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Chapter 2: The Galala Crocodile!

Sound of beasts crying echoed throughout the mangrove forest. Occasionally, Komatsu found herself jumping every time a shadow loomed over her from the flying beasts overhead. Toriko still hadn't slowed down his pace. In fact, he seemed to be walking faster. "W-wait! Toriko-san! You're walking too fast!" She cried as she started to jog to catch up to him.

Toriko didn't slow down and she could already feel herself running out of breath. Curse her lack of exercise! She took a small reprieve and adjusted her knapsack.


The bush rustled next to her. She looked at the bush, and as soon as she took a step back, a blue reptile with large mustard-colored eyes and sharp teethes grinned menacingly. She took a deep breath and screamed, "NGYAAAHHHH!"

Within seconds, Toriko grabbed the Snake Frog and crushed its' throat. "Geez," he grumbled, "don't go making yelping noises over a little Snake Frog!"

"S-sorry," She shivered, "it's just my first time seeing a live Snake Frog." She scratched the back of her head, "I've always handled them in the kitchen... but you know when they're... dead."

He held the Snake Frog by its' tail, "Oh yea, these guys' livers are quite the delicacy. I'll eat it later."

She giggled at the fact that he seemed to only think about food. Suddenly, she felt a small sting from her hand. "Ow..." She looked down to see a black slug with red polka dots stuck to her hand. "G-GYAH!" Her other hand hovered over her infected hand, not sure whether to flick it off or grab it off. "S-something's stuck on me!" She looked to see Toriko completely unfazed, "W-what do I do?"

He snickered then said, "It's just a leech, it's just sucking your blood. Don't mind it."

"I do mind it! I do! I do! It's gross!" She cried as she was about to rip the leech off.

"Hey, I wouldn't do that if I were you. The wound will just get bigger if you force it off." He walked to one of the mangrove trees and picked a handful of its' leaves.

"What is that?" She asked.

"These are mangrove leaves." He took her hand with a giant leech on it; he squeezed the leaves and juices seeped out from his tightened fist. The leech slid off and laid on the ground motionless.

"You got it off!" She said in shock, "how?"

"Well, leeches hate it when you put salt on them."


"Yup. The mangroves' roots deposit the salt content of the seawater they absorbed into their leaves. Then their leaves and fruits get so salty that not even bugs would eat them"

"O-oh, I see, I see." She decided to make a mental note of that; it may come up to be useful later on.

"Here." He handed her a handful of mangrove leaves. "Just in case you get attacked by more leeches."

"Ah, thank you." She gratefully accepted the leaves and pocketed them.

"Of course," He continued, "depending on the type, there are some leaves that are edible here."

"Eh? Really?" She looked around to see the various bushes and the trees. She wondered how you could tell which are edible without having to taste them all. In fact, she was surprised how knowledgeable Toriko was about this whole place. But then again, currently there are about 300,000 varieties of ingredients that are known to humans. Of those 300,000, it was said that Toriko discovered 2% of these ingredients. She looked at his broad back and hoped that one day he could share stories of his adventures with her.


"Eek," but before she could even think about the future, she should first try to survive tonight. "T-there sure are a lot of mysterious... uhm..." She didn't know what to call them; she supposed because they were flying, she would call them birds. "...birds flying around."

In response, Toriko looked up to see a flock of various flying beasts, "The Baron Archipelago is famous for its many giant birds. With these guys holding mastery of the sky, you can't get close with any aircraft."

"Oh, so that's why we came by boat!" She said.

"Komatsu," He pointed to the sun, "the sun's gonna set soon, so how about we rest up for today?"

"Ah, yes!" She replied, but then again they were supposed to meet Tomu tomorrow morning, "how come we're not entering deeper into the marsh while it's still light out? We should make as much progress as we can for today."

He dragged the raft a bit closer to the waters and surveyed the land. "Well, the Galala crocodile is nocturnal. So it's better to go after it during the daytime while it's still sluggish." He dropped the Snake Frog down and started to gather bits and pieces of sticks. "We'll go into the marsh tomorrow."

"A-ah okay..." She said. She looked around to see if there was anything she could do to help.

As if Toriko read her mind, he said, "Just sit back and relax Chef Komatsu. You're the client here."

