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Marik-*side steps in* Oh and thanks to everyone who gave LBE names. But, she did have to chose and with MY help she had selected Maruken's and Kel 8P's names.Read on to find out which one will be heres!



Mai shoved jeans into the basket.

The Huntress sighed. "I don't have money for all this you know."

"I know." Mai said cheerily. She waved her hand as she surveyed some nice shirts. "I have credit cards you know."

"Oh." Huntress said, looking at the blonde over a new pile of tank tops.

"So," Mai sighed. "What's your name anyways?"

"Um..." Huntress mumbled. "I.. I don't know." She felt her eyes burning with ready tears.

"Hm?" Mai asked. "What did you say?"

"I... I DON'T KNOW!" Huntress sobbed, making other customers star for a few seconds in silence.

Mai gasped. "Really?"

The Huntress bit her lip and bobbed her head in reply.

"OH MY GOD!" Mai said, dropping the pink blouse she was holding. "You're kidding me right?" she asked. "Please tell me you were joking!"

The Huntress truly hated explaining this to people, how she was found as a child and just given the name "huntress", but she sighed and said. "I have been always called Huntress, I have no name."

Mai shook her head, "Well that just won't do!" She said, putting her hands on her hips. "YOU need a name."


Marik sat looking at Ra in his hand. 'Hmm....' he thought. 'If none of these copies work, then I will be surely out of luck.' He sighed and turned his eyes to Slyfer. "I must give this to the Quiet one. He will insure little Yugi's defeat."

Marik sighed and stood up, suddenly Eodion walked in again.

"What is it?" Marik snapped, before his henchmen could say anything.

"My master, The Huntress has disappeared once again."

Marik groaned and shook his head. 'Again?' he thought. 'What is her problem.' He sighed. "Send three hunters after her, but don't capture her. Just let them spy, who knows . . . . this running away might make her come back to me in the end. She doesn't know how cruel this world can be."


Mai looked over at The Huntress from her spot in the driver's seat. "So, if you could choose a name, what would it be?"

The Huntress thought for a moment. "I've always loved the name Makare, but I like Kagunmei too."

Mai nodded, "Well that's a start." She smiled as The Huntress looked to her. "But which one?"


Yami paced around in the Game Shop.

Tea's, Tristan's, Joey's and Grandpa's eyes followed the pharaoh. Seto was to busy going through his cards to care.

"I am worried, what if Mai gets captured along with her?" Yami said.

Joey closed his eyes and shrugged. "Yugi, try and relax."

Tea bit on her painted pink nails worriedly. "I agree with Yami." she said. "Marik will stop at nothing."

"Oh shut up!" Seto said, shoving his deck back into his duel disk. "Who cares? One more gone, will help me find Marik."

"Don't be so selfish!" Joey growled, jumping down from the counter and taking Seto by his coat collar. "JUST SHUT UP KAIBA!"

Seto narrowed his eyes and stood up. "I'm warning you, don't ever touch me again Wheeler!"

Yami shouted to. "Kaiba! This is none of your concern. Why are you still here?!"

Seto grinned. "Because we still have to duel Yugi."

"That can wait." Yami sighed. ______________________________________________________________________________

Marik laughed lunatically in his dark chamber. "This is quite amusing, this whole thing." he said.

The Quiet One slowly walked hin, looking at his master.

Marik turned to the short person. "Here." he said, shoving a deck at him. "Defeat Yugi, bring the puzzle to me and you will be well rewarded."

The Quiet One smiled evilly, his big eyes blinked. He made a short bobbing bow and ran off.

Marik sat on his throne again. "This as turned out to be a very interesting few days."


"Makare is Egyptian, a place where I wish to live once again . . . . when this is all over."

"Makare does sound very mysterious."

The Huntress smiled. "Then, that will be my name." She closed her eyes, feeling more tears coming on. "From now on, I am NOT Marik's pet. I am NOT a hunter. I will NOT work for his evil cause. I will help Yugi. MY NAME IS MAKARE!"