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Chapter 1

"Hey! Fenturd!" Dash's voice echoed through the hallway as he stalked after another student- said student looked as if he were running for his life by the speed and agility he showed. The escape didn't move so fast very often (after all, he did try to keep up with appearances), but he really did not want to deal with the bully that day.

Danny skidded around a corner; his red sneakers squeaked again the linoleum floor. The thoughts of the perfect weekend he and his friends had planned kept him properly motivated him to not get caught. Images of the group beating even more levels of DOOMED lingered at the corner of his mind as he spotted the last turn he'd have to make before he reached the school's parking lot. Danny hoped that, once he got outside, there would be teachers around and that fact would hold off Dash's violent tendencies. Even those Dash had ignored the presence of Mr. Lancer many times before; the ghost teen still had hope.

Sadly, he didn't get as far as he would've liked. As the Fenton rounded the final corner in the halls, he smacked right into Kwan and fell onto the hard floor. The large teen's face was decorated with a smirk as he picked Danny up by the back of his shirt; as if he were a small kitten. The halfa gulped and smiled nervously at the football player as Dash took the opportunity to catch up with them.

The blonde snatched Danny away and growled as he shoved the boy harshly into the nearest wall of lockers. A scrunched up piece of paper occupied Dash's other hand as he huffed angrily a half-foot from Danny's face. A quick look around made Danny lose faith in the idea that a staff member would come to his rescue, the hallways were completely empty.

"Ya'know, I got a 'D' on our science test. A 'D!'" the jock shoved the paper into Danny's face. "My parents are gonna kill me! And it's all because of you! If you and your stupid nerd group didn't distract me in class all day, I would have at least gotten a 'C.'"

"We distracted you? You're the one who threw stuff at every day!" Danny growled, even though he knew his protests would be lost on Dash anyhow.

Dash dropped Danny to the ground only to throw open the locker he was once pressed against.

"It isn't my fault! You're just so nerdy and puny, I have to throw shit at you. Otherwise, who else would?" he then plucked the raven-haired teenager from the floor and shoved him into the empty locker.

Danny's head painfully connected with the back of the wall and the sound of the door slamming loudly resonated in his ears. He could vaguely hear Dash comment on how his father wouldn't be happy, but Danny couldn't care any less. The bully deserved it, maybe a stern talking-to from his parents would help him. But that was only wishful thinking, really.

After waiting a few moments from the sound of footsteps and talking to quiet, Danny peered through the thin slits in the locker to make sure everything was clear before he slipped out with a quick spell of intangibility. He rubbed the irritated bump on his head before starting his way down the hall.

Danny only made it a few meters before familiar voices called his name from the other end of the hallway. The quick turn he did to see his friends made his vision swim, and he inadvertently flinched. Great, now he was going to get an earful from his friends.

"Danny! Are you okay?" Sam and Tucker hurried over to him and stationed themselves on either side of him.

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry! It was just an issue with Dash, the norm, you know?" Danny shrugged off their concern. "I'll feel better soon. We should just head to my house and get our game night on."

Sam grudgingly took his word and accepted the suggestion, though that didn't stop her from narrowing her eyes suspiciously whenever Danny flinched or stumbled (even if he did so just for a second).

Once they got to Fenton Works, the group quickly settled into Danny's room after raiding the kitchen cabinets for food that Jazz had bought for them. Both Sam and Tucker verbally questioned Danny over that.

"Well, no one else is home right now. And they probably won't be back until late next week," Danny answered with a shrug. "My folks finally caught wind of that rumored dragon up in New York."

The other teens let out a noise of comprehension at the situation. "And so they rushed off because they think it has something to do with ghosts," Sam concluded.

"Mhmm," Danny sat crisscrossed on his bed with Jazz's extra laptop perched on his legs, "and they left in the middle of the day yesterday without giving either of us a heads up. Jazz only found out after she came home to a strangely quiet house and a note explaining things."

