His will is the blade in which the coming tide will fall upon. His duty, the armor that gives him purpose and strength to fight on. His blood the unbreakable shield against the coming darkness. His soul, the last bastion, forged in the furnaces of war. So beware enemies of the North, for the Alpha Wolf has arrived, the North never forgets, and Winter is inevitable.

Hadrian "Harry" James Potter-Black was exhausted. He was tired of all the bullshit that everyone expected of him but he knew that if he didn't do it then no one else would. And so he soldiered onwards as he defiantly and stubbornly fought against the muggle armies. Damn Hermione! He thought as he laid down in a hideout. He knew he was one of the few magicals left amongst the living all the others being killed by the muggles or in desperate hiding.

He did not know if any were alive besides him in fact.

He wondered where it all went wrong.

Was it at the end of the second Blood War? Where muggleborns were hunted like animals and purebloods like Lucious Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange ruled with an iron fist in a desperate attempt to prove themselves superior to everyone?

Or was it after Hermione decided to reveal the magical world to muggles in a selfish attempt to make the magical world a copy of the muggle one and couldn't see beyond her own naivest and compulsive nature.

He didn't know nor did he care at this point.

His only thoughts these days were of survival.

He knew that after the Battle of Hogwarts everything would be different. He and Ginny just didn't have it for each other afterwards but that didn't stop her banshee of a mother from attempting to get them together whenever presented an opportunity.

He didn't attend the magical institution afterwards either instead, choosing to travel the world to learn of everything magical.

Hermione and Ron didn't last long either but he knew that was for the best. Ron's jealous and lazy attitude clashing against Hermione's prideful and stuck-up personality like two heavy-weight sumo wrestlers that had every reason to not back down.

He quickly escaped that implosion.

Harry first went to Gringotts where, after a lengthy meeting and getting fined for the amount of damage caused to the bank, he received his inheritance. Even with the amount fined, he could spend flippantly for five lives and then some with what he received, considering that he had the monetary assets of Black and Potter.

After setting aside a rather healthy trust vault for his godson Teddy Lupin and naming him his heir (after discussing it with Andromeda Tonks who agreed), he put that money to good use to travel the world.

The Man that Lived particularly enjoyed learning wandless magic in Japan and the Germanic tribes that mastered of elemental magics.

It was around the time when he was in America learning of some legit but incredibly freaky voodoo magic that he learned of a muggleborns movement for integration with muggle society, headed by none other than Hermione Granger.

He didn't think anything of it nor did he want to get involved in what was sure to turn into another British magical war. He rather enjoyed his freedom and the last thing he needed was to get caught in that particular political war.

What was soon a simple political movement for muggleborns equal rights turned into total war with the muggle world.

From what Harry understood was that, Hermione and a number of muggleborns began performing magic at a United Nations meeting and after being captured by the muggle governments and interrogated were publicly killed and thus declared war upon the magical people sparking a war for survival against the muggle governments. Most muggleborns were immediately found and killed or where possible captured while many magicals quickly went in hiding and desperately looking for a solution to the shattered Statute of Secrecy.

It was in vain. After a couple years they muggle governments found a way to discover magical signatures with the help of captured muggleborns who were tested on.

By this time Harry had retreated back to London to rescue both Teddy Lupin and Andromeda Tonks as Hogwarts was already destroyed by precision airstrikes the magical wards only capable of resisting magical punishment and not conventional warfare.

When he arrived at the Tonks home, he was greeted with a ruined house and two bodies tied to stakes and burned to ash.

Several soldiers were patrolling the area when he was spotted who he promptly killed regardless of whether or not they were the ones that had done the act thus entering him into the resistance.

Given that the muggle leaders were now under heavy surveillance and that the Imperious curse needed to be cast essentially point blank for it to be effective, the only way to force a peace was to either find a means to mass obliviate the muggle population and the internet or to battle the muggles in a war of attrition. It would be easier to do the former rather than the latter no matter how impossible it was for magic to work on such a precise and massive scale.

The muggles were smart to keep whatever mass destruction weapons they had under tight security as well. Never mind the fact that they had no idea how to launch said missiles. No the muggles were saving those for other muggles.

And so began the guerilla war life that was Harry Potter. He lost count of how many he killed but if he had to guess it had to be at least a couple thousand. He meant that in the most sincerest way possible but it was a war and every single victory counted, no matter how pyrrhic to him. In his book, any soldier that fought for child-killers deserved to die.

Harry shook his head from those thoughts. He should only be focusing on survival and apparently there was a last refuge of magicals in the Arctic Circle with the apparition point being at the dragon reserve in Romania. He was currently freezing his buttocks off in southern Romania.

His eyes began getting droopy from the exertion he pushed his body through today. It would not do to be tired wandering a frozen wasteland that was filled to the brim with those that wanted to kill him.

