Harry Potter and the Servants of the Grail

Author Notes

Hello! Welcome to my second story. I had this crossover in my mind for a very long time so I decided to write it

If you are a reader of my other story don't worry, I'll continue to update as I always have. Well, with this being said, let's start this new story!

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London, at the Clock Tower, early morning

The last thing that Albus Dumbledore was expecting this morning when he woke up was to find a letter from the Mage's association on his desk, apparently his presence was required at the Clock Tower. Albus used his Apparition to teleport in front of the entrance of the British Museum, where the entrance of the Clock Tower was hidden. Dumbledore walked in the deepest part of the museum until he reached the special area called the Bottom of the Bridge, two Enforcers were waiting for him. The wizard narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two magi. He knew that the Enforcers were magi specialized in hunting down magi marked from the Mage's association.

"Albus Dumbledore?" One of the enforcers asked

"Yes, that is my name indeed" Dumbledore replied as he putted his hand behind his back

"The Lords are waiting for you…please give us your wand, it's a security measure" The other magus said he extended his hand

Albus sighed "I guess it can't be helped then" he said as he handed his wand to the magus

The Enforcers gestured him to follow and began to walk in the hallways of the Clock Tower. The Hogwarts headmaster admired the 12th century architecture and he looked at the various workshops and classes as he walked in the hallways with the two magi. Since it was early morning there were no students, the only sound that could be heard was the footsteps of the trio. It was a very rare for a wizard to be able to stay in a place like the Clock Tower. The wizards and the magi have always kept a good distance from each other, they were too much different ,and so they had always minded their own business. But today something was different and Dumbledore couldn't deny that he was somewhat intrigued.

The Enforcers stopped in front of a door

"They are waiting inside" one of the two Enforcer said

"Well gentlemen, it was nice to meet you " Dumbledore replied as he entered. Now the wizard found himself in a very large room and right in front of him there was a very long table and behind it there were three people that he recognized almost immediately. The first one was Director of the Clock Tower and the other two were Barthomeloi Lorelei and Lord El-Melloi II. Albus also spotted two cloaked figures in the corner of the room

"Good morning my lords, I received your letter and I came as requested" Albus began to say "but I don't think you invited me here without a reason "

The three magi stared at the wizard

"The Holy Grail is awake once more" Lord El-Melloi II said "And it's your fault"

"If I remember correctly the Holy Grail was create by magi and I don't see how the wizards are involved in his awakening" Albus replied dryly

Lord El-Melloi made an annoyed expression but when he was about to reply but Lorelei decided to spoke "Mister Dumbledore, we would not be here if you and your ministry were able to eliminate the threat posed by you know who many years ago. And now the Holy Grail have decided to take action" she said with a blank expression

"And what do you mean by that?" Albus asked

One of the two cloaked figures stepped forward and looked at lady Lorelei, who nodded.

The cloaked figure took off his cloak, revealing a beautiful blond girl, her eyes were amethyst-colored and they were completely pure. She was wearing a white battle-dress with armor, she also had a white and golden flag and a sword attached to her waist. The girl began to speak "My name is Jeanne d'Arc , my servant class is Ruler of this… special Holy Grail war"

Dumbledore was surprised and looked at the lords before returning his gaze to the holy maiden "Why is it special?" he asked

Jeanne made a serious expression "As you should know The Holy Grail War is a competition that decides the ownership of the Holy Grail through an intense battle. While there have been many conflicts over supposed Holy Grails in the past, this term refers to those specifically based around Masters summoning Servants, Heroic Spirits brought forth as familiars, and meeting in battle until only one pair is left to claim the Holy Grail. But this time, as a Ruler, I been informed with new rules. Who will kill Lord Vol-" she cleared her throat "You know who, will have one of his wishes granted by the Holy Grail" she stated

"And that is why we called you here" Lord El-Melloi II said "We know that the chosen one attend your school and this will attract the dark lord"

"and what would you propose to do?" The headmaster of Hogwarts asked

Lord El-Melloi II sighed "We can't do anything from here but…"

