fate. I deserve it……" His voice cracked and he looked down again. Bulma flopped down in her chair and slumped down onto the desk, crying hysterically into her folded arms, while her lawyer, a close friend of hers, rubbed her back soothingly.

Bulma parents sat in the audience. Although they didn't like Vegeta that much, they felt they had an obligation to come.

"Until the day we tally the votes, you are to remain in solitary confinement. Court dismissed."


The public was in an uproar about the Reaper's capture and punishment. Hotline phones were ringing nonstop. This was more exciting than voting for the next leader of the country. People used email, SMS, phone, letters, and anything else possible to cast their votes. The results were:

Electric Chair: 25%

Lethal Injection: 49%

Hanging: 12%

Taste of his own medicine (torture and mutilation): 14%

The majority of the people decided that Lethal Injection was the way to go. So that was the verdict. In a room behind the courtroom Bulma and Vegeta sat together talking. He had on his prison jumpsuit, and the type of cuffs that went around your hands and feet and were connected by a chain so he couldn't run away.

"Vegeta! I don't want you to die! I don't want to be alone!" Bulma sniffed. Vegeta didn't say anything, he just sat in silent contemplation. "Say something dammit!" Bulma shook him roughly. He just placed his cuffed hands on her hips and closed his eyes, resting his head on her shoulder.

"There is nothing I can do. This is my fate……So be it."

The door opened and two well-built security guards walked in. "Time to go buddy. We gotta stick you back in that cell for a couple of days until they are ready for you!" They laughed meanly, and roughly dragged him out of the room, leaving Bulma to cry silently to herself.

Vegeta was given a last request, and it could be anything he wanted, except for freedom. Of all the things he could have picked, he chose to spend the last night of his life with Bulma.


Vegeta was strapped down to a cold metal table in a grey room in the Scarlet Lake prison. One arm was left partially free so they could inject the stuff into his arm. Bulma had told him that she wouldn't be able to stand seeing him be killed so therefore she didn't want to come. The executioner was about to stick the needle into his arm, when an officer had used the phone in the chamber he was in, telling him to wait for a bit. They had apparently got a phonecall from the Briefs family saying that Bulma was coming after all. Vegeta actually halfway smiled for the first time in his life. He relaxed his muscles and lay on the cold metal until Bulma came.

The door flung open and Bulma stood there panting. Reporters stood behind her with their cameras and mircrophones, trying to get a word out of her. All she did was close the door in their faces, and they were forced to record from another chamber with a glass window that looked into the room. Bulma slowly walked up to the table where Vegeta lay. She looked down at him and touched his face. "I couldn't let someone else kill you. If anyone has to do it then I want it to be me. And I want to share the same fate as you." Vegeta looked up in her in horror.

"No! You can't! The baby!"

She placed a finger on his lips. "Look. No one can ever take you place. I don't want anyone else but you to be the father. So this is the easy way. We'll all die together." A solitary tear fell onto Vegeta chest from Bulma's eyes.

"Bulma. Don't do this. You have all the strength and power you need. Which reminds me, what was Gara saying?"

Bulma sniffed. "She was saying that I have inherited her magical powers and that I need to learn how to use them. She was telling of all the different things I would be able to do. But she understood that I was with you, and she approved, and that I could continue with it."

"I'm not going to let you kill yourself and our child, you know that right?"

Bulma nodded. "Yes. B-But……"

"No buts. I know you are strong enough to live without me. And besides, you'll always have a part of me around." He told her, refering to the baby.

Bulma broke down in tears once more and sobbed into his chest. He raised one arm up as best he could and rubbed her back.

"I know you don't want to see me die, so I think you should leave……" He whispered to her.

Bulma stood up and gave him a last kiss goodbye. "I love you……So much……"

The reporters in the other chamber stood watching in sympathy. One of the females started to silently cry. "Pack it up. I can't do this….."

With that the cameraman turned off his equipment, and he and the sound guy left. The others stood in silence and agreed. They all left too.

Bulma walked out of the chamber and took the same route the reporters did, except she veered off and went to the wardens office to lay down for a while.



A little lavender-haired boy bounced around the kitchen as his mother took the last batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.

"Can I have some now?? Pleeeeeeeaasssseee??" He whined.

Bulma laughed. "Alright, but be careful, they are very hot." She warned.

