I guess my give a damn is busted

Summary- over the years that Harry has spent in the wizarding world he eventual had to learn to not care so much. Especially after everything that had happened after the war had finally ended. So, when the dead started waking up hungry, and the world quickly went to hell, all he could think was, 'figures.'

Disclaimer- I do not own or make any money off of either Harry Potter or the walking dead.

Chapter one

Harry watched with a growing headache and a since rather numb since of, why the hell am I even here, as the most recent Minister stood in front of the crowd. Giving yet another speech to them; seemingly having them hooked to his every word as he did so.

A crowd was now well on its way to forming into a mob as they listen to the so-called minister begin to really get into his rant. One that went on about how the dark creatures of the world were at fault of nearly everything that was going wrong; or something similar to that. As honestly Harry had long since stopped listening to said speech once he figured out just what it was about.

After all, it was a terribly similar speech, one that Harry had heard several times before. All by different 'leaders' that the majority of the sheeple of wizarding world followed.

With each time said speech happened, it was only the person, thing, or being, that was being blamed that was the only thing that was different in these oh so wonderful speeches. With Voldemort it had been the muggles and muggle born that was to blame for everything that had gone wrong. And a war happened because of that.

Next, it had been the dark purebloods that had been blamed, even those who had sided against the previously mentioned dark lord. And this was by the so-called light sided witches and wizards, who all quickly showed Harry that they were just as bad as the 'dark' side had been; just in a different way.

Then shortly after them, when said pureblood showed just who was in charge of most things. And just who had the majority of the money when it came to the wizarding world for that matter, it had been Harry himself that had been blamed.

And honestly, hadn't that been a fun time for Harry. What having to actively argue and fight for his life at every corner; just like he had been forced to do during the war. Making it so that even after everything he had done for everyone, he had barely managed to keep himself out of Azkaban prison of all places.

Something he had only managed to do by the skin of his teeth for that matter and only because of the fact that Harry had threatened to both pull all his family fortune out. Before going to another country altogether to get help from them if they had continued pursuing the so-called claims against them.

Once Harry had dropped this threat, as well as remind the public just how many life debts were currently owed to him, the cases against him had been dropped faster than a bag of burning dragon dung. With all the snide comments and evil eyeing, he had been getting turned to avoidance more than anything else.

Something Harry felt a slight bit of satisfaction at happening. Feeling rather good that finally something had gone the way he had wanted it to. But at the same time, he could only raise an eyebrow at how everything was playing out; making plans of his own all the while.

It was also around this time, that Harry had found out how true his so-called best friends had been. How one sided his relationship truly was with those he had at one-point thought of as his family.

Which is to say there was no real relationship there, that there never really had been, as they had cut ties with him ones the charges of him being a so-called upcoming dark lord had first been brought up, and then proceeded to try to cuddle back up to him one said charges had been dropped.

Honestly, it was how they acted when things got bad for him that made Harry see with startlingly clarity that he hadn't needed any more reason to keep them in his life. That his life was better off without them. More so then ever if that was what they considered loyalty.

However now, back to the speech Harry was almost absent mindedly listening to, it seemed that now, after going in a complete circle, that it was back to dark creatures being the ones that are to blame for everything that was going wrong; just like it had been before Voldemort had been into power.

Which had been one of the main reasons said dark lord had been able to get so many of so-called dark creatures on his side to begin with. And why said dark lord was able to rise with such power as he had.

Honestly, when it came to the majority of the people of the wizarding worlds, it was like one big continuous circle that no one ever seemed to learn from. Because Harry, as he looked back into the past, could very easily see how it seemed to always constantly been the same thing happening over and over again just painted a different color.

Something that Harry knew if he looked even further back in the wizarding history would show a noticeably clear pattern and that nothing had changed about it in hundreds of years; at the very least.

This was something Harry had learned about a while ago and had long since gotten sick of it. Like most people with something called common sense would have. Which somehow, funnily enough didn't include most of the wizarding world; at least not those who lived in the British wizarding world. Something that had Harry cursing and bemoaning to himself before he decided to say, 'fuck it', that is; and do his best to keep his own common sense strong.

Sadly, this lack of common sense, and sheep mentality, was something even Harry's old friend had fallen into; and worst yet they didn't even seem to realize that they had even done so.

