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Tiaras and Combat Boots

Dynamic Entry

Chapter 1

The world explodes around her in a blaze of blue lights. The force of the explosions throws Diana backwards into a blue colored void.

As lights from the explosions flash before her eyes and shrapnel tear thru her black SSR uniform and black leather sleeveless long length coat, she remembers scenes from her life.


Diana sees herself and her five-year-old twin sister, Cassiopeia, casually sit before their mother. While Queen Hippolyta sits on her throne breast-feeding their baby sister Donna, and once again tell them the tale of how Zeus' wife, the goddess Hera, because she was jealous of his other children had sent Hercules, to conquer and enslave the people on Themyscira. Fortunately, their Patroness Goddess Athena had already formed an alliance with Asgard on their behalf, so King Bor sent his son, Prince Odin, to lead the Asgardian army to relieve the conquered people of Themyscira.

"Is this why we wear these metal bracelets?" The young Diana asks her Mother as she rubs the left bracelet.

"Yes Di that is why we wear them," Hippolyta grimly replies to her daughters, "So that we will never forget…nor submit ourselves again."


Now, Diana sees herself standing outside of the grand hall during the decennial festivity, a celebration of the Asgardian victory over Hercules' army. Di sees a laughing woman run past her, chasing an Asgardian warrior. She watches the woman quickly catch, and drag the happy man into a nearby bush.

"I know what you are going to do," she thinks with a smirk. Diana chuckles and shakes her head as she follows herself inside.

Every ten years, Asgardian males are invited to celebrate the occasion with the Themyscirans. Some women are chosen by lottery, and granted the privilege of becoming pregnant and replenishing the island's population.

Just as she enters the hall, a hand reaches out from behind a curtain, and pulls Di behind the curtain.

"Be quiet Di," Cassiopeia conspiratorially whispers to Diana, when she notices that she is about to object. "Careful, Frigga is skulking about the hall with Thor and Loki," she whispers as she points with a nod of her head toward a black-haired Frigga, who is followed by her brooding black-haired son Thor, and his taller twin brother, by half a head, the charismatic blond Loki.

"Cassie, when is she going to understand that we do not want to marry either of them," Diana whispers to her sister, "I know that there are not that very many royal families…but this is ridiculous."

"I think she might even chase us into our graves," Cassie whispers back, "If she thought that that is what she had to do get the four of us married to each other."

"That is what I am afraid of," Diana retorts.


Diana watches a younger Diana being startled by a large object falling from the sky to crash and explode in the water which distracts her from her net casting from a small boat.

"Just as the Oracle foretold-there she is…arriving just on time," Diana thought as she notices a white silk cloud float down from the sky, as a woman dangles beneath it.

"Princess," a female guard calls out to the younger Diana, "Some men in strange black raiment are attacking the hunting grounds."

"Then let us go help our sisters," Diana yells before she dives into the water to swim to shore.


Di emerges in a meadow from the tree line to see her sisters and a female stranger wearing a brown uniform battling three men in black uniforms and black face masks. She notices five other strange men have already been dealt with.

The Themyscirans are fighting the men with swords and spears, while the strangers are fighting each other with hand weapons that make the sound of thunder each time they are used.

After a quick skirmish the men are dispatched, and the female stranger is captured.

"Who are you," Di asks the stranger, "and why did you bring them here?"

"Peggy Carter," she answers with her hands in the air, "and I didn't bring these men here…wherever here is…they are my enemy as much as they are yours."

"Why would they be our enemy," Di demands as she gets in Peggy's face.

"Because the world is at war," Peggy replies without flinching.


Young Diana stands and stares at the blood on the rocks.

Just moments before strangers and sisters had died on this field.

The female stranger was taken to be questioned by her mother, the Queen.

Young Diana struggles to make sense of what had happened.

"You have to go," someone says from behind Diana, startling her from her reverie.

"Where did she come from?" Diana thought when she turns to discover the identity of the speaker.

It's a blind guide… An oracle…One of Athena's temple servants…Usually they are only seen at the goddess' temple.

"What did you say?" Diana asks.

"Ares is behind this."

"The God of war…?"

"You have to go…with the stranger back to her lands," the oracle replies, before she silently turns and seemingly floats away.

"Some help she is," Diana thought as she watches the girl walk away. "I still don't know the whole truth of the matter," she mutters aloud.

"The truth will reveal itself before you leave," the girl calls out as if she had read Diana's thoughts.


Diana watches her younger self argue with her mother about needing to send at least a representative of Themyscira to fight on their behalf. Eventually, her mother agrees and contacts Minister Spencer-Moon at the Ministry of Magic for a means of transportation for the corpses, Agent Carter, and Diana.

Athena had formed a working relationship between the Queen and the previous Minister (and every one thereafter), in the hopes that that would reduce or eliminate the Island's xenophobia.


The torches in the inner chamber of Athena's temple flickers in the night. Everyone has already said their good-byes and Diana is in Athena's cella waiting to leave at the designated time. Artemis had just left, after gifting Diana with a blessed sword and back scabbard from Hephaestus. Hippolyta is standing to the side watching Athena bless Diana before her journey.