"A-ah... yes!" She awkwardly said before sitting next to the raft on her knees. Still, she couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed that she wasn't helping out. It felt like she was behind a looking glass. She wanted to be more involved in this adventure, but all she did so far was whine, cry, complain, and probably slowed down Toriko's progress. She looked down at her injured hand. When will this bleeding stop? She wondered in frustration.

Night time fell a lot quicker than Komatsu had anticipated. Toriko made the fire and started roasting the Snake Frog as is. The fire crackled, and the smell of roasting meat filled the air. She was hungry, but her nervousness was staving off her desire to eat. After all, they were surrounded by all sorts of beasts right now.

"YUMMY!" He cried, "this Snake Frog is delicious! Eh Komatsu?"

Then there was Toriko who didn't seem to mind that there were beasts circling around them. "Aha...uhm, y-yes." She replied meekly. A piece of Snake Frog was left untouched on her skewer.

"There's wine too! Do you want some?" He offered nonchalantly.

"I'm good, thank you." She declined politely. She looked down at her hand, and her hand still hadn't stopped bleeding. "Toriko-san? My hand hasn't stopped bleeding..."

He finished a piece of the Snake Frog before slicing off another piece from the main body that was roasting over the open fire. "When leeches suck blood they release a substance called hirudin. It's that substance that prevents blood from clotting. Don't worry, it'll eventually stop bleeding." He said matter-of-factly.

"When exactly is eventually..." She looked down to survey her wound closer, blood was coming out sluggishly.

"Grrr..." one of the beasts circling them growled lowly.

"More importantly... Why are these bird beasts here?" She asked as she crawled a bit closer to Toriko.

He took a big gulp of wine and took another big bite of the Snake Frog. "Don't mind them, these guys are probably hungry. They're probably waiting for leftovers." He said with his mouth full, "on this island that should be lush with resources for food, there's a food shortage instead." He took another gulp of wine to wash down the meat. "By their nature, Galala crocodiles are omnivores and big eaters based on IGO's data. I've got no doubt that the current state of this island is due to the actions of that 300-year-old Galala crocodile."

She looked around to see the beasts eyeing the roasting Snake Frog. Some of them had their tongue lolled out while others were licking their lips. "They all look so...desperate..."

"It's not just Baron Marsh." He continued, he finished drinking the whole bottle of wine and grabbed another one. He popped the top easily with his thumb, "the possibility of this Galala crocodile devouring everything on this archipelago is high."

"W-wait..." she felt a cold shiver down her spine, "you're saying that the Galala crocodile can consume all 200,000 species living here...?" She looked at Toriko as he just continued to drink the wine with leisure. She stood up appalled, "the Galala crocodile can even adapt to the ocean! When there's no food left here, it can...it can..." she imagined the ferocious crocodile entering Gourmet Town wreaking havoc. She shut her eyes, what could she possibly do?

"Chef Komatsu."

"H-huh?" She saw Toriko facing the water. For a moment, everything was silent. Only the fire cackling filled the silent void. "What's wron-"

"Shh." He shushed as he placed his index finger near his lips.

A moment later and all the beast around them either flew or ran away. Her breath started to run ragged, and her heart pumped faster.

Blurb, blurb.

Her ears picked up the sound of the water bubbling near them.

One second.


Then suddenly, a large beast sprang up from the waters with an ugly hiss. "GYASSSSSSS."

"UWAHHHH!" She screamed, before taking several steps backward.

The large snake-like beast stared at them with its mouth wide open, readying its hunting stance. "Hmm? What's that thing called?" he asked.

"It-it's a Snake Swamp, Toriko-san!" She said as she stood staring at its large mouth. "It-it-it's a capture level 5! They say that as long as it's in the swamp, not even the Galala crocodile can carelessly attack it!"

"Hm. A Snake Swamp." He said simply.

"It-it's a strong predator, Toriko-san!" She was scared and confused. Scared that the Snake Swamp was going to eat her in one gulp. Confused that Toriko was taking all this a bit too calmly.

The great Snake Swamp started to convulse. It made some weird coughing noise before it toppled over next to Toriko. She stepped a bit closer to see the Snake Swamp. "E-eh... is it dead?"

"W-what's with this wound?" He pointed to the large hole.

