Summary: Post-Underworld AU. A small drabble on a small, romantic moment between our favorite pair. (This parts from the events of the show, as I kept Robin alive!)

Tumblr Prompt: "Care to dance?"

Emma stood at her counter, staring into the swirling depths of the wine in her glass. She couldn't place how many glasses she'd drained so far; but she was very confident that the wine bottle was much lighter than it had been.

These moments, alone with her thoughts in her quiet apartment with a glass of wine and no monster or creature threatening Storybrooke, were few and far between. She laughed mirthlessly to herself. There had not been a single day of peace since the day she drove into Storybrooke with Henry at her side. Not that she minded, really. There were times when she was kicking ass and taking names that she truly enjoyed being the Savior. But with a few glasses of wine, and too much time to think, she could secretly admit to herself that she missed her normal life. If you could call what I had normal, a small voice sounded in her head. Great, and now I'm talking to myself, too.

Emma rolled her eyes and let her head hang down, willing the weight of the world off of her shoulders. She was, quite frankly, exhausted. It seemed like a marathon; between the Wicked Witch, Camelot, and the Underworld, she hadn't had a moment to catch her breath. Which is why she needed this. She had bowed out of dinner at Grannie's with Mary Margaret, Henry was with Regina, and Robin and David had mentioned something about taking Killian out for a proper drink. A small part of her wished she had gone to dinner or drinks. Although some time to unwind and relax did sound extremely inviting, she hadn't quite been ready to let Killian out of her sight.

The wine finished and two episodes of Law and Order: SVU later, Emma heard her phone buzzing on the table. Getting up slowly off the couch, she scooped up the device and smiled down at the caller ID. Hook.

"Well love I've got a question for you."

Emma smiled into the phone, heart quickening at his husky, accented words.

"Fire away."

She heard him take a quick breath on the other end of the line.

"You're not terribly busy are you, love?"

Looking around at the pile of blankets on the couch, the overturned wine bottle, her empty glass, and the TV muted on a random commercial, Emma immediately replied, "Nothing pressing, Killian. Why do you ask?"

She tried for a coy response, but the giddiness bubbling in her chest gave away her excitement at getting his call.

"Aye love that's wonderful. Meet me at my ship in 10 minutes?"

Emma smiled into the phone.

"See you there."

Hanging up the phone, she gave a contented sigh. She'd had her alone time, now she was ready to spend some time with the man she loved. A pep in her step, Emma checked her hair in the mirror, scooped up her keys, shimmied into her red leather jacket, and practically bounced through the door in under two minutes. She had butterflies in her stomach and love in her heart; she was ready to see her devilishly handsome pirate.

Killian paced over the wooden boards, his hand and hook clasped behind his back. I hope this is a good idea, he thought nervously. Taking a breath, he glanced at the surprise he had set out for Emma. Gods, Emma. That siren of a woman was a godsend. She never stopped fighting for him, fighting to save him, and he felt he could never voice the admiration he felt for her. His heart swelled with love for her. He just hoped he could make up for all she'd done for him, even if it was just a little bit at a time.

Hearing an engine shut off, he turned and caught sight of Emma getting out of her car. He swallowed, nerves building up in his chest. Killian just hoped that what he had in store for the night was something special, and something to show Emma how important she was in his life and how thankful he was for all she'd done and all the light she'd brought back into his life. As Emma walked down the dock, he took a steadying breath and he broke out into a beaming smile.

Meeting her on the steps, he swooped down to give her a small kiss on the cheek. Extending his hand, he helped her up on the ship. He loved being near her. He was drawn in by her energy, her quiet confidence, her beautiful blonde locks, her intoxicating smell. Killian drew her close in a crushing embrace, arms enveloping her. He just held her close, breathing deeply, relishing how warm and comfortable it felt to be so close, so intimate.

Pulling away from her, he bent down and kissed her softly. It was a delicate, sweet thing; so unlike their passionate and fiery kisses that usually abound when they are this near to one another. But Killian had other ideas in mind. He had something to do before they got to those dark moments in his cabin, legs and sheets twisted, sweat shining in the candlelight, breath heavy and full of lust.

His palm cupped her cheek lovingly as a he broke their kiss. Smiling down at her, he pecked her quickly on the forehead before grabbing her hand and leading her up onto the deck.

Emma followed, trusting him completely, but unsure what they were doing. He seemed much more nervous tonight than she could remember, and her mind ran through possibility after possibility until she climbed onto the deck of the Jolly Roger and gave a small gasp.

There were candles everywhere, bathing the ship in a low glow. A small table with a bottle of wine and two glasses was right next to a table that had a large speaker on it. A single red rose sat beside the speaker in a vase. The main deck had been cleared of its usual clutter, leaving a large open were scatterings of rose petals along the wooden planks. It was an extremely romantic scene, one she was not expecting. Looking up at Killian, Emma opened her mouth to ask what this all was.

But Killian put a finger to her lips, then fished out a small device from his pocket. Clicking a button, low music immediately began to play from the speaker. Emma smiled as she recognized the song. Our song.


Emma looked at Killian, his eyes filled with love.

"Care to dance?"

Heart beating wildly in her chest, Emma's eyes took in the scene around them. Candlelight, music, wine, and flowers. It was the most romantic and touching thing anyone had ever done for her. Tears filling her eyes, she gave her pirate a small nod. As he led her to the middle of the deck, she couldn't help but smile. Pulling her close, Killian led the way, twirling and spinning them dizzyingly around the deck. She let her head rest on his chest, breathing in his delightfully exotic smell. She loved when she could lay on his chest, because then she could hear the steady, comforting beat of his heart. With him almost dying twice, Emma never wanted to take anything about him for granted again.

As the song came to a close, and a new one started, Emma looked up at Killian.

"How did you-?"

"I had a bit of help, love. Your father, Robin, and I... we didn't go to the tavern like we told you. They helped me set this all up and taught me how to use that music box contraption over there."

Emma laughed and shook her head.

"You are an amazing man, Killian Jones. And I love you."

Killian's eyes shone and his breath hitched. He would never tire of hearing those three words from his Swan. He knew he would do everything he could to earn that love, to never take it for granted, to never give her cause to doubt his feelings for her. He loved her deeper than any ocean, stronger than any tide, and more than any woman, even Milah. Theirs was true love.

He grinned widely down at her. "And I love you, Emma Swan."

As they swayed, the sun dipped ever lower over the ocean, painting the sky in vivid hues of orange, pink, and contentedly, Emma again rested her head on her pirate's chest. Feeling safe, feeling home. They both relished in the moment, how it felt to be in their lover's arms.

As Killian held Emma close, he silently promised that he would spend everyday of the rest of their lives together making her feel as special, amazing, and incredible as she deserved to feel. He would spend everyday making up for all she'd done for him, for sticking by and believing in him when darkness tempted him, for loving him despite his flawed and revenge-filled past. He would spend every possible second telling this beautiful, strong, remarkable blonde-haired goddess that he truly, deeply, undeniably loved her.