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"Sir" a haughty and self-assured voice rang across the potions classroom, "the 3 main uses for the Spanish tiger flower or the flor del tigre, which was first used by Albert Walingham in 1250 are as a powerful sedative, a main ingredient in the relaxing potion and"

"Thank you Miss Granger that was very informative but we don't need you to recite the encyclopaedia Britannica ."Professor Snape snapped.

Hermionie looked a bit put out and blushed while the Slytherins sniggered. Snape sighed, silly little boys, he thought that's what some of the Slytherins could be at times. He shot a look like an angry venomous spider at the Slytherins and they stopped abruptly.

Snape noticed some of the class were looking at him strangely and he stood up stiffly, "Open your books to page 56, the recipe I have written on the board for the youth potion is also in there, you have half an hour, after that time I will be testing one persons potion on themselves" he grinned maliciously at Neville Longbottom who whimpered slightly. "and be careful, this potion can have nasty side effects if you should happen to make a mistake, and doubtless one of you will." he added in an undertone.

"Bloody kids." Snape muttered.

Across the room Ron, Harry and Hermionie sat grumpily talking in whispers, "Bloody hell, he's in a bad mood today!" Ron hissed. Hermionie looked over to him seriously "Oh you know he's always like this when he's."

"Breathing?" Ron cut in. Hermionie shook her head but grinned guiltily. Harry smiled at his friends, although they did have a point, Snape looked particularly angry today, but it was hard to tell.

"Ron can you pass me the unicorn saliva please." Hermionie asked Ron without looking up from her potion.

"The what!" Ron looked disgusted.

"Oh don't be so stupid, it's only a potion ingredient."

"Huh!" Ron looked sulky as he passed Hermionie the bowl of slushy, white liquid.

"This is very useful Ron, you can use it for curing headaches or as a very good paint stripper." Hermionie informed him curtly.

"So wouldn't the headache cure be like drinking paint stripper?" Ron said looking puzzled.

"It's also part of the springiness potion." Hermionie informed him pretending she hadn't heard his last comment.

Ron suddenly looked very excited "hang on I could use this, for the new extra bouncy, bouncy balls." Ron had become very involved in Weaslys wizard wheezes over the summer and was going to go into business with Fred and George when the twins left next year. Harry would have been very cautious about making a business deal with Fred and George personally and he had tried to put this to Ron as nicely as possible without sounding like he was accusing his brothers of being cheats, but it hadn't worked.

"Yeah this could be really useful." Ron grinned slipping a bit of the unicorn spit inside his robes.

"Ron! You can't do that, that's stealing!" Hermionie sounded outraged.

"Keep your voice down will you? Besides, like you said it's only a tiny bit of unicorn slobber for gods' sake it's not like I've just gone and robbed Fort nox!" Ron whispered in a dismissive voice. "Besides you've stolen from Snape before, you remember in 2nd year."

"That wasn't the same!" Hermionie hissed ferociously.

"Hermionie calm down," Harry quickly intervened to prevent a punch up "Ron probably shouldn't take that but it isn't much really." She looked like she was still steaming.

"Oh alright then! Fine." Hermionie shot a nasty look at Ron and turned grudgingly back to her potion.

"Hey thanks Harry." Ron grinned "I think she really might have turned me in to Snape." Harry shook his head "She wouldn't have gone that far, she may be a little hot headed but she is still human."

"That's debatable." A drawling voice came from in front of them, they quickly looked up and there stood a tall blonde haired boy with cold, grey eyes and an evil sneer playing across his lips. Harry sighed; Draco Malfoy always seemed to be out to cause trouble, sometimes for absolutely no reason at all.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Ron growled menacingly.

"Ohhh that was tough Wealsly I think my baby cousin would almost have been scared." Draco grinned slyly.

"At least his cousins don't sleep hanging upside down in caves." Harry said with great dislike in his voice. "With the rest of your family."

Malfoy glared. "At least my family don't sleep with the fishes Potter." Malfoy hissed lowering his voice slightly.

"Harry leave it!" Hermionie shouted from the next desk. But it was too late both Harry and Ron had leapt over the desk and onto Draco who yelped in pain as his head hit the ground then rolled to one side toppling Harry and Ron onto the hard, stone floor.

"Stop this right now!" a loud and very angry voice sounded behind the boys then they felt cold hands roughly pull them to their feet then swing them around.

"What is the meaning of this??" Snape demanded sharply looking at Harry, Ron and Draco.

"They attacked me." Draco quickly told him.

"I saw that well enough." Snape growled "Why?"

"Because he was being his usual pricky self." Ron flailed at Draco and missed by an inch. "Detention Weasly." He glared at Ron. "Mister Malfoy what happened?"

"They just jumped me sir." Draco said obviously trying to look innocently puzzled, but failed so he settled for a confused smile "I have no idea why."

"Potter, Weasly both of you have detention, see me at the end of the lesson to sort them out." Snape turned to go back to his desk and Draco smirked at Harry and Ron. "Get back to your seats." Snape gave a thin lipped smile "this is still a potions lesson, not just a court of law."

So, they went and, rather grudgingly, sat back in their seats to work on their potions having to be content with shooting Snape death glares when he wasn't looking.

Later, Harry and Ron arrived at Snapes classroom for their detention. He was sitting behind the desk grading papers, when they came he looked up sharply as though he was annoyed at being disturbed.

"Oh, its you two" he smirked evilly "I want you to make the youth potion again since you missed most of it while you were having your fun." Harry and Ron made their way over to the two cauldrons furthest away from Snapes desk and started to make the potion.