She stepped closer to the Snake Swamp's lifeless body. It had a huge chunk missing from its body. There was only a bit of tendon and sinew left to keep the Snake Swamp from being bisected in half. "That looks like a bite wound..." She said as she assessed the damage.

"One bite... that was enough to end its' life." He said as he walked closer to the Snake Swamp, "What amazing jaw power, and most of all the jaw size of this."

She heard some leaves and branches crunching behind her. She turned around to see the main culprit in front of her. Her legs went stiff; her breath caught in her throat. It was the Galala Crocodile, staring right into her eyes. Toriko was saying something, but all she heard was muffles. Her brain stopped functioning, "To-Toriko-s-san..." Her eyes started to water, this couldn't be real, right? That definitely wasn't the size of a crocodile; it reminded her more of a dinosaur. Suddenly, all her senses were awakened with a jolt, she felt a menacing presence behind her. She chanced a moment to look back, and she saw another dinosaur! But this dinosaur was talking to her!

"I said, stand back, Komatsu!" It was a familiar voice.

"To-Toriko-san?" She managed to stutter out.

"GYYUUAAAAHHH" A guttural roar from the Galala crocodile demanded their attention.

"UWAHH!" She screamed in response as she finally took full control of her body and ran past Toriko. She ran until she was a safe distance away, and what she saw next could only be described of what you would see in an action movie.

The Galala crocodile launched itself to Toriko, but he easily dodged the attack. While dodging, he punched the crocodile's mouth. The crocodile stumbled to the side from the impact, but brought its massive tail and managed to strike Toriko's side.

"To-Toriko-san!" She couldn't do anything except helplessly watch the two ferocious beasts duke it out.

Toriko caught the tail and swung the crocodile hard into the ground. The crocodile laid on the ground for a moment, dazed.

"HEY KOMATSU!" He called out.

"Y-yes!" She yelped in response, "T-there are two dinosaurs!" She dumbly answered.

"What are you talking about?" He asked before changing his mind, "Wait, never mind. Did you manage to stop the bleeding?"

"T-the bleeding?" She asked before she saw Toriko pointing at his own hand. "Oh! The bleeding!" She looked down to see another leech sucking off the same hand that was injured. "Ahk! there's another one on me!" She cried in disgust.

"I remembered. These are Baron leeches, and they take half a day for the bleeding to stop." He pulled one off with ease despite him telling her not to do exactly that. "The Galala crocodile keeps a large amount of Baron leeches inside its' mouth. It spreads these leeches around and tracks its' prey with the scent of blood."

She looked horrified at the leech sitting on her hand. "Th-then..." She paled, "I'm already the crocodile's target!"

"GYAAAHHHHH!" The mighty Galala Crocodile roared as it finally managed to find its' balance after being thrown off by Toriko.

"I also found these leeches on the Snake Swamp." He pulled off the rest of the leeches, "Now then, it'll be troublesome to drag this fight any longer." He faced the growling Galala Crocodile. "Komatsu! Is it alright if I don't capture this guy alive after all?" he asked.

"Eh? A-alive?" she questioned.

"I'm asking you...if I can kill it." He said in a dangerously low hiss.

Her body stiffened, "Y-yes...be my guest..." she managed to squeak out. His face was so...scary. Possibly scarier than the Galala crocodile, if that was even possible!

She heard a growl, and she thought it was from the crocodile, but it was actually from Toriko!

"Galala Crocodile..." he snarled, "those hard scales, those tough fangs, those sharp claws, and that jaw with around three tons of power..." he got into a fighting position with his arm outstretched ready to take on the Galala Crocodile. "That look of yours is appropriate for the King of the Baron Archipelago."

Run. Komatsu's entire being was screaming, but she couldn't.

As Toriko brushed his two hands together, she heard a sharp noise that reminded her of the time when she sharpened her knives. Suddenly, she could faintly see a grinning red Ogre enveloping Toriko's body. The ogre had a malevolent smile and was ready to eat the whole crocodile in one bite.

The crocodile did not seem to fear the grinning ogre as it lurched forward to its impending doom. "I give thanks to all the ingredients in this world," Toriko said.

"GWARRARR" The crocodile roared.

"FORK!" he screamed as his whole hand impaled the side of the crocodile's jaw. He managed to lift the crocodile's body with one arm. "KNIFE" he screamed again, and he brought his other hand down and cleanly decapitated the crocodile's head. The Galala crocodile was now just a lump of fresh meat.

