Lonnie had finally fell asleep while Jay held one of his daughters and Mulan held his other daughter. Jay sighed looking over at Lonnie. Two girls were going to be a handful. It had been a really strange road getting here, but he had Lonnie, and now their girls. Shang walked in and nodded to Jay as he kissed Mulan's head.

"Did you two pick names or was it too quick for you?" Shang asked admiring the babies.

"Leilani after the Li family and after Lonnie for her. She was little harder, we hadn't planned on two, but Lonnie chose Jai Li for her." Jay motioned to the smaller of the girls in his arms.

Shang motioned for Jay to hand his grand daughter over. "Why don't you get some rest too. I think Mulan and I can handle this." Shang offered.

"Thanks." Jay sat on the bed next to Lonnie scooting her over, so he could hold her.

Shang smiled. It wasn't how they planned their family to grow, but it certainly ended with a good start. Sitting next to Mulan he watched the two little girls sleep. As the two little ones slipped into the sleep realm a shadow fell behind Shang, the shadow man was still watching.