OK, just a note before we start the story: I begin writing Echo's before I found out how season 3 ended, and finished it before I learned of the events in season 4, so it doesn't fit in to the cannon universe. I did consider changing it so it did, but that would have required the re-writing of about 1/3rd of the story.

I would like to thank Gordon AI for Beta-reading this, something that you will appreciate the scope of when the story ends.

Echoes of Future Past
Part 1: Dreams of the past

Harper was frown from his feet as another explosion rocked the Andromeda. He grabbed the wall for support, "Rommie, what going on?" The AI failed to answer. He called out, "Can anyone hear me?" he voice echoed along the corridor.

"Harper! Get your butt down here now!" a voice replied.

Harper ran towards it, "Beka!" he rounded a corner to find the first officer leaning on Rommie, a bundle in her arms, "What's going on?"

Rommie looked up, "Magog swarm ship's! They've taken out command."

Harper stopped cold, "Tyr? Dylan?" Rommie shook her head.

Another explosion shook them, and a support beam gave way, pinning Beka to the deck. She screamed in pain as Harper and Rommie tried to lift it, but it wouldn't budge. Beka grabbed Harper and stuffed the bundle into his arms, "Keep him safe for me!" He was about to respond when Beka closed her eyes.

"It's too late for her." Rommie grabbed Harper by the arm, "We have to get to the Maru!"

Harper looked down at the bundle: it was a small baby. He looked at Rommie, "What happened to Trance?"

"I don't know: she said something about making it all right, then diapered right in fount of me. We have to go now: the slipstream core is rigged to blow!"

They made it to the Maru, and Harper strapped himself into the pilots seat; "Hold tight!"

He opened the engines full, sending the cargo ship out of the hanger like a round from a Gauss Rifle. He looked round in time to see the Andromeda explode, taking two Magog ship's with it. Turning his back on the carnage, Harper took the ship into slipstream.

Harper woke with a start. He tried to slow his breathing down before he hyperventilated. His sheets where soaked with sweat.

He swallowed hard as there was a knock at the door, "Harper, are you ok?"

He took a deep breath, "I'm ok Rommie, just another nightmare."

The door opened and his friend walked in and sat down next to him, "Same one?"

Harper nodded, "You'd think that after 20-years I'd be able to shake it."

Rommie put her hand in his should reassuringly, "Don't worry: if this all works out today, it'll never have happened."

Harper nodded, "I hope so."