Chapter 21 - My Heart For Deliverance

Planet: Administrated World #01 - Midchilda
City: Cranagan
Date: Summer 0076

"Mama! Mama!"

Fate opened her eyes. She looked around, confused for the moment where she was or how she got here.

"Nng…"she mumbled, "Vivio?"

The young girl stood in front of Fate, her eyes wide and beaming with a bright smile on her face.

"Wake up!" said Vivio. "Nanoha-Mama says we need to go."

Fate had come to her senses now. She was outside, sitting down and resting against a tree. She was in the park with Vivio and Nanoha. Nanoha had wanted to take her newly-adopted daughter out for the day and Fate was invited to join. It all made sense again.

"We can make our way back home if Fate is tired," said Nanoha. She smiled as she rolled up a blanket to put back in her bag.

"No, no, I'm fine," Fate answered. She stood up. "It was just for a second, I promise."

Nanoha giggled. She had finished putting everything away, and she turned to Vivio.

"Vivio, are you ready to go?"

The young girl nodded.

"Catch me, Nanoha-mama!"

The girl turned and ran off. Nanoha froze for an instant.

"V - Vivio, wait, don't run off like that!"

Nanoha pursued her daughter and Fate figured she should keep up with them. Before she did, though, something caught her eye. There was a group of five people further away in the park, three women and two men, just close enough for Fate to notice their features. They were together, talking to each other in a loose circle. All of them were in the same age range, it looked like - their 20s, maybe early 30s…still young, at least. They looked familiar, but Fate couldn't explain why. She quickly looked at each person to see if something came to mind.

There was a woman with brown hair, who had on long sleeves and covered her hands even though this was summer. She stood close to another woman who had a shorter, almost-stringier-stature compared to the other one. This woman had teal-green hair that fell messily around her face. She also seemed calmer and more reserved than the first girl. Then, there was a tall man with very short brown hair. He seemed energetic. He wore a grey gem around his neck as a necklace - maybe his device. Then, the other two mages were close enough to each other that Fate had a feeling they were partners. There was a man and a woman; the woman had fiery red hair tied in a high ponytail, and then the main had semi-short brown hair and brown eyes as well. All were dressed casually, but Fate noticed one more thing - the man mentioned last wore a dark green gem on a cord tied around his right wrist. The gem hung loosely against the back of his right hand.

None of them noticed Fate looking over at them. They just carried on with whatever they were talking about. And nothing came to mind for Fate either. It seemed like something was on the tip of her tongue, but it would probably pass once she left the area. Speaking of - she looked ahead and saw that Nanoha had caught up to Vivio and was holding her high up with outstretched arms as the girl laughed wildly.

Fate smiled. She closed her eyes and felt the wind blow against her face. She took in the peaceful atmosphere.

"Maybe…" she said, "Maybe it's better this way…"


Who we are, I fear most of the time
So carry on whipping boy - stare into the light
I want us to face the shape we're in
A world of confusion awaits our sons and kin
Let's reset it all

These words of wisdom come with lack of vision
This is the worst day I've ever had to stand and witness
These words of wisdom come with lack of vision
This is the first day I've ever had to stand and witness

Karnivool - We Are


Author's Notes: Hey everyone. This is the end of End of the Harvest, and so it's also the end of my Nanoha series and probably the last fanfiction I'll write.

I'm sort of happy it's over, but it's also a little sad due to how much I left out of the back half of this story and how much I just rushed to the ending here. But time after time, I just felt no energy towards writing more. Long breaks between updates. Shorter, less descriptive scenes even when I was trying. Caring little about new anything, really - not just new updates but even new music, games, or other media that could give me a spark. I just got too old, too apathetic, too bored to keep pouring a lot of time into this. It happens. I'd say though at least the first...oh...10 chapters of EotH are what I wanted them to be. It was basically chapter 11 where I first hit apathy roadblocks. Maybe in the future I'll want to flesh out some of what I skipped or gave up on, and if I do, I guess I'll see how to maybe add some back in. But it's unlikely at the moment.

About the ending: I don't know if anyone will have a problem with the ending (hell, I don't know how many people will even read this), but this ending was not something I just came up with because I wanted to be done. This ending - covering the previous chapter and this chapter - I have had planned for a while. It's what I wanted to build do. It's not all a dream or a cop-out like that; it's supposed to be a surreal, dark moment of meeting the embodiment of the planet itself and seeing its suffering translated physically. And when Fate does what she does at the end of the last chapter, that basically erases the planet from ever existing. It's a larger idea, of erasing everything I had added to the Nanoha universe across my series - Original Characters, Original Locations - and getting you back to pure 100% canon. I lost. Canon won. If you are someone who's okay with or even enjoys people adding Original Content into a fanwork, this shouldn't feel good. It's like losing an argument, or a friend you were trying to make amends with. This final story in my series - End of the Harvest - was a large metaphor about the clash/conflict between liking Original content or being canon-only. Though in this story, the roles were somewhat reversed. Siba, the fan-made planet, wanted to be left alone, while Midchilda - the canon - wanted to interact with it. That's the overall idea.

But anyways, thanks for reading, if you did. Back when I had only written the first story, or maybe the first 2 stories, that content had really hit some people the right way, some people who were looking for the same kinds of things my stories discussed, or had the same questions I had when writing. And I hope that still there may be someone out there who gets a lot to think about out of my completed set, even with this machete-chopped race to the ending here in EotH. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a review or PM me directly. I love to chat, even if I'll need to hide and psych myself up for a full week before finally reading your message. I forgive the ghost in me that worked at getting my ideas onto paper and out in public for over 7 years now, and I still love the MGLN series.