Albus understood what the lord was going to say "But if you send your Masters in my school, you'll be able to intervene if you know who shows up"

The lord sighed again "Yes…"

Silence fell upon the magi and the wizard as they both began to think

"This year will take place the Triwizard Tournament in school, you could send some of your students along with your masters and say that the Mage's assosiation want to get in good terms with the wizards" Dumbledore said as he putted his hands behind his back

Lady Lorelei and Lord El-Melloi looked at the Director, who remained silent for a few moments but then he slowly nodded

"Then it's settled" Lady Lorelei said "We'll send our masters along with some students and Lord Melloi in order to win the Holy Grail war and kill the dark lord for good"

Lord Melloi seemed annoyed by her statement but he didn't argued

"there's another person that wish to talk to you" Lady Lorelei said as the second clocked figure approached Albus. The figure took off his cloak, he was a tall man with brown hair and deep blue eyes, he had a rosary hanging by his neck

"Greetings Mister Dumbledore, I'm Luigi Lombardo an humble servant of God. I was sent by the Holy Church to say that we'll do everything necessary to eliminate the incoming threat" the man named Luigi said

"In other words he is an executor of the Holy Church and they sent him here to warn us" Lord El-Melloi II said with an annoyed tone, earning a glare from the executor

"The Holy Church just want to keep his believers safe, even if they are Anglican they still believe in our God" Luigi said with a calm tone

"I see, it's good to hear that the church have such a open minded way of thinking" The headmaster of Hogwarts replied and then looked at the Lords "Well my Lords, if there is nothing else to say, I would like to return to my duties"

The magi nodded and Dumbledore began to walk away

'I'm getting old for this' Albus thought as chuckled

The three magi that remained in the room looked at each other

King's cross station, 3 days later the meeting between Dumbledore and the Mage's association, morning

"Why you of all people have been chosen to be a master?!" Rin shouted against the blonde haired girl who was standing next to her

"Fufufufu, the Holy Grail must know that I'm the only one who's worthy to be his owner of course! I'm surprised that it choose a barbarian like you!" Luviagelita Edelfelt replied with a challenging tone

"What did you said?!" Rin replied with an angrier tone

"Now ladies, calm down, you are much more beautiful when you are not trying to kill each other" Shirou said as he tried to calm down the two beasts

"Awww Shero, you are such a sweet boy " Luvia said as she hugged the red haired boy

"Hey! hands off from my Shirou!" Rin shouted

"Would you two shut up!" Lord El-Melloi II cried with a frustrated tone as Jeanne giggled

The two girls immediately recomposed and Shirou sighed in relief

Rin, Shirou, Luvia along with the other masters were walking inside the King's cross station leaded by Lord El-Melloi II and Jeanne d'Arc ,who was now wearing a casual outfit.

"If may ask Lord Melloi, why we are taking this route instead of going with the other students?" Jeanne asked at the really pissed lord

"The Director thought that was more safe for the masters to take this route to Hogwarts" The Lord replied as searched for the platform Nine and Three-Quarters "It should be here" he said as he approached the solid barrier between platform nine and ten "Yes it's here" he stopped his tracks "Now, please run into the wall"

Shirou seemed reluctant at first but he remained agape when both of Rin and Luvia ran inside the barrier

'I guess I shouldn't be surprised' he thought as he too ran inside the barrier. Shirou found himself in another platform were a scarlet steam engine, he saw Rin and Luvia waiting for him while the others began to pop out of the wall next to him

"It's beautiful" Shirou said as he admired the steam engine

Rin nodded "Indeed it is"

"I still like more my helicopter " Luvia said

Rin groaned "Why you must ruin the mood?"

"Come on guys, we have to go" Jeanne called them from behind. The group of magi got on board on the steam engine. They walked inside the small hallways of the train, they saw the young students of Hogwarts getting comfortable inside the cabins, once they found a empty cabin the magi went in and settled inside.

