Ch 1 All change

Everything was normal in the school that day, well as normal as it can get in a high school.

Everything was normal in Middle Earth as well.

The two places were almost peaceful. Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship had just set off on their daily trek to reach Mount Doom and were doing what they usually did, walk and not talk. It was quite repetitive sometimes. Frodo sometimes wished that there would be a big flash of bright light and transport him somewhere nice and warm and comfortable. That would be nice. He wasn't sure why he said that for his mother and father, before their untimely deaths had always taught him to be careful what you wished for. This would have been valued advice because just as he thought the last letter of his wish a great lightning bolt shot from the sky and hit the Fellowship with such energy that it should have killed them, but this being a somewhat magical place not all was what it seemed.

In the school no one liked, in the corner few dared to go, there stood three lonely figures, these people, however, weren't as gloomy as the rest of the school, as it should be on a Monday morning. No, these people, one in particular was jumping around. One appeared to be shouting something at the other two. To anyone outside this special circle these things would have looked slightly strange and that it an odd thing to say about a school that it naturally strange.

To understand the madness that lay in that corner, or in this case stood, a person would have to look deep into what the rubbish they were talking about meant. It would probably be good at this point to explain who these people are. There were three of them that permanently graced the corner. First there was Roberta (Bob) who's pom poms always shook around her shoulders, sometimes it seemed as if they had a life of their own, much to the amusement of the other two. Then there was Ned (?), she was the tallest of the three and was commonly known as The Question Master because of all the questions she asked (obviously). And last, but not least, was Fred (Winifred). She was also known as the "Starlight Girl" and "The Oracle".

There was one thing that linked the three girls, one special gift that no one else in the school fully understood. They were all psychic. Well, Ned wasn't but she liked to think she was so the other two indulged her every now and then. Bob was well known for causing things to happen and mind reading. Once on a bight summer's day she had made it rain so hard. The whole school was fuming afterwards but she found it very funny. Her and Fred also had an incredibly strong psychic link that no one else could understand.

The strong image of Strider looked somewhat out of place in the centre of Salisbury in Wiltshire. When he awoke on a park bench he instantly panicked, this was certainly no Middle Earth or Mordor. His first thought was that this was one of Saurauman's tricks, it was all just a deception but then where did all this come from? How did he get there? They were nowhere near Isenguard when. When. He didn't even know what happened. His memory was completely blank. This must be a spell he decided.

Aragorn knew that he must find Frodo or at least the rest of the Fellowship. Poor Frodo, out there all on his own, that was even if he was there, this could just be a nightmare, he could just be crazy. He knew the people at Bree had always thought him a little mad but not like this. He had to find a way out. Who knows what could happen if this was a magic trick, it could be Saurauman's attempt at getting the Ring of Power.

If he could only find the rest of the Fellowship, he would even take that stupid fat one, Sam right now. He mustn't talk like that it was vital that he stayed strong and brave in this strange, possibly imaginary, place and help the young Hobbit continue his quest. That was his vow after all.

Aragorn drew his sword and began walking through the hoards of people that buzzed all around him. Every now and then there would be a scream as he flashed his sword at the unsuspecting b shoppers of Salisbury.

Merry and Pippin were fast asleep. They lay in a comfortable bed, the last time they had felt this comfortable was when they slept in Bree, that was their last peaceful night and right then they were glad for the break from the hard ground on the road to Mordor.

It was Pippin that woke first. He saw the blurred faces of about twenty people, about his size staring at him and the other young Hobbit that was now stirring in his sleep. At first Pippin thought nothing of it, in his mind it was a blessing that they were comfortable. However, this all changed when he heard the long droning voice of someone.

It suddenly occurred to Pippin that this was not normal and although Aragorn was known for doing more talking than anyone else usually he woke everyone up to send them to sleep again. Pippin suddenly sat up in fright. Things that looked more like men, very tall men, had now joined the small Hobbit-sized creatures. It was odd because they were all wearing the same clothes, something that was not common in the Shire. This frightened Pippin so much that he let out a little squeal and tried to sit up. An invisible barrier that covered the young Hobbit's head abruptly halted this attempts.

By this time Merry had been started awake by all the commotion that was going on. He was still in a sort of trance after being woken up for apparently no reason. Pippin was desperately trying to bring Merry back to his senses, the crowd of things that surrounded them grew even bigger, by now the tall folk far overpowered the smaller Hobbit-like creatures. Pippin was trying to work out what was going on, if only he could wake Merry up. He was a far more sensible Hobbit and would know what to do. He also knew how to stay calm in a strange situation.

