Joel Fletcher, 14, District 10 Male

I never thought it would be me who would be heading into the Hunger Games.

The escorts for District 10 always elaborated on the tremendous honour it would mean to be in the Hunger Games - Don't worry, my dears, you've received the privilege of a lifetime! Now, let's wipe up those little tears, shall we? We want the cameras to catch your good side! - but they never actually acknowledged the fact that the tributes were actually heading off to die.

I didn't want to die in the Hunger Games.

No one from my family had ever been touched by the Games themselves until today. The Hunger Games themselves were only in their fifth year, meaning that only eight tributes from District Ten actually had to go into the Games, but eight was still enough to cause a quarter of the District to bow their heads in respect as yet another twelve-year-old District 10 tribute was cut down in the bloodbath and say "I knew their mother," or "I gave them a cracker one day."

No one from District 10 had ever won the Hunger Games.

The other four victors were all from different Districts, but a couple of extra zealous kids hoped to become their District's first, or even better, second Victor. The first victor had come from District Six, a younger girl named Rosanna who had won by mercy killing the only remaining tribute. The second victor had come from District Two, a boy named Clay who had killed his highly bet on District partner in the final two to come out of the Coliseum he had fought in. The Capitol reportedly went wild with Roman designs that year, dressing up the tributes as gods and goddesses in the next interviews.

The third victor was a girl named Maddie, who came home to District Seven after slaughtering the boy from Twelve. No one blamed her for her brutal kill, however, as he was starting to feast on the remains of Maddie's district partner. The footage quickly cut off to the reaction of President Ember after Maddie started to peel the skin off of the boy's head in revenge.

The only other victory came from District Nine, a boy named Falcon. He had become known as the first true victor, as he managed to win what was called the first modern Hunger Games, with four kills under his belt. He also came out with a frostbitten hand, which was amputated shortly after. Nobody from the Districts would forget the way he won. He had been wandering aimlessly around the small arena, stumbling over frozen bodies and searching for the only other tribute, a little boy from District Ten, of all places, when he fell over the boy and accidentally stabbed the boy's leg. The cameras focused on the two for hours, the recovery crew waiting patiently until the little boy bled out. Falcon didn't come for his Victor's interview until three weeks after the arena. He was still shivering when President Ember placed the Victor's crown on his head.

Truthfully, I didn't expect to become a Victor.

I was part of a large family, living on the farm and helping out with the endless amounts of cattle that roamed through the barnyards. Though I had six other siblings, we were far from the largest family in the District. I knew the Mederces, and there were over fifteen children running around their farm. I had worked as hard as I could on the farm, stacking hay, - and reading books behind the stacks - feeding the cattle, - when I didn't blackmail Ben into doing it - and herding the cattle on long trips to large grazing pastures. Maybe I wasn't the most hard working kid on the farm, but I had my place, and that was always enough.

I never wanted to be in the Hunger Games.

I always thought that I would never be the one to have my name called, or be the one to fall down in shock as the escort waved at me to come up. I always thought that I would come back home, tease Mike or Isaac about getting reaped, and sit down to eat some of Mom's delicious food. I never expected all of my family, even the distant cousins who only came to see us if they needed money, to come in and say goodbye. My District partner had a steady stream of people as well, but I had what seemed to be half of the District come in. That was what happened when your parents had thirty-five first cousins combined.

I didn't know what I would do in the Hunger Games.

Everyone who came into the room said that I should learn to find food, make a fire, and stay away from the more dangerous tributes. District Two always produced ferocious ones for some reason, and other districts managed to get a couple of eighteen-year-olds who had no qualms about snapping a younger tribute's neck. But I didn't know how to use that. I was going in as the equivalent of the twelve-year-olds, as a useless tribute who would be lucky if I didn't fall off of my pedestal in the first sixty seconds. Dad always said that I was the clumsiest kid that he had ever seen, and my blind eye from where one of the cows had kicked me didn't help that matter.

And now, I was heading off to die.

It was really only a matter of time. All of the other tributes who had won were 16 or older, and far and away the strongest of their group. I was reasonably tall, but I couldn't match the muscles of an eighteen-year-old miner. I should just have accepted my fate when my name was called and hung my head in sadness for the next week. I would never make it to my fifteenth birthday in two weeks, never see my siblings again, and never run with our dog through the meadows.

But, I would go down with a fight. And what a fight it will be…

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