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Chapter 3

School had finished. Hiroshi remained at his desk while he watched students file out the room. All of them were absorbed into their own conversations about plans for the evening. Hiroshi himself knew what he had to do. He looked around the classroom to see three desks undisturbed from the day. Takuro, Takeshi and Mika's desk. Hiroshi slowly closed his eyes, he would only do it for a few seconds as he silently prayed for his friends who were devoured by the creature. Once he opened his eyes, the school looked different. Hiroshi's eyes widened as the blue creature slowly rose up from the front of his desk. It didn't take long before the creature reached its full height…the bulging muscles from the creature made Hiroshi pale. This creature wasn't the normal creature that invaded his dreams…no, this was the creature that appeared to have worked out…the one which crushed Mika!

"Go…back…" the creature whispered as Hiroshi jumped up from his seat…only to back into it and fall once more into the chair.

"You're…not…real..." Hiroshi jumped up from the chair, grabbed his bag and sprinted out the classroom. The creature gave chase. Squishing its way through the doorframe (that was clearly too small for it) just to continue the game of cat and mouse. The creature bared its fangs, gave out a roar and reached for the scarf that was flowing behind Hiroshi.

The corridors were empty as Hiroshi ran away from the monster. He was aware that he couldn't outrun it forever while it had its eyes on him. As long as he was in the creature's line of sight, it wasn't going to give up chasing him. The larger monster was fast! It didn't seem possible that a creature that was currently hunched over while chasing Hiroshi was as fast as it was. Hiroshi turned the corner, hoping to get into a locker but bumped into something else.

Hiroshi fell backwards at the same time as what he collided into. He groans slightly and looked ahead of him. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the strange looks that he was receiving. Everything seemed to be back to normal. Hiroshi jumped to his feet once more and looked behind him and around the corner to see that what had just happened was once again…a trick from his own mind. He turned back to the student. "I'm sorry…" He apologised, bowing slightly to the other student. Not daring to lock eyes with them.

"I should report you from running in the hall…" The other student grumbled before looking at Hiroshi. "Hey…are you okay? You're even more pale than usual…" Hiroshi stood up straight.

"Yes, I'm fine." Hiroshi lied. The sleepless nights, lack of appetite…the daymares and nightmares were getting to him…bleeding from his mind into reality to torment him further. "Just…probably starting to become ill." He tried to regain himself. The know-it-all student, the student who doesn't show much emotion, the student who even corrects teachers…that's who he needed to be. Not some scared child afraid of something that can't hurt him unless he went back to the mansion. He was safe…the creature couldn't leave the mansion. If it could…he'd be dead long ago…dead and digested.

"Go home and get some rest Hiroshi, you look like you need it…" and with that, the student Hiroshi collided into walked past him. Hushed whispers filled the corridor as Hiroshi took a deep breath to try and calm down. His heart was still beating rapidly in his chest, Hiroshi appeared to be breathing normally but he could feel how rapidly he was breathing in and out through his nose. It was time to leave, glancing over his shoulder, he saw the blue creature watching him before fading away. This wouldn't be the last time he saw that creature today…he had a feeling that it'll return…when he was least expecting it.

Strings of Blue Fate – Ao Oni – Chapter 3

Hiroshi returned home and headed straight to his room. His parents were still working, and he had homework he should get on with. Reaching his room he opened the door and slipped inside, placing his bag on the desk, he headed over to his bed and decided to flop on it. His whole body felt heavy…maybe a few minutes letting his eyes rest was good. It sounded inviting. Hiroshi took his glasses off and placed them on his bedside table before taking his scarf off too. Wouldn't want to strangle himself in his moment of rest. Hiroshi folded up the scarf and placed it on his bedside table before laying back down to let his eyes rest.

On the desk, the tiny blue cockroach wriggled around the bag and finally found the way out. Crawling out from the bag, it soon jumped off the bag and onto the floor where it scurried under the bed and met up with the larger blue cockroach. The larger cockroach devoured the smaller one in a few seconds. Once satisfied, the cockroach crawled out from under the bed and moved up to the top of the bed. The eye on its back looked at Hiroshi with joy. The eye looked towards the door before giving the cockroach a silent command. The roach left the sleeping prey and scurried off out of the room and towards the parent's room. Slipping under the crack of the door, the cockroach knew what it had to do. The cockroach spawned two more little versions of itself. They both scuttered up onto the bed and under the pillows. There they waited…They had permission to do everything they could to return Hiroshi back to the mansion, Hiroshi became cursed the moment he entered the mansion, it was about time it affected the parents.