Author's Notes: Hiya. ^_~ I don't know if this kind of fic has been done yet, but I REALLY wanted to do a Luc nostalgia fic, so there we go. ^-^ This bit of fanfiction is Suikoden 3 based, but centers on the much better characters from the much better previous games. R&R!!

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Who Is The Mysterious Magician Luc?


The mysterious magician, Luc, was

a member of the [Dunan] Army as

well as the [Liberation] Army. He was

a person of merit, who once led the

two armies to victory with his powerful

magic. Viki, who knew him at both

campaigns, shared her memories:

'Luc was always standing in front of

a lithograph. I thought he was lonely

and asked him if he wanted to go

on a picnic, but he refused and said

I should go alone. But later he

apologized and said he didn't go

because the weather was poor. He's a

nice person.' There is a big difference

between the Luc we know as a magician

and the Luc that Viki once knew.

            Kidd scanned the article again. And again. He set aside his magnifying lens and rubbed his eyes.

            Luc. Who is he??

            Luc is the destroyer. He is a wicked magician who, in his desire to destroy the True Runes, risks the destruction of the Grasslands—and possibly, the entire world.

            Kidd scratched his head, messing up his well-combed raven locks and causing his hat to fall off. He looked at the article again. This Luc, the Luc Viki talked about…

            Luc. He is young magician under the tutelage of Leknaat. He had a serious face and sad eyes. He stands and guards the Stone Tablet of Promise his Mistress sent to the Tenkai Star. It is difficult not to feel the urge to come up to him… maybe tell him to cheer up, hey maybe he would like to go walk in the gardens for a while??…

            He is just a boy. Like no other. But he is just a boy. He is not much different from Melville, Louis, Rody… not much different from Kidd even. A little bit shy… A little bit unsure. A little bit uneasy at saying what is on his mind. In that awkward phase when he is trying to prove himself as a man.

            The portrait the teleportress painted of him was very different from the one Kidd's allies faced. Very different from the one killed in the Cyndar Ruins.

            "People change…" Yes. That's precisely it. People change—and Luc changed. Kidd wanted to know who he was and what are the circumstances that forced him to turn out like this. And maybe… there is still a part of the "old" Luc left.

Author's Notes again: That article is OFFICIAL. IN-GAME. Taken from the Newspaper FAQ Clara Pierce posted at Gamefaqs. Many thanks for letting me use this article for reference.