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Sequel to When Villains Reign

Chapter 1

"Why do I need an ultrasound?" Lonnie was confused.

"Let's do the ultrasound and confirm this first." The nurse said and pulled the machine over to the table. She motioned for Lonnie to lay back. Jay got up and stood by Lonnie's head. Holding her hand, he was concerned, if she was fine, why were they doing an ultrasound. Lonnie did as she was told and within minutes the nurse was smiling at her. Turning the monitor, she showed Jay and Lonnie. "Look honey, you're about six to seven weeks pregnant."

Lonnie looked at Jay in stunned silence. She wasn't sure she had heard the nurse correctly. She thought she heard she's pregnant. That would mean she had sex. Lonnie could only assume that the father was Jay. The problem she had was she couldn't remember anything from the last six weeks. She could feel her heart start to pound. What happened?

Jay was afraid to look at Lonnie, he didn't know how to explain this to her. He had tried before they were brought in for the exam, but he just couldn't do it. She had no memory of the last six weeks, how was he to explain something that happened while they had been dragged into a book?

"Can we have a minute?" Jay asked the nurse.

"We're done, unless you have questions. Lonnie you need to make an appointment for next month. Doc will want to see you every month until we move into the last few weeks." She smiled, realizing they had no idea what they had gotten into. "I would suggest telling Fairy Godmother and your parents as soon as possible. You'll need to make dorm accommodations for the baby."

Lonnie nodded agreeing, but still very shocked. The nurse left them alone with Jay staring at the floor. He had no idea what to say. Lonnie sat up looking at the door blankly. "I'm pregnant. Jay, I don't remember how… when did this happen? Oh,.." she covered her face in her hands. "How do I tell my parents?"

Her parents, Jay thought and wanted to disappear right then. Her father would do way worse to him than anything he ever went through on the Isle. What was he thinking messing with Li Shang's daughter, or worse Mulan's? Jay swallowed hard, she had to feel the same nervousness he did, if not more.

"We'll figure it out." His voice sounded less confident than he did. Jay felt trapped in that small room. It felt as if the room was closing in on him. He knew what happened, when it happened, but he never thought about this. How did this happen?

"I don't remember it? It was you, right? I can't remember what happened. I don't know how it happened." Lonnie was starting to really get upset. It was hard enough that she had lost six weeks, but to have gotten pregnant during that time, she ran her fingers through her hair thinking about it.

"Yeah. Lonnie you gotta calm down. You gotta think of the baby." Not that she was thinking of anything else. Jay touched her arm, gently running his hand up and down. He needed to calm her down. "It was me. I tried to tell you, but you've been sick and upset and I should have said something." Taking a breath Jay walked over and sat down. He was going to be a dad. Jay didn't know what to do. Holding his head in his hands, Jay tried to think.

"Do you remember it?" Lonnie asked afraid he didn't remember either. Jay looked up at Lonnie, he smiled softly then remembering how it happened.

The way she smiled and laughed when she was dancing for him. The way she snuggled against him while she fed him grapes and dates. How the wine affected her, both of them. How she felt in his arms while they made love, then how desperate he felt when she disappeared right in front of him.

"Yeah, I keep seeing it, you... us like that…it was really good between us, we were good." Right up until she disappeared. Jay looked up out of the memory and smiled. He remembered everything about it. He dreamed of her the entire time she was missing, wanting her back. "I don't regret it. You said, you didn't either… unless you changed your mind."

"I regret not remembering." Lonnie felt bad for him. He knew what they did, how they felt for each other. She didn't remember any of it, but she wanted to.

Lonnie slid off the table and stood looking at Jay. She didn't know what he was feeling. She couldn't read him. Jay took a breath, standing up he reached for her, pulling her to his chest. He closed his eyes. He was going to be a dad. What was he thinking? Did he really think getting involved with her was a good idea. She's the kind of girl you take home to meet your parents, the kind you do the right thing for, the kind of girl you marry. Jay wasn't ready for any of that.

"Can you help me remember? I don't want to not know," Lonnie said softly, looking at him for something to tell her she would remember.

Jay nodded, he would help anyway he could, but first they needed to tell Fairy Godmother like the nurse said. Jay kept his arms around her. She was six weeks pregnant, it was a lot to take in. "Can you feel it move, yet?"

"No, I think it's too small yet. My mom said she didn't feel me, until she was about 4 or 5 months." Lonnie was having a hard time grasping she was going to be a mom.

"So this is why you've been sick, morning sickness?" Jay was trying to understand it all.

"Yeah, are you okay? You look really pale." Lonnie took a good look at Jay. Touching his face she saw the shock and fear. He wasn't remotely ready for this. She knew this wasn't what he had in mind with her. It was one thing to date her, but a whole other thing to have a baby.

Jay nodded, "Just a lot to think about, I didn't plan on…". He stopped seeing the look on her face. Cupping her face, Jay rested his forehead to hers. "I'm with you on this. You aren't having this baby alone. Unless you don't want me?"

Lonnie smiled at last. It wasn't her brightest smile but it was something. "I want you."

"We better tell Fairy Godmother before word gets out. No one around here can keep a secret." Jay reached for the door. Making a decision that seemed hard but really wasn't. He wanted Lonnie and he helped create this child. He wanted to be a part of its life. He grew up with one parent, one really bad parent. Jay decided he wouldn't be that for his own. "And I need to hit the library."

Lonnie frowned, there were no projects due. "Why?"

They started down the hall. Jay took Lonnie's hand and smiled at her. He spoke quietly, but unknown to them Doug was helping a nurse restock some supplies. The cabinet door was open so they didn't see him, but Doug stopped what he was doing when he heard Jay comment on going to the library.

"I need to read up on babies. I don't know what to do to help you. I'm not gonna be like my dad was. I want you and this baby. It scares me, but I won't let you do this alone." Jay refused to let a child of his grow up the way he did, with a father who didn't know what he was doing, or cared to figure it out. Jay would admit he didn't know what he was doing, but he was willing to figure it out.

Doug's mouth dropped. Pushing everything into the cabinet. Doug quickly closed the door and raced out. He needed to find Evie and the others. They needed to know what has happened.

Mal sat in the restricted section of the library. She had every book she could find about the Shadowman and voodoo. What she was reading, learning about him, she didn't like. This was beyond any evil they had ever dealt with. There was a reason he had been imprisoned they way he had, instead of going to the Isle. Unfortunately, she thought, they stumbled onto this evil and now they would have to eliminate it. Mal gathered the books she needed and headed for her room. As she walked across the campus, a cold breeze chilled her. Voodoo was going to be an new magic for her.