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Chapter 5

Sam peered over Tucker's shoulder and at his PDA. They were walking down the empty streets of Amity Park as the sun was just starting to rise.

Both teens looked physically exhausted; their shoulders were slumped and dark bags were starting to form under their eyes. Danny's best friends had spent all night, and now morning, looking all over town for anything that could point them towards wherever he might have been.

They still entertained the idea that the ghostly hero was just hiding out, trying to recover on his own, alone. The thought of that plucked at their hearts, but it definitely beat the alternative.

"Tuck, there could be multiple reasons he still isn't showing up…" Sam tried after her friend voiced just that. "It doesn't mean that he's gone…"

"But he's never done this before, Sam! Yeah, he's hidden wounds but he's never just dropped off the map," the technogeek moved as if he were about to throw his PDA at the ground out of frustration, but quickly thought better of it and just strapped it back to his hip, "I don't know what to think. We've been everywhere. He's not here!"

Spontaneous beeping started to come from Tucker's PDA after a few moments of tense silence, and both teens' gazes instantly got locked to it. With a quick glance at Sam, the African American boy stopped walking and grabbed his device. His face fell once he saw why it was making noise.

"It's only locked onto a ghost, but not Danny."

Sam, however, let out a gasp of excitement and yanked the PDA from Tucker's grasp. Which greatly confused her friend.

Before he could even open his mouth, Sam started to run full speed towards where the ghost had pinged on the screen. Tucker scrambled to catch up with her.

"Sam! Sam, what is it?" He screamed and grabbed one of her arms while they ran.

"They might know something, Tuck!" The goth exclaimed the tiredness both of them had just experienced disappeared at the idea of having a lead.

Naught made it to the scene of the anomaly only a few minutes after N-Tek had abandoned it- their lead scientist had decided no more could be learned.

He looked around the site while holding up a scanner, which beeped steadily every few seconds. It wasn't until he pointed it straight up that the beeping started to become more rapid. Naught smirked, he had a feeling that some of the energy must have left residue in the air particles it had appeared in.

After making a mental note to himself to get some bots to check that area in the sky, the altered human made his way over to a rock face a few meters away. It looked almost as if something had crashed into it. A quick wave of his scanner produced similar readings from the air, only these were weaker.

A conclusion formed in his mind. Dread would want to be notified of this.

Max studied the boy as Steel (loudly) noted things he had collected about him while in the medical room. Danny's height, age, approximate weight, and even shoe size flashed on the screen of his helmet as his friend mentioned them.

Danny sat uncomfortably under Forge's gaze, and the superhero teen almost took a step forward to ease the tension. But before he fully committed to it, Forge spoke.

"From what we know, you fell out of the sky. Do you have any memory of this?"

The boy being questioned shifted in his seat and looked into his lap.

"I, uh… I remember falling for a long time and then a crash. And I saw Max for a second but I thought it was a dream."

"His heart rate has increased." Steel commented when Forge and Berto both sent a look in their direction.

"Of course his heart rate has increased, he's just a kid being questioned by Fury Ferrus over there," Max said back. He then ignored Steel's statement that Max was, in fact, a kid as well.

Berto stood up and walked next to Danny, waving his holographic screen over him once more. "We gave you emergency medical attention, and thankfully nothing was broken. We did, however, take notice that you had an incredible amount damaging inflicted to your head, niño."

"Do you think we should mention how you picked up something weird with his DNA or whatever?" Max quietly asked Steel while Danny rubbed the back of his head.

The raven-haired boy replied with, "Yeah… I kind hit my head, a lot, earlier today." While Steel bluntly said "No."

"Okay, well, can you tell us just how you fell from the sky?" This time the boy went rigid in his seat and everyone took notice.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Danny thought and racked his brain for an explanation. He couldn't exactly say that his archenemy threw him through what was probably a modified ghost portal to get him out of the way of whatever evil scheme was being cooked up. The ghost boy's first impulse was to lie, but the only successful lie he ever really had was to his parents (who really weren't that observant).

"Uh…" he let out, trying to buy himself more time. Danny decided that the best thing to do would be stretch the truth a bit.

"I was in a park in my town, and I was attacked by someone." From the two faces he could see, Danny noticed their eyes widening and they became more serious. At least that meant they weren't heartless. "I tried to fight back but he knocked me unconscious… that's all I can remember."

"Do you remember what he looked like?" Max spoke up for the first time in the interrogation, besides when Danny could hear him mumbling quietly.

A frown settled on his face as Danny's thoughts went back to Vlad. The fruitloop made him angry in general, but now he was down-right pissed off. Once he had gotten to fuming silently over the man, a cold sensation bursts from his chest and his vision tinted green. It felt very similar to both his ghost sense but the coldness was concentrated in the middle of his chest, while his eyes glowing felt just like it normally did.

Speaking of, everyone in the room was staring at Danny and, presumably, his sudden eye colour change.

"What was that?" Berto exclaimed. "It was like a weird form of bioluminescence…"

"I can confirm, Berto, that it most definitely wasn't." A new, robotic, voice spoke from where Max was standing, which made Danny jump visibly. No one else in the room seemed surprised.

"Danny, what just happened?" Forge asked with a tight voice. Said boy gulped but didn't try to answer, so the commander continued in a slow, threatening tone, "Danny… we all saw your eyes change a different colour. Tell us why."

The boy in question ran a hand through his hair, quietly freaking out inside his mind about, how am I going to get out of this one.

"I, um- it must have just been a trick of the light," he weakly lied.

"Just tell us what you know!" Forge almost shouted, getting annoyed with the situation. "Why are you here, what was the portal, and what just happened to your eyes."

The bigger man had stood up with his chair forgotten and decided to push himself farther into Danny's personal space. The boy leaned back in his chair in an attempt to more gain space between them. Even when Max tried to calm him down, the commander didn't move.

Just as the ghost boy was about to open his mouth, an alarm sounded, making everyone in the room jump (Danny more so than anyone else). The sudden noise also caused Danny to lose his balance and he fell backward in the chair, his head hit the floor.

"Can I stop getting hit on the head…" his mumbled words were lost as the three government agents started for the door.

Max glanced back at Danny for a second before rushing out of the room as well.

He picked himself up from off the floor and took in a deep breath, and went straight for the door. Which was, obviously, locked. It seemed even with the chaos of the alarms, N-Tek still kept a tight handle on security. That being said, after taking a look around the room Danny couldn't spot any cameras.

"Well, might as well see if my powers are back or not."

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