OC Based on Me

Name: Cassie Cairo

Age: 20 Years Old

Gender: Female

Species: Super-Human

Physical Attributes

Hair Color: Fiery Red

Eye Color: Green or Hazel

Powers: Earthbending, Firebending, Waterbending, Airbending, and Magic

Weapons: Whip, Katana, Throwing Knives, Sai, Bow and Arrows, Bo Staff, Spear throwing, and Short Sword

Birth Town: Mclean, Illinois

Current Town: Raleigh, North Carolina

History: Taught by several Masters in Weapons and Close Combat, she was adopted by one of those masters. She is stronger than the strongest man, she can ride a horse easily, and her aim is impeccable. She also knows several languages such as: Japanese, Spanish, Latin (written), and English.

Personality: She defends the ones she loves and her friends with her life. She also defends innocents happily. She doesn't put up with bullcrap and is always nice to others. She guards her weaknesses but knows them well. She doesn't wear dresses no matter what.

Family: Sensei Jack Cairo

Likes: Fighting, Singing, Reading, Healing, and Movies

Dislikes: A$$holes, people being mistreated, and criminals

Fears: Spiders, Bees, and others bugs that sting or bite

Extra: she is Bisexual