(Goodbye, Ginga!)

Ginga flies back to Earth in human size, and she stopped and landed in front of Shido's house. Hikari then walked away from Ginga, now separated. Shido ran from behind Hikari, panting due to the long distance run. Shido also saw the [Fraxinus] above his house.

Hikari found the doll of Origami in front of the door, and picks it up as it glows in golden light.

"Hikari, thank you for saving us."

"I couldn't if it weren't for your help."

"Still, you did a great job. I'm glad to meet you."

"Same here. Thank you, Tobiichi."

Then Origami grew back to normal, in her spirit form.

Suddenly the front door of Shido's house opened, and the 9 other spirits ran and hugged him. Though later they break the hug, and glares at both Hikari and Ginga.

"Shido, who are these 2!?" Tohka asked.

"Peace, Sephira Spirits. We are not your enemies." Ginga said.

[From the looks of them, they seem to be friendlies. We should just trust them then, right Yoshino?] Yoshinon said.

"... Right." Yoshino replied.

"Agreement. Yoshinon is correct." Yuzuru said.

"I am just here to say goodbye to you all." Ginga explained, before looking at Hikari.



"I will be departing for space, go on more adventures in this planet, and when You're done, I will return to you."

"Sure are."

"The future can be changed. It can be for the better, or for the worse. The ones who can decide it are you all."

"Alright. Goodbye Ginga."

"Farewell." With that, Ginga floats upwards to the skies.

She first flies slowly, before suddenly boosts out in a speed of light.

"Goodbye!" Origami shouted.

"Goodbye friend." Shido said in english.

"Thank You, Ginga!"

Hikari then separated from Shido and his harem, and walks off into the distance, before turning around to wave her hand.

Shido and the 10 spirits then waved their hands. (Though Tohka still didn't really trust Hikari, she frowned while waving her hand)

'Everyone will experience fated meetings and partings. And then, the future we refer to as tomorrow, will begin!' Hikari thought to herself as she walked into the distance.


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