041. Goodbye



The first thing Felicity realizes is her bleeding skull throbs like one nasty mothertrucker.

Next thing… she is face-to-face with Black Siren. Her vision blurs, focusing on the glittering of silvery, beaded nasal piercing, under the factory lights.

"Wakey wakey, sleephead," Black Siren gently scolds her with a mock-frown, curtly snapping her fingers under Felicity's swollen, cracked nose. "C'mon… you'll miss all the fun."

"Of what? Getting tortured by you?"

Felicity's throat feels scratchy and raw-sore. The emptied warehouse-room smells like piss.

"I told you before how much I hated not being able to hear my victim's screams." Black Siren sends her a maliciously delighted look, picking up a bonesaw from the ground. "Now I can."

"… Are you serious?" Felicity slurs out, narrowing her eyes and discovering her arms tied up on a pipe above her head, zip-tied and aching.

"Hurting you hurts Oliver, and that's exactly the kind of pick-me-up I need this week."

A breathy, tired groan. Felicity licks and smacks her lips, tasting a bloody film, and hating every molecule of it. "Why not go to a spa like a normal person?" she mutters, cringing at the low laugh.

Black Siren sways her hips a little, on purpose, dropping her weapon to approach the other woman.

"It's kinda cute when you're grumpy," she says aloud, tapping her curled forefinger under Felicity's chin, lifting up her face. "Kinda."

Felicity has no idea how she got here, or what she did to deserve this, but it's not alright.

Not when she has to stare into the cold, dead eyes of the woman Felicity admired more than a sister, more than a friend, and wasn't brave enough to say a single damn thing about it.

A whirring of machinery, piercingly loud in Felicity's ears. "Too bad it can't save you," Black Siren says without an ounce of disappointment.

The last thing Felicity summons into her mind is Laurel's gaze, brimming with kindness and hope.



Arrow isn't mine. I just,,, love Black Siren. Even if she's torturing someone I know. She's the only reason I'll watch Arrow again tbh. Okay well so if you love Black Siren too, I hope you liked this! I don't hate Felicity I just love whump okay ahaahah thoughts/comments appreciated!