Trunks took a cookie off the pile and shoved it into his mouth. He made a happy face when he could taste the gooey chocolate he'd been waiting for so long to eat. He sat at the table and took the glass of milk his mother held out to him. They sat in silence and munched on their snacks.

"Mum?" He asked softly with no expression on his face at all.

"Yes dear?"

"What was dad like?"

Bulma was silent and she bowed her head, trying not to let her son see the tears in her eyes.

"Y-You don't have to answer if it make you upset mum." Trunks stuttered uncomfortably. He hated it when his mother was upset. She was the strongest woman he knew, and it hurt to see her cry.

"N-No. It's okay son……You deserve to know……" Bulma took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom upstairs. She told him to sit on the bed, while she reached up into her cupboard and pulled down a box of things. She sat it on the bed.

"You know that project you are doing in History class? The one about famous serial killers?" She asked.

"Yeah. But what has that got to do with father?"

"You know who you were doing it on?" She continued.

"Yeah. The Reaper. The most dangerous of them all." He grinned.

"Well son……In here I have some things of your father's……" Bulma opened the box and took out an orange jumpsuit, with the faded leters on the back that said Scarlet Lake.

"Oh my god! Father was in the same prison as the Reaper?! Does he have a mugshot? I wanna see what he looks like! How come we don't have any pictures of him?! You never told me he was a criminal!" Trunks was bursting with questions as he bounced excitedly. Bulma put her hands on his shoulders and got him to calm down.

"Trunks….…It's not that simple….." Bulma's face saddened. "Remember how I told you your father was killed in a car accident?"


"We'll he wasn't……He was executed……" Bulma held up an old newspaper clipping from many years ago.


Trunks nearly passed out, and his face was pale. "You mean……The Reaper was my father? And……and you were……" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"Trunks, what I'm about to tell you can never leave this room. You are our son, so I think you deserve to know. I was much more than a lover to him.…..I was……I was……"

Now Bulma couldn't finish what she was about to say, so she simply rolled up her sleeve and showed him the tattoo of the butterfly.

"I was his accomplice……I was Morpho……"

Trunks could barely breathe. His father was a famous killer and his mother was his accomplice. Both of his parents were killers. Here he was thinking his mother was boring, but now……

Trunks had seen the articles about Morpho from many years ago, just after his fathers death. Morpho had went nuts, and killed 35 people in retaliation for the death of her partner in crime, and then she had just melted away into the shadows, never to be heard of again for the next 7 years. Everyone thought she must have killed herself.

Trunks wheezed at the prospect of it all. "P-prove it……Prove he was my father……Anyone could have a tattoo like that….." He stuttered.

Bulma held out her other hand and showed him the skull imprint Vegeta had put there on their last night together.

"Do you know why I never wear sleeveless tops Trunks?"

"Yeah……You said it's because you burn easy……"

"I lied about that too……" Bulma rolled up the sleeve of her right arm to reveal the Iceblade. Trunks didn't get it.

"You want proof? I'll give you proof. This is the Iceblade……" Bulma concentrated and she was now in her full body armour. Trunks was about to scream, but she put an armoured hand over his mouth.

"Shhhhh baby. Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I love you. Always remember that. Even though he never got the chance to meet you, I know your father loved you too. I was going to die with him, so we'd all die together, but he wouldn't let me. He was the reason we are both still alive today. And I thank him for that, because now I've got a beautiful son to look after. Anything you want to know about him I will tell you, but please, you can never tell anyone I am Morpho." She whispered to him through the helmet, before making it all go back into the armguard.

Trunks nodded. He loved his mother and didn't want to lose her too. He put his arms around her and snuggled into her warm embrace.

"Can I see the other stuff in there mum?" He eagerly asked. Bulma laughed and dried her eyes.

"Of course you can."

For the rest of the evening, Bulma showed Trunks all of the things in the box and told him the story behind each one. And when it was time for bed, they both snuggled up under the covers of her bed.


Trunks was shooting question after question about his father at Bulma at breakfast the next morning, and she could barely keep up with him.

What was he like? Was he strong? How strong? How many people did he kill? How mean was he? Was he nice to you? How heavy was the Witchblade? How many cops did he kill? Did he have a hideout? What was the nicest thing he did? What was the meanest thing he did? Did he ever try to kill you? Why did he like you?

