Well, here we go at last..., a new story.

Lifeline has been whispering again in my ear. So, despite my reluctance and hesitation, and a million things going on in my life…, I finally gave in. Please be patient with me, however, as the updates will likely be sporadic. There's a lot going on in my real life and it's been a rough winter. (a death in the family)

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read. With every story I write, my desire is to improve as a writer. Any constructive criticism, positive or negative, is always welcome so feel free to let me know what you think. (How else will I be able to improve?) Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: I do not own GI Joe or it's characters, but merely borrow them for my own entertainment purposes. (and hopefully yours.)

Lady Jaye and Scarlet stood before Hawk, their lips pursed together, silent. They waited patiently as he flipped through the thick file they had just handed him.

"Well, that's that, isn't it?" He looked up, his face grave.

"Afraid so, Hawk. The implications are clear."

"Hmmm…indeed," he steepled his fingers and leaned back in his chair, staring at the two of them, his thoughts completely unreadable.

"It seems our decision has been made for us. The question is, how are we going to do this?" Lady Jaye asked.

"I think…," he paused and then sighed heavily, "I think, it's time to figure out how we can include Lifeline on this."

"Lifeline?," both blanched.

"It's the only way."

"If you think so, Sir…,"

"I do. I know we had talked about the possibility of it before…but if you two are having doubts now about pulling it off…," his voice trailed.

"Oh no, Sir, we can do it," blue and brown eyes met his unflinchingly.

He exhaled slowly, "Good. I need to know I can count on the both of you. Things could go badly if we're not all in on this together."

"We're with you a hundred percent Hawk," they replied staunchly.

He allowed a brief smile.

"Scarlet…," he turned abruptly.

"Yes Sir?"

"When the time comes, I've decided you'll be the one to go."

"Yes Sir." She raised her chin. Her eyes blazed icy blue.

He then turned to Lady Jaye, "Jaye, you'll stay here with me," he let his gaze rest on her, watching her carefully, judging her reaction, "I going to need you to draw on all your skills to help me make this convincing," he said firmly, "And afterwards... to make sure everything goes according to plan."

Frowning slightly, she made a quick bob of her head, "Yes, Sir." Then she shared a glance with Scarlet. "Shouldn't we bring Lifeline in on this with us, now, Sir?"

"No…, not yet. We've still got time…," he paused in thought, "Let's figure this out, first. Let's do this right."

"Yes, Sir," they nodded in agreement.

Then all three bent their heads together over the files, brainstorming various ideas, exploring various possibilities.