Andrea was sat on her sofa with a blanket wrapped around her as she wiped the tears from her cheeks, she was looking down at a letter. Another letter letting her know that she was unsuccessful with her job application and telling her that her application would not go any further. She sighed heavily and threw her head back against the sofa, "Why can't anything go right?", she groaned to herself in annoyance.

The buzzer to her apartment went off and the young woman rolled her eyes before looking up at the clock but then she was suddenly confused, the only person that visited her was Nigel and he should be at work, not at her apartment building.

"Hello?", she said into the speaker after she had gone to it and lifted the phone to her ear.

"I have flowers for a Miss Sachs", the female voice said through the speaker.

"Come on up", Andrea replied as she hit the button on the box to let them up. She stepped towards the door to open it and mumbled, "Definitely not Nigel".

"Miss Sachs?", the blonde woman asked her as soon as the door was opened.

Andrea nodded, "That's me", she confirmed.

"Here are your flowers", she said with a bright and happy smile.

The dark-haired woman nodded, she was a little confused as to why she would be getting flowers, the only one with her address was Nigel so the flowers were a little strange, "Thank you", she said as she took them from the delivery woman.

"Have a nice day, Miss Sachs", the lady said with her continuous bright smile before she left.

Andrea closed the door and moved into the kitchen before putting the large vase on the kitchen counter. She was looking at the beautiful flowers which were a mixture of red and white roses housed within a crystal vase. "Love with pure intentions", she whispered to herself as she brushed her fingers over some of the soft petals of one of the red roses, "Who on earth would send those?".

The woman looked around for the card, hoping one was hidden within the flowers and suddenly the room was lit up. Andrea covered her eyes, squinting from the sudden brightness, "I guess I have power again", she mumbled, "What the heck is going on?". She walked over and turned off the lights, leaving the television on for background noise before she moved back to where she had left the flowers.

Carefully she opened the small white envelope, the reason for her caution was simply because she did not wish to smudge the lipstick print that was pressed to the back of the envelope where it lay over the flap and the bottom section of the envelope. Once it was open, she slid the card out, but as she slid it out she could smell a familiar scent. She held it up to her nose and breathed in. Miranda, her mind whispered, but it could not be, could it?

My Dear Andrea,

I know that these flowers come rather late as I should have sent them months ago when I first came to the realisation, but I do hope that they are not too late. I love you Andrea and I do hope that you will forgive me for my delay in telling you.

The girls and I will arrive at 17:30, I do hope that you will consider joining us for dinner tonight.

I look forward to seeing you,

All my love,


Andrea looked up from the note and at the flowers, a smile growing bigger on her face by the millisecond, "She loves me", she whispered to herself, "I must be dreaming". She held the card up to her face again, that familiar scent washed over her yet again and she was encased in a feeling of safety.

The young woman picked up the vase of flowers along with the card and returned to the living room where she placed the vase on the coffee table then sat down on the sofa with the card in her hand in order to read it again, and again, and again. She knew that the only way that Miranda would know where to send the flowers or where to pick her up from would be if Nigel had given her the address but, for some reason, the breach of confidentiality between them did not bother her at all. She had told him not to tell anyone anything which included her move, but at the end of the day, Miranda was definitely not just 'anybody'.

It was not long before the buzzer went again, she glanced up at the clock just as she had the previous time and frowned, Miranda wasn't due yet and Nigel should still be at work.

"Hello?", she said again into the speaker of the communication system.

"I have a delivery for a Miss Sachs", the male voice said through the speaker.

Andrea frowned slightly wondering what it was this time but knowing that it was most likely something that Miranda had sent, "Come on up", she replied before hitting the button that she knew would unlock the door downstairs.

The ex-assistant went and opened the door as soon as the knock came, but when she opened it, her jaw dropped. There was a man at the door with crates of what appeared to be groceries.

"Where would you like it put?", he asked politely.

She was shocked but managed to reply, "Erm… right over there", she said pointing to the kitchen.