"Where is Jazz, anyway?" questioned Tucker when he pulled his own laptop from his backpack. "She's supposed to be the parent around here."

While he went through the process of logging into his DOOMED account, Danny explained.

"Well that's because my parents don't function well enough half the time to actually take care of their children-" Tucker let out a snort and muttered 'it's at least 3/4 of the time' "-whatever. But she's off doing a psych evaluation at a high school in a place called Norrisville. Apparently, it's going to be one of the studies or something that she's going to have in some college letter. From what I could pick up on her ramblings, they get attacked by something similar to ghosts almost daily there. She wants to see how that mentally affects students, I think. She said she's going to try the same thing at Casper, only with ghost attacks."

Sam had made herself comfortable at Danny's desktop while he was explaining, and all three of them managed to load the game up. "Well, at least you don't have to worry about your parents trying to hunt you down while they're away."

"And they won't be here to fuck everything up," Tucker added.

As the talking progressed the group jumped into multiple games; somewhere they were teamed and somewhere it was a free-for-all. Of course, every time they went against Sam, she kicked their butts (which wasn't a surprise at all. Although Danny was getting better at holding his ground).

Tucker grimaced at the death tone coming from his headphones before speaking up again, "Actually, mentioning ghost hunting- am I the only one worried that we haven't had many ghost attacks lately?"

Danny, who had shifted his position to lean against the backboard of his bed, nodded along; he didn't dare remove his eyes from the computer screen, "It's kinda worrying. But, I'm really not complaining about having some time to catch up on sleep, do homework, and hang out with you guys."

The goth of the trio pulled a face as an enemy player dodged a laser from her gun. "But what if they're planning something? Maybe they're just waiting for you to lower your guard."

Danny let out a chuckle, "Yeah, I can see it now: The Box Ghost coming up with his master plan to psych me out and then drown me in a bunch of cardboard boxes."

"Danny! I'm serious. Maybe not Box Ghost, but Skulker or Johnny might have the mental capacity to think something up."

"Uh, hate to say it, but she's right dude," Tucker added in, jumping over a barrier to get cover from Danny's attacks. "Something weird is definitely going on, and I think you should be careful."

"Come on, guys!" Danny grinned when Tucker's avatar flickered out of view while he heard Tucker groan from in front of his bed. "I promise it'll be fine! If I never have to fight a ghost again, it'd be too soon-"

Just as the words left his lips, a shiver ran up his spine, and he saw the blue mist slip from his mouth. The sound of his groan filled the entire room.

"Speak of the devil and he may appear…" Danny muttered, exasperated, before closing the laptop and glancing apologetically at his friends, not having to explain anything before he transformed. "I'm goin' ghost!"

Sam grabbed his wrist before Danny Phantom was able to fly out of the bedroom, "Danny, be careful. If you need us I have my Fenton Phones in my bag, and I'll put them on right after you leave. Don't hesitate to call. Please."

Danny shot her a warm smile, "I will, Sam, I promise. It's probably just Boxey if the irony shown in my life means anything."

As soon as he went intangible and flew out into the city, both Sam and Tucker felt the feeling of foreboding welling up in their chests. Sam lunged for her bag and quickly put on the F-Phones, but strangely that didn't help to calm her anxieties at all.


The timelines are as follow: Danny Phantom is set between Infinite Realms and Girl's Night Out. Max Steel is set between Uncle Sam Wants You! and Element of Surprise P.1.

This story was adopted from Ghost Getter 1 (the story title was Two Heroes, Two Worlds, Same Complex) and I hope to continue on with it! I'll attempt to update as frequently as I can but I'm not too sure how well I can keep that up. This chapter (as well as others) has been written with heavy reference from the original, besides me reworking, some things the storyline, for now, has been created by Ghost Getter. Next chapter is when Danny will meet with N-Tech and all that. I personally can't wait to write their meeting. I feel like they'd be good friends. After all, every hero as the same complex. Or at least these two do.

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