These were only some of the question Trunks was asking. She finally shut him up by giving him another cookie.

"Mum? Can we go to Scarlet Lake? I wanna see what it was like for dad, and I might get a heap of good info for my research project." He begged.

"Alright already! I'll call them and see if I can make an arrangement for tomorrow."

"Yay! Thanks mum! You're the best!" Trunks hugged her around the waist and went to tell his best friend Goten that he was going to Scarlet Lake for a day to "mingle" with the prisoners.


Bulma arrived at the huge metal gates topped with barbed wire that brought back so many memories. The guard at the enterance got her name and details and gave her two special visitor tags. They drove up the driveway and parked in a little carpark off to the side. They got out of the car, slipped the tags around their necks, and held each others hand as they walked up to the looming grey building that looked menacing.

They could hear the shouts and loud talking of all the inmates inside when they got to the heavily guarded doorway. They showed their tags and were let inside. Their footsteps echoed through the building as Bulma led them to the wardens office.

"Ahhh. Miss Briefs. So nice to see you again. Oh. And this must be your son. Trunks was it?"

Trunks hid partially behind his mothers leg and nodded. He was scared of the weird fat man with with the thick glasses. He gripped his mothers hand tighter, and she gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"So why did you come here Miss Briefs may I ask?"

"Well my son is doing a research project……He just found out who his father really was the other day……And he wanted to come here to find out some more things." She told him.

"Alright. I suppose you'd want to start with his cell first. Quite an artistically talented man I'd say. Shame it all went to waste." Bulma was wondering what he was talking about as the warden led them to Vegeta's cell.

"We haven't touched a thing, mainly because no one would want to go in there……But oh well." He unlocked the door and let them go inside.

Bulma was amazed. The walls were covered in chalk pictures of her. The floor even had a big picture of them standing side by side. But the one that intrigued her the most was the one on the wall opposite the end of the bed.

It was a larger-than-life picture of her that had piercing blue eyes that would stare right at whoever was in the bed. But only half was her. The other half was Morpho, in the armour. You could see her eye through the helmet, and it gave you an impression of a mirror – the painting looked so lifelike. It was the only one done in paint, besides the one on the floor. Bulma guessed it was because it was Vegeta's favourite, and the one on the floor would smudge if it was done in chalk.

"Wow……" Bulma and Trunks both whispered. Trunks grabbed the camera from around his neck and began to take photos of the room. On the wall next to the top bunk, there was a bunch of newspaper clippings about Bulma, and some from a few years ago about her and her new baby.

"How did these get here?" She asked the warden.

"Oh. Some of the other inmates collected them and put them up here. They knew how much he cared for you, and it would only be fair. Kind of like a gift. So he would know what his son was like." He explained.

Bulma gave a quick smile to the empty room, and they moved on to the cafeteria to interview some of the men who knew him.

There was a big uproar when she entered the room. Everyone knew her as "The Reaper's Girl". There were friendly wolf whistles that died down when they saw she had her son with her. Trunks looked up at her with a raised eyebrow that reminded her so much of Vegeta.

"Hey boys. Trunks is doing a project on his father…….Anyone care to be interviewed?"

The room was silent and some men nervously turned back around to play with their food.

"I'll do it." A voice spoke up. A tall man with green skin and some little antenna looking things poking out of his head stood up and walked over to them.

Bulma stared up at him. "Who are you?"

"I'm Piccolo. I was the first friend Vegeta made here. I can show you around, and tell you a bunch of stuff about him."

They sat out in the brightly lit courtyard at a table and Piccolo answered the questions Trunks asked, and added a few things of his own. They thanked him for his time, and Trunks took a couple of pictures of him for the report.

Bulma asked him where would he like to go next. He thought for a bit, and told her he wanted to pictures of the execution chamber where he was killed. She paled, but led him there none the less.

Trunks took the pictures while Bulma watched from the doorway. He went over to the table and got up onto it, and laid down like his father would have done, and stared up at the ceiling. He lay there for about 5 minutes, with Bulma looking on, before he got off and went over to her. Bulma could see his little face was wet with tears, and she picked him up, letting him bury his face into her shoulder. She carried him out and set him down.

"Do you want to see anything else Trunks?"