"Wow, I can't help but feel excited by all of this" Shirou said

"You don't know how much rare and unique this is" Rin said "You known, wizards and magi aren't exactly friends, they rarely speak to each other" Rin said

"And why is that?" Shirou asked

"Centuries ago, the ministry of magic tried to use the Dementors against the magi to force them to follow their laws, but they were defeated since our spells came from our body and souls. Since then, the wizards looked at the magi with distrust and decided to stay away from us" One of the other masters said as she looked at her book. Her name was Lelei Smith, she was a magus specialized in mineralogy like Rin and Luvia. She had black long hair and green eyes. She was a very intelligent girl but also very private person, she loved books and music.

"Oh I see, thanks Lelei" Shirou said

The girl only nodded. Rin grabbed Shirou's arm and yawned

"Shirou wake me up when we arrive" She said with a cute tone, making Luvia boil in anger

"Okay, good sleep" Shirou said as he kissed Rin's forehead. Luvia glared at him before turning her gaze at the window with a 'tch'

'maybe I should sleep too…' Shirou thought as he slowly fell asleep

In the other cabin

Jeanne was looking out the window with mixed feelings, Lord El-Melloi noticed her behavior and sighed

"Feeling lost?" he asked to the maiden

Jeanne turned her gaze to him "It's strange to think that once I was fighting with the people of this land" she said

"oh yes the hundred years war" The lord said "and now what do you think of this place?" he asked

Jeanne smiled "It is a beautiful place just like the France, the people are friendly, I really can't say that I'm disappointed" she said with calm tone

The lord smiled and looked at the two masters who were already sleeping next to him. The first one was Mattyu Light, a black haired boy with brown eyes, he was a magus enrolled in the department of anthropology, he was a sixth generation magus. The second Master was a green haired girl with amber eyes, her name was Alys Light, she was enrolled at the botany department, she was a sixth generation magus and of course Mattyu's sister.

Jeanne looked at both masters with tender eyes "I hope they don't die in this war" she said

Lord El-Melloi II looked at her with sad expression "This isn't a war that can be concluded without victims…I thought that I finished with the Holy Grail but here I am again with these damned command seals on my palm"

Jeanne eyes widened "This isn't your first Holy Grail war?"

The lord shoked head, he had a pained expression

Jeanne decided to not push the subject and returned to look out the window, then a voice came from the corridor

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" A lady asked

Jeanne looked at the Lord, who understood her silent question

"Just water for me" he said as he handed some coins to Jeanne, who nodded and got up

Jeanne walked to the old lady, who was in front of the cabin after theirs, she found a boy with a scar on his forehead, staring at her but she paid him no mind

"Can I have a bottle of water and a pumpkin paste?" Jeanne asked with a smile

The old lady nodded and gave to Jeanne the items she request. Jeanne paid the old lady and returned to her cabin.

Harry Potter's cabin

Harry watched the blonde haired girl return in her cabin.

"something sweet for you, dear?" The lady of the trolley asked to Harry, making him return to his senses

"Oh no, I'm not hungry thanks" Harry replied and then returned inside his cabin "Hey guys?"

"Yes?" Ron said

"Did you know that blonde girl that was here a few moments ago?" Harry asked

"Now that you make me think about it, no. Hermione?" Ron replied as he looked at the girl next to the window

"Me neither" Hermione replied as she looked at the hallway curious

Then Harry felt a sharp pain coming from his scar

"it hurts again, your scar" Hermione asked

"I'm fine" Harry replied

Hermione leaned forward "You know Sirius want about this, what you at world cup and the dream"

Harry remained silent and looked out the window.

That night, Hogwarts great hall, evening

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting at the Gryffindor table while Dumbledore was on his podium, he had just presented the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, both of them made a very scenic entrance.

Dumbledore cleared his throat "Normally, I would start the dinner but there is another guest here today, a very unique guest"

The students and the headmasters of the other schools began to whisper confused

"Say hello to the magi of the Clock Tower and their Lord El-Melloi II" the headmaster said as a sound of footsteps could be heard.

