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Summary- over the years that Harry has spent in the wizarding world he eventual had to learn to not care as much, especially after everything that had happened after the war had finally ended. So, when the dead started waking up hungry, and the world quickly went to hell, all he could think was, 'figures.'

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Chapter five

After the trio of hunters had gotten the bags filled, they had gone on the hunt they had been planning on doing before Harry had brought up his plan. And it ended up being a rather successful hunt at that.

Seeing as between the three of them Harry, Daryl and Merle had managed to catch several rabbits, a couple of squirrels, and even manage to find some good deer tracks that Daryl really wanted to come back the next day to track down. Which consider the fact that they had noticed weeks before now, that the forest was really starting to empty of all animals in it was a real good hunt. Despite what anyone else in the group may think.

Currently they were about back at the camp and Harry was beginning to wonder how the group was going to react to everything. As while he did hope that they did give them some peace because of the supplies he wasn't completely sure how they would react when you consider just who was bring it all in.

Not to mention he was also beginning to wonder if Shane or Lori had decided to move into the place Harry had set up camp in before he had left. As they had been trying to push them further out of the camp since their group had first appeared in the camping ground.

And since Harry had packed up their supplies when he had followed the brother this did give them a perfect opportunity to try again. It was after all something that Harry really wouldn't have put passed the man in question as again, he had tried similar things in the past.

However, it seems that, at least for the time being, that Shane hadn't thought of doing that. Not that it would have worked as if they had attempted to do so Harry could so see Daryl or Merle quite literally throwing their things out of the spot and retaking it.

Still once Harry, Daryl and Merle had reach back to the camp their little spot was still open. Making Harry head in that direction to set everything up before planning on handing out everything they had found.

Something Harry knew the others in the group had noticed as nearly all of them were staring at the returning hunters. Or to be more precise staring at the large hiking bags on both Harry and Daryl's back. Along with the rabbits and squirrels that were thrown over Merle's shoulders getting ready to be skinned and gutted so they could be ate later that night.

Harry, after he had gotten his tent back up, and seeing where the majority of the people's attention was located, which seemed to be the middle of the camp. Not to mention seeing that Shane looked about ready to head over to them, put the plan he had made in to action; adding a bit more to it as he did so.

Seeing as before he had just planning on giving the supplies out and that be that. But now he felt that perhaps it would be a good chance to give the members of the group a good jolt and get them thinking for themselves. Instead of the Sheeple mentally they seemed to have fallen in to. They would need it if they wanted to survive for much longer.

Because as they were right now, Harry was reminded of sheep being led around by a shepherd, with Shane being that Shepperd. All of which seemed to be unaware of the wolves, or in this case the Walkers and other dangers, that were circling them. What Harry wanted was to get this group to either be aware of the wolves in question or even better yet be more like the wolves.

Something he wasn't too hopeful about, even as he planned it, but felt the need to at least try. And if it didn't work, he still had hopes that his plan would still make them leave him and the Dixon brother alone for a while.

Which was what he wanted originally when he had first come up with the give them supplies idea. As honestly Harry needed a break and thought that both Merle and Daryl felt the same way; at least to a degree.

That in mind and seeing Shane was starting to close in on them Harry quickly took the bags they had brought back before walking over to the center of the camp and opened them up; letting everyone see just what was inside it as he did so. As he did this, Harry began to speak up; gaining a surprised if rather knowing look entering the brother's eyes as he did this. Letting Harry know they have an idea, or at least a fairly good idea, just what he was trying to do.

"We managed to stumble on some supplies while we were out. It was a sort of goldmine of things you could say. And rather then keeping them to our selves we felt it would be better if we shared them with the rest of you. As honestly you not only need them more but could use them better anyway."

After saying this, Harry opened the bag that had the blankets and clothes and began to hand them out the everyone; taking special care to make sure that it was both Carol and Sophia that go the thing he wanted them to have rather than Ed.

As Harry knew if he got them, he'd hoard them away and not anyone in his family use them. And just to spit the man in question Harry made sure the supplies in question were bright pink and clearly in the size for the person they had been given to.