The dark-haired man nodded and pushed the trolley with the crates on over to the kitchen before starting to remove the bags, "From the look on your face, I guess you weren't expecting the delivery", he said with amusement in his voice as she still appeared to be quite surprised.

"No…", she said in response, "I wasn't expecting it at all".

He smiled, "She must really like you then", he commented.

"Pardon?", Andrea questioned with slight confusion.

"I read the delivery receipt, in the payment section it says that the food was ordered by a Miranda Priestly", he said before taking the receipt out of one of the bags and handing it over to her, "Here it is".

Andrea took the piece of paper without hesitation and looked down at it, in black and white it stated that it was paid for by Miranda. She smiled and shook her head.

"That's all of it", he said simply before moving over to her, "Everything is in there and nothing has been replaced for anything else".

"Thank you", she replied with a smile.

He smiled, "Have a great day, you are one very lucky woman".

"I know I am", was her simple response as he left the apartment.

She moved over to the bags and straight away she spotted a four cheese stuffed crust pizza, "Oh my god how much I have craved that", she said with a grin before noticing four different types of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, "Wow".

She had tears in her eyes at the overwhelming kindness that was being shown to her and then she looked over at the television where it was still playing in the background, she knew in that moment that it was Miranda that had the electricity turned back on, it was Miranda who had solved the power outage, as well as sent her flowers and groceries. She was amazed. The woman that she thought never noticed her, actually loved her.

Andrea moved over to her sofa where her phone was sitting and dialed a familiar number, the number that she had memorised months ago, and the number that she used to answer many times each day.

"Good Morning, Andrea", Miranda's soft voice filtered through the speaker on the phone, she had retrieved Andrea's old cell phone number from her personnel files just in case she decided to call one day, maybe she had hung on to hope after all.

"Hey", Andrea said softly in return as she realised that she had not thought this phone call through as she had no idea what to say, "I...I just wanted to thank you".

"You're welcome, Andrea", the woman replied as she silently ordered the people out of her office in order to have some privacy for her phone call, the importance of the meeting did not come above the importance of hearing Andrea's voice, "However, there is no need to thank me".

"Yes, there is, Miranda", Andrea said with conviction, "The flowers were beautiful, I absolutely loved them". "The food was just… it was such a surprise but…", the woman continued softly as she sat on the sofa, " appreciated, Miranda". "I can't portray how much it means to me", the young woman said softly as she fiddled with the card that had come from the roses, "And I know it was you that turned my electricity back on".

"I would have done it sooner", Miranda revealed before admitting, "I wish I had done it sooner".

"What did Nigel tell you, Miranda?", Andrea questioned as she held the card up to her face.

Miranda looked over at the photo that was sat on the corner of her desk, the photo of Cassidy, Caroline, Andrea, and herself all at the zoo. The photo had been taken using the girls' new 'selfie' stick which they had been overjoyed with when Andrea bought it for them. "He…", she paused for a moment, "He advised me that I should tell you the truth".

"The truth?", Andrea enquired.

"Yes, Andrea", the Editor-in-Chief said softly, "The truth of my feelings for you, the truth that… that I love you", saying it out loud made her rather nervous, but then again so had sending the items to the woman. It had not been until she had sent the flowers that she wondered if it had been the right thing and wondered if Nigel had been wrong.

"I love you too, Miranda", the dark-haired woman replied instantly without having to think about it for even a moment.

Miranda found herself smiling more brightly than she had in a long time and she was glad that her door was closed so that she would have that privacy.

"That isn't all he told you though", Andrea highlighted, "Is it?".

"What do you mean?", the white-haired woman questioned despite knowing the answer.

"The flowers I understand, the dinner too", the younger woman replied, "But the electricity and the groceries? He told you everything, didn't he?".

"Yes", Miranda replied simply, "He did, and if he had told me sooner then I would have done this sooner". "Please know that", she said softly, "Please know that I would have done anything for you and I will do anything for you".