Which, to Harry, could easily explain just why they had turned on him when most of the other wizarding world had. Both when it came to blaming him for what had happened during the war, and his near arrest; something Ron had actually tried to do himself. To being angry at him, and demand to know just what the hell he was doing, when Harry had decided to make his own path instead of the one the wizarding worlds as a whole seemed to want to; had attempted to demand him to do.

Which was why four years ago, once he had finally gotten it though the majority of the wizarding world head that he wasn't going to let them place the blame of all the things that had gone, or were going, wrong on him or any of those that he had called his, Harry made sure to live the way he wanted too. Even if he had to call in all the debts, life or otherwise, to help ensure that.

He also used remarkably similar promises and threats to make sure that in no way could be forced into something like a marriage contract for what the wizarding world would call the Greater good; or some utter bullshit like that. And he had done so in the coldest bluntest way possible to ensure that it couldn't be mistaken for anything else but what Harry had wanted it to

Harry, at the age of twenty-one, a good four years after the war with Voldemort had ended, decided that he couldn't take all of that any more, and that he had to wash his hands of the wizarding world altogether once and for all; long since tired of being burnt by said world.

His first step in getting away was to find a way to make a living on his own as far away from the wizarding world as he could get. As while Harry did have his own money from that belonged to his family he didn't want to be completely depended on it and leave the wizarding world, or the goblins really, to have a way to track him through it.

In fact, if he could Harry would make it so no one in the wizarding world, could never find him; especially those from the British wizarding world. Or else Harry felt they would in some way attempt to drag him back to do what they assume to be his duty. Something that Harry no plans was so ever in doing; not of his own free will.

Not only that, but in all honestly, after everything he had been through for the wizarding world, and all the pain that he had to deal with, mainly because of the wizarding world, he could honestly say his give a damn button had long since been busted; and it looked like it was never going to be fixed either. To put it bluntly he couldn't really bring himself to care enough that he no longer gave a damn, about pretty much anything else, to want to fix it in the first place.

One of the main reasons Harry had been so determined to get away from the pure drama, backstabbing and finger pointing that ran ramped in the wizarding world was because they had broken something in him in the first place. Well that had he just had to get away from it all before he snapped in some way. Either becoming a second coming of Voldemort, or worse becoming exactly what they wanted him to be.

Which now, a good three years after he had finally managed to leave, Harry could say everything was going a lot smoother than anyone, himself included, had every thought it would be.

As Harry had met up with almost no fight about leaving, and no one seemed to even be trying to look for him after he had left. Hell, he currently wasn't even wearing much of a disguise right at this moment as he watched the newest idiot give his speech. For all that he was hiding from the wizarding world all he had really done to disguise himself at this moment was just having grown his hair out a bit since he had left.

Though given the amount of time, money and agreements he made to help endure he keep his freedom Harry figured that was a given. Though he would admit it was the agreement that he made with the Goblins that both cost him the most and was most likely the key part of staying as hidden as he was.

A deal that boiled down to the fact that Harry had allowed the Goblin to go through all the vaults he owned, from all of the family lines he claimed, and take all goblin made object that may be in them

Which combined with the promise to bay them with a high interest rate for their work made it so the goblins really wanted to work with Harry instead against them; else the loose the great deal Harry was offering them.

This was most likely why everything had gone so smoothly as it had. And why no one from the wizarding world had been able to find him; despite his lack of any real disguise to hide from them in the first place.

Well, no that was a lie at first, he had done his best to hide from them. Even going as to cross-dress on one memorable and never repeatable occasion. Something he had done until he realized he didn't have to do so to keep hidden. That the most basic hidden techniques seemed to work just as well as the more complicated ones he had been using at first.

Another part of the reason why Harry hadn't been found could also be laid down to the fact that Harry hadn't done what most wizard would have done; if they had been in Harry shoes and needed to escape like Harry had. Not if they had the magical power and money Harry had at his disposal that.

Seeing as when it came to escaping Harry hadn't bought a large, very noticeable, manor off somewhere in some far-out place that he couldn't even name; let alone been to once in his life.