Everyone looked at the entrance and saw a crowd of boys and girls leaded by Lord El-Melloi and Jeanne who was holding her flag , that began to glow of a pure light. The servant placed her flag on the ground and smiled, many particles of pure light began to appear everywhere, all wizards were wrapped into a warm and relieving sensation, it was like all their problems disappeared . Harry remained agape as he looked at the girl that he saw on the train.

Lord El-Melloi approached Dumbledore and shock his hand

"And I have the honor to present you the Holy Maiden Jeanne d'Arc summoned as a servant to help the magi" Dumbledore added as Jeanne bowed her head

Now everyone was simply shocked, especially the ladies of Beauxbatons and Harry

"The Lords of the Clock Tower sent their students as a peace offering to the wizards so treat them kindly, and tonight we'll see a very unique ritual…Lord El-Melloi" Dumbledore said as the Magi Lord stood on the podium

The Lord looked at the multitude of students and sighed "Good evening, as the professor Dumbledore said, tonight me and my students will perform a very unique ritual, the servant summoning. This ritual will summon an heroic spirit from the past, the present and even from the future. The Servant will be bounded with his Master and will follow every command of the Master, any questions?"

Hermione couldn't help but raise her hand, she was just too curious. This was the first time in ages that a wizard could assist at a Magus ritual

"Yes?" the lord said

'Okay Hermione, calm down first the simplest questions' Hermione thought as she cleared her throat Can anyone be a master?" she asked

"I am glad you asked miss…" the lord of the Clock Tower began to say

"Hermione Granger, my lord" the little witch

"Miss Granger, you see the master are chosen from the Holy Grail and there can be only seven master for seven servant classes" Lord El-Melloi continued to explain each Servant class but he didn't talked about the Holy Grail War, since both the wizards and magi didn't want to spread panic.

Rin, Shirou along with the other master and Jeanne were sitting on the guest table, waiting for eat

"The magic world don't stop surprise me" Shirou said as he looked at the flying candles and at the ceiling

"I know ,like the Clock Tower this place is totally different from Japan" Rin said as she nodded "What do you think of this Ruler?"

"Oh, the sight of a castle isn't something new to me but I must say that I'm impressed" Jeanne said

"Seems like somebody is already fallen for you Ruler" Luvia said with a mischievous grin as she gestured the students of Hogwarts and Durmstrang

Jeanne blushed "Don't say such things" she replied

When Lord El-Melloi II finished is speech, the dinner began. Harry couldn't help but look in the Magi's direction

"I can't believe this!" Hermione said excited "First Jeanne d'Arc and now we can assist to an extremely rare ritual! Aren't you two excited?!" she asked as she looked at Ron and Harry

"sure" Harry replied with a careless tone

"I still don't know why everyone is so excited about this" Ron replied as he ate a chicken leg

"Are you serious?! They are Magi! They are the same people who have defeated the Dementors without too many troubles! They didn't even need a wand to cast their spells! How can you be so careless! They have summoned Jeanne d'Arc, the Holy Maiden!" Hermione exclaimed

Ron shrugged while Harry kept looking for the blonde haired girl. Meanwhile Argus Flinch and other four men placed in front of the headmaster seat, a tall golden object

Dumbledore walked to the object

"Attention please" The headmaster began to say as he silenced everyone in room

Rin and the others looked at him with curiosity in their eyes

"I'd like to say a few words" Dumbledore said as he placed his hand on the golden object "Eternal Glory. That's what await the student, who wins the Triwizard tournament , but to do this that student has to survive three tasks. Three Extremely Dangerous Tasks . For this reason the ministry have seen fit to impose a new rule to explain all this, we have the head of the department of international cooperation Bartemious Crouch " he said as a grey haired man walked in his direction, then a storm began raged in the ceiling of the hall, lightings bolts p

began to strike.

Rin, Shirou and the other magi began to checked their surroundings in fear, while Jeanne was ready to defend them with her Noble Phantasm if it comes to that. But suddenly a spell calmed down the storm. Jeanne looked for the caster of the spells and saw a man with many scars on his face and a magic eye that moved around independently from the other. The maiden narrowed her eyes as she sensed something wrong of the man. Said man walked to Dumbledore and shook his hand.

