A/N: Hi everyone! A few things before we start. If you follow any of my other stories and are pissed because I haven't updated in forever and here I am posting an entirely knew story, your frustration is valid and I'll accept all the hate with open arms.

I do intend to go back to those; however, grad school is kicking my ass and I feel like I have no time or creative energy left. Let alone, I'm forgetting how to right in English due to all the Fornislenska I've been translating. That being said, why is this fic an exception?Because my masters program is Viking Studies.

I am going to try to make this as accurate as possible and an educational experience as much as I can. Of course History Channel fucked with actual history as they do, so of course I will stick to the show. IE Björn Ironside is credited with raiding Paris, not Ragnar, but that's how the series goes so I'm not gonna alter it.

If you have any questions about anything I say or where I'm going, please message me; I like talking to you guys and I like talking about Vikings and Sagas even more.

On the reckoning of time. As far as we know the Vikings only had two seasons. Winter and Summer. Winter begins at the end of October and Summer begins end of March.

One last thing; this is going to be formatted like my other stories where each chapter is a short scene and really can't be called a chapter. But when you take a step back and you have all these scenes stitched together it's a complete story.

So, on to the prologue!