No, Harry figured that would be something that they would search for, not to mention he really didn't want something like that in the first place. He may not care about a lot of things, but he knew he'd go utterly insane hidden away in some manor he couldn't really leave; similar to how his Godfather had been forced to do. Besides with all that space what would he do with it anyway? He was just one person why would he need a manor with over a hundred rooms in it anyway?

Harry had also been against buying a manor because he knew that somehow if he did that the wizarding world would in some way be able to track him down. Both because the abundance of magic it would take to ward a place like that down and the amount of time it would cost to do so.

Seeing as Harry would not only have to ward the entire manor, but all the land said manor was on. Then he would have to bury the warding stones needed to ward the manor in question under the ground to make said ward a permeant fixture.

The amount of magic to do this, with only a single person doing it by themselves, was something that only few people would be able to; with Harry being including in that.

Which would send a ping of some sort on whatever radar they would be using to look for him. To simplify it down Harry knew that he wouldn't be able to do so because that amount of magic being done in one single place was bond the be noticed; even more so if his magic in question was being tracked.

Hell, that had been how Harry had been able to finally track down several of the hidden Death eaters that has escaped after the final battle. Seeing as while Harry might not have been able to actually see the manors they were hiding in or anything like that. But he, and several others, could actually feel the power the wards around them where releasing and with that it only took bringing in some ward breakers to bring said wards down.

Which after doing so they easily found the death eaters they had been looking for sitting there like ducks waiting for them; something Harry swore would never happen to him if he could help it. So yeah, seeing as the Ministry, and those he had once called family, knew this technic in finding others Harry knew there was no way he'd be doing anything like that. At least not anytime soon.

That and Harry knew with the right amount of bribing the Goblin's themselves would, at the very least, tell someone where the highly warder manors in question could be located. Again, have seen that been done in and after the war as well.

On more than one occasions at that. Though not by Harry himself exactly, as he preferred hunting them down on his own; and has usually been more successful while doing s as well. Not to mention hunting them down himself didn't cost him nearly as much money as it did trying to get locations from the Goblins did.

But because he had seen it happen, Harry knew that in the goblins mind that, technically as they were only speaking of where the manor in question where located they weren't necessarily betraying anyone; a loop hole that Harry knew was used multiple times when it came to earning more money.

After all there was a chance that the person in question might not necessarily be there. Considering it was only a location they were giving the searcher, not the person in question; silver tongued money love creature that goblins were.

Still, things like that had happened way too many times in the past for Harry to be comfortable with it. Let along trust such things when it came to his own survival; he knew too much to do that.

Instead what Harry had done, was a lot simpler, and at the same time made him wonder just why the Weasleys hadn't tried something similar to what he had done; you know all things considering.

What Harry had done was purchase a high-grade, top of the line, magical tent to live in; instead of a more permeant residents. As Harry felt that a tent would make it so he wouldn't be so easily tracked down.

Mostly because the tent wasn't a permanent resident but a mobile one. Something that was only further helped by the fact that Harry moved around a lot. Making it all the more difficult for those he knew were trying to track him down.

Not that all this moving around hurt Harry in the least bit. After all, he had been planning on seeing the world, exploring all different types of places, like had often dreamed of doing when he had been a child and before he had been forced into the role of the wizarding worlds savior.

So, why shouldn't he be moving around a bit? Why, shouldn't he achieve the dreams he had as a child? Especially, as by doing so he would be keeping himself safe? Would keep himself from once more being chained down by expectations he didn't want to fulfill anymore?

At the same time, even as he was escaping and trying to explore the world around him Harry didn't give up magic; he'd never do that. And because of this, Harry, remembering the dangers that had been in the war, decided that it would be best to try and use at least some of the wars that would be safe for him to use.

And by that Harry was planning on sed some of goblins made wards that were portable, and unable to be traced once they switched ownership. Seeing these wards were ones that could be attached to a certain object instead of attached to the ground.

However, even as he knew this, Harry also knew said wards had to be purchased individually, and only then added to the portable warding stone, as they had to be keyed into a specific person that wanted them before they could be of any use to them.

Which made them all the more expensive for those who purchased them. More so then most would be willing to spend when considering most who had the money to do so also had manors that already had numerous, and ancient, wards already on them.