He brought his hand together and said, "Gochisouma."

She was still in awe. She blinked a couple of times and the red ogre seemed to dissipate. Was she just imagining things? Was her fear making her delusional?

"Komatsu!" He called.

She looked up still stunned and speechless. Toriko gave her a wide energetic smile. "Mission accomplish! Now let's eat!" he said happily.

She was about to reply before she burst into tears. Toriko's face changed into a smiling face that glistened like gold. Was it from relief that she was crying? She didn't know except that she much preferred to see this Toriko rather than whatever she saw back then.

"What are you crying for?" he asked before chuckling, "oh! You're just super excited to try the meat that you're crying in happiness?"

"W-what! N-no!" She said, before wiping her tears off with her sleeves. She then brushed her cheek with something slimy. She saw the back of her hand and forgotten all about the Baron leech! "Augh! I forgot to get rid of this!" She freaked out as she quickly grabbed the leaves from her pocket and squeezed as hard as she could to get a drop of salt water out. The leech just slid off her hand with ease. She sighed in relief but frowned at the blood sluggishly dripping. Plus her hand was looking a lot paler than before.

"Come here, Komatsu!" She looked up to see Toriko rummaging through her knapsack. "Do you have a first aid kit anywhere?"

She stared blankly before heat rose to her cheeks in realization. She had her undergarments in there! "A-ah! W-wait! Toriko-san!" She screeched as she sprinted towards her bag. She got to her bag a tad too late as he pulled out her white panties.

"Oh, oops. I thought that was a handkerchief or something." He said.

She felt like she was going to faint from embarrassment. "Toriko-san!" she finally yelled.

"Hm?" He looked up innocently at her. He didn't seem at all worried with what he was holding.

"I-I may not look it," her voice shuddered, "b-but I'm still a woman you know!" her eyes were watering as she grabbed her underwear and stuffed them back into her knapsack. She could feel her ears and cheeks burning.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" He asked, clearly confused. "Anyway, hurry up and patch up so we can get cooking!" He disregarded the whole thing entirely as he gave her another carefree smile.

She started to feel silly that perhaps she was the only one overreacting.

Except, this was definitely a normal reaction that she had. But then again, she had a feeling that being with him meant having to throw away the term 'normal' out the window. She took a deep breath and decided to just let it go. After all, if he wasn't making a big deal out of this...perhaps it wasn't a big deal after all. Though... she was a bit... disappointed? She kind of hoped for a different reaction after finding her panties.

'Eh, wh-why am I thinking that?' She placed her hand on her hot forehead. She was going to blame it on the adrenaline rushing through her head from today's event.

After all that was said and done, they started up the fire once again. He roasted a huge chunk of Galala crocodile.

She smelled the meat, and saw the juice dripping into the fire making a satisfying sizzling sound. "I-is this really alright?" she asked, while trying to contain her drool.

"Is what alright?"

"W-well.." she wiped the drool seeping out from her mouth, "to eat the requested meat here..."

He poked the fire with the stick and turned the meat to evenly roast the meat, "It's fine! We can't carry this huge amount back with us, right?" He poked the fire some more and finally said, "Ah! It's done!" With his hand, he sliced off a chunk of meat cleanly. She still couldn't wrap her head around the fact that someone can cut something like a knife with just their bare hands. "Look... the marbled fat is sparkling..." He started to drool, "it's like a jewel of meat."

She opened her mouth when Toriko opened his mouth to eat the meat. She swallowed back her saliva as Toriko chew the meat agonizingly slow.

"YUMMMMMM!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"R-really?" She asked, "I-I'm gonna have some too!" She was sure the IGO wouldn't mind her eating just a little bit, you know, to taste test. Toriko sliced a piece off for her and it was a huge slab of meat. "Uhm, could you maybe cut it a bit smaller, Toriko-san?"

"Eh? You can't eat this in one bite?" He asked in shocked.

"O-of course not!" She said.

"Hmm," he stared at her lips, and she bit her lower lips feeling self-conscious again, "yea, you do have a pretty small mouth." He sliced the meat in smaller chunks. He handed the piece of meat, and it nearly burned her hand.