"I know Miranda", Andrea said softly, "And I would for you as well". "You are so amazing", she said in awe of the woman, "You turned a horrid day into one that… well it's the best day that I've had in a long time". "Thank you", she whispered again.

"Tonight, there is a table booked for the four of us at that Italian restaurant that you liked the last time we went to lunch together", Miranda said with a smile, brushing over the comment about her being amazing but holding on to the concept that she made Andrea's day so much better, "The girls will be very excited to see you".

"I'm excited to see them too", Andrea revealed, "And to see you".

"Oh, my Andrea", the Editor-in-Chief said softly, "I can not wait to see you again, it has been… too long". It had been two months since she had left Paris, six weeks since she started working at the Mirror, and four weeks since she was fired from that job for the simple reason that she was protecting the woman that she was secretly in love with.

"I'll see you later then", Andrea said softly, not wanting to end the phone call but knowing that she had to, "I really don't want that ice-cream to melt".

"Were the grocery items okay?", Miranda questioned.

Andrea nodded despite the fact that nobody else could see her, "Yes, Miranda", she replied instantly, "Everything is just… amazing". She was still in awe as she exclaimed, "And oh my God! I can't wait to eat that pizza and some of that ice-cream", she said with a bright smile, "I have been craving that so much".

"You will never go without them again, my Andrea", Miranda said softly, she hated the idea that the woman was in such a place that basic food was such an exciting event, "Just don't ruin your appetite by eating all of the ice-cream and pizza at once, I dread to think what would happen to Emily if I were to say that you had eaten all of it at once".

"Emily ordered it?", Andrea asked with slight surprise knowing what the woman was like with food, "I'm surprised it wasn't just a case of cheese".

Miranda found herself laughing at the idea, "Yes, I told her what I wanted and had her order the groceries for me whilst I ordered the flowers", she said softly, she wanted Andrea to know that the flowers were something that she did not allow her assistant to order for her, it was something that was too special for that.

Andrea understood what it meant when Miranda revealed that it was her that ordered the flowers, she never ordered anything herself, and even when she had her wedding anniversary with Stephen, she had her assistants decide what to buy as well as to order it. The only time she chose something herself was when it came to her daughters and even then she often had her assistants arrange it. "Thank you", she said softly, acknowledging how important it was that Miranda had taken the time to do that for her as well as for everything else that she had done that day.

"Now, I shall have to go", Miranda said softly, "You need to put the groceries away and I need to continue the meeting with those… fools, but I shall see you later. The table is booked for six but we will arrive at your apartment for half five".

"You were in a meeting when I called?", Andrea questioned with widened eyes.

"Yes, Andrea", the white-haired woman stated simply with a small smile, she was simply enjoying the sound of the woman's voice as it felt like forever since she had last heard it.

"I'm so sorry", Andrea said straight away, "I should have text or something to check if you were busy".

"No, Andrea", the older woman replied, "There is no need for that and there never will be". "There are some things that are more important than colour palettes", the woman stated, "I will always answer my phone to you, my Andrea, so never hesitate to call me whenever you want".

"What happens if I decide I want to call you every hour? Or even every minute?", Andrea questioned with amusement.

Miranda laughed, "Well, that would be rather… interesting and it would definitely take some adjusting to when it comes to work", she admitted, "However, hearing your voice would be worth it". "Now, I must go", Miranda said softly, "I shall see you later, Andrea".

"Okay, bye", Andrea said with a smile and a soft laugh of amusement at what she had said.

"No", Miranda said quickly, "Please don't". The woman paused, "Don't say 'bye', it sounds too permanent and I don't want to be without you again".

Andrea nodded despite the fact that no one else could see, "Okay", she said softly, "How about I say 'I'll see you later'?".

Miranda relaxed in her chair again, "That's better", she whispered before speaking at her normal volume again, "I'll see you later, my Andrea".

"I'll see you later", the younger woman said softly with a smile before they both put the phone down.