He then went to pass out the food that Daryl and packed up, looking as if he was trying to divide it up evenly between all the members of the group. At least he was until Shane finally made his way into the middle of the group with Lori following directly behind him; face red as he all but spat out.

"Why the hell are you handing out all the supplies. You know that we keep them in storage in my tent so it can all be handed out when it is needed, instead of wasted!"

Shane then tried to snatch the bag that was in Harry's hands away from him. Only to fail as Harry simply stepped out of the way of his lunge then with a rather deadpan look on his face responded to what Shane had just said.

"And just why can't I hand out the supplies to the others in the group when it was me and the Dixon brothers that found it originally? Why do we have to suddenly hand you everything we find? What should we hand you the things we hunted so you can gut them and skin them yourself?" Harry seeing how close to blowing Shane was, and seeing how everyone else was closely paying attention to what he was saying went for what could be called the killing blow.

"I guess what I am trying to say is who made you king, because as far as I know this America doesn't have a king…and even it did, it certainly wouldn't have been you." This last bit seemed to be too much for Shane to take as he roared out.

"I am the leader of this group! I am the one who is leading it to safety, and I am the one who is in charge of the supplies!" Harry hearing this raised an eyebrow before looking Shane directly in the eyes and told him point blank.

"You're not my leader, you not Daryl's leader and you most certainly aren't Merle's leader. Why the hell would we listen to you, why would anyone want to?" Harry swore he could hear a snap echo in the area and the control Shane had over his temper broke and he lunged at Harry.

Only to end up getting slammed straight on the ground clutching his now broken nose as Harry and punched him straight across the face when he had lunged at him. In one sweet smooth moment that had both Merle and Daryl cracking up laughing; and in Merle's case to do it again. While at the same time showing all the others in the group that Harry wasn't someone to either be underestimated or pushed around.

Or at least it showed most of the group this, as Lori instead of seeing this only dashed to Shane's side and put his head in her lap as she tried to mop up his bloody nose with one of the spare shirts she had on hand. All the while screaming her head off at Harry.

"How dare you do that! How could you? You brute of a man. I demand that you leave here at once. We can't have someone who attacks other of the group here and a redneck like you should…."

However, before she could add even more that would anger the three that had just got back Harry spoke up. Doing so before Merle, who most likely would have said something even worse than what Harry was.

"No can do. You do remember that we were here first, correct? If anyone should leave it should be you. After all it's not like you much help. Besides if you're going to go the too violet route do remember he attacked me first; I simply defended myself. Like it is my right."

As he said this Harry could see Shane getting back up, a burning rage in his eyes as he did so; looking for all the world like he was going to attack Harry again. Seeing this, Harry turned his focus to Shane and in a tone Snape would have been proud of let him know just what he was thinking.

"I have to ask, do you like pain? Or do you perhaps think you can attack any and everyone who doesn't agree with you? That make you like a dictator wouldn't it?" As this last bit was said Harry could see that the others in the group were starting to mummer between them and began to look like they were uncomfortable about what was just said.

This seemed to be something that Shane seemed to notice as well as instead of reacting, like Harry knew he dearly wanted to, he clenched his fist a couple of times before spinning around and proceeded to storm off.

Lori seeing, and still reeling from Harry's refusal to listen to her, sneered at Harry before following behind Shane. Making sure to bitch loud enough she knew the whole camp heard her. Trying to turn the camp against Harry, and the two brothers with him, as she did so.

"I don't see why they stick around. Even an idiot can see that they aren't wanted. Seeing as their nothing but redneck trash who only cause problems for everyone else. Not to mention hey don't have any respect for anyone and absolutely refuse to share the supplies they have with the rest of the group. I mean how selfish could them be."

Harry hearing this interrupted her before she could say anything else insulting or demeaning. His voice completely calm as he did so; making it all the clearer the difference between her near shrieking rant and his response as he did so.