"N-No……But……You'll probably say no, but can we stay here tonight? In dad's cell?" He held his breath, hoping she'd say yes.

"Why would you want to do that?"

"I want to feel how he felt. Please mum?"

She just didn't have the heart to tell him no. It was only fair he knew about his father. So Bulma went to the warden again, and argued with him for 10 minutes to get permission.

They went back home for the rest of the day, and came back when it was night time. They went back to Vegeta's cell and curled up on the bottom bunk together, with a couple of extra blankets for warmth. They were nearly asleep when the door clanked open. They looked to each other with scared faces and stayed silent, hoping whoever it was would go away. But that didn't happen. The man in the orange jumpsuit kicked off his boots and jumped up onto the top bunk. They heard him roll around for a bit before he let an arm dangle over the side.

Bulma opened her mouth but luckily no sound was made. It was then she saw the thing on his wrist. It looked like a burn in the shape of a skull.

Trunks knew something was up when his mother wouldn't stop opening and closing her mouth at the burn-like thing. It was then he remembered that his father supposedly put a skull imprint on all his victims, and had one on himself.

They stay frozen in the same position, not wanting to move in case the bed would creak and they would be discovered. But Bulma couldn't take it any more. She had to find out who this mystery person was. She slowly reached up toward the hand. Trunks shook his head no.

Bulma ignored him and grabbed the hand. The person on the top bunk shot up and reached the first thing he could – Trunks. He ripped him off the bed and pressed him into the wall. Trunks was whimpering and waiting for the man to hit him.

Bulma grabbed the guy by the back of the jumpsuit and pressed the Iceblade into his throat. "Let him go or you're dead……" She commanded in a throaty voice. None of them could see much in the very dark room, and the only reason Bulma could see the skull mark was because of the sliver of light shining under the door. The guy let Trunks drop to the floor, and he held his hands where Bulma could see them.

For some reason, he smelt very familiar. The man could say the same about her. And her voice was rather familiar as well.

Bulma reached around and grabbed his dog tag, hoping it would tell her his name. It didn't it was only a series of numbers – 131329

Now where had she seen that before? Before she could think too much on the subject, the guy thrust his elbow behind him and hit her in the stomach, making her double over. He pushed her backwards, making her hit her head on the metal frame of the bunks and be knocked out. He reached over and flicked on the light, to see a small lavender haired boy cowering on the floor covering his eyes. This kid now looked REALLY familiar. The man took in a deep breath and turned to the unconsious woman on the floor.

"Oh fuck……What have I done?" He whispered to himself. He bent down and picked her up, wincing when he saw she had a gash over her eye. He put her on the bottom bunk and looked back at the kid.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked in a deep purring voice that had the slightest hint of an english accent.

"Just my arms……And my back……" He sniffed, still not looking at the guy.

"Ummm. Wait here. I'll go get some stuff." The man went out of the room to see if he could find some medical supplies. The reason why he could still get out was because he had the stupidest security guard patrolling his area and was able to bribe him, with some porno mags that he got his brother to give him, to not lock the door.

He came back and patched Bulma up, and then turned to her son. He put some bandages around his small arms and picked him up. Trunks had not yet seen who the man was; he refused to look at him.

"You'll be okay boy. You just got the wind knocked out of you."

Trunks finally looked up. He gasped. Holding him was the man he was doing his project on – his father.

"F-Father?!" He squeaked, and passed out.

Dark obsidian eyes watched over the two forms lying on the bed. He climbed up onto his bunk and got under the covers and fell asleep.


Bulma awoke to a pounding in her head. She reached up and felt her head, surprised to find it had been bandaged. Trunks was lying next to her, curled up into one side.

A deep voice came from above her. "Sleep well Angel? I didn't mean to hurt you." There was only one person who had ever called her Angel, and that was Vegeta.

She got off the bed and looked at the person who was leaning over the side. Yes. It was Vegeta. His eyes reflected his happiness to see her.

"H-How? You……You died……" She squeaked.

"That's what they wanted everyone to think. After you left 5 different people had a go at giving me the injection. But none of them could. Not even professional killers who disliked me. None of them had the heart. So they kept it secret from you and the public, and told the everyone I was dead." He explained and slid off the bed.