Not only that, but Harry knew the Goblins couldn't track the portable wards down, not as long as Harry was using his own magic, and not theirs, to power the wards that had been placed on his things. Something that Harry only knew could be done because he overheard Bill mentioning it to his mother; and how not many outside the goblins knew it was possible to do.

Which was something Harry took full advantage of the first moment he had to opportunity to do so and promptly purchased as many wards as he could have place on his tent.

Though at the same time he did ignore the more ridiculous wards that were out there. After all, who needed a ward that would play the weird sister song every time he did something like use the bathroom? Why the hell where there wards like that out there to beginning with; who would want them?

But Harry did this because he knew it was money well spent. Even with the outrageous prices the Goblins charged him for said wards, often times a good five times the amount they would have originally cost him; if only for pure spite and want for money by the goblins in question.

Not that Harry cared when he was secure in the knowledge the wards would be used for both his protection as well as his freedom. Not to mention, no matter what the wizarding world thought, Goblins were the best at making, as well as placing, up wards; as if their very magic was made for it.

And Harry wasn't going to ever complain about the fact he now had wards made by goblins, no matter how the other wizards or witches may react to them. How could he when he knew that if he wanted he could very easily move the wards in question from his tent, to a cabin he wanted to stay in or any other place he may want to call his home in the future because they were all tied to the warding stone he had to simple power up when the wards started to weaken or flicker.

Not to mention, in all honestly, Harry had long since learned not to care what others thought of him. Something which had been a hard lesson learnt for Harry, one that sadly took Harry more time then he had felt it should have.

If he stopped and thought about it Harry blamed his earlier nativity on a combination of his aching need to be accepted, and he fact he has willingly blinded himself to all the faults in the wizarding world; all so he could have the family he always wanted. Something that Harry no longer let himself do, not since he saw just what doing that had cost him.

When it came to his tent what he had on it was several different wards placed both on and around it; via his warding stone. Some of which Harry had already planned on putting on the tent in question, before he had even read all the wards the goblins offered, and several of them being placed on after he had gotten a certain feeling upon reading about them on the list of goblin wards that were available.

A list that Harry was sure the goblins had only given Harry in the first place as a way to drain him of even more of his money; as they knew how paranoid Harry could be when it came to protection. Be it his own, or protection of someone he cared about and wanted to milk that for all its worth.

Which considering how Harry had gotten a more wards then he had originally planned to get, meant the goblins plan did work. Even if Harry hadn't gotten all of the wards the Goblins had wanted him to get. Because some of those wards were too much even for Harry and made him wonder just who the goblins were cratering to when they made them in the first place.

At the same time though, considering Harry wasn't planning on going back to the wizarding world and had changed his money to muggle money. Which as Harry found out was ridiculously cheap, on the wizarding side of things that is, meant that this fact didn't really bother Harry much.

Even more so after finding out he was richer as a muggle then he had been as a wizard; at least after he had transferred his money over, he had been. Leaving Harry rather happy about what he had done.

Especially with the knowledge that with the more money, he did give the goblins, the more he screwed the wizarding world over; something Harry found himself rather enjoy doing. If only as a way to tickle is rather spiteful funny bone.

The wards he had gotten first, and the ones he had originally planned on getting all along from the goblins, were the wards that made his magic untraceable; something he had gotten as a precautions and so he could still use his magic. Another ward made it so no one uninvited could enter the tent without his permission first. And beside that there was a ward that that made it so the tent in question was highly damage resistant both inside and outside it.

There was also a ward to keep out pest, and other creatures, such as any wild animals that could be where Harry was out 'camping'. On top of those Harry had also gotten wards that made the tent in question weather and water resistant.

Harry honestly considered those wards the basic ones to have, they were the ones he hadn't been planning on leaving with out, but beyond these wards, he hadn't planned much more than them

However as soon as he had gotten that goblins book of wards and began to read some of the wards that were in it, his magic had quickly begun to all but sing to him. Screaming the need for some of the other wards that were in said book and when his magic reacted like that Harry did his best to listen to it; something which had saved his life, as well as others life, several times in the past.

Not to mention had made several others jealous over the fact how closely connected Harry was to his magic and had also been one of the trumped-up charges that the wizarding world had attempted to charge him with when they had been blaming him for all that was wrong with their world.