"You know, the so-called rednecks are the one who put the food in you belly. Who go out and make sure there aren't any Walkers, who are the one of the few who stay up during the night alert for any attacks that may occur. Who for that matter just gave the group a lot of supplies when we could have very easily kept them to ourselves. So please, do tell me how we are so selfish, and then tell me what have you done besides dictate chores for everyone, but you, to do?"

This got a frustrated scream out of Lori as she looked about to say something else to him but seemed to think better of it as she shot Harry a nasty look before she joined Shan in storming off toward their tent.

After this Harry noticed that the rest of the group seemed to be watching them and at the same time their looks weren't as hostile or mistrusting as they had been before. Seeing this Harry felt two things one happy that they seemed to be thinking for themselves for once.

But secondly, he felt like rolling his eyes at how quick the groups opinion seemed to change. Especially as they seem to realize that with out Harry, Merle and Daryl that the most likely would be without food; or at least fresh food. As they seemed to realize just how much they did need the three, just how the wizarding world had been when they needed him during the war; and that was something that sent shivers of something up Harry spine.

Seeing them realize this, Harry couldn't hold back his snort and walk back towards both Daryl and Merle were waiting. Wondering all the while if he should call Winky once he got back to the tent and find out if she found a place for Harry to stay yet. As Harry really wasn't sure he wanted to stay here much longer, especially with the recent comparison he had to the wizarding world, and he could tell it was the same for both brothers.

Which reminded Harry of the fact that he hadn't told either Merle or Daryl about the fact he had Winky out there looking for a place for him, well for them now, in the first place. Or even the fact he had a house elf at all. A house elf that Harry could tell was still safe, still look, and still waiting for Harry to call her if he ever needed her.

Knowing this, and cursing the fact he had forgotten to tell them all of this before now, as it keep slipping his mind, Harry went over to where the two brothers were. Who were now preparing the animals they had just hunted to be eaten; as the show was over now. Once he got over to where the brothers were he, after tossing up a one-sided ward that wouldn't let anyone hear what he was saying, began to speak to them.

"I've got something to tell you guys. It had honestly slipped my mind until now, but I think the both of you should know…"

Only to cut himself off as he heard footsteps coming in their direction and heard a slight cough. Which caused Harry to turn around and face where the sound was coming form, with both Daryl and Merle doing to same thing.

It was because of this they saw that a nervous Glenn was watching them, and it looked like he had something to say. Which after seeing he had all of their attention, he did just this; showing just why he was so nervous as he gave the message it had been told to deliver.

"Umm...I…ahh, well Shane has 'asked' that we go on a supply run tomorrow morning. And he says that since your group had such good luck that you should go as well and well…ah the others that are going are T-dog, Andre me and if the three of you; if want to go that is. And…uhm that it so, I'm just going and if you decide to join see you in the morning. So, uh bye."

Harry after seeing how Glenn had pretty much forced all that out before taking off as quick as he could, could only blink before turning to the others. Which earned him a snort from Merle who seemed to come to a decision.

"Tell use what you want later on in the tent. As for the supply run why not. Me and you can get it and show'em how it's done. Daryl can go on that deer hunt he wanted to. It'll be all easy peasy and will only make officer dog all the angrier as obviously he trying to set something off with the 'request' of his. Maybe expecting us to refuse or something like that."

Harry hearing this, nodded and deiced he'd go along with the plan, for now that is. With that in mind Harry decide to sit down and help with the rest of the animals. After all he was starting to get a bit hungry and the sooner he gets that done, the soon he could eat.

Not to mention the quicker he could settle down for the night at let both brothers know about Winky and what he had her currently doing. Though even as he did this Harry felt a shutter of something go down his spine and felt that whatever happened in the next couple of days would be something that potentially could be life change.

A.n- about the place I am going to have Winky find I wonder where do you think it should be? Should it be a something like a private school with walls around it? Should it be a Something like dooms day preppers large house with walls around it, with only a couple of walkers in it as the dooms day and his family caught the fever and died? Or should Harry end up find the prison earlier and make it a sort of sanctuary long before Rick and the others find it? As no matter what Harry and those that chose to follow him (Merle and Daryl at this point) will be separating from this group for a bit.