Biju- sup naruto, bunta

Summon- hey Kyuubi

Normal- sup guys

Jutsu- shadow clone

Disclaimer- sup I don't own any of the characters or summons or Biju or , well anything here, so I'll just cry as I write this and wish the men who made naruto luck


In the Elemental nations there are many wonders, beasts capable of beating civilizations, warriors able to challenge said beasts, and mysterious secrets at every turn. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, holder of a beast, son two warriors, and holder of many secrets he has yet to learn


'I-l'm gonna di, I'm fucking gonna die' thought Naruto.

Currently we have our protagonist about to die against Madara, who betrayed Obito and killed Black Zetsu before his own betrayal. His body covered like the great sage himself, draped in a white clock, rinne- sharingan spinning madly, and two horns on his now white hair." Finally the Kyuubi will be mine, all my failures to Hashirama shall be removed, all the pain of war forgotten, and I shall rule as king" spoke the ten tails jinchuriki, smugly. "But first to deal with you"

'This is the end... after everything I've been through... after everything he put the world through... he wins...' thought Naruto slowly seeing his vision fade to black as the Kyuubi's chackra was absorbed by the Uchiha patriarch into himself. 'Naruto... I'm sorry... my kit...' said the once great Biju weakly, his once crimson fur going a dull grey as his tails, once able to cause tsunamis and earthquakes with a quick flick, now seem like they should be on a decomposing animal instead. His maw capable of firing army killing bijudama and eating grown men whole now looking like it will close its eyes for the last time.

" No... fuck Kurama, don't leave me two", Naruto said in desperation.

" Sorry kit, this is my last ride" said the once great Biju

As this is said, naruto finally has his vision fade and he finally sees the faces of those he cares about appear in front of him. An old man doing paperwork in a large red hat and white robes, a pipe in his mouth, and a young naruto on his knee

' Jiji I'm sorry for not becoming Hokage'

A man in his mid twenties, with a scar across his nose and pineapple haircut, waiting a Chuunin vest and showing a slightly older Naruto how to throw kunia with a smile on his face

' Iruka- Sensei, I'm sorry for not using what you tried to teach me... oni-San'

An image of a young woman with black hair waking up Naruto in the forest. She was in a pink kimono, and a small basket filled with herbs at her side.

' I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect my precious people... Haku- hime'

Next was three people, a tall man with silver hair and a mask, a tall young boy about twelve years old with black duck shaped hair and a permanent scowl on his face, and a pink haired young lady in a red dress who is the same age as the boy. They were with a twelve year old Naruto in front of a large stone with many name on it. They were looking at the man in simpathy and awe as he told them a motto he has had since his youth.

'I'm sorry guys looks like I couldn't get Sasuke back, looks like I'm worse then trash'

Finally was a white haired man with an oil kanji on his headband, white hair going down to his shoulders with a woman with large... assets... smiling at a young Naruto as the woman puts on the Hokages hat

'Erosennin, ba-chan... I'm sorry for not completing the prophecy'

Game over


Authors note:

Sup guys this is my first story and I'm open to any criticism you may have and am more then willing to accept any of it, I can take it

See you guys next time