When Snape had gone back to his papers Ron turned to Harry and pulled something small, round and glittery out of his pocket. Harry bent over his cauldron pretending to be busy and whispered to Ron "Whats that thing?" Ron grinned at him.

"It's an extra bouncy, bouncy ball. Fred and George made it with the stuff I got from potions."

"Umm, what does it do exactly?" Harry asked not really sure if he wanted to know.

"It is so cool! If you start it it never stops bouncing, well hardly ever."

"What never?"

"Well, you can stop it but I'm not really sure how to." Ron admitted sheepishly.

"You two stop gossiping." Snapes voice instructed them from the other side of the classroom "Whatever it is it cannot be that fascinating." He stood up and marched over to them. "What have you got there?" Snape pointed at Rons clenched fist where he was hiding the extra bouncy, bouncy ball.

Unfortunately for everyone Ron opened his fist and the bouncy ball fell to the ground and bounced back at a tremendous speed hitting Snape on the chin. He stumbled backwards and tripped right into Harrys cauldron of potion. Harry and Ron looked at Snape in a mixture of shock and fear. "At least we know the bouncy ball works." Ron said faintly after a second.

"Professor?" Harry stepped towards the now immobile Snape who was still lying in the cauldron with his eyes closed. "Do you think he's ok Harry?" Ron looked worriedly at Snape and then to Harry. "He's just knocked out I think." Harry replied uncertainly "We should get madam Pomfrey."

"Yeah lets go." They ran to the hospital wing and banged on Madam Pomfreys office. When she answered it she looked irritated "Do you know what time it is? Is one of you ill?"

Harry, panting slightly from the run told her. "It's..Professor Snape..he's unconscious..in the dungeons."

"Oh lord." Madam Pomfrey grabbed her wand and ran with them down to the potions dungeons.

"What's happened to him?" Ron gasped. Snape seemed to be changing, something was happening to his nose and his skin seemed to be moving. Madam Pomfrey spoke in a worried sort of voice "I'm going to move him to the hospital wing you boys go to your common room." As they left she was casting a hovering spell to carry Snape with.

They walked slowly back to Gryfindor tower, talking about what had just happened. "Do you think he'll be ok." Harry asked as Ron gave the password "Popydomell."

"Who cares?" Ron shrugged.

"Well I don't think he should die or anything." Harry admitted.

" Nah I suppose not." Ron shrugged.

Harry grinned "Just suffer painfully." Ron chortled at this and turned towards Harry again. "We'll ask Hermionie what she thinks happened to him, she'll probably know."

"Yeah." And they stepped into the common room.

Meanwhile in the hospital wing Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey were standing around Snape who was lying on one of the hospital wing beds. "His skin's has settled down at least Headmaster." Madam Pomfrey stood with a beaker of thin, red liquid in her hand. "In fact I think the transformation is complete, whoever he's transformed into. I've been giving him small doses of sleeping potion to make sure he dosen't wake up until we' have discovered what is happening to him."

"Yes Poppy I think the transformation is complete." Dumbledore spoke in a tired voice to the matron "But I think it would be wise to wake him, to see what is going on inside his head." Madam Pomfrey nodded and raised her wand to connect with Snapes forehead, she whispered a few choice words and pulled it away.

Snape opened his eyes slightly. "Severus do you know who you are?" Dumbledore asked gently. Snape sat bolt upright in bed and looked franticly around. He had changed so much he wasn't recognisable, his sallow skin had become healthy and fresh looking although still a bit pale, his black eyes were wider and light dashed across the surface of them as his pupils darted around the room.The crooked nose he had had for so long was now perfectly formed and his hair was no longer limp and greasy but straight and shiny. Also he seemed to have shrank about a foot.

"Severus, do you know who you are?" Dumbledore repeated.

"Of course I do Professor, I'm Severus Snape." His voice had changed too, it had become slightly higher and a lot more kind and welcoming than before. "Why am I in the hospital wing Professor?"

"Don't you know,?" Dumbledore leant in to look him in the eye "It seems that you had an accident with Mister Potter and mister Weasly in the potions classroom and slipped into a cauldron."

Snapes eyes narrowed menacingly "Of course Potter had something to do with this." Then he looked a bit puzzled "But honestly Professor I don't even remember being in the potions classroom." Then he shrugged dismissively "Oh well, how long will I have to stay in the hospital wing?"

Dumbledore looked inquisitively at Madam Pomfrey "well," she looked at Snape and sighed "We will have to keep you in here until we know what happened and we can change you back of course, so a couple of days at the least probably."

"What!" Snape sat straight upright again and looked rather desperately at Dumbledore. "Are you sure you are feeling alright Severus?" Dumbledore looked very worriedly at Snape "You are acting rather strangely."

"Yes I'm feeling fine." Snape had a half panicy, half annoyed expression on his face now "Slytherin are playing Gryfindor at Quidditch tomorrow."

Dumbledore looked slightly worried about his mental health "I am sure that we can arrange for someone to tell you the score if you are unable to make it."

"No! You don't understand Lucius and Lilly can't play anyway and we've got no reserve keeper and I'm acting captain. I bet this was Potters plan in the first place" he said angrily "he's just scared it'll affect the size of his fan base if he loses."

Madam Pomfrey turned to Dumbledore her voice full of concern. I think I should sedate him Albus, he obviously delirious." She held up the beaker of red liquid. But Dumbleheld up his hand. "No wait." Then he spoke to Snape again, "Severus how old are you?"

Snape looked puzzled, "I'm 15 of course!"

Dumbledore turned to Madam Pomfrey "Oh dear." He said quietly.

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