Bulma lifted up her arm which suddenly felt like a dead weight, and lightly touched his face, hoping that this was real and not a dream. When her fingers connected with warm flesh, she flung herself into his arms and stood there weeping. Vegeta held her and whispered soothing words into her ear. He sat down on the edge of the bottom bed with her in his lap. It felt so good to finally be able to hold each other again. He had been without her for more than a year, and that was way too long.

Bulma looked up at him. His regal features; high set cheekbones, pointed nose, soft lips, and tanned complexion, and onyx, flame-shaped hair were the same as when she first met him. Her hand rose again and she touched her cold hand to his cheek, and was delighted when the warmth of his own covered hers, and he kissed her palm, and nuzzled his face into it. He kissed down her arm and skipped part of it so he could just go straight to the lips he had been wanting to taste again for so long.

His tounge explored the recesses of her mouth, and she moaned. He tasted so sweet, but maybe that was because she hadn't been touched like this in 7 years. They wrapped their arms around each other, each touch, each caress was bringing them closer together.

"Children present, keep it clean." Trunks was rubbing his eyes and sat up tiredly. Both Vegeta and Bulma turned to him. Trunks stared at his father.

"They didn't really kill me. They pretended they did." Vegeta explained. It felt weird talking to his son that he had not even seen his entire life.

Trunks just kept staring at the dark haired man as if he wanted to ask something but didn't know how to go about it.

"Are-", he squeaked and tried again. "Are you really my father?"

Vegeta looked to Bulma and then back at his son. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

Trunks sniffed and looked around. He was sitting on his knees on the bed. His gaze came back to his parents. "I am SO gunna get an A+ for this assignment." He breathed as his eyes seemed to sparkle.

Bulma started laughing while Vegeta wondered what he had missed out on. "Trunks had to do this History assignment on a serial killer. He picked you, but he didn't even know who you really were at that time. He only found out the day before yesterday you were his father. And when he did find out, he wanted to come here, and we ended up spending the night because he wanted to know what it was like here."

Vegeta missed most of it. "Trunks? You named him Trunks?"

Bulma gaped as she realized he had only heard the first word. "Yes I named him Trunks. Why? You got a problem with it?" She growled.

"No. But…..Hahaha! Bloomers and Trunks……What a great pair!" He started laughing.

Bulma yelled at him and hit him on the chest, which only caused him to laugh harder and fall back onto the bed. It didn't take long before Bulma was laughing too, and Trunks was wondering what was so funny.

"What are you laughing at? I don't get it."

Vegeta cleared his throat and explained. "See, your last name is Briefs, which is a type of men's underwear. And bloomers was a pair of womens underwear in the 1800's, and that's what your mothers name is a play on. And your name is Trunks, which is another name for boxer shorts – another type of underwear. So basically you are the underwear family."

Trunks thought for a second. "Oh. I get it now, but why are you laughing? I mean, you're a vegetable." He taunted and poked his tounge out.

"You little bugger!" Vegeta grabbed his leg and dragged his son towards him. Trunks was kicking and trying to get away.

"Ahhhhh!! Don't kill me! I was just kidding!!" Vegeta started tickling him, and Trunks was nearly wetting himself.

When Vegeta finally let him go, Trunks was holding his sides, and was curled up into a ball, still giggling. Vegeta had a big smirk plastered to his face, and Bulma was grinning. He held out his arm, and Trunks was reluctant at first, but he crawled into his fathers embrace. They all sat together on the bed.

"Dad? Do you think they'll let you come to my school so I can make my project even better? Or do they have to keep you secret for the rest of our lives?"

"I don't know. I mean they worked really hard to keep it a secret, so I don't see why they would just suddenly let me out into the public." Vegeta held his son and lover to him.

"Oh." Trunks looked disappointed.

"Don't look so down. You can still visit me." He laughed and ruffled his son's hair.

He wrapped his little arms around his father as far as they could go and rested his head on his chest. "I wish they'd let you come home……"

"I do too." Vegeta kissed Bulma on the cheek, and his son on the head. "They'll probably come to get you guys soon."

Bulma nodded and stood up stretching. As did Vegeta. Trunks held onto the waist of his fathers jumpsuit as they walked out of the cell and to the wardens office.


"And that's about all for my speech, but I would like to introduce you all to someone special. He's my dad. Apparently, he wasn't killed at all. Come on in dad!" Trunks was standing at the front of the class giving his speech on a serial killer.

