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sequel to A Moment of Choice

Chapter 1

They had been riding for over an hour, both of them were tired. It had been a long day. Jay went inside for a drink, while Lonnie waited with the bike. Once they had gas and a drink, they would get back on the road. Jay was still trying to figure out where they were going. He only knew he had to get her out of Auradon. Lonnie had been through enough the last few days. She needed time to recover, to think. They had to find a way out of this marriage she was being forced into.

Lonnie kept thinking about it, the rules that went with the arranged marriages. There were certain conditions that had to be upheld. If she could just figure out one that she could break, she could get out of the marriage. She would probably end up dishonoring her family in the process, but her mother had already done that. She didn't want to disappoint them, but she couldn't marry Tyler, no matter how nice of a guy he was, he would never be Jay.

Jay walked out and handed her a bottle of water. Leaning against the bike, he could see she was still working on how to handle things. Jay reached over and lifted her chin so she was looking at him. "We'll find a way. Right now, we need to find a place to sleep. It's late and we're both tired."

"There's a hotel down the road." Lonnie said, she knew this road well, it led to the Northern Wei. "We can stay there, as long as we leave early. People around here know my family. We really need to head in a different direction."

Jay nodded, they would move on, as soon as they could. Tonight it was a hotel. Climbing onto the bike, Jay felt his phone vibrate. Pulling it out, he looked at the text. It was from Carlos.

'Where are you? Big trouble here, call me'

Jay tucked the phone away. He'd call as soon as he could. Right now, they needed to get some rest. Lonnie climbed on behind him and they headed down the road to the hotel. It would have to work for one night.

"Any luck?" Evie asked Carlos when he walked back into the office.

"No answer yet. You think they took off, don't you?" Carlos asked Evie, both were concerned about Jay and Lonnie. It wasn't like either of them to just disappear.

"I think they were both really upset over everything and need tonight to think." Evie hoped that was all it was.

"What happens if we can't get them, warn them? We've got Uma to deal with, even though she's supposedly working with us. And now Jafar… Jay's gonna flip when he finds out his dad got off the Isle." Carlos looked at Mal, who was glaring at Uma across the room. "At least we know, Harry still over there. That would be in all out war here."

"Don't put any thoughts into Uma's head. We've got enough trouble." Evie whispered as Ben came back in.

"Shang's going to be fine. I let Mulan know the situation. If she hears from Lonnie, she'll have her call one of us." Ben was running on overload, they all were. "The warrior sword, otherwise known as the dragonslayer, is missing… so is Jafar. It's pretty safe to say who has the sword. We need to find it,quickly." Mal was concerned, if this dragonslayer could control all dragons, what could it do to her?

She had good reason to be worried. Mal hasn't had time to master her dragon power. She was still learning how to control it when she got upset, or calm herself down to change back. It wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

"Mal, I think it's best you hang back on going after Jafar. I think you staying here protecting the school the students would be good.." Ben saw her start to object. "We need to keep people safe. It's best for you and us to keep you here."

"I'm perfectly capable to take on Jafar!" Mal didn't want to be sidelined.

"And he's capable of controlling you. We can't risk that. It's not an option." Ben cut her off. He knew he hadn't been the best at standing up as king and the VKs have saved him several times now. It was time he stepped up.

"Doug, tells us what you've found on the sword." Ben moved the conversation on, they didn't have time to waste.

"The warrior sword, dragonslayer, holds magical powers for the person that wields it. It was used in the war against the villains and had been spelled to protect the wielder, It's unknown if the spell still holds, but it's magical powers are thought to remain." Doug explained.

"What exactly are its powers?" Evie asked.

"It's known to control dragons, serpents and snakes. If Jafar has the sword and gets his scepter, his power will be twice as deadly. He can control anyone he comes in contact with, if he has the scepter. He would be able to take over Auradon easily, if we don't use every bit of magic we have. Ben, this is War." Doug looked at each of them.

Jay opened the door to their room, and let Lonnie walk in as he turned on the light. Setting her bag aside, she sat down on the bed and looked up at Jay. Locking the door, Jay pulled off his jacket and sat next to her. She didn't look at him now, it was strange. They had spent the last few days together stuck on the Isle, but now when danger and everything was put aside, and it was just the two of them, they were both nervous.

"I can sleep on the floor." Jay said softly, He wasn't sure sleeping in the same bed was such a good idea. He had managed to keep his distance on the Isle, his mind was getting them home. But there was a couple times he forgot everything but her and his control had been strained.

"No, I want you with me." Lonnie wanted him to hold her, just like he did on the roof that night on the Isle. "I feel safer with you next to me."

Jay smiled and nodded, he couldn't refuse what he wanted too. Kicking off his shoes, he crawled back on the bed. Lonnie took off her jacket and shoes. She looked at him, laid back on the bed waiting for her. Taking a breath, she crawled in next to him, both of them fully clothed but still, easily remedy if they wanted. Jay pulled her into his chest and held her.

Lonnie pulled back, she might as well tell him what she was thinking. It was the only option she could think of and they had tonight. If they were found or decide to go back tomorrow, it could be done. Sitting up, she looked down at Jay laying next to her.

"I've been thinking about it, the rules to an arranged marriage. There's one…. If I break it, then the deal would be off." Lonnie said softly. She wasn't sure if she should tell him or not. Her voice had him sitting up too. Looking into her eyes, Jay knew this was going to eat at her until they came up with a solution. Brushing her hair off her shoulder, Jay rubbed her neck.

"What rule?" Jay was curious, if there was something they could do to change things, it could be they could go home tomorrow. Running his hand up and down her arm, Jay continued touching her, soft and gentle while he listen to her.

"If I'm not a…" Lonnie frowned, how did she explain this? "If we… you know, tonight. I wouldn't be accepted to be a bride."

Jay frowned, as tempting as the idea of having Lonnie sounded, it needed to be done right. "You mean if we have sex?" Lonnie nodded, she wouldn't look at him. He didn't get the impression she wanted this. "Do you want that?"

"I don't know. I want us together, but.." Lonnie wasn't ready, they both knew it.

"We'll figure it out tomorrow. Let's just sleep." Jay said softly. Leaning in, Jay kissed her softly on her cheek. Lonnie shifted just enough, her lips touched his. Starting gentle and easy, one kiss at a time, Jay let it happen, easy and slow. Lonnie's arms wrapped around him, encouraging him to pull her closer. Taking his time, Jay brushed the hair back off her neck, his kisses trailing down her neck. He wanted this on the Isle with her, but didn't want to push it. He still did, but it wouldn't happen just to stop a marriage. They would find another way.

Jafar stood in the stone cave, the warrior sword in his hand. He made it. Off the Isle and now, in the Forbidden Forest, he could find his magic again. The warrior sword was his, and with the help of the dragons of the mountain, he would rule Auradon and take Aladdin to his knees.