Apparently being so closely tied to his magic, to have his magic react to him the way it did, was something that could only been done with the darkest of magics. The idiots never seemed to realize the reason Harry's magic was the way it was, was because Harry had always respected and listened to his magic; so his magic did the same for him. Which was why even if he was giving up on the wizarding world Harry would never give up on his magic.

It was because of this, that after going through the book the goblins had given him, what Harry had ended up getting had been, an anti-thief ward, a camouflage ward, a powerful defense and offense ward; which would keep out attackers or anyone one or thing that meant anyone inside the tent ward; violently if need be.

On top of those he had also added an expulsion ward, that opposed to how it originally sounded, would simply throw out anyone in the tent at the owners wishes, even if they had been previously invited in. Along with that Harry also had several individual protection wards on each room of the tents; as an added just in case. Currently all of which were programed towards him, and only him, but could be change by Harry if he wished; though why he'd do so Harry had no idea.

He also had cleaning wards and preservation wards put in place, so that his tent would stay clean and anything he brought into it, like food, drinks, or potions supplies, would stay in the same condition they had first entered in.

On top of those wards Harry had also added several other defensive wards that would make it so things like water, fire, lightening or several others elemental damages couldn't damage the tent; as a just in case the other protections he had on his tent where overwhelmed.

Hell he had it so those wards in question were so powered up and high on defense that a giant could trample on it and it wouldn't cause any damage to the tent, or anyone or thing inside said tent. In fact, it was more likely trying to damage the tent in question would cause more damage to the troll in question then it would ever do to the tent.

Harry had actually gotten looks of disbelieve from some of the goblins when they saw just how protected his tent was, and goblins had always been huge on defense; especially when it came to all the vaults in their banks.

So, getting looks from them might mean he had gone a little over board when it came to just how protect he now had his tent, but as Harry figured it was better to have gone overboard, and not feel sorry, then to go under protected and end up regretting it in the long run.

And again, it wasn't like these wards could only be put on the tent, they could be added to anything Harry wanted to call his home; seeing as all he had to do was move the warding stone he had in his tent.

Though he did know there was a limit to how much the warding stone could cover. So, no he couldn't take the Wards from the tent and add them to a manor or anything like that. But as of yet he hadn't run into anything the wards couldn't cover yet.

All and all Harry had at least good thirty different ward tied into his tent and had spent a good third off all the money he had altogether on it. And that was after he had combined all the money, he had in to one singular title. Something that made it that much easier for Harry to both manage as well as figure out just how much money he had as a whole.

Yes, it was highway robber, and yes it should have been a lot cheaper than that; at least according to what Bill had said before. But at the same time Harry couldn't bring himself to care as he still got what he wanted out of it at the end of it all, and again it wasn't like he was hurting for money in the least bit.

Though now all this wizarding money was now in the hands of the goblins, more so then ever as Harry had the transferred all most all of his remaining money in to muggle money; giving the goblins in question even more money in their hands as he did so. Even if he had made sure the goblins in question had also given him a money bag for said muggle money that would transform it into whatever currency of the country, he found himself self in; something that that had also cost him quite a pretty gallon as well.

The fact that the goblins had nearly all of his fortune was something Harry was sure would cause a huge uproar if anyone from the wizarding world found out; which he was sure they eventual would.

Seeing as once money was in goblins hands, and belonged sole to them, they weren't too keen on sharing it with others. Meaning that the exceptionally large chunk of money that Harry had just spent was now out of the wizarding worlds hands for pretty much good now.

Something Harry knew the goblins would happily use to make said wizarding world's economy just that much worst. Not that Harry cared anymore seeing as he wasn't planning on ever going back to the wizarding world; not if he could help it at least.

And he was sure he wouldn't easily be found by them when you consider the fact that now all of these wards were made to be powered by Harry's own magic and left connected to what, Harry had taken to call a charger that he had actually spent several days just pumping as much magic as he could into it; so, he wouldn't have to power up the wards each night like he would have to do otherwise.

This charger was actually the warding stone, which while it could be charged manually, also took the magic Harry put off when he slept or when he got emotional and let loose extra magic. Making it so Harry wouldn't have to really recharge it again, at least not like he had the first time, unless there was an emergency of some sort; and even then, it would take a couple of months for that to happen. And that was from the sheer amount of magic that was currently resting in said warding stone.

