Tittle: Silent Amethysts
By: Angel (www.celestial-angel.net)
Disclaimer: MKR's not mine. You know that~

Silent amethysts...
So calm
So mysterious
Just one look inside,
I got totally lost...

So quiet
full of courage
full of will.
so alone and lonely.
Your face hides
hidden emotions
that I wish I know...

Why hiding
from the ones who care for you?
Why hiding
behind the shadows
and hope no one would find you?

You must hate me...
How could you not?

You said you forgave me
but I didn't buy it.
How could you
of all the people
forgive me
when I
couldn't even forgive myself?

Those splendid amethysts...
I want to see them shine
with joy all the time.
Let me see those crystals
flashing me real smiles.

Stupid of me...
I couldn't help it...
I'm falling hard,
so hard...
For you...

I've fallen hard...
But there's no way
you would feel the same way.

If only you know
Oh, how I love you so....