Merry rolled over to face the cultural mixture of people that were now blankly staring into the box that the two frightened Hobbits were confined in. Merry's eyes suddenly went wide with terror as he tried to push the distraught Pippin away from him.

"What's going on Pip, where are we?"

Pippin didn't answer this because it seemed like such a stupid question, if he knew where they were he wouldn't be so frightened. He sat up, just as Pippin had done earlier and banged his head hard against the transparent barrier that trapped them. The crowd of people gasped as the Hobbit bent back down in pain. Luckily his hair absorbed most of the blow and he wasn't at all hurt, although he was sure that there would be a big bump there in the next few days.

Merry had learned from his mistakes and stayed low to the ground. By now he was as frightened as Pippin and this fear only escalated when one of the people from the mob moved towards the cage with what looked to Merry and Pippin thought looked like a giant key.

Legolas was poised with his bow in this new place. He had awoken in a strange place with lots of brightly coloured places that vaguely resembled buildings although they were nothing like the ones he was used to. Inside these buildings were hundreds of people, they were all dressed in the strangest clothes imaginable and, as far as Legolas could see carried no weapons. Despite this he kept alert and made sure his was ready to fire if necessary. Who knows what this strange place was. He had no explanation of what happened he could only assume that this was some kind of trick or deception. He realised that he must find the rest of the Fellowship as they too could be stuck in this nightmare, that would be bad for he knew the Ring must reach Mount Doom and he was determined to get there.

A dwarf in a department store was certainly not usual. Armed with an axe and the three hairs from Galadriel's head the Dwarf Gimli had attracted a certain amount of attention to the passers by that crowded into the store to see the somewhat terrifying sight. Two heavy security guards crossing the Dwarf and getting thrown across the floor soon attracted their attention. No one could quite understand what was going on, it looked like something off a bizarre television show. It wasn't the kind of thing you expected to see in the middle of the women's clothing section of Marks and Spencer.

Gimli was just as confused and disturbed as all the innocent shoppers. He had woken up with tall people looking down at him in a baffled way. There was a lot of confusion by this time and the tall people that to Gimli looked a lot like the men of Gondor. The shouting was getting louder and more frequent as the thing that lay on the carpeted floor was growing increasingly more violent. The well-dressed manager had now joined the group watching and was shouting to the Dwarf that she would call the police if he didn't leave immediately.

Gimli was overcome by panic and tried to run out of the closed door of the store; unfortunately he was not accustomed to glass doors. He quickly rushed away from this new, frightening place.

In the library Boromir was quickly being ushered out by police officers not wishing to cause a scene in this supposedly quiet place. They were wary because they were unsure as to who this person was, of course, they couldn't arrest him for dressing in strange clothes and talking loudly in the library. That certainly wasn't an offence. They did think it was surprising that the strange man had drawn his sword (obviously made out of cardboard and tinfoil). The man had merely asked them to stand back whilst he exited the premises. This man was clearly delusional, he needed help but the police knew that this was not their problem.

Boromir was certainly causing a stir in Salisbury and it was hardly surprising, a man wielding a sword, dressed in odd clothes threatening to kill the one who put a spell on him. This certainly was out of the ordinary behaviour according to the innocent people of Salisbury.

Boromir knew he must find the others; they could be in grave danger.

Gandalf had not known what happened. It seemed that there was a sudden flash of light and then he ended up in this bizarre place. It was a huge building, although it resembled nothing that the wizard had ever seen. There was a platform on which was placed many strange things that did not exist in Middle Earth. Some were recognisable though, an oak table stood in the centre, to a human it would look big but compared to Gandalf it was surprisingly small. Whatever this place was it was definitely not the time of a wizard. In his mind Gandalf tried to work out where he was, and already was coming up with theories on how he got there and how he was going to get back. The answer to the last question would be the hardest.

Gandalf hoped that the Ring-bearer was not alone in this strange land that would be a disaster. He decided he must find an exit, there had to be some way out of this great hall. Yes, there was a door. He pushed it open with all his strength, although right then that wasn't much. He smiled at the thought that he had found a way out, his smile faded and his face turned to fear as an alarm went off so loud that it nearly deafened him. He ran to escape the noise. Eventually it faded into the background, then he noticed that there was a far bigger problem. This was a whole now world and he was sure that it couldn't possibly be a good one.