The Charger in question was a small warding stone that had been sewn into the inside of his tents wall; and was something Harry could move if he felt like it. Currently it was in the main bedroom, nearby where Harry slept for that matter, and only Harry could actually touch, or even see for that matter, said warding stone. Something Harry's paranoid mind made sure of, despite the fact that as of right now he was the only one who could actually enter the tent in question.

Said stone glowed a bright green to Harry, at least it did while it was full and only dimmed in color when it was beginning to need a recharge; turning complete grey once it was fully drained. Which if that did happen would mean Harry had to fully charge it like he had the first time he got it.

Something that would only happen if Harry didn't put any magic into the stone at all for quite some time. Which would include not sleeping in the tent at all as said warding stone did automatically take the magic he let loose out at night while he slept. Which in turn meant that it was highly unlikely that he didn't power said stone or leave it unpowered long enough for it to get drained completely.

When it came to just what was inside the tent, well Harry had splurged quite a bit on that as well. And that was on both the tent in question as well as all the supplies bought separate from the tent he was using.

Which when considering the tent in question was something Harry planned to actually be his home for quite a while, made quite a bit of sense. Seeing as Harry wanted to be sure he had everything he could even think he might need while he lived out his childhood dream of exploring the world around him.

Not to mention the place he had gotten the tent from was ran by a rather amusing muggle born who had felt the same way Harry had, but had been unable to do the same as Harry was; so, she was rather sympathetic about everything Harry was going through.

And that was on top of not making a big deal of just who she was selling the tent in question to. In fact, she had even gone as far as to make a magical vow to not never tell anyone just who had bought the tent in question; if only to make Harry feel safe purchasing from her. Something Harry hadn't thought necessary but at the same time felt a lot more comfortable buying from the person in question afterwards as well.

What he had ended up buying was one of the largest tents the woman in in question had, and at the same time one of the most impressive tents magic wise that was in the shop; both in size and all the specializing that were included in it.

Meaning in the end it cost Harry quite a bit of money to get; that said price was out of most sane human's price range for that matter. But again, the same as when it came to the wards, Harry felt it was money well spent and got a bit of joy at giving basically a middle finger to the majority of the wizarding world.

Seeing as the Muggleborn he had bought then then from had informed Harry, she was planning on taking a leaf from Harry's book now that she had the money for it.

Which meant she was going to transfer all the wizarding money she had to mundane money. Meaning even more money was going into the goblin's pockets and not the Ministry or any who worked for them. Something Harry was getting more and more joy from as he thought of just how badly the Goblins were going to be screwing over the wizarding world soon.

Harry's tent was a large family size tent on the outside, one that looked designed to fit at the very least a family of eight; with plenty of room in-between them at that.

However, on the inside it was much different. Seeing as just like all magical tents that were in the wizarding world and was much larger on the inside then the outside. Made even larger consider the tent in question itself was quite large compared to most wizarding tents. Seeing as most of them where usually two or three-person tents in size.

Even some of the tents Harry knew pureblood purchased to go to things like quidditch games where around that size. And Harry knew from overheard talks just how fancy some of those tents could get, not to mention how convenient or accommodating they could become.

Heck, speaking about being luxuries or accommodating Harry had even payed a bit more extra to have the tent in question being spelled to be able to fold up, at a command from him. It would fold into what looked like a small bookbag of sorts, without damaging anything inside it. So, as he moved Harry could move his entire home with him, in what looked like nothing more than a small off the back bag that rested on his right side.

To make matters even better the tent/bookbag, could even act similar to a bottomless bag seeing as anything that was actually placed in the bag, while it was in that form, actual got sent to a large mainly unused room that was inside the tent.

A room Harry was planning on turning into a storage room of sorts, and a room that had many different expansion charms on it, as well as any spells that the shop owner whom he had purchased the tent from could think should go onto a storage room.

This included, preservation spells, temperature control spells, runes to keep the room in question water tight, and spells that would actual act like a powerful repairing charms that would fix anything broken that was placed into the room in brand new condition; as long as it wasn't anything electronic that is. And several other spells similar to those, all geared to keeping things in the best condition they could be in.