"Ah!" She yelped in surprise and dropped the piece of meat.

"Oh, got it!" He said and caught the meat before it touched the ground. "You're such a baby, Komatsu." He teased while laughing.

She pouted as she said, "It-it was hot..." she blushed in embarrassment. She was a chef so she was used to touching hot food...but not when it was right out from the open fire!

"Hmm, okay." Toriko blew the meat for a bit and held it in front of her lips. "Here."

"Eh?" Was Toriko hand feeding her? She wasn't sure if he saw her as a child or if he was acting on a romantic gesture. Probably the former. Feeling slightly frustrated, she grabbed the cooled meat from Toriko's fingers and popped it in her mouth. She gasped, and Toriko just laughed knowing what she was exactly feeling. "Y-YUMMY!" She said mirroring Toriko's exact reaction.

"Right?" he said. He stood up suddenly and went to a nearby tree and ripped off a large leaf. He handed the leaf to her, "we can use this as a plate."

"A-ah, thank you."

Toriko began to roast more meat and sliced the meat into more of a bite-size chunk for her and placed them on the makeshift plate. She was moved by his thoughtful gesture and felt silly for being offended by Toriko's teasing gesture earlier.

After the fifth serving, she was starting to feel full and tired. She yawned as he was still placing more meat on her leaf-plate. She watched as Toriko was happily enjoying the meat. Despite the scary moments, she could definitely say this trip was well worth it. She was able to see the Galala Crocodile in its' ferocious glory. She looked at the roasting meat, and she was overcome with the feeling of respect for the great Galala Crocodile. She wanted to cook the best meal with this meat so that other's could enjoy everything the Galala Crocodile had to offer. She wanted to go on more trips with Toriko, she wanted to see more, eat more, and experience more.

"Toriko-san?" She asked, her voice barely audible from as she was on the verge of passing out.


"I have a favor to ask..."


"E-eh! But I haven't asked yet!"

"...what is it?"

This time he paused eating and stared right at her, urging her to continue. She didn't feel as intimidated as before and she was able to meet his gaze without hesitation. "If...an opportunity like this comes up again..." her lips stretched into a wide smile, "would it be okay if I went with you? Toriko-san?"

"Hoh?" He gave his usual mischievous smile, "Do whatever you want. After all, there's no time like the present." He sliced off another chunk of meat and stuff it in his mouth.

She burst into a bubbly giggle, typical of Toriko to not give her a straight answer. "And anytime after that is the wrong time." she finished his statement.

After a few moments, they settled into another peaceful silence. The sound of the fire's crackle and Toriko's chewing the meat was lulling her to sleep. She nodded her head several times before she finally shut her eyes into a deep slumber.

The next morning, she woke up from the loud screeching of beasts. She opened her eyes to see the flying beasts circling them. It was scary how she seemed to be already used to this scenery. The human psyche to adapt was certainly amazing. She got up and realized that she was sleeping in the raft. Huh, when did I get on here? She thought maybe she walked over here and fell asleep without realizing it. The crisp morning breeze was refreshing, and she yawned while stretching out the sleepiness from her body.

What greeted her sight was Toriko with a round belly and the skeletal remaining of the Galala Crocodile.

"..." She rubbed her eyes hoping she was imagining seeing the fact that the Galala Crocodile was all eaten away.

"..." No. It was definitely gone. "To...Toriko-san!" She gasped in shocked, "I-I can't believe we ate all of this! This is bad! Oh no!"

"You idiot." He managed to murmur, "Who do you think I am! I saved a piece."

A bubble of hope rose, "Toriko-san!" She cried in happiness.

"See this."

It was a dead Baron leech.

Just like that, the bubble burst. "That's just the leech from inside its mouth!"

"Isn't that enough?"

"N-no! Of course it isn't!" She started to rub her temple feeling a headache coming along, "Augh! What am I going to tell the IGO director about this!" She cried in despair, "I'm definitely, 100%, going to get fired for this!"

"Tell the IGO, that it was fre-a-king delicious!"

"W-what good is it just to tell him that?" She exclaimed.

"Hmm, but it's still one step away from being put into my full course menu, I think."

"Gah!" She chocked, "So you're saying after all that it still isn't good enough!" She couldn't believe this man at all!