Vegeta walked in in his jumpsuit with the type of handcuffs that were joined by a chain to his feet, and was being led by two prison guards at his elbows. Everyone gasped at the man that their classmate had said was his father. He smirked at the kids and went and stood by his son.

"I think you all know why he's here, so he can explain some things to you." Vegeta sat in a chair with Trunks in his lap, and he answered everyones questions, and told them stories.

The teacher looked on in amazement at the children who were bursting with questions. Usually when a stranger came in she could barely get them to say two words.

"Well thank you for that uhhh, enthralling speech Trunks. Thanks Mr. Vegeta for coming back from the dead to speak with us, and we hope that you have ummm……A good time in prison??" She struggled for the right words to say.

Vegeta and Trunks just both sweatdropped.

"Trunks, you get an A+++ for this assignment." She quickly added.

"Dude! I knew you were good for something!" He exclaimed and slapped his father on the arm.


Trunks and his mother had come to visit Vegeta again after the news had died down about the Reaper still being alive. He was currently showing his father all the drawings he did in school and all the things he made.

"Look dad! I made this for you. We went down to the beach and collected things to make stuff. I found a shark tooth, and I got some strips of leather and my teacher helped me to braid it, and I made a necklace!" He pushed it through the small hole in the glass and Vegeta picked it up and looked at it.

"This is good." He said and tied it around his neck. "Just the right size. Thanks little buddy." Trunks beamed at his father's compliment. Vegeta smirked at Bulma.

The next day, Bulma and Trunks were allowed to have actual contact with Vegeta, as the warden noticed that he wasn't going to harm them, added on to the fact all the prisoners had stuck up for him and argued for him.

It was a sunny day, and Vegeta and Bulma were cuddled up in the shade of a large willow tree in the yard, watching two of the other prisoners try to teach Trunks how to lift weights. They were laughing at their son's humerous attempts to lift the weights off the ground. Everyone was quite surprised at Vegeta's sudden change of heart. Ususally he was being a grumpy old prick, but when Bulma came to see him he was happy and actually caring. Even more so when his son was around. They attributed it to not seeing them for ages. Some nights, when Trunks was asleep, or when he was at school, Bulma would go and visit him so they could have some "private time" for themselves.

"I'm so glad they didn't kill you Vegeta. I love you."

He lay there running his fingers through her hair. "Mmmmm……This is the only time I'll say this, and you know with my attitude it's hard to admit, but……I l-love you too……"

She smiled up at him. "Looks like someone is going to be getting some special treatment tonight….." She giggled and ran her hand over his chest and slipped it inside his jumpsuit.

"Special treatment huh? That should be fun……" He purred and stuck his own hand up inside her shirt.

Bulma's mouth opened wide as he squeezed her breast. "Cut it out! Trunks could see!" She hissed through clenched teeth.

"We'll just have to make sure he won't see then won't we?" Vegeta flipped her over and got on top of her, his hand still inside her shirt. He kissed her neck roughly, and she moaned.

"Hey Turles? Where are my parents? I wanna show 'em how much stronger I've become!"

"Heh. They're over there kiddo. But I don't think you should interrupt them now." He gave a nod over in their direction and wiped the sweat off his face with a towel.

Trunks's eyes widened and he turned away. "Can we get something to eat?"

"Sure kid. Come on, we can get the best candy before Frieza does." Trunks happily followed his new friend to the candy machine.

Meanwhile, it was getting a bit heated under the willow tree. Some of the more perverted prisoners and guards were watching from a distance a famous serial killer and world's richest woman making out. They finally let go of each other and just looked into each others eyes.

Bulma couldn't believe how lucky she really was. She had a beautiful son, the dark mysterious bad-boy she'd always dreamed of, and no one had found out she was a killer. Even though she'd always have to visit Vegeta in prison, she knew that they'd would always remain loyal to each other, and they would love each other no matter what.

Trunks came bounding back with an armful of candy. "Look at all the stuff Turles got me dad! He's so cool!" Vegeta looked over to the tall man and gave him the thumbs up, and got an understanding nod in return.

Trunks snuggled into the arm of his father and Bulma into the other, they wrapped their arms around each other and closed their eyes.



"You're crushing me……"


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