Speaking of the inside of his tent, it kind of made Harry feel a bit silly with what all he had gotten and made him feel like he was overindulging himself quite a bit. More so then he had ever done or been allowed to do so before.

But at the same time, he couldn't bring himself to regret getting the tent he had, nor did he want to honestly change anything about said tent; seeing as it was his home now. No matter how nice and fancy the tent inside was, or no matter what anyone else may say if they saw the inside of said tent.

Seeing as on the inside his tent looked like a large wooden summer house, albeit one that was the size of a large Manor, but still like a wooden summer house in design. Not only that but said summer house was dressed to the tee, in everything you could need.

It had at least thirty unused bedrooms, twenty-five different bathrooms, all of which were outfitted with the best showers and baths available in the magical world; along with shelve upon shelve bottles of the best personal hygiene that was available both in magic as well as the mundane world.

As Harry just how important being clean was, both for the body as well as the mind. Not to mention he knew just how sick or more subsided someone could be to diseases when it a lack of personal hygiene. Most of the time from a bit of personal experience that he wasn't proud of in the least bit.

But honestly growing up only being able to have a cold show maybe one every two weeks, as a child then having to go for long without being able to get a good clean besides jumping in to ice cold rivers during the war left Harry with an almost obsessive need to able to be clean at times. Something he was working on, but really didn't push to hard to fix considering it wasn't an all to big things, all things considering.

On top of that Harry's tent also included three different large state of the art full functioning kitchens. That were each which were all fully stocked with both enough food to feed an army; and that was in each kitchen. Having three as one was for Harry's personal kitchen, one was for guest and the final was for the house elf Winky Harry had taken in as Dobby and request he do.

Not only that but these kitchens also each had working stoves that ran on magic and a sink that not only also ran on magic but also had a self-cleaning spell on it; making it so that Harry only had to place a dish in the sink for it to be cleaned. Meaning no more dishes for him, something Harry was delighted about as he for some odd reason always loathed washing dishes the most out of all his chores.

Which wasn't the only thing that Harry was delighted about, no he was also extremely happy about the room that held a quidditch field in it, with an artificial sky and sun and everything. Something that Harry found out had been made because famous quidditch stars and requested it and had been willing to pay top dollar for it; just like Harry had.

In the end it had been worth it as that room was literally like being outside with nothing but open field that went on for what seemed like forever under a beautiful blue sky.

All while all remaining inside his tent outside of the view of anyone else. It had honestly amazed Harry when he had first saw it, as he felt something in his chest loosen a bit as he was finally able to relax for a bit without fear of being attacked in some way.

Not only that but his tent also had a large Olympic style swimming pool in another room, along with a Jacuzzies not far from said pool. All of which like the bathrooms, and anything that needed water, were tied to spells and runes that keep the water running, cleaned, and heated to however the user wanted them no matter what; or at least as long as there was magic within the tent in question.

Though considering, like the Quiddiitch field this was all something that was requested by the stars, as well as the rich, of the wizarding world Harry could see just why it was all top-notch. As Harry didn't expect anyone like Malfoy accept anything but the best, and when it came to magic there was a lot that could be considered the best.

The tent wasn't only geared to Harry's pleasure though, as it also had a room that was used for potions, and as such had several different filters on the roof; as a safety precaution. Not to mention a dueling room. Two in fact, one Mundane for things such as weapons, like swords, daggers or even guns, and with the other being for magical dueling.

Because Harry, no matter if he wanted to be in the wizarding world or not, simply couldn't see himself letting all the skills he learned during the war, be it magical or mundane, waste away; his paranoia wouldn't let him do so. So yes, a place to practice said skills was a defiantly a necessary.

His tent also had an entertainment room that he had turned into a Library. One that had a large fireplace in the side wall, along with several different couches he could curl up and read in anytime he felt like it. Something, that despite what Hermione and others thought, he really loved to do; as long as he was reading something that could keep his attention that is.

Then leading out of the library was two more rooms that he had in use. Even if the use in question, was only currently being used as storage rooms; the ones everything goes to once his tent is in its bag like form.