Harry Potter-Black awoke to a bright light. It reminded him distinctly of the King's Cross Station encounter during the Battle of Hogwarts. In fact it was eerily similar. He stood and squinted his emerald eyes due to the intensity of the light.

After a moment of adjusting his vision to the light, a figure with a deep but smooth voice made itself known.

"Hadrian Potter, descendant of Ignotus Peverell." It spoke. Harry whipped around incredibly fast to the sound and was startled to see what could only be personified as Death, itself with a power and aura that not only commanded respect and authority but also a certain chill and eeriness to it. If there was a god of Death than this is it.

"Uh…" He dumbly replied. What do you even say to a deity?

"The Champion of the Peverell family." It continued. Its skeletal hand gestured widely along with its magnificent silver bladed scythe that had a raven perched atop it. The bird cawed loudly at being disturbed from it's rest. "The catalyst to the artifacts of my namesake."

"The Deathly Hallows?" Harry questioned as soon as he got the courage to speak to the one and only 'Grim Reaper'.

"Artifacts of Death." It corrected. "Objects of great power, but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. You were one of two people to understand this. You and your ancestor chose to not use the power that these artifacts possess to their fullest extent and I know that you wouldn't have given the opportunity to do so."

"I find it hard to believe that me of all the people to not use them." Harry felt oddly comfortable with this conversation. He also figured there was no use begging for your life back with the literal aspect of Death and just thought that taking this in stride was the best course off action. And while he knew all this was strange it barely cracked his top ten list of strange things to happen to him.

"Yes, you are correct. Many have gathered these artefacts and attempted to subvert my power but only those with no fear of my coming or rather accept it with undoubting conviction then and only then, may the artefacts may be used to subvert myself. However, to do so one would not accept my coming for them. One cannot die to use the power the artefacts possess but one must die to use them." It spoke with a slight hum. Harry detected a smirk underneath those words. It continued. "Of two people you are the only one to obtain the three. Your ancestor Ignotus had only the Cloak and as such only evaded me until he learned everyone must obtain my embrace."

"And you had learned to accept my presence at a young age as such when you gathered the Hallows, you became the only one to do so."

"Making me the Master of Death." Harry finished. To which the entity barked a loud laughter. It chilled Harry to his very bones. It was very dry and the laughter, if one could call it that, held a certain level of contempt with it.

"You humans with your so called beliefs." It chuckled darkly. "Would an entity of my caliber allow some mere mortal or anyone for that matter dominion over me? No. To do so would be beyond foolish."

That made sense.

"When you combined the three artefacts, your soul became immune to death and as such you are reborn. Due to this rather unique circumstance my companion, Fate, has seen fit to allow you to become my champion of sorts."

"What does that entail?" Harry questioned. In all his years of living, there were many people that wanted to offer him patronage but there was always caveats and he did not want to be stuck in one.

"Smart. You'll need it for the coming storm." It rasped and Harry detected a smirk within its words. "In the world you are going to now, there are many enemies. A world full of magic that's been perverted into an abomination. They use death as means to a beginning and life as means to an end. Fire begets destruction rather than a comforting hearth and ice heralds death to all rather than a mediator between the elements. There are beings in this world that escape even my power with their perverse magic. It'll be upon you to seek out and destroy these things."

"You want me to be a soldier." Harry surmised. "I've done enough fighting for a single lifetime."

"No. However, not enough fighting for a thousand. You are needed in this world, to allow these pretender gods their power would dissolve it into chaos and leave the world and its inhabitants to the mercy of those within it, to do so would force my hand and destroy the world and cleanse it into the void. I would rather not lose the potential this world has to needless destruction. The choice is yours."

There was silence as Harry contemplated the entity's words before he sighed in submission. "What would you have me do?"

Harry knew in absolute surety that the being was smirking now. "The objective is simple. Destroy the pretenders' agents but you cannot do so alone afterwards I will deal with the pretenders themselves. You will need allies of this world to help you. To go it alone would be foolish.

You will be taking the place of one Hadrian Stark, a son born of Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne to take upon the mantle of Heir to Winterfell and Warden of the North, a powerful kingdom in its own right, make it moreso. I will grant you a fraction of your power and as you develop more will become available to you. Learn all there is to learn about this world, sate your curiosity of knowledge as you have done in the past and fight the dangers that lurk in the darkness and in the light."

"And the Hallows?" Harry questioned.

"Will remain with me, you do not need them anymore. They have fulfilled their purpose as they will again. Go now." The entity moved entirely too fast for his eyes to catch, his skeletal hand grasping the entirety of his face and then darkness.

Inspired by:

"Reborn: Into The Wild Westeros" by Arkane007

"A New World to Conquer" by LordOfTheGrey

"Harry Potter: Hadrian the Wild" by Traban16

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