She arrived at the pier and thanked Toriko and Tomu for the trip despite failing IGO's request. But, the Galala Crocodile was definitely delicious, which she could never tell the IGO director. She sighed pitifully, it was time to face the music.

She took a taxi and arrived at Hotel Gourmet. She knocked on the IGO director's door and waited a few moments before she heard a muffled invitation to enter.

"Good afternoon, director." She greeted.

"N~~ Komatsu-chan, you came back alive!" Umeda said.

"Haha... yes." She laughed nervously; she didn't know how she was going to break this news to the director. "Uhm.. I have some bad news to...report..."

"N~~ let me guess." He said. "Toriko-chan ate the whole meat?"

"E-eh? How did you know!" She gasped.

"The president told me that we should at least expect that from Toriko-chan."

Well then, it seemed Toriko's gluttony wasn't a surprise to anyone. "I-I'm so very sorry, director!" She bowed hoping they wouldn't fire her for this.

"It's alright Komatsu-chan. Luckily, the IGO was able to be successful in selectively breeding the Galala Crocodile."

"...wait. What." She dumbly said.

"So that means, you're in the clear!" He laughed heartily.

She awkwardly laughed along while thinking to herself, then what was the purpose of this trip?

She finally excused herself as she needed to find her manager to ask if she could take today off as well. She was exhausted from yesterday's trip and she could sleep all day today.

"Manager!" she called out when she saw him lounging outside the restaurant.

"K-Komatsu!" Smith cried, "You're alive!"

"Haha, yep, I'm still in one piece." she smiled, "can I take today off as well? I'm really exhausted from the trip so I don't know if I can cook to the best of my ability today."

"Oh yes, yes, you certainly can!" he said.

"Thank you!" She bowed in gratitude. She was about to take her leave before he called out her name again.

"Yes?" She said.

"Would you go on this sort of trip again Komatsu? It's dangerous which I'm sure you already know." he fidgeted as he looked away from her.

Without missing a beat, she replied happily, "Yes! I had lots of fun!" she was able to say that from the bottom of her heart.

He gasped in shock much to her confusion. "I-I see.." he suddenly looked much paler than before, "well then... have a good rest Komatsu..." He sluggishly walked away from her.

She looked at her manager's retreating figure and thought that perhaps he should also take a day off too. He looked just as tired as her today.

Komatsu finally arrived home and took off her sweaty clothes. She took a nice long hot shower, and her muscles sighed in pleasure. She changed into her comfy pajamas and was about to fall asleep before she saw the dirty heap of clothes that should be laundered.

She sighed as it was best to clean the clothes now rather than later so it didn't sit and just reek in her laundry hamper for a week. Before chucking her clothes into the washing machine, she checked her pant pocket and pulled out a single mangrove leaf.

"Mhm...it almost seems like a waste to throw this leaf away..." She looked around and spotted her old cooking book that she already memorized cover to cover.

She opened the book and a dried petal of a red rose slipped out. This petal was from a rose bouquet she received from her ex-fiancee on the day he proposed to her. She gently picked up the rose petal and memories of her first date with him rushed in. She should throw it away as she didn't want to preserve that memory anymore. She stared at the dry rose petal once more and sighed pitifully that she couldn't throw it away after all. Even now, she sometimes caught herself desperately looking for the engagement ring even though she threw it into the waters.

For now, she placed the rose petal back into the book and flipped to another page for the leaf. She looked at the book cover once more before gently placing it back into her book shelf.

After throwing her clothes into the washing machine, she laid on the left side of her bed. After a moment, she rolled over to the middle.

"I hope I can go on another trip with Toriko-san again..." She placed her forearm over her eyes. She knew that she may never go on another crazy adventure like this... after all, Toriko and her live two different lives. Plus, she would just slow down Toriko's hunting process if she tagged along.

She was scared of having expectation or hope after her fiancee blindsided her by leaving her. It was best to keep her expectation low so that she wouldn't get burned from disappointment in the end. So even if she were to never go on another trip with Toriko, at least she had the mangrove leaf to remind her of this precious memory.

With a forced smile, she closed her eyes as she imagined all the possible dishes she could've cooked with the Galala Crocodile meat for Toriko to try.

Her last image before falling into a deep slumber was Toriko happily eating her meals.

- To be Continued -