Then the man called Bartemious began to speck "After due consideration, the ministry has concluded that for their own safety, no student under the age of seventeen should be allowed to put forth their name for the Triwizard" The Hogwarts student began to complain for this decision, completely covering the words of poor man

"I don't think it's a bad decision, if the tournament is half as dangerous as the headmaster said then I think it's a legit rule" Shirou said

Jeanne nodded in agreement

"Well, we were even younger when we participated the Holy Grail War" Rin pointed out

"We didn't sign in that occasion" Shirou mumbled

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore shouted and everyone went quiet. The headmaster raised his wand and the golden object began to melt, revealing a goblet. The goblet began to generate blue flames.

The goblet reminded Rin the corrupted Holy Grail, her skin crawled at the thought

"The Goblet of Fire, anyone that wishes to submit himself on the tournament need to write their name on a parchment and throw it in the fire before this hour on Thursday night. Do not do so lightly, once chosen there is no turning back as from this moment. The Triwizard tournament has began" Dumbledore said and then looked at the magi "Now enjoy your meal and after this we'll see the summoning ritual of the masters of the Clock Tower " he added. The man that stopped the storm seemed nervous about the ritual

After finishing the dessert the students of the four schools got up and slowly moved away the tables. Lord El-Melloi II began to draw seven summoning circles .

"Tohsaka, I bet you don't have a catalyst" Luvia teased the Tohsaka heir

"Then Shame on you Edelfelt, because I do have a catalyst" Rin replied, making Shirou raise an eyebrow

"What? I thought that your family already used all the catalysts" He said

Rin took out from her pocket a red shard "I picked this up from Lancer, when he saved me" she said with a hint of sadness

"Maybe we'll see him again" he replied with a smile

Rin nodded and then looked at her rival "And do you have a catalyst?" She asked with a smirked

Luvia smiled "But of course!" she replied as she showed what seems to be a piece of samurai armor

Lelei heard the conversation and lowered her head in shame, since she didn't have a catalyst.

The light brothers in the other hand were smiling

"oh don't worry Lelei, you'll be fine" Mattyu said as he putted his and on the girl's shoulder

"I think it's more exciting without any catalyst, you'll never know who you are going to summon" Alys said with a cheerful tone

Lelei made a weak smile and nodded

"It's time" Lord Melloi said as he approached one circle. The six masters placed themselves in front of the circles and closed their eyes

Meanwhile all the wizards in the room were looking in awe at the magi

Hermione couldn't turned gaze away from the ritual, Ron and Harry also seemed interested.

The first one who began the ritual was Lord Melloi. He placed a red piece of cloth in the circles and began a chant. The circle began to glow and the words of the lord grew stronger. The wizards saw a column of light appear from circles and ,when it disappeared, they saw a tall man with red hair and beard standing In front of the Lord Melloi.

"It's good to see you again my king" Lord Melloi said as he made a very rare smiled

The tall man smiled and gave to the magus a really strong pat on the shoulder "I hope you spread the story of your king as I asked, Waver" the man replied before noticed the public "Oh my, Where are my manners! Greetings! I am Alexander the Great, the King of the conquerors! I was summoned as a rider class. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance "

The students began to whispered to themselves while some of them waved their hand to the king, who smiled and returned to gesture.

Waver looked at his servant and dragged him away leaving the stage to Rin.

Rin took a deep breath and took her gems, she stretched out her arm. A liquid began to fall on the summoning circle

"For the elements, silver and iron. For the foundation, stone and the Archduke of Contracts. For the ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg" The liquid began to fill the lines of the circle making it glow "Close the gates of the cardinal directions. Come forth from the Crown, and follow the forked road leading to the Kingdom " The circles began to glow green

"Fill,fill,fill,fill,fill. Repeat five times. But when each is filled, destroy it. Set" The circles reacted and began to glow bright red "Heed my words. My will creates your new body, and your lance creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer me. I hereby swear… That I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all evil in the world. " a powerful gust of wind erupted from the circle, and Rin drove her hand closer to her chest "You seven heavens, clad in the three great words of power , come forth from the circle of binding…Guardian of the Scales " a black lighting bolt exploded in the circle and then a black smoke came out. Rin used a wind spell to dissipate the smoke, then she saw her servant. She was an extremely beautiful woman. She had long purple hair and red eyes, and wears a full-body outfit.

