Science can't explain it. Religion can't explain it either. Historical evidence shows us nothing. It's one of many things in this world that we haven't been able to reason or explain yet. Soulmates.

Soulmates are said to be people destined to be together throughout several lifetimes and through the afterlife, whether they be a lover or a friend, they are those who will never leave your side willingly.

In this world, every person has been born with something called a Soulmark. A Soulmark is defined as the mark your soulmate has placed on your body that consists of their first and last name in their first language and their handwriting. No two marks are ever the same, unless they come from the same person. Soulmarks vary in size, location, and color, and is impossible to erase from one's skin.

But just like all things in this world, there is the majority and the minority. 99% of the world's population have 2-4 soulmates. The remaining are the anomaly. 0.008% of these remaining people have only one soulmate. The remaining 0.002% have more than the set amount of soulmates.

No one knows the reasons for the amount of Soulmarks people have, or why we have them, as far as people have told us.

I am an anomaly.

I am marked with five Soulmarks that brand me like livestock.