Taisetsuna "Precious" - Version Two

by Aoikami Sarah

Chapter Twenty One

A short distance from the scene, Kakashi and Oururi stood and looked at Konoha's skyline. "I've been thinking," Oururi began, "about what you asked me last night…"

Kakashi raised a brow, but remained silent. 'Do not get your hopes up,' he warned himself. A light breeze picked up and played with Oururi's long, dark blue hair and the cute sun-dress she was wearing. She tucked some stray strands behind her ear. "You know, I never apologized…"

"For what?" he asked, wary of her soft tone of voice.

"For behaving so badly back there in the sand." She ran her fingers over her scorched veins. It had been a week and still she could hardly move her left hand. "I went too far."

"You did what you had to do," he assured her, "to protect those precious to you."

She turned and smiled. "Yup. All four of them."

Kakashi practically blushed. He was still getting used to the soft looks she gave him. When they were kids, her affection for him had been almost peripheral. He, on the other hand had always stared at her as if she was a flame that might go out any moment. Now, she was more like a beacon, glowing steadily, showing him where home is.

"I think we should try, Kakashi. See how it works out, all four of us living together." Oururi scuffed the ground with her foot shyly.

Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok," he said, nonchalantly. She stepped into his embrace. After a few moments, Oururi pulled back and looked towards the training grounds. "We should get back. They've probably stolen their lunches by now."

"What!" Kakashi half-laughed.


Naruto squinted again. "Even I know this is no fair."

"Ok." One of them folded her arms. "You can have one question answered from each of us."

"Ok!" he cheered. "Ano, what should I ask….? Wait that's not my question! Etou… Ah! You! What's your favorite food!"

Sakura and Sasuke stared, open-mouthed. "We're going hungry," they both groaned.

"Fulwadi," the first replied, folded her arms and stared back, unblinking.

"Fura… fuwa… what the hell is that!" Naruto squirmed.

"Ah, ah." She shook her finger. "One question."

Sasuke growled. "Naruto! Think of something that will help you guess who they are, Dobe!"

"I know I know!" 'Ok, think… Ah!' "What's your favorite attack?"

The second beamed. "Easy! The Power of Three no Jutsu!"

"Oooooh… What's that? What's that!" Naruto asked, intrigued.

"One question, Dobe!" She mimicked Sasuke, pulled down her eyelid at him and stuck out her tongue. Sasuke snorted, more amused than disappointed.

Naruto snarled a bit, but sighed and tried to think of a last question. 'I'm no good at this…' he looked over to the last girl who was blushing a bright pink and worrying her hands. 'Weird. She looks like that Hinata girl…' "Ano sa," he began. Her cheeks blushed deeper. "Ahhhh, I give up. I wasn't that hungry anyway. What's your favorite color?" he asked drearily.

"Ano… etou…" she mumbled. Her sisters shot her identical looks of death. "Blue. No, yellow!"

Naruto closed his eyes. I've pretty much lost the lunches at this rate…' he grumbled to himself. 'I'm gonna hafta guess. There's a cool one, a loud one and a shy one, sorta like our team. Their names are Yume, Yami and Hikari. Could that possibly mean something?'

"Hurry up!" one shouted. "Guess!"

'So, the cool one would be dark: Yami. The loud one would be bright so, Hikari and the shy one is Yume?' He sighed again. "Untie me. I'll guess."

They untied all three of them and put their hands on their hips. "Guess!" they shouted in unison.

Naruto raised his hand and pointed to each girl in turn. "Yami, Hikari and Yume." He pouted and waited.

"Uso!" they shouted again. "No way!"

Two puffs of smoke startled the Chuunin girls. "Uso!" Oururi cried as the dust cleared. "I don't believe it! You guessed right!"

Naruto beamed and gave Sasuke a loud raspberry. "Yay! Lunch time!"

"Oi, Naruto," Kakashi leaned over and whispered. "Can you tell me how you did that?"

"Nani!" the girls shouted. "Tousan, you can't tell us apart!"

He waved apologetically. "You look so much alike…"

As the girls piled on him, play-hitting and teasing him and his students tried to help free him, Oururi watched and smiled. 'Thank goodness,' she thought. 'They'll grow up happy now. I'm sure of it. We're home.'