None of the other rooms of his tent really were in use, except the one that could be called the master bedroom, which he was using as his bedroom. However, besides that bedrooms all the other rooms weren't in use. Mainly because Harry wasn't planning on letting anyone else in said tent. He simple didn't trust anyone enough to let them in the place that had quickly became his own sanctuary.

Especially as one of those storage rooms he was using didn't have things he had found or purchased for storage, but instead had everything that his family owned in it; all the remaining money included. And because he had so much stuff in his family vaults the storage room in question was completely filled to the brim and that was with it tightly packed as it was.

Making with rather astounding number of items when you consider it was full even with the expansion charms pushing the room in question to its maximum size. Though once he had more free time Harry was planning on emptying out said room and get everything put in different places around the tent. Like having the pictures put in both his room and in the Library.

With this tent, and with all the things he had purchased afterwards Harry felt he could very easily be set for several lives without ever having to actually leave said tent. And that was if he was utterly wasteful while he was doing so.

Something Harry could never see himself doing, nor could Harry see himself just staying in a tent for long periods of time not leaving for even food or water; let alone doing it for several year at that.

He'd go insane, even with all the things he had in said tent to keep him entertained. After all, Harry at his core was a man of both action as well as protection. He couldn't sit around and do nothing for long periods of time. Something that remined to be true even with how numb he had come over certain things.

Though at the same time, if he absolutely had to, stay in his tent for extremely long periods of time without ever leaving it, Harry could do so; at least on paper. Seeing as Harry had pretty much bought out several stores worth of both food and water and had placed under preservation spells on top of the wards he already had.

Hell, the amount he had purchased, seeing as it had been done in the mundane world had been all over the news; mostly in the form of mocking in some way or another. And seemed to be brought up ever so often when there was what they deemed a waste of money happening.

Saying something about another wasteful rich guy trying to get ready for another doom's day. And when they couldn't' actually get a picture of him continued the mocking about how paranoid he was. Openly wondering laughing about the fact he had wasted so much of his money for something they believed would never happen.

Making Harry grateful he had done all of the purchasing under a much better disguise then the normal one he wore and hadn't actually used his own name as he paid in straight cash. Though he could do without the name they had given him of the doom's day extreme shopper.

But considering that Harry had gone hungry most his life, as he had food withheld from him for the stupidest of reason. Now that he could actual do something about it, he wanted to ensure he never had to go hunger ever again; not while he had the choice.

So yes. the mocking and the looks he had received, even if no one knew it was him, was well worth the knowledge he wouldn't be going hungry anytime soon. Nor would he ever feel as if his throat was on fire while he began to die of thirst. Not as long as he could help, or as long as he had his magic.

Not to mention, Harry got the feeling as he traveled there would be more types of food, and different drinks that would be added to his storage because Harry always loved a bit of variety, be it in his food or in the things he did.

Besides how many times had he heard someone complaining about not being able to find a certain item, be it food or otherwise, not being available somewhere because of the location; he'd never have that problem either.

Hell, right now the only reason Harry was back in this part of the wizarding world, and managed to get caught up in the crowd to hear the newest Ministers 'speech', instead camping out in one of the great forests or hiking up one of the world famous mountains like he wanted to be, was because he had decided to do one last large shopping spree in the wizarding world.

Seeing as Harry, had come back from his latest trips from deep diving around the coral reefs, decided to do one last big shopping surge to get the supplies he needed to finally cut himself off from everything that was in the wizarding world once and for all. Before he washed his hands of them completely.

Seeing as until recently he had kept light ties to the wizarding world and had purchased a few things here and there when he found a section of the wizarding world in whatever county he had been traveling at the time. But now Harry felt he was ready to finally cut said ties, but to do this he first needed to get several things in bulk first.

Things like potions supplies, premade potions, several sets of rune carving tools, dragon hid clothing for protection, several different magical swords as a just in case.

As well as, on a lighter note a bunch of wizarding snacks, Wizarding alcohol, some prank supplies for a laugh or two on the road, as well as several books on survival magic; something he had been rather curious about learning more about for a while now.

At the age of twenty -four, and now that he had gotten everything he needed in bulk, Harry felt he was finally ready to cut all ties with the wizarding world once and for all; and that speech he had just hear had only really driven that fact even deeper into his head.