Andrea found herself smiling brightly as she leaned back against the back of the sofa before remembering that she needed to put the groceries away. She decided not to eat the pizza yet because she knew that it would ruin her dinner later despite it being six hours away. She had become so used to only eating one meal a day that it was a possibility that if she ate an actual meal at that moment then she would not be able to eat another later as her stomach would protest the sudden change in her diet. She would, however, treat herself to some of the ice-cream once all of the other things were packed away in their rightful place. She was rather glad that the electricity had returned because it meant that she would be able to use the fridge and the freezer so that the groceries would not be ruined before she had a chance to eat any of it. As she knelt down to start unpacking the food, she found herself smiling again, she felt lucky that she had the love of such a caring and amazing woman.

Later that day, after eating a third of the tub of cookie dough ice-cream and relaxing in front of the television whilst applying for jobs online, the buzzer went yet again. She looked up at the clock and smiled, she was glad that she had gotten ready a little earlier and so she put the laptop down on the table and hit the off button as she did it then moved straight to the communication system in order to lift the phone, "Hello?". She knew that it would most likely be Miranda, however, she liked to make sure.

"Hi Andy!", a little voice yelled into the speaker loud enough that Andrea had to pull the phone away from her ear.

"Please do not deafen her Bobbsey", Miranda's voice said softly in the background.

"Come on up", Andrea said with a smile as she hit the buzzer and she heard the celebratory 'yay's after the doors had unlocked.

This time, however, she had the door opened before the three of them had arrived at it, Andrea's smile was bright and bigger than it had been in a long time when two little redheads ran towards her and launched themselves at her with tight embraces, "Andy!", they both yelled with excitement. "We missed you so much!", Cassidy said to her as they both hugged her.

"Lets get inside Bobbseys", Miranda said softly as she smiled and kept her eyes on Andrea, the sight of the other woman made her heart feel as if it were flying.

Both of the children ran inside and Miranda rushed towards Andrea before wrapping her own arms around the woman, "I have missed you so much", she said softly, "My Andrea". When she pulled back her hands went to the sides of Andrea's face, "I love you so much".

"I love you too, Miranda", Andrea replied with a smile before she pressed a soft kiss to the other woman's lips. She led the white-haired woman into the apartment before embracing her again but this time the twins joined them too.

"Your flowers are so beautiful", Cassidy said softly as she looked up at Andrea.

"Mom got you those, didn't she?", Caroline questioned.

Andrea nodded, "She sure did", the woman replied with a smile. "I have missed you so much", she said softly, "All three of you".

"We missed you too", Miranda responded instantly before she pressed a soft kiss to Andrea's lips.

"You're not allowed to go away ever again", Cassidy stated simply.

"Not even on vacation?", Andrea questioned with a slight smirk as she winked at Miranda to show that she was messing around a little.

"Only if you take us with you", Caroline replied as she looked up at the woman with a look that said she was serious.

Andrea nodded, "That sounds like a good idea", she said with a smile.

"So, does this mean that you'll move in with us?", Cassidy enquired with a slight tilt of her head.

Miranda put her hand on the little girl's head, "That is not something that we need to discuss right now".

"Fine, but you'll stay for tonight, won't you?", Cassidy asked as she continued to focus on Andrea.

Andrea looked over at Miranda but then she returned her focus to the child and nodded, "Of course".

"That's good", Caroline stated, "Because Mom already had Uncle Nigel sort out an overnight bag for you so that you can stay for the night".

Miranda blushed, "I was going to ask if you wanted to later", she admitted.

"That's okay", the younger woman said softly before pressing a kiss to her ex-boss' lips.

"We should get to the restaurant, our reservation is for six", Miranda said gently.

"Just one more moment", Andrea whispered as she leaned into Miranda a little more.

Miranda nodded and held them all a little closer.

The day had turned into a day where there was no electricity, no job, barely any food, and worst of all no hope but then Miranda had turned it into the best day that Andrea had had in a long time. She now had electricity, groceries, a huge amount of hope, and the following day she would discover that she had a job. She would be hired to write six articles for Runway before starting a job at The Times.