"…on your long journey ahead," Athena intones finishing the blessing, before she reaches down and places a silver necklace around her neck with glowing rune on the mother of pearl gemstone, after the rune brightly twinkles it quickly disappears. "Lachesis instructed me to place this rune on you…she said you will need it someday," Athena whispers in Diana's ear.

"For what reason," Diana asks.

"You will understand at the right time."


After a quick referral to 10 Downing Street from Minister Spencer-Moon, Diana found herself in the brown uniform of the Strategic Scientific Reserve as the Liaison of Themyscira. Diana has joined the S.S.R. as an Agent. The SSR assigned Agent Carter to be her S.O.

Frigga once hearing that Diana is fighting alongside the S.S.R. tries to get her sons involved in helping the champions of Midgard.

As Agent Diana Prince, code name- Amazon, is talking to Agent Carter in the S.S.R. HQ's atrium, they watch Thor and Loki talk with Colonel Phillips.

"Is Thor always this moody?" Peggy asks Diana as she looks at the tall tanned man with a long mane of black hair and smoldering blue eyes.

"No, this is one of his better days," Diana retorts with a smirk.

"Well at least Loki seems charming," Peggy remarks as she notices his thousand watt smile.

"Yes, he is charming…he nearly charmed four of Athena's vestal virgins into his bed…at the same time," Diana replies with a frown as she stares at the blond manned Loki, "Fortunately, he was caught in time. Athena had to teach us how to defend ourselves against his mind magic."


"Well, in his defense, they were two set of twins," offers Diana.

"Thanks for the warning," Peggy said as she eyes Loki warily.

"I always wondered. Why were you chosen to be my Supervising Officer?" Asks Diana, "First time I met you, you were escaping HYDRA's clutches after being captured."

"Try not to remind me about that botched mission," Peggy chuckles, "I was supposed to go on a mission to rescue a German scientist, Doctor Erskine… had the mission all planned out, but Agent Dinkleberg…"

"Sheldon Dinkleberg…?" Diana blurts out.

"Yes, him… he must know some people in high places, because he replaced me at the last minute," Peggy huffs.

So was the mission a success?"

"No, the scientist was killed by a stray bullet," Peggy replies with a grimace, "And whatever research he was conducting was lost in the prison fire, when the moron used too much explosives to breach the prison walls."

"So where is Dinkleberg now?"

"After convincing someone that my mission plan was the reason for his failure," replies Peggy, "he was sent to our Arctic base to measure the snow levels."


"Rose Potter is going to have to pay for the drinks next time," thought Diana, rubbing her left shoulder where Rose had placed a weird tattoo, while thinking of the weight of her purse.

As she walks back to the S.S.R. Headquarters from the Leaky Cauldron, she hears voices emanating from an alley and decides to investigate.

Diana quietly makes her way down the alley and spots a man holding a woman at gunpoint.

"Please, that's all I have," begs the woman.

"No, that's not all you have lil' bit," sneers the robber.

"Leave that woman alone," Diana orders the robber.

"I think you should mind your own business," the robber says as he turns and points the pistol at Diana, "Just walk away poppet before you get hurt."

Diana ignores his suggestion and continues walking towards him.

"…Suit yourself," he replies before firing the pistol.

Quickly, Diana deflects the bullet off of her bracelet back towards the robber.

Fortunately for the woman behind him, and unfortunately for him, he catches the bullet with his head.


As Peggy walks away to report the incident to Col. Phillips, Howard Stark approaches Diana.

"Keep up with this hero business, and I'll have to make you a costume," Howard chuckles as they over hear Lucy, the female victim of the robbery, talking to a reporter.

"Her hands moved so quick... the bullet ricocheted off her bracelet and hit him between the eyes," Lucy said in wonderment.

"Who is that wonderful woman?" A male bystander asks.

"My heroine," Lucy gushes.

"Wonder woman, huh…" the reporter thought aloud as he wrote in his note pad.

"Oh, please. Stark better not have heard that," Diana silently prayed to Athena.

"Wonder Woman…nice name," Stark said with a smirk as he looks smugly at Diana.

"I do not think that I have heard the last of that name," Diana thought as she looks at Stark's expression.


"New uniform…?" Peggy asks Diana as she enters the SSR Headquarters female locker room and notices her putting on a new uniform.

"It's a gift from Stark," Diana says as puts on a black leather long mid thigh length sleeveless coat with a large silver SSR eagle emblazoned on the back and a stylized silver ww pattern on the front. The coat is secured with a black leather belt. This is going over her grey long sleeved shirt, and black combat pants tucked into her black combat boots.

"What does the ww mean on the front?" Peggy asks.

"Just Howard trying to be funny," Diana replies.


Diana watches herself; wearing her new black uniform, storm a HYDRA base, and freeing a captured American soldier from a laboratory. She memorizes an oversized tactical map mounted on a nearby wall, with various marked installations. She than watches her confrontation with Johan Schmidt, the Red Skull, as he is making his escape.

