Seven years of Valerie

Regret can be all-consuming especially if your name is Valerie gray after one fateful night

When she succeeded at her other job

The long time getting here it's finally here

Far as I count that this is officially the first story I wrote for
this site but things happened and I learned a lot of stuff after
I finished it so the story never got posted

Finally pushed to finally get this done, yes by this point I
have done multiple spell checks grammar checks other corrections

But as a certain point we just have to say enough is enough
and just go with it

So here we go
hope you all enjoy

Writer's note

Unless otherwise mentioned. Please assume that everything is Valerie's point of view

Secondly, will be rotating between what's happening and Valerie thoughts

Also, given the name I am not going to write seven years of stories obviously there will be some time jumps.

And just to be perfectly clear. I do not own or any manageable chances of owning Danny Phantom or existing characters.

And lastly, this is rated T but does go into some dark areas

That is an example of Valerie's thoughts

That is an example of regular talk

And I'm considering a third one. Description

Anyways, enough said on the show

Act zero


It was a dark and stormy night. Okay, not really is quite clear, as the renowned Valerie gray also known as the red huntress or RED for short did her usual prowl, about pack it in for the night. She picked up a new specter. The energy signature looked similar to Phantom's. Without thinking RED charged in, firing her new Exeo charge pulse rifle

It's a modified carbine with ghost energy laced bullets combined with an energy charge, at full power, it could blow all hole through 20 layers of armor, piercing all but the heaviest military armor.

And the best part is its fast recharge only a few seconds. The other option is a bursting round

Were you hold the trigger until the weapon nearly overloads and let out a massive shot, it's been theorized that is empty, the 200 round clip in a single shot. If you don't destroy the weapon.

All Valerie could think was, I got the drop on Phantom and I'll take him out.

All said and done Valerie fire, an oversized bursting round,

Time seemed to stand still as two screens are heard.

Is Valerie dropped to steaming gun that when landed melted a nearby garbage bin from its radiating heat.

"Valerie at the site itself screamed oh my God, no"

29 min. later at Valerie's apartment

Fire alarm wailed waking Valerie's dad and her daughter screaming

"Valerie are you all right" yelled her father. Damon as he entered the room and put out the fire in Valerie's trashcan with fire suppression device.

To his dismay the room was a mess, chairs tossed her vanity mirror smashed. All the ghost clippings

Are torn from the wall and placed in the nearby trashcan was sent on fire. To the side. He noticed her closet door torn from its hinges and her dresser smashed into it. He could see the hidden shrine that was in the back of her closet. He seemed shrine to a mysterious person before. There also was broken glass everywhere from her window. In a crumpled heap in front of Valerie dad was her red huntress armor with large, dark stain across it. Valerie is seated clad only in bicycle shorts and a barely tattered tank top with the same red stain over her body. The clothing appeared to be held together by sheer luck then material. His daughter had her arms wrapped deeply around her body and is rocking back and forth. The most startling of all, for him was the tears streaming down her face and the endless wailing. He knew his daughter's not the type cry for anything. The last time he saw this is when she was seven and she lost her mom and Alexis.

"Valerie honey it's your father. What is wrong? "He said this as he knelt down and hugged Valerie

I cannot tell him he'll hate me, I have to lie right away

After several long moments soft cry was heard

"Dad I did wrong today. Don't let me it can't..."

The words broke has become unintelligible

"Don't leave me dad. "

The night trailed on as Valerie's dad held her. All he could pick up something went wrong tonight.

He knew a something is terribly wrong.

12 1/2 days later

Valerie's POV

The room looked barren after the outbreak as she called it, it was no more clippings on the wall, her vanity and dresser had been moved back and the window replaced. Her closet was now closed to her. Most of the clothing was now kept hanging Hang on a metal rod she had her father install in the corner. Looking in a large class frame she'd mounted on the desk until she get a new mirror she admired her new look, prepared to go to school again. She cannot afford to miss any more classes given that Mr. Lancer called a few days ago saying she has to return today or she fails the year

Biggest thought in Valerie mind. No one must know, I have to get through this on my own.

Father was openly glad that Valerie was moving again since the outburst. She only stayed in her room and cried barely doing anything else.

Then she walked out to be her father who was taking her school. He stopped dead in her tracks. When he saw her new look, first was her choice of dark tight jeans and a dark top with an open V-neck with elbow length sleeves. She now wore no makeup and had chopped her hair straight shoulder length that went just below her head. The worst was her eyes which he looked at carefully looked eerily empty.

Ironically, most of the outfit made her look like a boy, ironically. It appeared she was trying to remove all femininity from her look. And appear neutral. Almost nothing in the outfit drew any attention to Valerie.

As he was admiring or wonder about his daughter's new appearance, she quickly pulled some food from the fridge and inhaled in a few bites. Then hoisting her school bag onto her shoulders.

"Dad let's get going. I don't want to be late for school. Oh by the way, dad, you throw out that garbage on the way out. It's too heavy me."

He looked at the bag and realize it was her ghost hunting armor.

"Valerie it your armor!"

"I don't need that garbage anymore. All it is a hindrance and a pain. I never want to see it again

Just like mom. Get rid of it now "

Taken back by his daughter's outburst her screaming this the top of her lungs. All we could mumble was "yes I will first we need to get you to school. You go to the car and I'll dispose of this."

"Okay, dad"

With that Valerie left for the car.

Looking down at the armor he says "I'm not let this happen again. Valerie will need you again someday. "Picking up the bag with the armor in it quickly drags it to the family storage closet quickly places it inside a trunk moving various family heirloom. He stacks those to the side and plans to store them properly. Later and closes the closet.

Then rushes out to meet Valerie.

Act End

What happened? And why is Valerie so stressed