The woman seemed shocked at first but then her expression became serious "Are you my master?" she asked to Rin

"Indeed, I am" Rin replied with a serious tone and then showed the command seals

The woman remained silent for a brief moment and then nodded "I recognize you as my master. My name is Scàtach and I was summoned as Lancer class. I already been informed about the special rules"

Rin nodded and made her the gesture to follow. The two placed themselves next to Waver and Rider.

Hermione again was extremely impressed, she felt a chill running up her spine. Dumbledore was fascinated from the woman that appeared in the circle, he will do some research when all of this is over.

Shirou felt both relieved and sad, he wasn't happy with Cú Chulainn to return since he might try to make his way with Rin but at the same time he wanted to see him again to thank him for saving Rin from both Kotomine and Shinji.

Luvia also seemed impressed. She took a step forward, and just like Rin, she began her chant. The circle glowed and this time demonic flames came out of it. A girl with a battle dress was standing before Luvia. The girl had white long hair and a pair of horns with a red tip, she seemed to possess a very big bow, a crimson katana and a naginata. The girl smiled gently "Greetings master, I am Tomoe Gozen, I was summoned as an Archer" the girl said as she bowed.

Luvia seemed very satisfied and smiled "Raise your head Archer"

The Servant followed her order and raised her head. The two joined Rin and Waver.

Lelei tensed up and began to shake a little, Mattyu and Alys gave her a comforting smile. The girl gulped and began the summoning chant. The circle began to glow , when Lelei finished, a man with a red hood and a battle armor was standing right in front of her, he had a bayonet in his hand and gun in a holster attached to his waist, he also had what seems to be a submachine gun. Lelei felt intimidated by him

"More dirty work…Fine. That's how it always is "The man said as he stared at Lelei "are you my master?"

Lelei only nodded

"Very well, I am assassin" he said as he disappeared and reappeared leaned against the wall next to Tomoe, who was utterly surprised by the sudden appearance

The wizards seemed taken aback from the Servant's behavior, it was like he was empty. For some reason Shirou felt as familiar sensation but he couldn't put a finger on it

Lelei walked to her servant and Alys began her ritual. She putted her catalyst in the circle and started the chant, like the other times the summoning circle glowed and at the end a column of light erupted from the circle. Shirou eyes widened as he saw a grown up version of Ilya standing before Alys. The woman had long white hair and red eyes, she was wearing white and golden dress with some red ornaments, she also had a white and golden crown

"Hello master! I am-" The servant began to say

"No! Don't tell me! I want to guess it!" Alys said with a giant smile

The servant seemed surprised but she smiled "Very well master, I see you are a playful child! But you have at least know that I am a caster" she said with a bright smile

"got it" Alys replied. Caster spotted the other servants but she focused on assassin, her happy expression turned grim

'Maybe they know each other' Shirou thought

"bloody hell, are all servants sexy?" Ron asked before getting slapped by Hermione and Ginny

Mattyu gave his thumbs up to his sister and proceed with the ritual, he placed a dragon scale on the circle and began to cast the summoning spell. When he finished, a pillar of light erupted from the circle and a green haired girl, who was wearing a traditional Japanese dress , appeared inside it.

The servant eyes sparkled when she saw Mattyu "My name is Kiyohime, master, I am a Berserker class" she said as she grabbed Mattyu's arm. Mattyu blushed

"It's nice to meet you Kiyohime" he managed to say as he felt a soft sensation on his captured arm and then he joined the others with her new servant

Now it was Shirou's turn, he walked to the circle and began to pump his prana in it. Shirou didn't said a word he let the relic inside him do all the work. The red haired boy felt a warm sensation coming from his chest. A giant pillar of pure golden light emerged from the circle as Shirou smiled. When the light disappeared he saw her

"Saber" Shirou said with a smile