"Who are you?" a bewildered Red Skull asks from the other side of the broken cat walk in the burning munitions factory.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Diana taunts.

"Till we meet again…Amazon," Red Skull retorts as before he leaves her behind.


Diana catches glimpses of her and the Howling Commandoes attacking various HYDRA bases. Sometimes Thor is accompanying them…and sometime he is not.


Diana sees herself, Carter, and the Howling Commandoes sitting in the ready room waiting to for transportation to be ready.

"We haven't seen much of Thor lately?" Peggy asks Diana as she sits next to her, "Where do you think Col. Phillips has been sending them?"

"I think Col. Phillips keeps everything tight to his breast, and would let us know when he wants us to know the circumstances of the Wonder Twins whereabouts."

"Wonder Twins…" Peggy chuckles.

"Yes, Thor and Loki…sometimes I wonder about them," Diana replies.

"What do you think Thor is up to?" Peggy asks as she glances at Thor who is sitting and talking to Dum Dum Dugan.

"You do not have to worry about Thor," remarks Diana, "He is as obvious as a bullet to the head."

"How can you be so sure," Peggy hesitantly asks.

"Thor, what is best in life?" Diana loudly asks the warrior.

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women," Thor loudly replies.

"You see, Thor is easy to figure out," Diana softly replies to Peggy, "Its Loki, and his Mother's ulterior motives that you have to watch out for."

"Why don't you trust Frigga and Loki?"

"I don't know, it's just a lot of little things," Diana replies, "like recently when I thought Loki had stolen my silver necklace at a party after we had danced together, but later he pointed out to me that it was dangling from the back of my dress."

"So what's wrong with that?"

"It was what he whispered to me when he helped me put it back on," Diana said with a shiver, "there can be only one."

"One what…?" Peggy asks.

"I have no idea. I just never know what or who to believe…when it comes to those two," Diana grimaces.


Diana watches herself and the Howling Commandos attack a train in the Alps, and capture Arnim Zola.


Diana watches herself take part in attacking HYDRA's Headquarters, buried five hundred feet below the surface of one of the mountains in the Alps.

Based on information obtained from Arnim Zola, Red Skull is using an unlimited power source to charge the new weapons that Zola had created for him, and was planning to destroy a few American major cities. Col. Phillips sends Amazon to stop him before it is too late.


Diana watches herself, armed with her flat black adamantine Xiphos, flying point, while Col. Philips with ground forces follow; they conduct a blitzkrieg strike of HYDRA's Headquarters, which is hundreds of feet underground one of the mountains in the Alps , Diana, making a path, by crashing thru the front gate at near mach speed. She only slows down enough to make the tight turns in the base's corridors and decapitate the HYDRA soldiers she passes as she flies by.

She quickly searches the base and discovers Johan Schmidt's lab.

"I wonder who the mole is at our base," Diana thought as she discovers a number of top secret documents laying on a table, many of the document come from Diana's personnel file. "Thank Hera; there is not anything in my file about Themyscira," she thought as she quickly gathers the documents and pictures and secures them in a nearby rucksack before putting it on.

She speeds off, searching the base for Johan. Eventually, when she enters the underground warehouse's control room she spots him, thru a bay window, boarding a large flying wing bomber.

"Trying to get away are we…we shall see about that," Diana thought as she secures her sword in her back scabbard, before she blasts thru the control room window in pursuit of the bomber taking off.


As Diana sneaks onto the bridge of the Valkyrie, she hears Red Skull curse as he attempts to release the Parasits sitting in the bombers wings.

"They're not going anywhere Johan," taunts Diana, "I sabotaged the hanger bay doors."

"Then you can die," yells Red Skull as he turns to confront her, while firing his pistol.

Diana deflects the bullets with her bracelets; one that damages the machine in which the Tesseract is sitting, another goes thru Johan's forehead and blows out the back of his skull.

Diana runs over and sits down in the pilot's seat. As she tries to turn the bird around, she notices the autopilot is set, and locked.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," she mutters as she tries to find a solution.

She opens a small compartment and sees the self-destruct switch and timer. Quickly, she set the timer for thirty seconds and flips the control switch. As red light begins to blink, she gets up, walks over to the front entry hatch, and kicks it open. Suddenly, she is sucked out of the jet, and tumbles thru the air. As she stops her tumbling thru the air, the world explodes with blue light around her.

While the world fades to black as she falls into unconsciousness, "Rose…"she thought just before the rune on her necklace brightly flares, before the necklace disappears in a burst of flame.


A blue light flashes in the atmosphere, and an object falls from the sky. S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately sends a team to the small pacific island to investigate the atmospheric disturbance.

"Do you see the cause of the disturbance?" Director Fury asks Agent-12, the agent in charge of the team.

"You won't believe this Director," Agent-12 responds, "it looks like a possible 0-8-4."

"It's not a broken piece of a spy satellite, is it," Fury says in monotone, hoping that it isn't another hammer.

"No," replies Agent-12, "an unconscious woman in an old SSR uniform is lying in the center of the crater…it's like she just crashed here."